sans definition

without definition; undefinable; unknown; things that your mind can't define;
New Energy
; your own undefined you; your divinity;
energy moves in and out of definition;

< Teacher 9 > You are THE group to be playing with new consciousness, new physics that surpass the old duality third dimensional physics that you've known for so long. This is THE classroom of the New Energy. As I've said and you heard Cauldre say today, "New Energy, what is it?" What is it - and I'll tell you right now, it is without definition. Without definition, and we're going to explore that today. We're going to explore without definition.

< Teacher 9 > This is the room of no definition. No definition at all. That's why it may appear to be large and dark and empty, or changing very rapidly. It cannot be defined. And this is the New Energy. It cannot be defined. Now we're going to have to define what cannot be defined so it's going to seem like a bit of conflict, but what we are really doing is going beyond, here. This is the classroom, remember? Today, with Shaumbra all around the world, we are going beyond. I have to tell you something. This room of no definition and the whole concept of ... we're going to call it sans definition. Sans - without ... sans definition is something that even on the angelic realms most angels don't venture into. Most of the angelic beings continue to define.

< Teacher 9 > A long time ago in some of the spiritual and religious environments and groups that were here on Earth, they would not speak the word of God. They would not speak his or her name. It wasn't that it was bad. It wasn't that they were going to be punished for speaking the word "God" or "Yahweh" or "Jehovah" or any of these things. What they were trying convey, that a few knew a long time ago, was that it is the Undefinable. It was Undefinable. How could you bastardize it by putting it into a human word, because the moment you do, you have structured it, you have imprisoned its energy - and true Spirit cannot be imprisoned.

< Teacher 9 > True energy is absolutely neutral. Energy is neutral until you activate it through feelings or thoughts or specific intentions or choices, and then it is activated. But it sits out there in the grand Unstructured, the grand Undefinable, the grand ... we don't want to say unknown, that has the wrong energy, but the grand Is-ness. You see? You see what happens out here? It is very difficult to define. You can't even say it is, because it isn't, either. You can't say it's grand, because it is nothing at all. It's neutral energy. You can't start to structure it. You can't start to even describe it or define it, because the moment you do, where are you? Back in your mind, back in your thoughts and back into limitations.

< Teacher 9 > I, Tobias, and those of the Crimson Council are going to ask you each day to go into the Undefinable, sans description, sans structure, sans definition. You're going to find initially that it is very difficult because you're going to get into a game with your own mind. It is going to want to define, and it is defining exactly where we are right now. We're in the room of no definition but what is the mind trying to do? Define it. Capture it. Lasso it. Structure it. Shape it. This has been your training, your conditioning. But it is time now for the classroom of the New Energy to go beyond, to let go of the need to define.

< Teacher 9 > This is not nothing - this is everything. This is the vast potential. This is the unlimited reserve of energy. This is this great vessel of energy. We're not saying this is God or Spirit, that's a different thing. We're saying this is the Undefined, but this is where it happens. This is the grandest of all of the potentials, because they haven't been limited by the mind, through the words. They haven't been limited by the feelings, through the words. So we're going to ask you to start coming out to the Undefinable every day.

< Teacher 9QA > Sans Definition - out of the mind, out of words, out of the need to structure energy - into a new type of freedom that you haven't experienced in the physical or the nonphysical realm for a long, long time. Energy, by its very nature, moves in and out of definition. This is a universal physics or a universal principle. Energy moves in and out of definition. Where does energy go after it is unstructured? It goes into the non-defined, the unstructured. It goes back into itself. It goes back into what you would say in human words is a neutral state of being, but even that is too much of a definition for it. Energy continually moves in and out of definition.

< Teacher 9QA > This is Saint White Eagle. (Lots of laughter.) Your question went exactly to where Tobias was talking, that undefinable place. Most of you have looked for your knowing in the same room you used to find it, and now you must let go of the bounds of definition and look for your knowing in a holographic place. You will find yourself everywhere in the universe. And so in that new place of looking for your knowing, sweet angel, it is important that you use active patience. And what that means is not keep trying to see what you see, but when you don't see anything in this place of non-definition, keep relaxing, keep letting go, keep being holographic.

< Teacher 10 > Now the spiral (of human consciousness), in a sense, is still there, but it has transformed itself into an energy that you cannot possibly draw in any type of recognizable symbol. The energy of the old consciousness was spiral. The new consciousness is expansional. How can you draw expansional? Because it not only expands outwards, it not only expands inwards, it expands in every different direction, going into and coming back from every different dimension. So literally, literally, creator thoughts (your thoughts), creator ideas can be shot out of this dimension into another type of dimension, into the non-defined, going out of obvious recognition, and then finding their way back. Expansional energy, by the way, always finds its way back to you, to zero point, to the Now.

< Teacher 10 > A couple easy steps ... a couple easy steps. The first is what Tobias talks about: Sans definition. Going outside of the mind, going beyond. Because the moment you start trying to attach words to it, it disappears again. It is still there, it just goes out of your consciousness realization. The minute you try to form mental thoughts around it, it disappears. It's a very strange hide-and-seek game that it plays. It's not that it wants to, but it knows better than to get caught in your mind. So it won't. It knows not to go in there - not through the front door anyway. It'll come in in a beautiful way where the mind and your human limitations don't try to suffocate it. It cannot be imprisoned. It cannot be trapped. It can be integrated, but it can't, can't be suffocated.

< Teacher 10 > So that's why it seems to disappear right when it's close by, right when you feel you're ready for a big breakthrough. When your mind tries to put its net around it, it slips away. By going into what Tobias called the room of no definition, openness and purity, where you can extend yourself, your consciousness, into the great undefined of yourself. Then the two can dance; the two can marry; and the two can co-exist together in this Now moment.

< Teacher 10 > You'll find out that there is so much more to you than what you have ever known. It's existed in other realms that you didn't have access to. It's always been there. It's always been just that half a breath away. It seemed like it was millions of light years away. It seemed like you'd never ever meet your divinity, so you created your own false gods. You created what I would call false religions. You worshiped things like soul mates. You worshiped things like crystals. You tried everything, because you were so desperate and so longing. It seemed like you would never ever get there. You've even created some very strange concepts of what divinity and what God were.

< Teacher 10 > Now as you allow yourself to go into the undefined ... your own undefined ... your own undefined you ... as you learn to let go of the need to put thoughts or structures around any of it, you truly come to know yourself, and in knowing yourself knowing every answer to every question any of your human aspects have ever asked. It is quite simple, it is quite beautiful.

< Teacher 11QA > As you expand your consciousness into these other realms that go beyond the mind, you're going to get a series of symbols - energy symbols. Don't take them literally. Go into the energy of them instead of rather than understanding them as just broccoli or just mathematics. What you have here is a combination. You are coming to new understandings of, basically, how energy works. You are using broccoli as one type of symbol, as a nurturing, feeding or an energetic symbol, but backed up with a type of New Energy mathematical structure that enables it to work in this reality. Don't take things overly literal as you expand into these other realms.