energy / electrum

activated by consciousness that now takes on attributes of duality;
breaking of the neutral state of being;
consciousness helps to stimulate energy, which has been resting in a neutral state waiting for its orders;
energy is there to help consciousness manifest; all energies come in to serve your choice;

< DivineHuman 7 > Now comes the New Energy. Now comes the opening of our awareness. And now comes the realization that there is no power. There never was. It was an illusion. The illusion of power… we had to come this far, this long of a journey, to discover it. We had to have what we thought was power at one point, then to lose all of that power when we came to Earth, to come to the understanding that there never was power.

There is energy. And we can make that energy into anything we want. But, this whole concept of power does not exist. It was an illusion. We have been struggling for power in our own lives. But, yet it is an illusion. There is no more struggle.

There simply is energy. It is not measured by how much of it we can contain or control. That's what we thought power was. There is energy. It is ours to work with, not to be used against another, not to be accumulated and stored like we did in the past, not to be used to try to show others that we are grander.

There is no power, Shaumbra. It was an illusion. There was only energy. There was only love and expression. We know what we mean, even though our mind is trying to figure it out right now. We know what we mean. It is the illusion of power.

< DivineHuman 8 > You have been slaves and slave owners, not just in lifetimes on this Earth but even before you were human. You have felt what it is like for somebody to take your power. You have felt what it is like to have power over another's life. In doing so, you closed down. You hid your own feelings from yourself.

Now you come to realize that power was an illusion. There is only energy, energy for you to play with however you want, however you want to create with it. But the power was an illusion; therefore, you can never truly enslave another. You can never truly take them over. And nobody can control you.

Dear friends, at your current level of wisdom and understanding, there are no forces that can control you or take you over… unless you want them to. So this is an appropriate time to be bold and daring. Open your feelings and know that nothing can come in… nothing. Nothing can absorb you.

< DivineHuman 10 > She asks you now, and for this next week and a day of time, to breathe in the energies of the King and the Queen… of Home… the love of God that birthed you… the love of God that gave you the same Creator energies that they had. What a gift! What a gift! What a way for Spirit to truly understand love - it was to create you, and then set you free.

< DivineHuman 10 > We are talking about an energy, a life force that flows through you and creates in the moment. Dear friends, understand that you are not an intelligence. You are energy. As you began to define yourself through many lifetimes as an intelligence, you lost the creative flow. Intelligence was something that you developed through a series of human incarnations. You developed the thing called the mind. It has served you well, but it is tired now. It wants that creativity to come back into your life.

< DivineHuman 10 > Creativity in the New Energy is as essential as the breath. Creativity and the breath now meld together in your Now, in the moment. Creativity is your birthright. Creativity is the life force, the divine Spirit, flowing through you in the Now. It wants to express itself. You can express yourself when you release all of the preconceived notions of what life should be.

< DivineHuman 10 > It is time to open yourself to the creative flow. You have been afraid of it. You use excuses to say, "I am not creative. I do not know how to draw, or paint, or dance, or any of what have previously been thought of as creative talents or tendencies." No, creativity is different. It is life flow, Spirit flow, in you, being expressed in the moment. It is time to express, Shaumbra. And, that is why Metatron is sitting right next to you, once again encouraging you.

< NewEnergy 1 > God is always creating. There is always a movement of energy. There is an expression of love, and it is creation, always creating. God finds great joy and celebration in creating. You are God also. You are Creators in every way, constantly creating whether you know it or not. Now is the time to be the conscious Creators.

< NewEnergy 3 > What is this indeed? This is the New Energy. This is what you have been working on. These are the templates that you have been helping to create, that the runners have been helping to store until the appropriate time. Energy, by itself, is neutral. All of the energies that you have used in creating the universe and creating your reality here on Earth come in neutral. But, then you activate them. You get them moving. You get them vibrating. You get them opposing each other, working against each other to create something new, to create your reality. That was the Old way.

< NewEnergy 11 > It (imbalance) naturally wants to find resolution and balance. Every bit of energy wants resolution, wants balance, and then wants to expand. Imagine that simple principle going to work for you in your life… in your body… in your mind. Oh, those energies in your mind… they want to be balanced. They want resolution to any conflict that's in there. They want it more than you want it. Every bit of energy in your personal life wants resolution.

< NewEnergy 11 > All energy wants to find resolution. Any imbalance that's within you wants resolution. By sitting in the safe space for a few minutes, you allow this to happen. Certainly, you will feel some things happening within you as energy comes to a new balance. You will feel changes in your biology and your mind.

< Embodiment 5 > Energy essentially is in a neutral state of being. Energy at its pure core - even the energy of Spirit - is what you would consider to be in a neutral state of being. We know that there are some who would challenge us on that. The energy of God or Spirit is not in the form of light, or in the form of "good." It simply is. "Is" is neutral, at least from the understanding that you would have today. "Is" is neutral.

< Embodiment 5 > Energy seeks to evolve… seeks to experience… seeks to know itself. Therefore, it needs to find a source that's willing to activate it, that's willing to play with it. Energy moves into every human, every life form on Earth, even things that are non-life form energy moves into. Energy has a desire and a love to express itself, even though it is neutral. There are some contradictions in here if you look at it from the benchmark of your current science and physics. But, if you look beyond that, you will find that energy can be neutral. And, it can have this wonderful desire to be expressive, and to experience, and to integrate, and to be embodied. Energy needs to come in, needs to be brought in to experience.

< Embodiment 5 > But, when it is held, it becomes stagnant. It becomes old. It wants release. And, it will find its release at the weakest point. The weakest point is generally things like unhappiness… sadness… darkness… depression… frustration… anxiety. Those are the weakest point, or - we have to be careful with our terms here - but, yes, the weakest points of the human nature. So, the Old Energies that have been held will seek their way through these in order to be released, one way or the other. You can either fight it, or you can help to move it… you see.

< Embodiment 5 > It is important to continue to move energies, continue to help them flow. It is important that energies find their way into this - what you call - human reality and human consciousness right now. Energies from the other realms… the other dimensions… energies that are pure in a neutral form… but other energies that are simply the creations of dreams… the creations of potentials… they are all wanting to come in right now.

< Embodiment 5 > But, they have to have a source. They have to have a source of flow. That is why Energy Movers are needed - not energy holders - but Energy Movers. That is why we have spoken to Shaumbra about the time… about it is time to be Energy Movers. It is about allowing neutral energies to come in… to be blessed with your divinity… and your humanness in this reality… and in this dimension… and then to move through. Particularly by helping New Energies - these New, New Energies we are speaking about - to come in to find its anchor point through you… and to find its way into this reality through you… then it can make its way out to other humans… other consciousnesses in this dimension that are stuck… that need this… that need this flow.

< Embodiment 5 > We say they (neutral/pure/unflowing/unactivated/stuck energies) need it. More than anything, they are asking for it. They are asking for a way to help get their energies unstuck. They have been in their stories. They have been in their structures for so long, and they want a way to help release it. What is through the flow of the New Energies? It is the flow of energies now moving through you that will help facilitate the process.

< Embodiment 5 > It is important to have energy workers on Earth - or Energy Movers - on Earth right now to keep up the flow of energy that is taking place, particularly as we are accelerating towards the quantum leap in only a few years of time. There is more and more neutral and pure energy coming to Earth right now than at any other time. It is coming in fast… it is coming in fast. It is attracted by what is going on here. It is attracted because humans are calling for it. It is attracted because of your dreams for change.

< Embodiment 5 > This energy (neutral/pure/unflowing/unactivated/stuck energies) is coming from not only your physical universe but the other realms. You are seeing some of the evidence of the energies coming in in your physical universe by some of the interesting and different types of events with the stars and the planets and comets and these things. But, there are also energies coming in from other realms. When they find their way to the Earth dimension and human consciousness, they need to be moved quickly; otherwise, either they are reflected back - in an interesting way of speaking, they are reflected back - or they have no place to land on Earth and their energy goes back into somewhat of a dormant state until much later. However, if there are Energy Movers, like yourself, it can find the proper conduit and find the proper human grounding and move through you.

< Embodiment 7 > Tobias has told you that this is going to be different year, a year of freedom of the soul. That is where we are going. Tobias has assigned me (St.Germain) to speak to Shaumbra for the next two sessions on the nature of energy and how to transmute. Or, let's call it "move energy." Energy is an amazing thing, amazing. And, it doesn't exist!

< Embodiment 7 > Energy doesn't exist… at least not at the core level. Energy does not exist. When you go to this place called Home - what Tobias talks about in his story, Home, the source of All That Is - there is not a drop of energy there. Nothing… it is clear. It is nothing. Home contains no energy, for it needs no energy. Energy is a dualistic term. Home needs no energy. There are those who are trying to find this place called heaven. There are those who are trying to find God. And, they are searching energetically. They are scanning for an energy source. We did this in Atlantis - remember? - constantly searching the heavens, the bodies, and the Earth for an energy source. Home is no energy. It simply is.

< Embodiment 7 > When you left Home and went through this thing called the Wall of Fire - when you were in the Wall of Fire for those who remember from the schools - you were shattered into billions and billions of pieces, almost an infinite number of pieces. Every piece that you were shattered into represented a potential of something that you would experience. Now, can you imagine how many potentials there are just in this moment? I will give you some ideas of potentials that you went through in the Wall of Fire.

< Embodiment 7 > Every potential, every potential experience and thought and deed creates energy outside of Home, outside of the Wall of Fire. You could say that the outside of the Wall of Fire, the outer view of the Wall of Fire, is the grid that we speak of, or "the field." It is the source of the energy that you have used once you left Home. It lies in a dormant state. It is neutral. It is, in a sense, a nothing, a potential, waiting to be expressed.

< Embodiment 7 > There is an equation: energy equals potential expressed. Energy is a nothing, but it sits ready and waiting to serve you. It serves you the moment that your imagination triggers it, and then it goes to work. Then, it begins forming itself. And, it begins to take a shape and an expression. Right now you're sitting in a moment that is filled with potential energy, waiting to be expressed. It lies in a neutral and a dormant state. Your scientific instruments could never find it because it is neutral. It is waiting to be expressed through your imagination.

< Embodiment 7 > There are also many, many layers of energy that have been expressed. They have been created by you, shaped by you. They have been formed by you over eons of time, long before you came to Earth when you were in angelic forms, many energies that you shaped. They are not in material form. But, they are in a type of creation in the other dimensions and realms. Many times, even now as you are in human form, you go into the dimensional realms and play with potentials. You play with energy. You shape them. You create. Sometimes you leave your creations in the other realms, just sitting there, energy that has been formed into something. It's been sitting there, waiting to go. Sometimes you just leave it there like you would leave a book on the shelf.

< Embodiment 7 > Other times you bless it with its own life form energy. You send it on its way. You let that energy continue forming and shaping on its own. You give it the initial life, then you bless it and let it go off. The example of this would be in your human reality where you have children. You help to birth them, but then you let them go off - most of you do - let them go off on their own. These creations of yours that exist in the other realms are all non-souled. In other words, they do not have Creator right or Creator potential of their own. They are your creations. Sometimes you call these "the aliens." They come back to you because they are your children, in a way. They're your celestial children, but they are non-souled.

< Embodiment 7 > You are souled. You have the ability to initiate potential into energy form and have it manifest. When you begin to manifest potential, when you begin to create energy back in this thing that we call "the field," you could say that it is expressed in a series of energy attributes. I am going to oversimplify this for the sake of understanding. But, you would express it in either a plus or a minus. Those are the basic elements… or positive/negative… however you want to express this.

< Embodiment 7 > Then, you start to put together all of these elements. There may be a series of pluses and a few minuses. Now, you see energy as taking shape. And, yes, there is a correlation between that and what you would call your new digital society. It is very similar, very parallel. You are going back to the origins and back to the understanding of energy. When you tap into "the field," you use a series of positives and negatives to begin shaping that potential, that energy, into something.

< Embodiment 7 > To take something, to take raw energy and convert it into matter is a very complicated, very complex equation. It is a massive series, massive series of pluses and minuses. The pluses and minuses tend to align themselves in a type of spiral. The spiral generally would have 12 elements to it. In the center of the 12 spiraling elements is a neutral element, or what you can say the connection back to "the field." If this sounds like the DNA model, it is. But, we don't call it DNA. We call it "energy structuring." Off of any of these 12-stranded energy structures, it spins other structures in every direction, every dimensional direction.

< Embodiment 7 > Now, you deal generally with three or sometimes what you would call four dimensions. But, imagine now going back to "the field," tapping into it with a simple plus and minus, and now starting to add more pluses, more minuses, sometimes a lot more pluses, sometimes a lot more minuses. But, this helps you take energy and now turn it into something. All of these little structures turn into these 12-stranded-type-of-energy particles. And, they are eventually brought into your human reality to create the illusion that you have now, a very complex structure, very detailed.

< Embodiment 7 > So, with this understanding of energy, knowing that it is actually not real, knowing that energy truly at its core, core source does not have a positive and negative, you can begin to understand how this thing called the material world that you live in seems so real. But, it is not. It is pure illusion, pure illusion, but so highly structured that it seems real. It seems like you can't get out of it at times. It seems that you're stuck in this whole cycle of incarnations. It seems that you have to rely on help from the celestial realms to get out. And, you don't… you don't. You're not trapped in this at all.

< Embodiment 7 > What you have is energy that is stuck, energy that has been formed by you and, in a sense, is boxed in, or structured by you, and it can't get out. You try beating on it. You try forcing it. And, you try willing it. And, every time you do and it doesn't work, you feel less and less empowered than before. You feel that certainly there has to be some supreme being or some higher force that's going to come down and save you, come down and take you away from this unempowered state of being. There is not. There is not. You are the supreme being. You are all connected to the supreme being.

< Embodiment 7 > In reality it is an illusion, but you can't push on it; you can't force it. Transmutation comes from understanding what energy is at its core level. It comes from understanding that energy is an illusion to begin with. There is none. At Home there is no energy.

< Embodiment 7 > I (St. Germain) have tried to help other scientists of your time - and my time - understand this. I worked closely with Tesla when I was Samuel Clemens. We would meet. We would talk. I would try to help him to understand. We had some degree of success, but quite frankly society wasn't ready for what Tesla had to offer, but instead reverted to a more Edisonian type of understanding of energy. You are ready to move beyond that now, ready to go beyond that Old understanding of energy. Interesting… they were both the modern-day energy workers, Tesla and Edison.

< Embodiment 7 > I spent much time in my lifetime as Saint-Germain working with Mesmer, helping him to understand the nature of reality, helping him to understand hypnosis, mesmerizing, the fact that if you can get the human consciousness tuned into a certain level, it can transcend its stuck state of being. It can get the energy moving and flowing again. With a certain type of hypnosis, or mesmerization, you can get out of that Old story, and you can transmute energies very quickly.

< Embodiment 7 > So, this whole nature, this whole understanding of energy will help you to move beyond the stories that you are stuck in. It will help you to manifest things in your life instantly.

< Embodiment 7 > So, at its core level energy is nothing. It can be initiated and shaped into anything that you want. We are going to start simple. We're not going to get into grandiose projects. We are going to start very simple. Some of you may even want to begin working with this between now and our next discussion. It works easiest with water, by the way. Just sit with water. Sit with a glass of water in front of you. Sit in the water. Understand and feel what it is like not to try to will the water. You see… that's where you have gone wrong before. You try to will it into something. You cannot will energy. You can only imagine energy. Remember that. Write that in your books. You cannot will it. You cannot force it. You can only imagine it.

< Embodiment 7 > And, when you imagine energy in its pure state of being, it takes a form to respond to you. You command energy through the imagination, and it responds. If you push on it, if you strong-arm it, it's going to do what? Respond literally to you! If you are trying to stress, if you are trying to push to get abundance in your life, it will respond literally. It will stress you back. Some of you say, "The universe is literal. God is literal." And, it is. But, understand it is you. You are literal. You respond to yourself perfectly.

< Embodiment 7 > This group, Shaumbra, the Crimson Council - that is who you are, the Crimson Council - you are ready now on Earth to understand what it is like to truly work with the essence of energy, to understand the alchemy of energy, to understand how to make things manifest in front of you. We are not going to get into the details of this today. We are going to ask you to sit with the simplest things - air or water… or fire… either one. We are going to ask you to simply feel the energies… how they are flowing… how they are working.

< Embodiment 7 > We are going to ask you to feel into the water - how energy is stuck in there. There is stuck energy in water and in air. Energy can get stuck. There is this elaborate, elaborate gridwork of these 12-stranded-type-of-energy particles that go as far more the sub-level to what you call your atomic structure. It is the true Earth energy structure. We are going to ask you to feel how energy flows within these lines, these grids. We are going to ask you how it gets stuck in these grids. We are going to ask you how it responds perfectly to your imagination.

< Embodiment 7 > There are so many misconceptions about energy in your culture right now, misconceptions that you have to use types of instruments to detect its strength and its power… and it's biased. That is not energy. That is an expression of energy, but it is not energy itself. You are energy beings. You have much stuck energy around you. You have stuck it on purpose. You have molded it like clay, and now it has hardened to create your story. We are going to unmold it. We are going to set it free between now and going into our next discussion. We are going to liberate you from your own creation. We are going to show you how energy can be played with.

< Embodiment 7QA > Today we talked about what energy is, the fact that there really isn't anything called energy. It is a nothing. Energy doesn't exist in this place you call heaven or in Home. There is no energy there. Energy is only a potential that becomes expressed. Potentials lie in a neutral type of state of being until they are activated or expressed. A good example in your own culture right now is gasoline. Gasoline is neutral until it is expressed, until it is put through something that then generates a momentum that generates a potential. You run it through your car, for instance. And, it moves the car. It was a potential that existed sitting in that tank, and then was expressed. We say it was expressed when you put your foot on the paddle, and you started the car, and all of these other things.

< Embodiment 7QA > It's all imagination. You use your imagination. But, the imagination seems so real and so tangible that you define it as these sets of actions that take place. It is just your imagination. You are expressing a potential. That is all energy is. Once you understand that… once you understand that you can't force it… and that it truly at its core doesn't have any dualistic elements… at its core it is generally a nothingness waiting to be expressed… then we can start doing some work. Then, you can do things like transmutation.

< Embodiment 7QA > It is stuck energy. Any disease in your body is energy that has been trapped and stuck. And, you could say the one thing about energy that it wants to move. It wants to roll. It doesn't have an agenda. It doesn't actually have any particular goal on its own. But, there is an innate sense that it wants to continue moving. Once raw pure energy from "the field" is activated, it wants to continue moving. It can never go back to "the field." It can never go back to "the field." So, it finds in itself that it wants to continue moving.

< Embodiment 8 > Many of you here were in the Temples of Tien where you understood how to free energies from its structures, so you could go into the multi-dimensional realms while still existing in a space in the physical Earth. Many of you worked with the great energies of Atlantis. And, you knew how to hold time still. You knew how to keep the body from aging. You knew how to heal. You knew how to transport material objects without touching them. Much of that technology was later used in the building of the pyramids. And, we understand some are going there soon. It was all about illusion, energy as an illusion. In the Temples of Tien you understood it.

< Embodiment 8 > So, I had to learn to let go of everything… everything… 100 percent. I had to learn to let go of every belief system. And, that's where I came to understand what hypnosis is. We'd never talked about this thing called hypnosis back in the temples. But, that's exactly what it was - belief systems that can be like demons, like monsters… needing to feed off of more energy… needing more and more energy… needing you to create more stories… in other words, taking a neutral state of being (potential), turning it into energy. It's a vicious and mad cycle. A belief system needs to continue feeding. So, it needs you to continue creating story. It needs you to make your story bigger. You see… you see how this works? It is a very interesting dynamic… until you walk out of it… until you walk out.

< Embodiment 8QA > Some of you have practiced it. You get your client to focus their energy. You get them to supposedly relax, but there is nothing relaxed about the state (of hypnosis) that they are in. And, then you interject belief systems at various energetic levels. You get them to buy into it. What you are doing is helping them shape energy. Remember we talked last month - energy is potential expressed. You are helping them to take energy out of the air, the thin air, and to shape it into something, into a belief system about themselves.

< Embodiment 9 > And, change is the most wonderful thing. You see, you are trying to solidify yourself in that story. But, the story - even the story - doesn't want to be the story any longer. Even the story that defends you and protects you and supports you knows that it is time for it to be released from its structure. Every energy ultimately has to be free of a structure. Every energy has to soar. Every energy has to be able to expand. As Tobias says, energy seeks resolution, fulfillment, and freedom. You have trapped energy in this illusion, in this body, in your identity. And, it is time to get out of that.

< Embodiment 9 > You will be able to see how easy it is to walk out of your body. When you begin to understand energy for what it is - a potential that is waiting to serve you - that's when you'll pull gold out of your pocket where only stones were before. That's where you will be able to command a disease back into balance, where you'll be able to work out the flaws in anything if you choose.

< Embodiment 9 > Energy is like clay… or Playdough for some of you. It can be formed and shaped. It can do anything to serve you. But, ultimately it needs to be set free once again. This is Creatorship 101. You are Creators. You are God also… so let all of your creations free. When we are done with our gathering today, let them all free. Open the birdcage, and let them all go. Oh, yes, some of it will bring sadness, and you will feel so sad to have your story leave. But, you are going to feel happier when that story reshapes itself, and the energy transmutes itself, and comes back to you in ways you couldn't possibly imagine.

< Embodiment 9 > What you are going to begin to see is a whole grid or weaving or matrix of belief systems - how they shape reality… how they cause reaction… how they make you do what you do… how they literally form energy. And, it is quite a beautiful thing. It is amazing to be at the point where you're coming to: where you're no longer just in the reality, and no longer the judge of the reality, but the observer of the reality that you are creating. That is where you are going - the observer of the reality you are creating. You see… the observer doesn't get lost in it. The observer can go in and out of their creations. The observer can walk in and out at any time. You are coming to that point. You're feeling it now where you're beginning to be the observer of everything that you create.

< Embodiment 9 > It is also about opening up, getting outside of that story that you're in. It's not about diminishing the story or getting rid of it. Some of you think that's what we are saying. Releasing is freeing the story, not getting rid of it, not hiding it. You can never, never successfully hide energy. Sooner or later it comes back up. We are asking you to release it from the structure that it has been placed in. We're asking you to take off all limitations about everything within you… limitations on the way you think… limitations of what you think is up or down… limitations that you have about wealth… limitations of energy. We are going to ask you to open up.

< Embodiment 11 > Control limits the ability for energy to expand in you. You have been controlling your energy for every moment of this lifetime. You have been the potter, shaping your story. You have shaped it well. You've cleaned off many of the rough surfaces. You've reshaped it at times to fit your new consciousness. But, in a sense, it is still controlled. It is still formed into a very specified vessel. It is called your story. Now, it is time to take those controls off of your story and watch what happens in your life. Watch what new synchronicities come to you. It is time to have this radiance of energy take place.

< Embodiment 11 > So, let us talk a little bit about the physics of energy once again. As we said, energy does not exist. It does not exist in the heavens. There is no such thing called energy. There are no opposing forces of positive and negative. It is all just neutral potential, waiting to be activated. You activate it through your connection with the thing called "the field." Then, you bring it into various states of realities or dimensions. When you bring it to Earth, it is formed and shaped and controlled, then put to work for you. You can choose any set of potentials. You can choose it to have a positive expression or a negative expression, masculine or feminine. You are choosing.

< Embodiment 11 > Energy by itself doesn't exist. It is just potential, waiting to be expressed. Now, you are the ones forming it. You are also the ones controlling it. The control limits the ability of any of your creations, including yourself and your story to radiate.

< Embodiment 11 > The importance of this radiance of energy is multi-fold, multi-dimensional. First, when you allow your divine energies to radiate, it means you aren't trapping them inside your body or your reality. You're letting them flow. And, every energy is designed to flow. It's not designed to be pent-up, caught up in that vessel, in that sculpture of your body. It's meant to flow. When you are radiating energy, you are being a true Creator. What you are doing is letting the potential flow out into all things. You are expanding energy. When you are radiating energy, what you have done is given yourself and every one of your creations the freedom and the right to continue evolving… you see.

< Embodiment 11 > A true Creator creates and lets go. It will always be your creation. But, now it will take on its own life. It will continue to expand and to grow. It will continue to redefine itself over and over again instead of being a piece of clay turned into a vase and put on a shelf. It will be a piece of clay turned into living energy that at one moment can be a vase… the next moment can be a tree… and the next moment can be a bird… and the next moment return to its clay origins. That is alchemy. That is transmutation. That is the very nature of energy.

< Embodiment 12 > There is no energy. It doesn't exist. There is nothing but potential. "The field," the grid - whatever you want to call it - is nothing but potential in a neutral state of being, waiting to be activated by consciousness, whether it is group, family, or individual. The true source of all is in a neutral state of being, all potential, all neutral. It has no agenda… it has no desires… it has no movement of its own until it is activated by consciousness. When it is activated, it takes on attributes of energy. It takes on different types of balances of what you would call positive or negative, plus and minus, masculine/feminine… however you want to term it. But, it takes on attributes of duality. And, then it goes to work.

< Embodiment 12CC > You've been embodying in every way, learning to embody those people that are close to you in your life. And, sometimes you found out that embodiment actually is release, the acceptance of them, the acceptance that they were your partner, or your child, or even for some of you your parent. You embodied them. And, then, you can release them. What a blessing that you don't have those connections, the Old Energy connections, with them… what a blessing that you can let them go because when you let them go, you also let yourself go. These are beautiful, simple principles of energyNew Energy… beautiful, simple principles of Spirit… the continual creation… a continual embodiment… and the continual release. It is the flow. It is what brings about the synchronistic life.

< Clarity 1 > But, you are living, in a sense, in both worlds at one time. You are living in the Old, but yet beginning to experience the New. It is a very difficult task, but it can also be most joyful. You can come to the point here where you feel almost like a magician because you will find how to bring potentials into your life, convert them into energy, and then into reality, and do it very easily, whereas the others are still struggling, still going through the very Old and labored dualistic way of doing things. So, Shaumbra, difficult, challenging times you live in.

< Clarity 1 > There is an easy way to do it. It is to understand and to accept the true nature of energy and its building blocks. As you clear, as you come back into a pure energy, New Energy focus, you are going to see the chair as not just the icon of the chair, not the illusion of the chair. It becomes the metal of the chair. It becomes how it was structured from its raw organic materials into the chair. It becomes everyone who has sat in the chair. All of that exists. Even though you can't see it, perhaps, it exists.

< Clarity 1 > Before things are even brought into reality, before they are formed into matter, they exist on the invisible side. We don't want to say the other side of the veil; that wouldn't be accurate. But, they exist in a neutral state, sometimes directly in your third-dimensional reality base, sometimes outside of it. But, they exist in a potential. And, then they are all brought in, and brought to manifest. So, going back to the example of the chocolate, it is the ingredients. But, then let's go deeper. Yes, indeed, it is the atoms - we hear some of you saying - it is the molecules. It is all of these things that make it up. But, beyond that there is a whole other subset of structure. Similar, in a sense, to what the atomic structure will be to the physical universe, there is an energy structure of potentials.

< Clarity 1 > But, at the very core they were little bubbles of potential. They were energy - and we have to rechannel that - they were not even energy yet; they were potentials. And, as they were drawn to you, it activated them into energy. That energy then began to manifest itself. What was just potential in the chocolate then came through a very interesting and elaborate series of movements to get its way to you. At some point you requested chocolate, and it found its way to you.

< Clarity 1 > We are asking you to return to core root energy. You aren't going to get there logically. You're only going to get there by allowing yourself, by understanding the building blocks of energy. It starts as potential. Everything… everything starts as potential. Then, the potentials, like bubbles, flow into your reality because you are calling on them. One way or the other, you're calling on the potential. As these bubbles of potential cross over that thin line that separates the material from the nonmaterial world, it starts transmuting, changing its energy. It turns from potential into energy. From energy it can turn into matter. It can turn into something material. It can also turn into simple etheric energy that you can use in your own life.

< Clarity 1 > How do you clear them? Well, not by force because if you do, they're going to remain stuck. When you use force on any energy, all it does is confirm that energy. It validates that energy. And, we're not in the business here - you don't want to be in the business - of validating Old or imbalanced energies. You want to release them. When you release them, it is like taking that old clunker, broken-down car off the center lane of the highway. When you release it, everything can flow again. That's what we are doing here.

< Clarity 2 > What happens if you hold back? In a sense, what happens to any energies that are pent-up, any energies that are enslaved, limited, or restricted: sooner or later they have to get out. Somehow they will manage to set themselves free. Perhaps, it is through the body or the mind. Perhaps, it will be attracting an external event to you that will get you into the driver's seat and going, moving. Again, no agenda on our part… it is your part we are responding to.

< Clarity 4 > Everyone gets fed. Everyone brings in energy, whether you're human or angelic. Everyone is being fed. Once you understand how you're being fed, how you're bringing energy into your reality, then you can understand how consciousness is shaped, how belief systems define reality and how then you can expand outside of what you believe to be the limitations of reality.

< Clarity 4QA > There is a simple principle. Everything, all energies, come in to serve you. It is a very simple principle. So, anything that is happening in your life is bringing in a supporting energy just for you because it loves you so much. It may wear the disguise of anger. It may have the disguise of being drama. It may have the disguise of being happiness and joy, or achieving success. But, underlying all of that is an energy that is just supporting your current consciousness. When you understand these simple principles and can understand how it is coming in to support you in any way, then you can understand how to start working with it.

< Clarity 7 > At this point in our work together, the crystalline realms become very important - very important because, as was discussed earlier, they go beyond the Near Realms. The Near Realms are associated with earthbound energies. The Near Realms contain only a portion of the energy (potential) and the answers (solutions). Right now you're expanding beyond the Near into the Crystalline. The problem is the Crystalline is not a place of the mind. But it is time to bring that crystalline energy back in. So where did it get cut off? Where did it get separated and why?

< MNEC2006-A > I'm responsible for providing an organization of energies, because in a sense you could say energies are in a state of potential and sometimes what you would call a state of chaos. You call it chaos only because you do not see the potentials that lie in every - every - morsel of energy that surrounds you, that is inside of you, and that is in the other dimensions.

< Teacher 4 > Energy (potential) is in a generally neutral state and it can be activated by desire. It can be activated by passion or need or fear. But it is just in a neutral state waiting for you to activate it and do something with it. Energy that has been activated by individuals or groups at some point can be released from them, and it just goes back into its neutral state after a certain evolution or time progression. Other energies are activated and never released but rather put out into mass consciousness. Sometimes when these energies are not tended to they tend to go into a bit of a state of confusion. So we use the term "Order" meaning that we are bringing direction and we are bringing a specific motive to energy.

< Teacher 5 > As Saint-Germain says, energies that want to hang on. You know, every little bit of consciousness, every little bit of energy has its own life-form, has its own unique identity. Every little bit of consciousness has somewhat of an understanding of itself, and it wants to hang onto that self. It doesn't want to let go. It considers it a death rather than a transformation and an evolution. Every little bit of energy tries to hold on even though like a young child it that knows that it's time to evolve, it's time to change, it's time to grow into something grander, something bigger, but yet it still tends to hold on.

< Teacher 5 > You know what that little bit of energy wants? It wants the parent energy - the creator energy - to come to it, to assure it that everything is going to be alright. That part of you that is somewhat afraid, not sure what tomorrow is going to bring, not sure what happens when you let go of your job that you really don't care for anymore, or let go of a relationship that was old karma. All those energies just want the parent self, the creator self, to come in and assure it. Just like a little child, to take it by the hand and say "It's time. It's time we move on. It's time we evolve." The past will never be forgotten. The past will never be buried. The past can be transformed into the newness, the potential of who you are.

< Teacher 5 > Every little thought that you have has its own identity. Every little fear that you have is actually just a little child. Every piece of stuck energy is really wanting to be unstuck. And you, dear ones, you (the creator self) can guide that part of yourself into your own New Energy. Go in and talk to it - that little fear.

< Teacher 5 > As you create, as you take pure, raw energy and begin to create with it, it then transforms itself into mathematical equations putting this pure raw energy into a type of logic. But the logic itself doesn't hold the answer. The logic itself - the logic of mathematics - is not the source energy. The logic, the mathematics, did not create the universe. You did. You creators. You imaginers and dreamers. You angel beings, who came to Earth, who did this magnificent job of lowering your energy. You're the one that created the potentials and ultimately the reality. And then you can understand it or you can interpret it through the numbers and the math.

< Teacher 6 > You have energies that have been opposing each other for a long time, that's the basic nature of human reality. Duality. Opposing energies. And these energies are always trying to discover themselves by opposing or playing off of each other. Some of you sometimes wonder "Why don't we have peace on Earth?" Because you have duality and duality creates conflicts.

< Teacher 6 > You could put two little children together - two little five year olds - and they play for a little while and they discover something about themselves in the other person. But after a longer period of time, they'll generally start to fight. It is energy colliding. It is energy trying to discover more about itself. So the kids fight. Not that there's anything wrong with the fighting, they are in a stage or in a phase of discovery. Discovery. They played, they discovered something. Now they fight and they discover more. They get tired of fighting, trust me. They'll get tired of fighting and then they'll go into what you would call a type of peacefulness or acceptance. It is the natural way energy works (in duality).

< Teacher 6 > The old equation of "the quantity of energy in has a limitation to the quantity of the energy out" applies no more. It's like a whole new manufacturing process. It doesn't need a specific amount of input to equal a specific amount of output. Throw that equation away. In the New Energy, the way is much easier.

< Teacher 8 > Energy doesn't work - how to say - just on the level that scientists and physicists and the others know right now. Energy moves in and out of this dimension, moves in and out of perceived reality. Energy, in itself, is a constant stream or constant flow that is always available but seldom used. Energy is a series of potentials that are created in the - what you would call - the highest realms and then brought to Earth as tools - tools by those who are aware of how to bring them in and how to use them.

< Teacher 9QA > Sans Definition - out of the mind, out of words, out of the need to structure energy - into a new type of freedom that you haven't experienced in the physical or the nonphysical realm for a long, long time. Energy, by its very nature, moves in and out of definition. This is a universal physics or a universal principle. Energy moves in and out of definition. Where does energy go after it is unstructured? It goes into the non-defined, the unstructured. It goes back into itself. It goes back into what you would say in human words is a neutral state of being, but even that is too much of a definition for it. Energy continually moves in and out of definition.

< Teacher 9QA > I have to share with you right now. "Spirit," "God" - first of all, throw out those words, Jesus Christ! (Tobias and audience laughing) Even that - throw that out! But what you would call Spirit, God, whatever, is not energy at all. God is not an energetic being. Energy is just a tool. Your soul does not contain any energy whatsoever. Energy is just a tool, a fuel if you would.

< Teacher 9QA > WHITE EAGLE: Beyond energy is consciousness. Consciousness would be more likened to the structure of God, because it's the plane, it's the field, it's the nothingness into which energy creates form. And so in that, only when you allow yourself in that indefinable place are you giving yourself permission to move to real Spirit, which is above the ability to be experienced in the old way. If you hold on to the need for experience, you will convict yourself to an experiential world.

TOBIAS: ... and beyond consciousness is no consciousness. It's undefined even beyond. You see consciousness, it means something has been taken and defined, and it's structured in a certain way. Albeit, consciousness is grand and vast, but what lies beyond consciousness? And isn't that exactly what we were doing today (sans definition) - going beyond any known consciousness, even consciousness known by God or Spirit? That is exactly what you all did when you left Home, when you went through the Wall of Fire. You went into nothingness, void. And here you are again trying to put all definitions - including throwing in the definition and the words of God and Spirit - into where there is none. Can you go to a place where there is no God or Spirit - without fear?

< QuantumLeap 2 > Prana is everywhere. It emanates from souled beings. Period. It doesn't come from a far-off God somewhere. Prana emanates from souled beings, and it goes out into this vast thing called the omniverse. It is radiated every moment of everyday by every human. Prana is a flow of potentials that can be transformed into energy or what you would call a motion or manifestation.

< QuantumLeap 6 > Receiving comes from a wide variety of different sources. First it comes from yourself, your whole Self, not just the human, but all of you. All of you chooses to serve you when you allow it. Receiving comes from your pets, other humans at times, the angelic correspondents who are all around. Receiving comes from a wide variety of places and dimensions. It is just about energy - raw energy - coming in for you, coming in to support consciousness. Remember, consciousness is not energy. Energy is there to help consciousness manifest its grandest desires.

< QuantumLeap 7 > When you take that breath of receiving, it activates. It activates all of the energies, and it works its way from consciousness into what you might call electrum ... energy ... energy that can then finally be brought also from the crystalline states. Crystalline states are the idea states activated by the choice of receiving. It comes from consciousness through crystalline (idea) through electrum and then into the material, into your known reality. It makes its way, if you choose, through the breath, very simply and very efficiently into your life. And then there is very little that you need to do.

< QuantumLeap 7 > This is not what you would call a theory. This is the way that consciousness and energy work. They have always worked this way and they will always work this way. Consciousness is divine. Divine is the Master, and the Master sums up all of the energies to serve it. You are consciousness. You are the Master. You take that breath of receiving … let's do it again - the conscious breath of receiving ...

< Master 3 > There are some significant interesting things about that date, because of that alignment of numbers. What it says is energy moves through the numbers and the mathematics in a different way than if they aren't aligned. But ultimately, numbers aren't fact anymore either.

< Master 4 >
So this (=consciousness) is you. Consciousness uses energy. It calls on energy. It attracts energies to it based on its desires. It could be to know thyself, express thyself, play with thyself, learn for thyself, anything. But at a very deep inner level, it's calling on energy. Energy is basically potentials, probabilities that are sitting in a dormant place, neutral place. They're sitting over here in neutral land waiting to be called upon. Energy is motion and stimulation. Energy breathes life into consciousness. Consciousness, therefore, calls on this, brings it in and starts to use it. Quite simple.

< Master 4 > Now, you have this energy now participating with consciousness and it wants to do something with it. It wants to create. It does that by manifesting. So we're going to put a box down here - "M" for manifesting. And I put it in a box because it means it is real. It's kind of a universal symbol for manifesting. You have, now, the energies kind of coming down into your manifestation like rays of energy. In this area here, from consciousness drawing in energy to your manifestation - to the manifestation, bringing it into some sort of reality - you have a number of different elements that come into play. Time and space (dimension) come into play.

< Master 4 > Sometimes you say, "Well, my consciousness wants this certain thing, but it's not getting down there. It's not manifesting. What am I doing wrong?" Well, you're not doing anything wrong, because you could be manifesting on a nonphysical level. In other words, you call it the other realms, you could be manifesting in other dimensions. But any time you (=consciousness) call upon energy, it does manifest somewhere. You say, "Well how come it's not manifesting right here ("M" box), right down here? How come," you say, "I want to go to the casino and win and it doesn't manifest." A lot of things happen in this area right here (between "consciousness" and "manifestation") - time, space, other people. Other people - their intentions and their energies - can actually slow down or block that manifestation.

< Master 4 > And then you also have elements that are key here. I want you to pay particular attention to these words. You have desire or passion or - how do we say this - your intention, the forcefulness … not quite the right word, Cauldre. Your … your desire - how much desire do you have to do this? Intensity. Absolute brilliant word - intensity. These are actually the biggest factors that come into play in this very important time between when you bring in energy into what you would like to create until it gets manifested. It might get manifested on a different level, different dimension - it's out there somewhere. If you desired to win at a casino, it might have been somewhere else, maybe not here. Desire, passion, the intensity of what you want comes into play, and that will make the biggest difference in your life.

< Master 4 > Anything that's manifested - meaning consciousness drew an energy, brought it into a reality - it has to move. It has to keep flowing. Your manifestation, your creation - a book, your children, no matter what it is - it has to keep flowing. The flow is a natural part of the energy that you brought in up here (consciousness). See how that energy flows? It wants to continue to flow here (from "manifestation"). By doing so, in an unrestricted flow, it reorients or reshapes itself. Your creation keeps growing and keeps adjusting to the point where … (Adamus draws a circle) I'm going to represent your manifestation or creation as the circle, once again, going back to the original. Going back to the original.

< Master 4 > And it does funny things - energy does - when it needs to flow. It doesn't care how. Your consciousness, in a sense, is the same way. It has to keep expanding. It doesn't care how. It doesn't know high or low; it only knows. It doesn't know heaven or hell; it just is. It has to keep flowing. And if it stops flowing and you keep limiting it, it will explode. Pow!! It will create a big disaster, if it has to. It doesn't care. It will express itself that way - you will express yourself that way. That's drama, kind of fun - once or twice but not millions of time. It will explode. And that's what happens to so many humans, and that's why we are having such an issue right now with mental illness in this world.

< Master 4 > And if you can't speak in a human voice and get your passion into it, now that energy is suppressed. All that energy and potential is just stuck and trapped in these different places, and it explodes sooner or later. And what happens when it explodes? Well, you scream out. You yell out. You're real and expressive, but it's usually too late. You've usually done a lot of damage by then. Ah, you can always correct it, but it's a waste of time.

< Master 4 > I Am That I Am! That's passion. That's desire. That's intensity, and that moves mountains. That draws in so much energy here from the neutral that radiates, not just tinkles down, but radiates brilliance of energy into your manifestations, and then they roar. They move, and they're real. Yes, you can knock a train off its tracks. You're not going to, most of you aren't. (laughter) You're not going to do any long-time damage, that's for sure.

< Master 4 > When energy is finally released, cleared, it has a life cycle to it that it continues its expansion or expression up to a level, and then at some point it returns back into pure energy. But it's different now. This energy here that's been stuck and is now flowing doesn't necessarily go back up there into the neutral field - and this is a little bit difficult explaining - it stays here (gestures to the consciousness and manifestation area of the drawing). It stays with you. It returns back to neutral, but it stays with you. It then calls out, just as you have called out, it calls out to the big "N" - New Energy.

< Master 5 >
This is you. This is you, as we talked about before. It's represented by the circle with a dot in between, very simple, ancient symbology because it shows that you came from All That Was - which does not exist anymore and because it's changed. You came from All That Was. You went outside of All That Was. You developed your own unique identity, your soul expression. So this is you. It's consciousness. You are consciousness. In a very, very unique way your consciousness draws in energy - neutral energy - so I'm going to put "neutral energy" here. (Adamus adds to the drawing) The question is where did that energy come from to begin with? Spirit wasn't energy. Spirit was - still is - absolute consciousness.

< Master 5 > So the question is where did this energy come from in the first place? Good question. When you left Home - I'm going to put Home in a big cloud up here. You left Home, your own unique identity, your own consciousness - one of the first things you did was to separate, of course, from Home. So you … I'm going to show this as a way of depicting it, but - many different ways - but you basically separated yourself from Spirit. The original separation, the original seal. So you separated yourself from Spirit, pulled yourself apart.

< Master 5 > Next you created what would be a, you could say, a masculine/feminine aspect of yourself and a light and a dark and an inward looking and an outward looking. You created separation of yourself in many different ways. It was brilliant, because separation, diversity, division allowed you to see yourself, to know yourself, all in answer to the question that you asked - perhaps you shouldn't have - "Who am I? Who am I? Where am I? Why am I?" All of these questions of the consciousness caused you to separate. You now had a yin and yang. You had the mother/father, light and dark. You had all these different dualities within yourself.

< Master 5 > The moment a separation occurred, and to this day a moment separations do occur in a cosmic sense, it creates a desire to return, a desire to integrate back, a desire to become whole again. And that created energy (old energy). This desire to, yes, to experience yourself as masculine/feminine, light and dark, spirit/human, the desire to experience duality, to come to know yourself is grand, but there is a bigger desire and a bigger passion, and it's called "Come back together. Be one again. Infuse or meld back who I am."

< Master 5 > This illusion of separation - that's an important factor; an illusion of separation - created such an intense energy where only consciousness had existed, it created the energy to bring you back Home. That's how brilliant you are. Would you have separated yourself and not given yourself the tool to get back together? Would you have separated yourself and said "Maybe I'll be lost forever"? I don't think so. I don't think so. I know not.

< Master 5 > So that is where energy came from. Spirit basically did not know what energy was. It had no clue. Never heard of energy. Didn't need energy. It was only when you left Home, created or owned your own separate identity, your sovereignty, and then went out to experience yourself through the dynamics of duality or separation, that it created energy. It created energy, and that's what you've been working with ever since.

< Master 5 > So here you are as a consciousness being, drawing energy into your reality. You draw it in - you attract it. There is a law of attraction, but be careful, because the law of attraction, as most people understand it right now, is very mental. Very mental. The true law of attraction and the ability to create reality and to manifest comes from passion and desire. What are the original … what are the core passions and desires for any souled being? To come back to yourself sooner or later. You can never truly lose your connection with yourself, with returning.

< Master 5 > You no longer have a separate masculine/feminine, a separate light/dark, a separate human/spirit. You don't bring back the God and the Goddess and then walk around with that duality. They disappear. They evaporate. The illusion absolutely goes away. So when these two come together and they no longer are two or four or ten, when there's no longer the need for light and dark, masculine/feminine, good/bad, that creates New Energy. It is different, obviously, than Old Energy. Old Energy was the result of desire to return back to thyself. It was the rocket fuel that you were going to use to come back to you. When that process even begins occurring at the most miniscule level, it creates New Energy.

< (Next) 1 > It's consciousness and energy moving together, and that's what it's all about. Remember consciousness, energy, used to be two separate things? You did whatever you could to try to make them work together. Consciousness would call out for energy to try to support its desires, its dreams, its manifestations, but now what's happening in all of this is they don't need to be separate. It is truly what I would call wholistic consciousness and energy contained in the same vessel, contained in the same dynamic together. That's what, by the way, we call New Energy. They're together.

< (Next) 1 > Right now there's a need to understand how energy and particles move in and out of supposed reality. They're always real; it's just that you can't always see them. But right now it would help complete a lot of very big scientific and cosmological questions. Particle physics. You see, a particle can move in and out of reality. It can actually travel great, what you would call, distances in moments, in an instant. Even the discussion came up recently, is there a beyond speed of light? Yes there is, by the way.

< (Next) 1 > It's there. Just hasn't been recognized. It's almost like some of these new advanced answers have been just sitting in limbo waiting for somebody to acknowledge that it's really amazing, really brilliant the way energy moves and flows and the way then particle move in and out of different dimensions, different states of realities or different pods of potentials.

< (Next) 2 > Potentials used to come from out here (outside the waveform) and be attracted by the dynamics of the waveform. Waveform attracted energy that brought in potentials that you had once contemplated when you went through the Wall of Fire. That make sense? In other words, in the Old Energy, the old waveform going like this (horizontal), depending on the balance of the waveform, would attract energies from the outside that would then basically manifest potentials you had contemplated when you left Home. So you brought the appropriate situation into your life.

< (Next) 2 > What happens now is that the potentials no longer come from outside, and the energy no longer comes from out there. You're not having to call anything up or call anything in. It's all in the moment. The energy is in the moment. The energy's already in here now, in other words. You're no longer having to wait for the old situation of 'cause and effect' to take place, and that's going to be one of the most challenging things you're going to have to work with, because you're used to cause and effect - something happens, something happens as a result of that. It's not going to work that way anymore. There'll be a transition period, of course.

< (Next) 7 > I'll talk more about it at our workshop in Sedona, how to command the energies, how to alchemize energy. Energy goes from one form to the other to the other, and it can be alchemized or transmuted or changed by every human. But you have to believe and trust in yourself, and you have to realize that you are Merlin. Merlin simply took energy and changed it from one state to the other. So let's, for Shaumbra, never worry about survival. The worst case is what? Worst case - you die! Yeah, worst case, you die, we come and have a big party over here, and then you have the choice, do you want to go back for more?

< (Next) 8 > That energy then comes in … energy, remember, is in a neutral state. It's all around. It's tingling in the air right around us right now. It's in neutral. The energy is basically in a form that has positive and minus - positive and negative - potential capabilities and it's ready to attach itself to consciousness and then create reality. It sits in this neutral form until it's called up.

< (Next) 8 > Drama and emotion can call up a huge quantity of this and come rushing into your life. And it starts creating in your reality. But so does a car traveling at 150 kilometers per hour about to hit a wall. It's moving, but what's going to happen next, you see. Crash. So there is a tremendous amount of energy that is attracted into drama. And most people are literally stuck in this creator capability. They're not conscious of it. They go from one emotional encounter to another, one drama situation to another, and at some strange level they are feeling like things are happening. Well, they are, but it's not conscious. And then how many people say, "Well, I don't know how all this works, so I acquiesce to destiny and fate."

< (Next) 8 > The problem is that it's been a long time since you've been in True Heart. It's been a long time since you've looked inside, and you don't really trust it. You - humans in general - are still very much prone to having things directed for them, having people telling them what they can and can't do. So this is an underutilized resource, but it's there, and this True Heart, as you know from having a few cathartic breakthrough experiences, has huge, huge amounts of energy to it. It attracts huge amounts of energy.

< (Next) 8 > Your Body of consciousness, your true consciousness, can bring in energies that you couldn't even fathom right now; bring in anything to do anything; can attract things that will change your lives and change the lives of people around you, if they choose. It is beyond words at this point, so it's difficult to express it in words. But it is beyond words. It is the concept of keahak, which is absolute freedom - freedom to create, freedom to bring in the energies without having to effort anything. Ultimately you don't want to effort anything. You shouldn't be efforting, but some of you are still addicted to efforting. It is the pure consciousness attracting huge quantities of energy.

< (Next) 8 > Energy that's out there is very literal. Energy is really dumb, actually. There's no intelligence in energy. It is simplistically responsive. And if you belief in lack, it will just … it's there. It doesn't care. It has no agenda. It is there to serve you. Energy, all energy, is there is serve you. If you believe in sin, it's there. You're going to sin. If you believe that the human experience sucks, it's going to support that. It's very literal. It's a no-brainer. So when you put your intent out there to the universe, it's just going to absolutely come back to you to support however you feel about yourself as a creator.

< (Next) 9 > Potentials are not energy. Potentials are little flecks of consciousness. They're little pearls of consciousness floating around all out there. When activated by humans, by you, through clear and conscious realization, then those potentials draw energy to them, and then they bring that energy to life, kind of like a beautiful ball of consciousness now layered with very dynamic energy, and then they can be manifested or experienced here on Earth.

< (Next) 9 > Energy are just these little particles sitting in neutral, just parked - you know, like cars parked at the side of the road - waiting to be activated. And once activated, they can go forward and backwards, but they can also go sideways and up and down. So these particles of energy are just waiting.

< (Next) 11 > Energy is very clean, very pure. It doesn't take a toll on you. We talk sometimes about bringing in large amounts of energy. You could bring in boatloads of energy, universes full of energy, and it wouldn't affect it - it shouldn't affect you - because it's pure. But humans have got un-radiant, uninspired, dull and encased, and so therefore the process by which light and energy come into this reality is slowed down, is put through a lot of rigmarole, to finally end up in your Now moment. And it doesn't need to be that way. And that's where we're going - into energy utilization, brilliant energy utilization.

< (Next) 11 > So your consciousness doesn't have all within. As a matter of fact, the pure consciousness doesn't need anything, but yet it has a way of calling out to energies, calling out to light that are there to help it play, to help it experience, and then it brings these energies, not in, but kind of close by, and these energies, in response to the beauty of your consciousness, will align themselves. Consciousness doesn't need to align anything. Mind, brain needs to align. Consciousness doesn't, because it's already done in a brilliant way, in a perfect way, in a totally resonant, radiant and synchronistic way.

< (Next) 12 > So humans started developing these many, many gods, worshipping a lot of them. And in a way they were correct, because there is a bird consciousness. There is a tree consciousness. There's an ant consciousness. You take any of the species and there is kind of a group or collective consciousness that you can tap into. But it's not a god, so to speak, and it doesn't need to be worshipped. Fire is an energy brought into manifest by consciousness. It's an energy that responds to consciousness. All energy responds and manifests in a variety of different ways.

< e2012 1> You are consciousness; you're not energy. Energy naturally falls into place and goes to work for you, totally efficient, as you become aware, as you become conscious of your presence. Consciousness is awareness, of all the different things that are gong on. Consciousness ultimately is about your presence right here, right now, your presence in this moment.

< e2012 2 > When you reduce or slow down the energies, then it becomes light. And then from light it suddenly reduces down into the electrum spectrum and reduces down eventually into this reality that you're sitting in. But the interesting thing also, this reality isn't at the bottom of the pile. It's not where everything descends down to and finds the bottom of the barrel. That's a very dualistic way of thinking about it, because it's a circle. It's not a pit, because even when energy finds its way down to this reality, it continues to evolve. Not to go back up to where it came from, but to evolve beyond. Consider the implications of that.

< e2012 2 > In these experiments also, you had antimatter and matter forced into each other. What was the net result? It says right in the article. Pure energy! Pure energy. Pure energy. Haven't we said for a long time that when things are released from its stuck state or its state of expression - you're a state of expression - when thoughts are released from its state of belief, when aspects are released from their state of torture, their state of wound, it is very similar to the same experiment, in a way. So here you have these matter and antimatter smashing into each other. It goes back to pure energy. What happens when you release something from its state of expression, its state of being? It goes back to pure energy.

< e2012 2 > What they haven't seen here yet but you know, when there's another element that comes into it - consciousness and more so conscious choice - enters into the equation, into the experiment, it also produces truly New Energy. These experiments based in duality are releasing energy from a stuck form, returning it back to the pure state, as we talked about the energy cloud. What they're going to discover is that something else was created. They're going to see another element at some point. They don't have the tools to really measure it right now, because the new element travels faster than the speed of light.

< e2012 2 > But remember when these particles - not just these physical particles but particles of beliefs, particles of aspects, particles of anything - collide together like that, that it creates pure energy. It returns things back to their original form. It also creates New Energy. It's doing that right now as we're talking - creating New Energy. That New Energy doesn't go out into some grand reservoir, the grid, the Field, whatever you want to call it. It'll stay right there. It doesn't serve a collective. It doesn't serve the good of all beings.

< e2012 2 > By the way, you're also going to notice that this changes - that mouth. The mouth is a slave of the brain, and it yaks and yaks and yaks, sometimes just like the brain, and it comes up with a lot of words to fill a lot of space to bore a lot of people, and to keep you from really having to be in your presence. What's going to happen with New Think? Less talk. Hmm. Less talk. Why? Because you can make one sound - arr - and it - ppbbtt - any sound. And it can convey a tremendous amount of consciousness that attracts a tremendous amount of energy to it that can move mountains.

< freedom 1 > When the angelic beings playing in creation, when they came to the point of realizing that it was time for the freedom and sovereignty, the consciousness restricted, constricted, tightened up. What happened then? Energy stopped moving, or at least moving in the free flowing open way than it had done. Consciousness created a situation that created an energy impasse. The energy is still there, but it's swirling instead of flowing and expanding and moving.

When your own energy, not really being allowed its freedom and its expression, it goes internal on you. The energy has to do something in response to consciousness. You could say the energy continues to move, but it goes inside. It's going to tear down some of those walls. It's going to make you sick, going to make you crazy, going to make you depressed, all the rest of those things. It's just energy and it's responding to your consciousness. And it's all about freedom.

< freedom 1 > When the energies stopped moving in the angelic realms a long, long time ago, that's when you, as angelic beings, decided to come to this planet – a way of understanding consciousness and energy, a way of understanding yourself as unique beings, a way of understanding yourself from within, very deep in an experience. You knew from the very beginning that sooner or later your own call to freedom would come forth, and here we are. It's not just the end of the Mayan calendar or some cosmic astrological cycle or even just the Atlantean cycle. It's the end of an era that had you dependent on something or someone else, including Spirit.

< freedom 1 >
Here is consciousness. This is you, souled being. The beautiful circle with a dot. Pretty soon you're going to inherit that dot. It's going to be your own. And no, that's not the original sin. That's your essence. Consciousness contains no energy. Energy was created out of the deep passion and desire to either go back Home or go into freedom. So now, consciousness, this thing that you already have that's awareness and all of your potentials – not that was given to you by anybody else, but you gave to yourself – this consciousness inspires energy. Energy is just sitting there. Neutral.

Energy is free to those who are free. That's another great quote. What's wrong with humanity right now? They're not free, so energy is not free. See, all this is really simple. Consciousness inspires energy, gets it out of its neutral state, and there's a lot of it. When consciousness is open and free, that energy is Just free and abundant, and it kind of just looks like the sun, it's just radiating. There's no control of it. It just is. It's very literal. Very literal.

Consciousness in its freedom will create anything it needs, wants, choose – cars, nice houses, any of that, any of that – and you should have it. That's the first reason. Second reason: If you're going to be a true Standard for others, Walk like a Master. You should have gold shoes on. Humans need to see that. You can have grand abundance. When are we going to do it? When are you ready?

So consciousness, when it's open, when it is free, the energy moves so easy. When consciousness is limited by beliefs, by the mind, by mass or group consciousness, when it is limited because of its fear of becoming free, what you have is very weak, little tiny spurts of energy, which account for a lack of abundance, lack of passion in your life, lack of friends, lack of self-esteem, all lack, lack, lack, lack, and the energy does not move. And then you wonder what's wrong.

< freedom 5 > In here (heart), there's a dream, a real aspiration, sometimes coming from the soul, sometimes from the self, sometimes the soul self, and it has passion attached to it, and that passion is what brings dreams into reality. That passion is what breaks through barriers, and there are a lot of barriers to break through in bringing your dreams in. That passion is what draws energy, and energy then helps to manifest and make real your dreams.

< freedom 6 > You came through the Order of the Arc, and in that Order of the Arc it was decided that there would be a place set up in physical reality where representatives, teachers, would go in and experience; experience life in a physical form – the deepest experience ever known to angelic beings – within their creation, living within it, part of it, carrying around the essence now known as your biology. Living deep, deep within the creation to help understand consciousness, and to help understand energy and how it worked with consciousness. And, more than anything else, to help understand the true potentials for every souled being in creation.

< freedom 7 > Energy is the biggest shift going on on the planet right now, along with everything else. But there is more energy available to humans than any other time in history, ever. I'm talking about cosmic energy, energy that's in the air, free energy. I'm also talking about energy in the Earth itself. There's more available than ever, ever before. But humans aren't allowing themselves to receive it. Humans for the most part are still fighting over energy, fighting with each other, having the belief that there is a limited quantity.

< freedom 8 > Consciousness continues to unfold. It continues to become. It's not static. It doesn't just stay in its current level of consciousness. To say that it grows isn't quite right, or to expand; it continues to become more conscious. So we put a circle around that – the circumpunct, the symbol for consciousness, the I Am. Very simple. You could say also it started with the spark of Spirit. You're going to discover sooner or later that that wasn't actually true, but we'll use it. We'll pretend for right now that it was, hopefully confuse a few of you about that.

< freedom 8 > Energy exists outside of consciousness, and it does exist in all sorts of dimensions. (he draws a circumpunct with energy around it) Any dimension that consciousness ever visited or imagined. Energy exists everywhere that the consciousness ever felt into or imagined into; suddenly, energy is there. Energy was breathed in by the passion of consciousness. The passion of consciousness is having the sensory experience of feeling its existence. That's the passion of consciousness – feeling that sensory, that experiential – “Hey, I exist!” That's the passion right there.

< freedom 8 > That passion of its existence – to know its existence and to feel it – created energy outside of itself, but some would say that it was the passion of going Home – I have actually said it before myself – partly true, but where is Home? Humans like to think of Home as being heaven, God, oneness, All That Was, all the rest of that crap. It's not. The true journey Home is not back to some celestial palace. The true journey Home – right there (tapping his heart). That's all there is to it. You don't go back to the oneness; you are the oneness. You go back to awareness.

< freedom 8 > Now, right on the first level, what you would call the basic level or the simple level, right around your consciousness is – it looks like a sun now – is a … that's, again, human words, but is a layer of energy that's the most intimate with you. It's only yours. It is always there, but you are hardly ever in conscious connection with it, because you're in conscious connection with everything else – the walls, the cars, the other people in your life, your aches and pains and mostly that strange mind.

< freedom 8 > Once in a grand while, a few of you might have felt this level. When you do, you're going to feel – you're going to have the sensory experience – of tremendous love and all things being in order, because this level right around your consciousness follows you around. It's everywhere the consciousness goes. That level and layer is in perfect harmony, resonating with the I Am all the time. It's your personal treasure chest, if you would, of energy. There's not a lot of it, because it doesn't need much. It's efficient. It's pure. It's absolutely in service to you. Always, always there.

< freedom 8 > It will not tolerate manipulation. It will not and cannot be applied to what you call power. Those games use other levels of energy. Fortunately, this level of your personal energy – it's just yours; it's related directly and only to your consciousness – can never be taken, used or even lent out to anybody else. Fortunately, it is beyond manipulation and games, and if you try to go there in some sort of altered state, you cannot access it. It is so pure. It's not that it has a big wall around it; it's simply that it's so pure that you wouldn't recognize it if you went there with manipulation, power seeking, or anything else. So it's always there. Always there.

< freedom 8 > So energy is abundant. It's everywhere. It's all around. So as Bringers of New Energy into this planet – and users, Bringers and users of New Energy into this planet – always understand it's abundant. If you ever think limitation, stop, back up, feel into all the energy that's available. Energy is everywhere. It doesn't have to be in physical form. It does not have to take on mass. It does not have to be measurable to be real, and that's part of the problem. Energy is measured now in terms of money or in terms of fuel, in terms of calories, in terms of all these measurement systems. But it's so abundant and it's always there, going in and out of reality, replenishing itself, it's not measurable.

< freedom 8 > Energy is literal. What I mean by that is it responds literally to the passion. It responds just a tiny little bit, tiny little bit, to the mind, to all the thoughts. It is just very literal. It responds to passion and it doesn't care about good or bad, anything else. The mind will literally restrict the level of energy that's coming into your reality, because it doesn't understand it. It can't trap it. It can't own it.

< freedom 8 > Passion has been put down, suffocated through the mind, through hypnosis, programming, and ultimately you – as a souled being, as an I Am Presence – you cannot continue to live in a passionless reality. Ultimately, you cannot. It's not going to kill your existence. You're just going to have to blow up to get yourself out of there, and there's no need for that. But no, what happens is when you're living in a relatively passionless reality, what does one do? They create drama. They create a lot of drama as kind of a very false type of passion. But that's not passion. That's living in the world of the blind.

< freedom 8 > Energy is altruistic. Energy wants to serve you. Energy wants to serve you, and it doesn't have any agendas. It doesn't care if you're on the fast train to hell or you're putting on wings to go to heaven. It really doesn't. It does not care. There are no judgments in energy. It cannot have a judgment. It is altruistic. It is here to serve you without agenda, here to be at your feet. It can be used by anyone. It's abundant, it's literal and it's here in service. Why would you then need to amass money or take over the world or anything like that? It's absolutely literal. It's here to serve you, actually before you even have to say anything.

< freedom 8 > The core level energies really understand that your consciousness can never be taken, that level of your energy can never be taken, so there's really no worry about any of that. So the universe could disintegrate tomorrow, energy and consciousness – true energy – doesn't really care. Who cares? What cares? The mind. The mind. Let's call it human consciousness.

< freedom 8 > Energy comes from, number one, the Earth, this planet. It's probably your most immediate connection with energy. It's always flowing up from Earth, and the atmosphere. It's always here. You use it every day for everything that you do. Earth-based energies. You could say there's a reservoir of energy that's here serving humans on this planet. It resonates at human vibrational level. In other words, it's kind of slow. It's – I would call – murky, but it's still here. You're used to working with it. It's kind of animalistic. That's not bad, but it's just – it's crude. But so is Earth.

The problem is it is rather crude, and you're always trying to get more Earth energy. When you're trying to get more Earth energy, it sometimes is hard on your body because of the crude nature. You're trying to pull this into your physical body, and then you get over-sensitive and you get over-tired and you start feeling aches and pain. So you're like – at some level within you're thinking – “Enough of this energy stuff. I'll just take that little bit every day, what I can handle, because it's too overwhelming,” because you're working at that level.

Now, it's an important level, because it keeps a grounding force. If it wasn't for Earth energy and its associated magnetics and electromagnetics and other earthly type of characteristics, if it wasn't for that, this all wouldn't be held into place. It would be difficult to stay in the human body. But it's at a very elemental level.

< freedom 8 > The next level of energy, I will just call it, for sake of simplicity, cosmic. Cosmic energy. This comes from the physical universe surrounding you. There are tremendous energies – some that are already known by science, but many that are not – that are part of the composition and the servicing of your physical reality. These are in an abundant supply, but very few ever tap into them. You talk about solar waves and certain types of gamma rays and other non-physical rays, but humans kind of watch them go by – “Zing! There goes a gamma ray, there goes some type of certain red ray” – because there's really no connection yet with the physical reality.

< freedom 8 > So you have this cosmic energy that's coming in. It's everywhere. You're already in the cosmos right here on this planet. At first, cosmic energy seems a little bit like chaos, because your mind is trying to order it or to make sense out of it. But it's not chaos at all, but it's actually fairly refined. You're used to using Earth energies, and you try to amass more and more of them and use more and more. It just tires you out. Step over here. Feel into cosmic energy. It's much cleaner, much more efficient. It's going to feel a little awkward at first.

< freedom 8 > By the way, cosmic energies do not trump or rule Earth energies at all. Cosmic energies, Earth energies work independently, but cosmic cannot tell Earth what to do, for the most part. So it doesn't rule over Earth energies nor Earth ruling over it, although Earth energies have an interesting way of almost sometimes suffocating cosmic, but it doesn't rule over it.

< freedom 8 > The next level of energy that's available to you right now – crystalline! Crystalline energies are very ordered. They're very aligned. The cosmic [energy] sometimes feels kind of chaotic, even though it's not; Earth [energy], very sluggish. Crystalline will align itself with you. Crystalline energies have the amazing ability to be in alignment. They tend to stay very pure. They don't get caught up in all the 'goings on' and the agendas of cosmic and Earth, which tend to be more physical oriented. Crystalline is non-physical, very pure, but it can manifest, it can come down through cosmic and Earth in crystalline forms, and that's why you have crystals that you wear, that are buried in Earth and are beautiful.

< freedom 8 > Crystalline energies are … there is no power in them. There is what you would call power or density in Earth and cosmic energies, but crystalline there's no power. So, for the most part, you're not going to feel them in your typical sensory receptors. You're not going to feel them. You're not going to feel it as an ache in your arm or anything like that, because there's no power. There's no aggression. They're in their pure form. So most beings in the universe, most humans also, are totally unaware of them, go right by, because most beings are looking for an element of power or force, and there is none within the pure crystalline. You could argue and say that when they make their way down to Earth as crystals they have a certain amount of power, but think in its pure form.

< freedom 8 > These crystalline energies are extremely, extremely efficient. Not much is needed. There's a lot of it out there, but not much is needed. Crystalline energies came into being when the next form of energy I'll talk about, when this next form of energy wanted, desired for expression, for manifestation, for playing. So the crystalline is aligned with this primary level of energy and the crystalline energies can control cosmic and Earth [energy]. Some of you are staying, “Well, how come I've never really felt crystalline energies?” Well, because that other eye wasn't really open. But now, as it comes open, you'll be aware of crystalline.

< freedom 8 > It has no force to it. In other words, you're not going to feel pressure from it. It has no weight to it, and in its purest form, it has only has only a hint of color. And that's not actually totally a true statement, but the best I can get with words. What you would say by color is a hint of its own character or direction. There are a multitude of different types of crystalline energies and therefore each has a spectrum range, a color range, associated with the tasks that it loves doing, and they're all available to you. And some of these crystalline energies are more adept at certain things that will serve you.

< freedom 8 > crystalline energies do trump Earth and cosmic [energies]. In other words, they can rule over. When they rule over, they don't dominate, as in enslaving cosmic and Earth. What they do is, because of their efficiency, they can very rapidly align cosmic and Earth's energies with it. The cosmic and Earth respond very quickly. They change their physics, their dynamics, everything about them, and they align into the crystalline. When I talk about twenty-one crystal caves of the Earth, that's exactly what I'm talking about. Exactly. These are storage mechanisms and distributors of crystalline energies.

< freedom 8 > The next level, the one I talked about before – core energy. I'm going to call it the I Am energies. The I Am energy, what I talked about before, it is immediately in the closest proximity to your consciousness. It is the level and layer that's always there. You could say, in a way, that it is what some have called the Great Central Sun, but the Great Central Sun isn't a community thing. It's not a group thing. It's your central sun. So what happens is the consciousness attracts this legion, beautiful legion of energies immediately around it. There's nothing closer, you could say, between the consciousness, the I Am or what you would call the soul, and this level of energy. It's right there.

< freedom 8 > Core energy will then attract these other forms. It is the original energy that you created for yourself, but it is totally unlike crystalline, cosmic or Earth energies. And again, it doesn't have any force or power to it. It has no limitations in its capabilities to manifest. It responds to the true, you could say, creativity of the I Am, of the soul. It will align other energies. It calls in the other energies for you. It doesn't actually do the work. It's the foreman energy. It doesn't actually do anything other than command other energies – crystalline, cosmic and Earth – and it's very good at this. And again it is extremely efficient. It doesn't need time. It doesn't even consume it's own energy.

< freedom 8 > The problem was, along the way, as humans getting into this strange aspect called the mind, you got out of connection with that core energy, and it doesn't care. It's still there, and it doesn't care if the human aspect is just playing with Earth energy. It doesn't care. But when the human who starts opening the eyes, particularly two eyes, and starts to say, “I am aware. I am the I Am, using Earth energy to incarnate myself here, and now using cosmic energy to expand my abundance here, and now using crystalline energies to expand my awareness here and all other places,” it does so. You tap back into these core energies. But remember – this is very important to remember – the I Am energy is not a worker. It is an aligner. It is the general who's going to command these other energies.

< freedom 8 > You've been used to using Earth energy. It's very crude, it's very old, it's very slow. We're going to go beyond that. You are the Bringers of Energy – cosmic and crystalline – and you're going to learn to come back into resonance with your core I Am energies that respond to passion. Very simple. Stop focusing on money or abundance or those other things. Start looking at how you're going to bring in these energies. How do you bring in energies? Passion! You bring in energies in passion. It's the passion, and it starts with the passion of choosing life. It's only about the extent you're going to allow it out, and it's joy.

< freedom 8 > The few who came before you and became the Masters, the few who came before you never had to take into consideration the use of energy. But you do. What's different about you and the Masters of the past, whether it was Yeshua or Tobias or Buddha or any of the others; what's different? They knew they weren't staying on this planet. There was no consequence, no consideration about using energy. They had the knowingness, in this impending crash with their ascension, their awakening, they had the knowingness that they weren't going to stay. But here you are, becoming Embodied Masters, Masters in awakening, and energy will be a way of life for you.

< freedom 8 > The Masters who came before you, they did not need to learn about energy – energy applied here on Earth – but my friends, dear Masters, we teach this now to each and every one of you, because energy will be your tool, guided by your consciousness and your awareness, brought forth to you in your own life, with the knowingness that when it's done once, it could be repeated. In other words, if you do it, others who come next will be able to do it also. As Bringers of Energy, you're going to bring it into your life. You're going to feel it in all of its different elements and states, sensations and responses.

< freedom 8 > You're going to bring in energy and it's going to be attracted to the pure state of the I Am consciousness. You're going to find how playful it is, how creative it is, how fulfilling it is. Things like drama, things like struggle, efforting, tension, straining, tiredness, all these become a thing of the past. It won't happen overnight, but it will happen very quickly. And in doing so, you're going to enter into a new world, a new reality for yourself. You're still going to be in the world of the asleep and of the blind so it will be awkward at times. It will be uncomfortable because you're going to be working on different levels. You'll feel that you're no longer in the world or necessarily of it, but that too will come back into balance. You'll assimilate, you'll adapt this new “I Am” Self in the old “I Was” world.

< Discovery 5 > Power is an illusion. It really doesn't exist anywhere other than in a belief system. Power is about the accumulation, the getting of energy, the fear that there might not be enough energy for you. The biggest number one human need is not food or water or money or sex. It's for energy. Energy. It then manifests in these other forms, but that is the number one human need is getting energy. People do it through power. They think they have to force it, struggle, steal it, manipulate it, accumulate it or anything else. Imagine going without power.

< Discovery 6 > And even if you don't feel that way right now, even if you have doubts and are questioning it, even if you're thinking, “Well, maybe I'll get there. Maybe I have a little bit of Master. Maybe I'm 42 percent Master right now,” fake it. Like I said, just act it, because there is an energy dynamic associated with consciousness that moves the energies, aligns it towards you. You just start acting like a Master. You start acting in consciousness and then it's there. Yo Soy El Punto. I am the point.” The minute you choose it, you become it. “Yo Soy El Punto. I am this now.” (snap!) You don't think about how you're going to get there. You don't wonder if you got there. You don't question if it's of value getting there. You don't wonder if you have the capability or the talent. “Yo Soy El Punto. I am that point. I become it.”

< Discovery 8 >  We just look at the energy factor and the energy movement. In other words, how much overall energy is there and how fast is it moving. There have been times on the planet where there's a lot of energy, but it's really not moving. But this is unprecedented, the amount of energy – and that's how we see things. We don't see you as the physical beings that you see yourself as. We just see like balls of energy. We look at this planet as an energy whole. Within it are a variety of, you could say, colors, levels, nuances. But we see it as just kind of the wholeness of energy and the activity. And it's both right now.

< Kharisma 1> Mental has little or no Kaikho, fire, passion. It's not authentic. Every time you think a thought, most of it really isn't yours. Ninety-five percent of it, when you think about something, it's not even yours. But yet you pretend it is. You act like it is. You act out like it is. It's not. So we're going to strip all that and get down to what is yours. Your Kharisma doesn't mean you need to go out and be an extrovert. It doesn't mean you need to go walk down the street shaking everybody's hand, telling jokes in the grocery store. No, you'll look like an idiot if you do that. (some chuckles) Kharisma is a natural attractant. It attracts energy naturally. It attracts people.

< Kharisma 10 > Algorithm basically means the flow, the pattern that gets to a certain outcome. There is a God algorithm, algorithms. They're so … they're not like digital algorithms or scientific algorithms or nature. Even nature has its patterns, its algorithms. Algorithms ultimately are based on belief systems. And you say, “No, but it's mathematical. It's truth.” Math is just a belief system. Or you say, “Well, no, it's digital and the algorithm to certain software has to be certain ways.” No, it's still just a belief system. It's the flow of consciousness, which attracts energies, which bring some type of end result, some type of manifestation.

< Kharisma 10 > Gravity just isn't a physical phenomenon; it is an emotional phenomenon. There's gravity in your emotions. It's a phenomenon of your passion, your desire, as well. It attracts or repels things. So you put that in conjunction with magnetics and with electronics, electric impulses, so you've got this beam of light, kind of like the stream of consciousness coming in picking up all these energies, negatively and positively charged in the form of electric, magnetic and plunk; suddenly, you have reality. Suddenly, you have the algorithm of God. Suddenly, you have manifestation.

< WalkOn 2 >
Q: So then energy would be nothing more than a perception?
A: Energy is a perception, but very, very real. Energy is a form of bon that is serving you. You could say – and again, here it gets a little tricky – but you could say that bon is what some would call Unified Energy Field. But there are some misunderstandings about it. There is the Field, the reservoir that's right here and everywhere, of energy potential that is an absolutely neutral state. It has no positive or negative charge to it. It is waiting for consciousness to activate it. It is waiting then to turn into activated energy, positive or negative energy. It is waiting to turn into plasma. It is waiting for the activation, ultimately, into atoms and molecules and everything else in your reality that is enabled by gravity. Gravity, once again, being time and space.

< WalkOn 2 > You are a being of consciousness, and that consciousness activates energy. You create because you are consciousness, and the creations activate energies. And the energies call forth this element of Timespace, or what I prefer to call bon, and the river starts flowing. The river moves. This river, the beautiful river of life now flows through you. Your heart isn't moving. Oh, there's the perception that it is, but the reality is Timespace is moving. You are constant. When I threw the ball in the air, what was really being warped, changed, moving was Timespace. The ball, in a way, in its own Timespace, creating its own gravity, perceived by your human eyes that thought the ball was moving. But take a look at it now, feeling, sensing what was really happening – the movement of Timespace.

< WalkOn 5 > From here, from light comes energy. Energy is basically the compassion of the soul that's been so condensed, so brought into itself that it actually goes through a crystalizing process that turns it into energy. The consciousness was aware enough to give itself a means to experience itself, and that is energy. Energy is, as you know from our talks, is neutral, absolutely neutral until it is activated by passion and desire, not by thought; until it is activated. So the energy then comes to serve the Master. Energy is there to serve you. Never to work against you, never to be accumulated by you or anyone else.

< Transhuman 3 > Allowing means getting out of your way, getting out of the human way. There is a natural evolution, natural cycles that, when one allows, will bring in new levels of light, literal light into that body of yours; light that will take you out of patterns, even when the human is still trying to hold on to it, if you allow. And I say light, again, because light is – we're not talking about the lights of the sun or the studio here – but it is the movement of the passion of the I Am. It's light, and this light then attracts energy. The energy is what literally changes the structures and the mechanics and the outer world, but it's the light let into the body that will change the patterns of the body. It's the light that's allowed, eventually, into the mind that changes the mind.

< Wings 7 > You just have to understand there is consciousness, there is energy. Consciousness brings in energy to serve it in a variety of different ways. That's it. That's Adamus Physics 101 and 901. We're changing the relationship of energy, how it comes to you. You've been serving energy for a long time. You've been a servant for a really long time – servant to your body and to your mind. You just scrape by. We had such a grand time at the recent Ahmyo Retreat. There was a change that occurred there, not just for the people who were there, but for Shaumbra. We're at this point now where we are changing the relationship, the dynamics with energy, and energy is the thing that brings creation into expression.

< WIngs 9 > You know I have said now that energy is just a communication. A communication. That's all it is, whether it's communicating as music or it's communicating as light or it's communicating as money. It's just communication, all of it. And nothing happens with that energy, which is just communication, until you're present, until there is consciousness. Nothing. That's life. When consciousness meets energy, when consciousness allows, when it is present – I Am Here – suddenly the energy starts moving and we have life.

< WIngs 9 > I understand what they mean when they talk about prana – you know, prana, life force energy – but it would have one believe there's something out there that they want or need and they're trying to get it in here to make themselves happier or better or whatever – healthier. There's not. I've looked. I've checked. I've asked all over the universe, “Have you seen prana? Have you seen prana?” Of course, when I went to the New Age ashram, “Oh, yes. There's prana all over” (spoken with an Indian accent). But there's not. There's really not.

< WIngs 9 > Energy is everywhere and it's yours. It's not hers, it's yours. This is so important to understand. It is your energy. It's not out there. It's not in the air. It's not coming from another galaxy. It's right here. It's not to share with her either. Never, never. Never share your energy. And I know that sounds terrible, because people, like, are always giving their energy away. Why would you? And you can't. You cannot give her your energy. You can inspire her to use her own energy, just by being present – your glow, your potential – but you can never give her yours. And you can never really take hers. You can pretend to, but that's another story. Energy is everywhere and it's yours. It's waiting for you. It's just waiting. It's just in a holding pattern with no agenda, no intelligence. It's in service to you.

< WIngs 9 > When you are present, when you have said, “I am going to be my life, in my life, of my life, creator of my life,” when you are that committed and you have that much passion for being here, suddenly your energy comes to life. It creates the … no, take that back. The energy now is in service to you, and it will facilitate your creation in the life that you dream and choose. Period.

< WIngs 9 > Never again mistake energy for life. Life is when you are present, when you're no longer dreary, when you're no longer wandering in that endless search for some sort of meaning to life, when you are no longer boring, when you choose to be in your creation. It sounds pretty obvious – to choose to be in your creation – but most people don't. (a) They don't acknowledge “This is my creation”; (b) they do not understand energy. They are still working for it, rather than letting it work for them. And most people are not fully present, meaning conscious, “I Am that I Am. I Am Here, because I've chosen to be.” Boom! The energies change now. Your energies change. They immediately go into service to help create the experience within your creation. It's that simple.

< WIngs 9 > Energy is not life. Energy supports the life experience. Again, a very simple point and some of you are going, “Well, yeah. That's kind of obvious.” But now would you live it? Would you live it? And that means getting out of the gray dreary, coming back to a real passion. Not the old human passion, but the real passion is, “I create, I experience.” That's it. “I create my creations, and I can do it while I'm in mass consciousness. My creations, and I can then experience them.” You'll stop wondering, “Well, how come nothing ever works out for me,” and “I want to be abundant, but I'm not,” because you still are equating energy and life, putting them as the same thing. You're still thinking that energy is life. It's not. You are the life. Allow energy now to support your creations.

< WIngs 9 > Energy is not life. They're two separate things. Life occurs when consciousness is present; energy then goes to work for you and you have what you now call life. Life doesn't have to be in a physical body. By the way, that physical body is not life. You say, “Well, no, I'm alive.” But your physical body is not life. It is energy. That's all. It's energy in the form of a body. Then you think, “Well, okay, it's my thoughts – the thoughts that are going through my mind. That's life.” No, actually it's just energy. Your mind is nothing other than an energy incubator and it creates thoughts. It's constantly churning out thoughts, but that's not life. Being in your thoughts is not life. You're just adrift in energy when you're in your thoughts. Make sense?

< Wings 9 > The human self has been filled with emotions. It's been living in a sea of emotions. It's been addicted to drama and emotions. There's no place for that where the Master goes. It's false, a false reality. It's actually false energy dynamics – emotion, drama, all the rest of that. When one doesn't understand the difference between energy and life, they tend to get very addicted to drama. It's one of the few things that brings a little energy into their life. There's no place for that in a Master's life. The Master is dealing with the Master's energy, with pure energy.

< Emergence 4 > But the fact is that everything you perceive – everything you perceive without any exceptions, other than maybe half a one – is all yours. You look out into the stars at night, you are just perceiving yourself. That's it. You look at the food that you're going to eat later, you're not perceiving anything outside of you. That is all you. All you. And I'll get into more of this later, but – it's not the purpose of being here today – energy is your friend, because it's all yours. Everything you perceive – a car driving by – that is not outside of you and it's not somebody else. It is your perception. That's it.

< Emergence 4 > What we're here to do today though is to welcome the sense of energy, the ability to be aware of energy. It is an angelic sense, for lack of better words. It is an innate sense that you have, but it has not been used by you as a human for a long time because your human senses block it out. You think that what you see is real. There is a way of sensing energy, and it's going to be very difficult to explain it, so in just a moment we're going to just do it. Energy is neutral. It's all neutral. It has no force to it. We've talked about this a thousand times. It has no power to it. It does not have a bias. It is not negative or positive. It is just there. It's neutral. Energy is there because of consciousness. It is kind of the consciousness's gift, the I Am's gift to itself.

< Emergence 4 > Energy, all energy, is already within you. There is nothing outside of you. That's a huge revelation for a lot of people, because they've lived their life assuming most energy is outside. I have been with some of you when you have sat at night, laid on your back and looked up at the stars and said, “That's a huge universe.” Actually, no, it's not. And none of it is outside of you. And then the mind and the eyes jump in and say, “But that's big. That's 40 billion light years away.” No, it's not. It absolutely is not. It's actually right here. Once you start understanding that, you start understanding the way energy is here to serve you, you'll stay on this planet as an embodied Master and just glide through, because energy is going to be working for you, not opposing you.

< Emergence 4 > Remember what I say about energy: It's the song of the soul. Energy, if you were to put any label on it, energy is simply communication, but a communication without song, without sound, without force. It's the soul's compassion and joy, coming back for the pleasure of the soul. That's all it is. And none of it is outside of you. None of it. It's all yours. As far as the eye can see in the day or the night, or small as you can perceive something to be through the human mind, it's all yours. It's just energy. It has been waiting and waiting to serve you. That's all. And how you have run from it. How you have avoided it. How you've been afraid of it. It's been waiting to serve you.

< Emergence 7 > When you forgot about who you were, why you were here, what you were doing, all a part of a way of experiencing, you fell from grace. And to me, well, you know, when I give the definition of grace – does anybody recall what I say? Allowing energy to serve you. Yes. Same thing, ability to receive. Allowing energy. You forgot the whole reason for coming here in the first place – “Let's figure out this energy thing. What's the relationship between consciousness and energy?” What is it that you can do with energy? Energy is the greatest gift that the I Am ever imagined, but then you forgot. You fell from grace. Not grace from God, not grace from me or anybody else, from energy serving you. You became a slave to it. “I've got to work hard,” so you develop that belief. “I've got to work hard, because the energy's out there, I've got to somehow get it.” So you fell from grace, no longer allowing a very natural process of energy serving you.