< Creator 3QA > Your meditations have been, for the most part, struggling and difficult. Indeed they helped you get to this point. We ask you to always honor that part of yourself. But as you move into the new energy, you do not need to sit and meditate daily for a prescribed period of time and fight the thoughts coming through your mind. All you need to do, friends, is to allow and accept all that is. Accept yourself, and live in the divine moment. You will find that you will desire quiet time to be by yourself, but it will be like a river of wisdom and love flowing through you, rather than a structured meditation.

< Ascension 6 > Those of you who meditate, dear friends, don't do it anymore! You were un-focusing. You were unraveling during your meditations. We speak to nearly every one of you. Meditation WAS a wonderful thing. It got you to this point. But there is a great, great misunderstanding of meditations.
You were taught how to leave your focus through meditation. We are asking you to do the opposite. You were taught to leave your humanness. Indeed, some of you were taught to focus on a candle or focus on a thought. But, in a sense, you were letting go of any other balances that were in your being. Yes, meditation did help you to get to parts of your consciousness. But now, dear friends, your meditation should be a focus on Earth as a human. Meditation should be about all that you are, not trying to forget who you were.

< Ascension 9 > Meditation has been a very important part of your journey up to now. And, we have asked you recently to release this. Meditation served you well. Indeed, it served the Buddha quite well. But, in meditation there has been a form of denial where you tried to block the mind and the body. In the New Energy, even in the Void of the New Energy, there is no blockage. All energies come through your being. The river flows once again. Identity is melded into the river now. It does not need to be a boulder in the water. It flows through you. It is like the breath coming through you. It flows in, and it flows out.

< Ascension 9 > We have asked you to release the meditation. Do not assume another practice to replace it. Do not try to replace it with anything else at this time. The void is not a meditation. It is not an attempt to clear the mind. It is allowing your divinity to bring solution and expression in and through you. If you are always struggling and pushing and trying to do ceremony, and trying to do prayer and meditation, your divinity does not have a chance to come through because you are trying to fill it with something. When the void is there, the divinity can come through. Do not try to replace the old energy with something new.

< Ascension 9QA > From our perspective, and talking to those who crossed over to our side, there were so many humans who sat in meditation with expectation. There were so many who attempted to clear the mind. And, as you know, this does not work so well. These were times of denial when you put up the blocks and keep the waves of energy from coming through. Ultimately, you struggled so much with this thing called meditation. Others used meditation to deny living in the "now." They used meditation to escape duality, their humanness and life around them. Being in ascension status means being in the moment. If you are in the moment, there is really no need to meditate. You do not need to DO meditation. You ARE a walking, living, breathing meditation.

< Discovery 7 > Not always easy. It presents its challenges, and quite a while back I said even just five – I'd be happy to work with just five – and what we have here now are a lot more than that; a lot more than five. We're coming to this age, this age you have dreamed of, coming back into the physical body, and not just talking about spirituality, not just going to your weekly meditation group. Nothing wrong with meditation unless you have to be in a group and have to do it at a certain time and have a certain discipline. Meditation, as I've said so many times before, is in every moment and every breath. What is it? It's awareness. It's consciousness. That's all it is.

< Discovery 7 > Why do they spend countless hours in strange, seated positions, and many times suffering, in this thing called meditation to try to gain awareness? There's an easier way. You allow it. You allow it. You let it be with you in every moment, everything you do. It's called consciousness in life. Embodied consciousness, aware of the “I Am, I Exist” at the core, and then aware of this reality, this beautiful, sensual reality.