Michael / Mikael

representing a strength and a new understanding of truth;

< Ascension 6 > Now, it is interesting to note that Metatron has not been one who could directly work with humans. The vibration of his name gives that. Most of the archangels who work directly with the humans have an "i-e-l" (or a-e-l) ending to their names, such as Uriel, Amael, Michael. Up to now, dear friends, Metatron has not been able to directly interface with humans. Metatron has had to dispatch other archangels or other entities from our side for the interface. If he had directly interfaced with you as a human, it would have blown your circuitry. It would have burned you up. It would have been too much energy. But with some advance work, he is now able to enter this space.

< Ascension 10 > It is an energy you have known quite well, the energy of - how to say - the one you have called "boss." It is a very familiar energy. At times you have gotten very frustrated with him. You will know of what we speak here in a moment. In a sense, he is a type of group leader or guide for you who comes from a family you are very familiar with. He comes here now because this is one more turning point for you, one more transition point. Welcome the energy of Archangel Michael. His presence has not been very noticeable in this "classroom of the new energy." He has not been one of the featured guests until now. But, he comes in for this lesson. He comes in with the sword that you curse so often. The Sword of Truth Archangel Michael holds is blazing, on fire, and illuminated. The time is appropriate now for him to join us. It has not been appropriate until now.

< Ascension 10 > We will tell you a little bit about Archangel Michael. He asks you to simply open up to his vibration as we talk. Michael, in a sense, carries a responsibility for each of you. Michael is one you work with very closely at many different levels. When the Order of the Arc was formed in an effort to bring about the New Energy of the universe, it was Michael who worked with you, helping to train you, helping to prepare you for your journey to Earth that began so long ago.

< Ascension 10 > Michael has never taken human form. He is an architect who, along with you, helped create the templates of Earth and human biology and human consciousness. Michael, in a sense, was your drill sergeant before you left the Order of the Arc to come to Earth. Michael was the one who gave each of you a Sword of Truth, a symbol of your own journey. The sword is part of your own consciousness and your own biology, given to you by Michael before you embarked on your journey to find your own truth. The sword was given to you before you left for Earth. It has been part of who you have been ever since.

< Ascension 10 > Those who teach your Bible and scriptures tell the story of Michael and how he fought Satan, or Lucifer in the giant battle in the heavens. Michael threw Satan out of heaven. Dear friends, the story is somewhat mixed up, because in the story, the one that is Satan is really you! (audience laughter and Tobias chuckling) But, it made a better story to present it as the devil. It was YOU that left the Order of the Arc, or what would be called "heaven." It was Michael who trained you. It was Michael who gave you the sword and sent you on your way. You were not thrown out of anywhere. You chose to leave this "heaven" and come to Earth. You agreed to it in advance.

< Ascension 10 > The real story is that when Michael handed you the Sword of Truth, which is a symbol for the consciousness of your search, there were tears in his eyes. Michael knew it would be a long and difficult journey for you. Michael knew that there would be times when you would not recognize him when he came to you in your dreams and in your altered states. That brought sadness to him.

< Ascension 10 > The real story is not about a big battle where Satan was thrown out of heaven. It was about your own departure from the Order of the Arc to come to Earth. It was about your journey to find your truth, dear friends. Your truth is your divinity. You had to find it on your own. You had to find it with the elements of duality, and furthermore, with the element of the veil - two very strong forces that hid you from your past, hid you from yourself, and hid you from us for so long. You had to go out on this journey to Earth in a very - how to say - neutral environment to discover your divinity. The Sword of Truth represents your own journey.

< Ascension 10 > Is it no wonder that Michael comes in to be with us now? He comes here as one who was your trainer, as one who you have bonded with closely over long periods of time. Michael comes in for this lesson, for it is also a type of graduation ceremony. He is here to release you, so that you can come to those final energetic moments of finding your truth (divinity) within. (also Metatron is your divinity.)

< Ascension 10 > Many things are happening in your life. You are wondering who you are, what you are doing right now, why you are here. Oh, you are filled with so much doubt at the inner levels. Michael comes in to ask you to trust yourself, to trust in your divinity, to begin to understand that all things are appropriate. Even if it feels like the walls inside are coming down. Even if it feels like the fabric of who you are is coming unraveled. Indeed, it is time to trust yourself. You are carrying the energy of divinity. Indeed, you are carrying your own Sword of Truth. It is time to trust yourself. Come forth, as difficult as it may seem when you're going through challenges in your life, as Metatron talked about. Begin your teaching, begin your work.

< Ascension 10 > Michael, your teacher and trainer, says that it is time now to set you free. He has been working with you on the sidelines ever since you left the Order of the Arc to come to Earth. He has been an important part of the energy. He is now releasing you. He is now graduating you. He is now walking away from that old role with you. He says he will always be a friend and always be an admirer of you. But, it is time now for him to back out of your energy field, so that you can accept the energy of "YOUR voice in Spirit", represented by Metatron (your divinity).

< Ascension 10 > Michael says, "But, now what are you waiting for? When are you going to start practicing? When are you going to be the teacher? When are you going to accept that responsibility within yourself?" The events, the energies, the people, the opportunities… they will not be clear in your spiritual vision until you accept that responsibility, the responsibility of being the teacher for others. We know so many of you are thinking, "Oh, but who am I to teach? And, what will I teach? And, how will I teach?" Those questions are answered in a moment, as soon as you accept the responsibility. But, you must accept the responsibility first. Then the answers will come to you.

< DivineHuman 12 > Breathe in and allow yourself to remember this parallel event 2150 years ago. You were the mystics. Some of you were priests and rabbis. You were Arabs and Jews, Africans, Asians. You see, a call had gone out from the grand house of Archangel Michael to gather on Mount Zion for a month of time for meditation and for prayer… for intense connecting to our side of the veil… for intense connecting to Earth… and intense connecting to a similar event sometime in the future (this gethering). You did not know the exact date, but you knew that you would gather together again to open something that had been closed for a long time, to change something that needed New Energy.

< NewEnergy 2 > Six days ago we went through a very intense process with hundreds and hundreds of Shaumbra on the water in a confined vessel to release that (suffering) energy. We brought in the energies of Archangel Michael, representing a strength and a new understanding of truth. And we brought in the energies of Archangel Amael, representing hope, a new hope for humanity. We worked with that group (in Lake Constance) very intensely.

< NewEnergy 8QA > When I spent my last lifetime on Earth in prison, it was the Archangel Michael (Tobias saying Mike-el), Michael (Tobias now pronouncing this as Meek-eye-el), as you would know, who helped me to understand the value of the imagination, the freedom of going outside of the walls of my prison anytime I chose. It was as real or more real than the reality within those walls. It gave me a new appreciation for life, a new understanding of the nature of reality.

< NewEnergy 9 > Our other guests have been archetypical energies, energies that are not - how to say - a specific human being, or even a specific angelic being. They are archetypical - archangel MichaelGabrielRafael… so many of the others who we bring in… Metatron. These are archetypical energies. They have their own persona. They have their own type of energy. But, they are archetypical. They are here to work for you. They represent aspects of yourself. They represent support systems that you have created for yourself that you can call on. They are not - how to say - human-looking with wings, but they can appear to you that way when you need them.

< Embodiment 9QA > As my dear friend, Adamus, said, "I was a bit tight in my lifetime as Tobias." Everything in my life was about control. Interestingly enough, in the subsequent lifetime (as Agos) it ended up controlling me. I found myself in prison. All of the controls that I had exercised over my life loved me so much that they imprisoned me in my next. So, I learned about control. I learned how to let go of control. It was a difficult thing. It was the most challenging thing perhaps that I had ever done. It is truly the message that came to me in the form of a bird. But, it was really Archangel Michael. "Let go, Tobias, let go of all control."

< Clarity 5 > You see, "archangel" means archetypical energy, not a souled being. You are putting or feeding your energy into that archetypical being, that archangel. You are helping to create them. Archangel Michael doesn't have a soul. He is part of you. You are helping to create that composite… Archangel Gabriel, the same way. How are you feeding into that?