classroom of the new spiritual energy of Earth


< New Earth 9 > Those of you who gather here, those of you who read this information - this is the classroom. What we mean by this is that there are a number, a small number of humans, who are crossing into what we call the New Energy Earth. We have spoken of this in previous channels. We have said that the consciousness of Earth began to split after the measurement of December 13th, 1999. There is a literal split of consciousness occurring where there are two Earths living side-by-side simultaneously but yet each with different energy attributes and characteristics. There is a small number of humans who at the measurement of your December date agreed to be the first to transition into the new energy, agreed to set the architecture, the template, for the new energy. That is the group that sits here tonight, the group that reads these messages, and other humans, but the numbers are few and small. That is why we call this the classroom of the new spiritual energy of Earth.

< New Earth 9 > There are still old energies that you are used to that are holding you, but yet you are moving into the new energy Earth. That is why many of you have been experiencing difficulties or unbalance recently. That is why many of you have been wondering what is going on. We are here tonight to tell you that all is appropriate, that all is appropriate. You are transitioning into Divine Humans. You are transitioning into the New Energy. That is why we call this the classroom of the new spiritual energy of Earth.

< New Earth 9 > All things that you need will simply come to you. You will become a resource to others. Here in this classroom the goal is to be the teachers, to help the others find their empowerment as you will find yours.

< New Earth 10 > You will become the teachers that other humans need, that this Earth needs to progress to go through the tunnel (ascension). It should not be a surprise to you that you are a teacher. You have known this for quite some time. You have known that there would come a time in your journey when you would be teaching others. This, my friends, this is the classroom of the new spiritual energy of Earth.

< New Earth 13 > Now there must be those who walk first, that learn first and integrate their Divinity first. The step-by-step process begins in one human, then a group of humans, then many humans, then it spreads across your Earth. This group is what we call the "classroom of the new spiritual energy of Earth." You are ones who agreed to begin accepting your Divinity and creating in the new Earth.

< Creator 1 > Each of you are teachers. And you wonder why we call this the classroom of the new spiritual energy! As you will find out soon, it is not about us teaching you. It is about what we are learning from you.

< Ascension 10 > It is an energy you have known quite well, the energy of - how to say - the one you have called "boss." It is a very familiar energy. At times you have gotten very frustrated with him. You will know of what we speak here in a moment. In a sense, he is a type of group leader or guide for you who comes from a family you are very familiar with. He comes here now because this is one more turning point for you, one more transition point. Welcome the energy of Archangel Michael. His presence has not been very noticeable in this "classroom of the new energy." He has not been one of the featured guests until now. But, he comes in for this lesson. He comes in with the sword that you curse so often. The Sword of Truth Archangel Michael holds is blazing, on fire, and illuminated. The time is appropriate now for him to join us. It has not been appropriate until now.