boulder / dam

; restriction;

< New Earth 14 > In order to get there, you will be going through a period of open and total allowingness, open and total allowingness for all that is. You will no longer have to be the dam in the river. You’ll no longer have to be the wall against the wind. Dear friends, in your lifetimes now where you are as Lightworkers, as individuals, ones who are beginning to understand their Divinity, allow the wind to blow and allow the river to flow. Allow the wind to blow and the river to flow, friends. Resist not at this time.

< Ascension 7 > In the omniverse, there is a flow of energy. At the core of all things there is an energy that is always illuminated. It is always flowing. It is not in cycles. It is not "on/off." It simply is. This is the energy that you brought with you when you left Home, when we all left Home. This is a constant, illuminating energy. As the energy spreads out into the omniverse, it becomes somewhat like an on/off energy. We will get into more of that later, but think of the energy flow like a river, flowing smooth, flowing free, flowing openly. Agendas are like boulders in the river. They block the flow of energy. And, as enough boulders are placed in the river, it creates somewhat of a dam. As the dam is created, it blocks up the flow, and debris collects on the dam. Then all sorts of problems start, dear friends.

< Ascension 7 > Your agendas are like boulders in the water, blocking and restricting the flow of energy to you. The boulders have been collecting debris. It is time to remove the boulders and allow all of your divine energies to flow through you openly and freely.

< Ascension 7QA > Your spiritual journey is probably your biggest agenda! You have an agenda regarding where you think you should be… how smart you are… how enlightened you are… where you are in relationship to others. The agendas that you place on yourself are like huge boulders sitting in the stream of divine energy, attempting to come through. Take away the agenda from yourself. It will be easier to look at external agendas relating to your family, your work, and your friends. The difficult agendas to release will be those on the inside.

< Ascension 7QA > When your agendas are released, there is no pain. When the boulders representing your agendas are pulled from the river, there is nothing for the water to push against. There will be no agendas for the energies of spirituality, of your divinity, to have friction against when your agendas are removed. Then you will see that there never truly was pain. It was an illusion.

< Ascension 8 > You are learning to release the Old Energy with honor, not to throw it out with the trash. Honor the ways of the Old Energy, even the ways of what you would call your New Age, because it brought you to this point. (chuckling) Oh, we know, some of you have called us crazy when we asked you to release many of the New Age things -the crystals, the prayers, the meditations, the aliens. We know these things have been a comfort, like a comfortable blanket, for you. We have challenged you to release these things, for indeed they too have been agendas. They too have been like boulders in the river.

< Ascension 8QA > There is, and it is simply to get out of your damn head! (audience laughter) Now, that is meant for all of you, not just for the one asking this. You grind away… oh, we can hear those gears in your head going at times! And, you grind away. You have a gift, a new understanding, the new Language of Ah. Inspiration will come into you. It will come in, and it will come up to your head at some time because that wonderful brain of yours is still needed for implementation on this human plane. But, if you allow yourself, there is so much knowingness within you. We’re not just talking of this spiritual knowingness. With spiritual knowingness comes knowingness of the way things work or should work. Be in the Language of Ah. And allow duality to leave.

One of the few things that blocks the inspirational process - the boulders in the river - is the brain. It is the brain. Now, do not misunderstand us. The mind is a wonderful thing. It is indeed, but it is not the pinnacle. It is only part of the process. Occupy that brain of yours by doing mundane tasks… go out and mow the lawn… go out and shovel the snow… and do those things that will take your mind off the moment. These understandings that are already within you - and we can see them - they will come forth. There are so many understandings within you, you know. They are like packets, waiting to be opened. They are like presents within you. They are yours. You do not get them from somewhere else.

< Ascension 9 > Duality was a method for you to look at yourself, to look at the opposite in the mirror. You came from One, from the Kingdom, where there was only One. When you left Home, when you left the First Circle, dear friends, the first energies of duality came in. This is when you were first able to start looking at yourself in the mirror. Duality - two opposites. Dual reality. This is when you first began to have an identity that was your own. Until then, you were simply one who lived in the Kingdom, in oneness. Now you were beginning to develop your own identity. This identity of yours as the Prince, as Jack, was like a boulder in the water. We spoke about the boulders recently. It was like a boulder. It caused the water to break its flow.

< Ascension 9 > The energies in the Kingdom were a singular flow. Now, your new identity (mirror image: two opposing energy) was like a boulder in the stream of divine energy. When you put a boulder in the water it creates turbulence. It breaks up the flow. Some water rushes over. Some water rushes around the side, and vortexes are created at the other end of the rock. In a sense, that is what duality is. Your sense of identity outside of the kingdom sits like a boulder in the stream of energies. All of this is appropriate, all appropriate. It is helping you, dear Prince and Princess, to develop new understandings of who you truly are.

< Ascension 9 > The energies of duality, in a sense, are like waves that occur after the boulder. In the waves, there are highs and lows, ups and downs. Duality is like a wave of energy. You have seen how this is drawn - a wave of energy going up and down, up and down. When you crossed through the Wall of Fire, there was - we know there are some who will want to argue this - but there was a finite amount of energy that went with you. When you left Home, there was a finite amount of energy that left. Now, this finite amount is vast! As a human, you do not have to worry about running out of energy. But, everything outside of the First Circle contains a finite amount of energy.

< Ascension 9 > Meditation has been a very important part of your journey up to now. And, we have asked you recently to release this. Meditation served you well. Indeed, it served the Buddha quite well. But, in meditation there has been a form of denial where you tried to block the mind and the body. In the New Energy, even in the Void of the New Energy, there is no blockage. All energies come through your being. The river flows once again. Identity is melded into the river now. It does not need to be a boulder in the water. It flows through you. It is like the breath coming through you. It flows in, and it flows out.