council / celestial council / angelic order

energy family; celestial family; spiritual family
; order; celestial order; House;

< Creator 10 > The ones who come into this room on this day are what you would call the leaders, the assemblers, the figureheads of the other councils that work with humans. Oh indeed there are many councils. The Crimson Council is but one. The Crimson Council from where I, Tobias, come from and each of you is associated with, is one that works to refine the energies and the vibration of teaching. You are part of this. Your energy makes up the Crimson Circle on Earth. You are the ones who are the teachers. Not "will be the teachers" but ARE the teachers of the new energy.

< Creator 10 > There are many, many councils on our side of the veil. There are councils that deal with the healing arts. There are councils that deal with your physical medicine. There are councils even that deal with engineers. (audience laughter) There are councils that deal with the everyday issues of human life for they are needed not only in human form, but on the angelic forms. There are councils that deal with supplying the proper nutrition to your planet. Indeed they are the ones who work with the farmers, who work with those who process and handle and develop foods, for there is a need to sustain biological life on your Earth.

So while there are human angels who walk on Earth in biology, in physical body, there is a corresponding group - a very large group of angels - who works with those specific energy attributes on the other side. When the farmer is out planting the fields and tending to them, there are angels of what would be called the Growing Council - perhaps not the right word - that work with the farmer as a balancers of energy. Again, they do not do it for him - the human must ultimately do it. The human must ultimately be the processor and the doer of energy. But there are legions of angels who are there for very specific reasons, of balancing energy, of holding space and of supplying a type of love that can only come in when it is requested. It can only come in when it is requested, when you open the doors to it.

There are those who gather here on this day that come from the councils that help in the birthing process. When a spirit, when an angel comes from the non-physical form and comes into your Earth, there are angels of a council that facilitate the process. But again, as we said, it is the human that must do the processing. The human must give the birth; the human must do the work.

There are even those here today that are from the councils on our side that help the humans who deal with the balance of your money, of your finances. That is an important aspect of life on Earth now. That will change, but now it is important. So there are humans who deal with finances and there are corresponding councils that deal with it also. For every human trait and attribute - yes indeed to the one who just asked, even of the wars, even of your militaries - there is a corresponding council on our side made up of angels. There is always a one-to-one relationship.

To the one who also just asked, no, you do not belong to only one group or council. The common attribute with the Crimson Circle group is that you are all teachers. But you also may be part of other vibrational councils, other vibrational groups. You might also be involved in an energy group that has to do with moving computer technology forward, a gatekeeper as we call them. You might be one who is involved in helping to balance your environment. You can be that and you can be a teacher. You can be one of the Crimson Council as well.

< Creator 10 > They will communicate to the others of their council that things are moving faster. They will tell their councils about a group of humans who have done extensive inner work. The work of Shaumbra is now to a point that it can be taught through books and through classes in order to help other humans who are beginning to walk the path. They will tell their councils of the group of humans who are helping to make change on Earth: The Changeworkers of Shaumbra!

< DivineHuman 9QA > It is not God dictating the terms. It is not some celestial Order handing these down. It is not some council of 300,000 angels that is making this happen. It is your Divine Plan. It has been somewhat hidden from you up to now, somewhat hidden so that you could go through a series of new understandings. Dear friends, from this point forward always call in your Divine Plan to understand what is happening in your life.

< NewEnergy 1 > Mohammed comes in, knowing that so much of his energy now can leave, so much of his energy can come back to our side of the veil to work with the celestial orders who are helping to free those peoples on Earth who are held down, who are enslaved… but not to change - how to say - the energy of the ones who are the dictators, the ones who are holding them back.

< NewEnergy 5 > They come in today as a group of thirteen. They are from an order - how to say - a sisterhood… again, words somewhat limiting here. Far in the celestial levels they have been keeping a balance of this feminine energy, helping to continually balance and hold a space for it, knowing that the feminine aspect in all of you, in all angels was going to go on a journey through many experiences. So, this particular group, the daughters of Isis, the order of the sisters of Isis, stayed behind to hold an energy of balance.

< NewEnergy 10 > Now, there is some confusion here about Sananda. It is one of the Orders of the Arc. It is one of the pillars of the Order of the Arc. And, it represents the Christ energy. It represents the energy of the Christ seed in germination and in blossoming. Sananda is the Christed energy. It is the energy… it is the Order that is helping you birth the Christ energy within yourself in your Now moment. So, indeed, it has been very close to you for quite some period of time, very much a part of you and who you are.