changeworker / change player

humans who are helping to change energy/consciousness on Earth;
energy mover;

< Creator 10 > But we will know there have been those who have persevered, who have given their lives and all of their being, who have given thousands of lifetimes to get to the point where you are. Why do you think we honor you so much for the work you do?
Yes, we like the term "Changeworkers" created by another. Indeed you ARE the Changeworkers and we honor you for this. There are times when we could just stop right here and sit with you, cry with you and laugh with you. We wish we could show you the big picture what you have done. It is awesome.

< Creator 10 > They will communicate to the others of their council that things are moving faster. They will tell their councils about a group of humans who have done extensive inner work. The work of Shaumbra is now to a point that it can be taught through books and through classes in order to help other humans who are beginning to walk the path. They will tell their councils of the group of humans who are helping to make change on Earth: The Changeworkers of Shaumbra!

< Clarity 9 > This group of human beings (Shaumbra) - you are coming in at a time of change. You weren't lightworkers like some of the others, you were change-workers. It has nothing to do with light. It has to do with energy. Change. Moving into a whole new realm of understanding of what takes place, not just in your physical world but in the worlds that surround you. You came in as change-workers into this lifetime, THE lifetime.

< (Next) 3 > Let's just go there and bring new potentials, potentials that are not being realized right now by the parties involved. You see, and that's what a true change worker … it's what true spirit does. You know, that's something that really Spirit - the big one, the eternal one - Spirit really can't do that like you can, believe it or not. Spirit is there all the time, but unlike you, Spirit can't go there and bring new potentials. Really somebody who's in conscious human form and understands how to expand their energy has the highest level of consciousness to bring in new potentials, even greater than angelic beings. But a human who expands their energy into a situation like this can bring more potentials than anyone or anything else.