wall of fire

the barrier that is very diificult to pass through;
1. the end of the First Creation; the wall that separates the first and second circle;
2. separater of human from Divine; state of being human; belief system/story/hypnosis;

< Creator 5 > One quiet afternoon - somewhat boring by Jack’s standards - he saw a great wall of fire rising from the ocean ahead of him. He started to paddle backwards, trying to avoid this great wall of fire. But as hard as he tried, he could not overcome the forces of the great wall of fire. It was sucking him in, pulling him closer and closer. He could feel its heat, and he could feel its turmoil. He could feel the turmoil within this wall of fire. Jack began screaming as he paddled, trying to go back to the kingdom of sIAM. But it pulled him in. It pulled him into this wall of fire.

< Creator 5 > The angels stand at the wall of fire, not able to come through. They can see into the wall of fire. They can see the images of your life on Earth projected onto the wall of fire. On this screen, they can see things you are doing. They can feel you, but they cannot cross through at this time.

< Creator 5 > Like you, the wall of fire is changing. In a relatively short period of time, it will be possible for the others of the kingdom to come through. And at that point, dear friends, the boundaries of the kingdom of sIAM will expand. The kingdom will expand beyond the great wall of fire. It will expand into this new place you have created. There will come a day, that most of you will experience, when the rest of the kingdom will come through to you. You will recognize the angels, and then you will remember Home. And then we will coexist with you. The kingdom of sIAM will be a grander place for the work that you have done on Earth.

< Creator 5 > Prior to coming to this place of Earth, you had always been in the "oneness" mode, the singular mode. All of your creations were done in a framework of oneness. When you crossed through the wall of fire, you took on the attributes of duality. This was Jack's experience. This is what Jack wanted to feel and experience. And indeed he did. And indeed you all did! There was no longer the oneness that you felt, but rather "two." There was the light and the dark, the positive and the negative, however you want to state this. As we have mentioned before, there was always the balance of energies of approximately 2/3 and 1/3.

< Creator 5QA > No, in your specific case this clearing has already been done. There is no reason for these old things to come up in your dreams. You have spent much time in the other levels working on the understandings of the crossing through the wall of fire. No, you are fine.

< Creator 5QA > It is no surprise that we use this concept of the wall of fire. In your religious books, the wall of fire is depicted as hell, of being sent to hell for an eternity. Has it not seemed like hell in some cases with your many lifetimes on Earth? When you left Home, when you left the first circle and went through this wall of fire, you knew and we knew that you could never return Home. The Home that you left would never be the same because of the work that you did on Earth. We do not mean, dear friends, that you will never reunite consciously with your divine self and with Spirit and All That Is. What is meant in this concept is that all things changed when you went through this wall of fire. It is interesting that your own religions have used this concept but changed it to mean something bad, something that does not come from truth. But the symbols and energetic elements are still there. Indeed we anticipated this question, and there is much significance in this.

< Creator 6 > Because they are still on the other side of the wall of fire, they need an intermediary, they need a go-between. There are those in the room that are serving this function on this night, to help bring their energy in closer. This would be like a translator that comes in.

< Creator 6 > This (wall of fire) was a traumatic experience for Jack - and for you. For the first time he felt he was not in control, when this wall of fire pulled him in, and he screamed within. This was the first time that Jack had ever felt terror. This was the first time Jack had ever felt a splitting apart within his own being. He had always been a prince, the heir to the throne. He had always had the freedom to create in whatever way he chose. But now the wall of fire changed all of that for him. While he was passing through the wall of fire, it burned at the core of his very being, and it awoke within him conflict and pain and sorrow and suffering - all things he had never experienced before while he was in the kingdom. It awoke within him something called guilt. As he was tumbling through this dreaded wall, as he was wondering what he had done, he felt the guilt of having gone too far. He felt he should have stayed home in the kingdom where all things were good and right.

< Creator 6 > While he was in this wall of fire, it shattered him, dear friends. It shattered the oneness that he had been, and in a sense, you could say it created a war within him. There were experiences that he had during his brief moment that he passed through the wall of fire that seemed to last an eternity. Prince Jack, the one who was a creator within the kingdom, had experiences within the wall of fire that were filled with the deepest of sorrows, that were filled with anger and hate. Oh, we know some of you have a hard time hearing this. But all of this was appropriate. All of this was meant to be. And all of this, you will see in its finality, was filled with the greatest of love.

< Creator 6 > Prince Jack spent an eternity in the zone of the wall of fire. It shattered him into pieces. Those pieces, in a sense, reorganized themselves into two areas. A small portion of the pieces reconnected and fell through the universe onto a place called Earth. They resurrected themselves in a human body. In this human body, Jack was destined to walk the Earth many, many times, to repeat the cycle of lifetimes, to gain experience for something on a very grand scale.

< Creator 6 > Part of Jack, the larger part of Jack that was shattered, spent a bit of extra time in the zone of the wall of fire. These pieces of Jack spent time in turmoil and difficulty within the wall of fire. But then they banded together again. They found each other. They found the vibration of each other. They came back together. They then wrapped a large weaving of energy around them to protect them. You would call this a cocoon. And within this cocoon, the larger part of Jack that had come back together again went to sleep, protected by an energy cocoon, protected by many other types of unseen but loving forces.

< Creator 6 > When you left the kingdom and went through the great wall of fire, much of you was left behind. Much of you went through a turmoil that is very difficult to describe and difficult for you to even understand within your being. A small part of your total energy came to this place called Earth and has walked for many, many lifetimes. But the part of you that was left behind - your True Self - is now awakening. This is what is happening within you right now. This is why you are feeling the things within your body and your mind that you do. This is why we gather here. This is why we honor you.

< Creator 6 > we see four areas of human concern.
Finally, dear friends, there are the issues of self worth. These are issues about who you are, about your own worthiness. These issues can now be directly tied back to time when you went through the wall of fire. You have done much processing and releasing in this lifetime. The releases that you have not been able to get through, relate directly back to this traumatic time of crossing through the wall of fire. With this knowledge within, dear friends, you can begin to solve your worthiness issues quite easily. What you did when you came through that wall of fire was in service to All That Is. You went through the wall of fire to explore a new area, a new circle that had never been created before. That is how you came to be here on Earth. We honor you for doing this on behalf of Spirit. So we ask you now to put your self worth issues aside. There was nothing you did wrong. You did this in love and service.

< Creator 6QA > Indeed, all who are human went through the Wall of Fire. Know that we speak in metaphors for easier understanding; but all who are walking the earth at this time crossed over from the first circle to get here. And the new ones that will come in that have never been in biology, they too must cross through this Wall of Fire; but it will be different for them because you have paved the way. There was one who spoke earlier tonight (author Ilene Kimsey, Golden Wisdom Beyond the Emerald City) of the Yellow Brick Road and the place of Oz. The Yellow Brick Road is the path that has been paved, and the Emerald City is certainly your green Earth.

< Creator 7 > Now, Jack did not go straight to Earth. There was an interim period. This is somewhat difficult to describe, but we will attempt to convey it working closely with Cauldre. Beyond the Wall of Fire was nothing, a void, total darkness. It was the void that would later become your physical universe. When Jack crossed into the void, there were no stars. There were no galaxies. There were no energies present. There was simply a nothing.

< Creator 7 > When Jack (you) popped through the Wall of Fire, he saw his opposite. He saw his mirror. He began to have experiences, first with himself and then with other entities. These early experiences created an energy that poured out from him (you) and then set up structures and patterns of energy in the universe that had previously been a void. Jack (you) was going through experiences that then created energy weavings, tapestries, foundations that would later become your stars and your galaxies and your solar systems. This was a very interesting period of time for Jack (you).

< Creator 7 > At some point there came, as we have talked of before, an impasse. Things could go no further. The conflicts, the battles between what you would call the light and the dark were at a stalemate. The universe, as you knew it, even stopped growing. At that point there was a decision, a consensus, an agreement to go to this place of Earth, and for once and all cross through the final veil. You agreed to cross the final barrier, to literally take on a very dense human form, to have your being go into that form that you know of as your body. You agreed to live in complete amnesia of who you were, to walk through the cycles of life and death, and what you call karma, to come full circle back around again, to remembering who you were before you ever crossed through the wall of fire.

< Creator 7 > That is why you are here! That is why you have been here for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of lifetimes. You have been walking the cycle of Earth lives in an agreement to bring things full circle. It is an agreement to heal all of the past, to heal this time of going through the Wall of Fire, to heal this time of the building of the void, the creation of your universe as you know it. You have walked all of these lifetimes to heal and to rediscover.

< Creator 7 > It should be no surprise to you that things in your daily life right are difficult now. It is not just about you! It is not just you in this lifetime that you are healing. You have already healed hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of past lives. Most of those, dear friends, have healed and left, and Gaia is releasing the energy that has been stored in the Earth. What you are truly healing right now is this time of the building of the void, the time between the Wall of Fire and coming to your Earth. You are healing this time when you were bouncing around your universe, experiencing the beginnings of mass and matter. It was a time when you could freely travel through time and space, but you did not like what was happening. This was a great time of chaos.

< Creator 7 > There is an ingrained fear within you, within all humans, of your creator powers. There is a reluctance to create once again, for it has been a long time, and there is still a shame and a guilt associated with what you perceive you have done in the past. There is an original sin that you perceive in yourself of crossing through this Wall of Fire. You feel you went too far. You feel that you battled in the energy of chaos in the process of the building of the void. Oh, dear friends, the battles that took place then would make Star Wars look like child’s play! So when we talk of using your true creator abilities, some of you may be taken aback. Some of you will wonder if this is the right thing and think perhaps that it is not time.

< Creator 8 > When Jack went into the Wall of Fire it shattered him into billions and billions of fragments. This was a very traumatic event for him. When he came out the other side of the Wall of Fire, he was different. The greater part of his energy and his consciousness had retreated into a "cocoon." It was wrapped in an "energy cocoon" for a long, long sleep. The purpose of this was to experience an inner journey. Up to that point Jack had never looked inward. He had always been an outward expression, but after going through the Wall of Fire, there was a new inner look occurring within this cocoon.

< Creator 8 > Part of Jack, though, did not go into the cocoon. Part of his being continued past the Wall of Fire where he entered a void. He entered nothingness, total darkness. When he opened his eyes on the other side of the Wall of Fire, Jack saw the mirror image of himself. He saw his opposite. He saw duality. For the first time ever Jack was no longer an extension of oneness. He was now "two." And this was the beginning of duality as you know it.

< Creator 8 > As duality took form in the void, great wars broke out. There were many battles among the many entities who had crossed through the Wall of Fire into the void. There was you and Jack and many, many more. There was a struggle to return Home. In a desperate effort to return Home to the kingdom, you tried to take energy from one another. There were wars, as one tried to capture the energy of the other, thinking this was a way of returning Home, thinking this was a type of fuel.

< Creator 8 > It was decided that there would be a slowing down of energy by placing your spirit into mass. It was also decided that you would not remember the journey that brought you to this point. You would not remember the battles. You would not remember going through the Wall of Fire. You would not remember the kingdom from whence you came. This would be a new start. It would allow you and it would allow Spirit to truly understand the nature of duality and the nature of "two." Up to the point of the crossing through the Wall of Fire, Spirit had always been an expression of "one." By coming to Earth with no remembrance in physical form, it would allow the true understanding of duality.

< Creator 10 > The inner challenges you are going through do not relate to past lives, for most of those with the exception of small residual are gone. The challenges you are going through for the most part do not even relate to this lifetime, for as you know, you feel so separated from who you were five years ago and twenty years ago and thirty years ago. It is difficult to even relate to yourself back then. Why? Because you have changed. Because you have moved into your next lifetime, even while you are here. The challenges that you are going through now relate back to your original crossing of the Wall of Fire. There was a deep trauma with this. There was deep shaking up of everything that you had ever thought that you were.

< Creator 10 > When Jack crossed through the Wall of Fire, as we have talked about so often, this was a very traumatic experience for him. When Jack crossed through this wall from the First Creation into the void, it changed everything, it changed everything. When Jack was in the kingdom all things were one; all things were one. There was singular purpose, there was singular direction and there was singular Will. All things emanated outwards from the center of the kingdom. This was wonderful, this was peaceful and loving and it was the way things were in the first circle, in the first Creation. They were as one, as one will. When Jack crossed over through the Wall of Fire into the void he suddenly had a new attribute and it was called Free Will.

< Creator 10 > Jack’s journey is your journey. Each of you felt what it was like to go from One Will to Free Will. This has caused many interesting experiences for you. This has caused you to be a free creator in many ways and all of this has been appropriate. All of this is blessed by Spirit. For given Free Will - you and Jack and all the other angels and all of the humans - given Free Will you have been able to expand creation in ways and means that have never been done before. Do you understand the impact of this? You had singular Will - loving indeed, blessed indeed - but it was singular in the original Creation. When you came through the wall you were given Free Will.

< Creator 10QA > You are breaking through old paradigms that are as old as all the lifetimes you have had on Earth, that are as old as the times you had before you got here. The old energy has its origins from the time that you came through the Wall of Fire. Do you expect to change all of this in one week of time? It will take a bit of work. It can go rapidly if you are able to release. If you are able to accept, the new energy, the Divinity, will arise from within you.

< Creator 10QA > This self-doubt is thick and it is deep and it does relate back to the Wall of Fire. There was tremendous doubt on your part when you crossed over, for you felt that you gave up Spirit. You felt that you deceived Spirit in a way. You felt like a child who had done wrong to a parent. Spirit does not feel that way. There is no original sin that you have performed. What you did was done for the good of all. And here you sit, having coming this far, and we assure you that Spirit loves every step of your journey.

< Creator 11 > They knew that one day he would cross through this thing we call the "Wall of Fire". He would leave Home. He would leave the First Circle and go into a void where nothing existed. The King and the Queen had no concept and no idea of what existed outside of the First Circle, the original creation of Spirit. But their only begotten son was to journey there. In a sense, it frightened them for they did not know what would happen to their own offspring. In another sense they understood the implications of love behind the journey.

< Ascension 1 > The vision, going back some 2,500 years ago, dear friends and Shaumbra, was to bring this seed of Christ consciousness into this grand and glorious planet of yours. And as you did, and as you now allow it to emerge, to come through you, to be breathed through you, this opens a whole new - what would you say - you call them "portals." It opens whole new pathways, not into the darkness of your outer space, but it opens pathways all the way back through what used to be the void, all the way through the Wall of Fire back Home to the kingdom. As you open these pathways through the work you do, through the consciousness changes that you are going through and through breathing, this allows All That Is, the kingdom of God and Goddess, to now begin their journey from Home to you.

< Ascension 6 > When you were at home in the Kingdom eons of time ago - but not so long ago at all - the energy was about oneness and singularity. When you left Home, went through the Wall of Fire and eventually came to Earth, it was about "2." It was about polarity. It was about the mirror image. It was about seeing yourself, dear God, in a new and different way that you could have not seen in the energy of "1." So, you created "2." You have been in that energy for so very, very long. Earth has been about the energy of "2," polarity, light and dark, the lessons of good and bad, male and female, opposites. Your journey on Earth has been to understand, at the most intimate levels, what duality, what "2" was about.

< Ascension 9 > The energies of duality, in a sense, are like waves that occur after the boulder. In the waves, there are highs and lows, ups and downs. Duality is like a wave of energy. You have seen how this is drawn - a wave of energy going up and down, up and down. When you crossed through the Wall of Fire, there was - we know there are some who will want to argue this - but there was a finite amount of energy that went with you. When you left Home, there was a finite amount of energy that left. Now, this finite amount is vast! As a human, you do not have to worry about running out of energy. But, everything outside of the First Circle contains a finite amount of energy.

< DivineHuman 5 > When you crossed through the Wall of Fire, the first question you asked was, "Who am I?" You were no longer at Home. You were no longer part of the oneness. You were no longer the Prince or the Princess of a Kingdom. You were nothing. You were in the Void. You were nothing. You asked in the darkness, - "Who am I?" - That single, energetic question has propelled you through a journey that has gone for eons of time. That single question - "Who am I?" - has taken you out into the Void where you and all the others have created the universes. Indeed, there are universes. What you see out there is your physical universe, but there are many, many layers, many dimensions that you do not see with your human eye.

< DivineHuman 6QA > It is a metaphor. It was not literal fire that you went through when you left Home. It is a metaphor that we use because it contains… well, feel the energy for a moment, all of you. Feel the energy of fire. It is powerful. It is brilliant. It is intriguing. Humans are drawn to the fire. But, when you get too close, you get burned. So, we use it as a metaphor when talking about the Wall of Fire. It was an energy that attracted you to it, attracted you, pulled you to it. But when you got very close, you felt that perhaps this was not a good thing. You tried to draw away, and it pulled you in.

It is also an interesting metaphor. It has been used by the churches to refer to Hell, to refer to as the opposite of Heaven. When you crossed through the Wall of Fire and went into the Void, you looked back. You looked back, and what did you see? A great Central Sun, a great single brilliant light that was the Wall of Fire surrounding the Kingdom.

< Embodiment 7 > When you left Home and went through this thing called the Wall of Fire - when you were in the Wall of Fire for those who remember from the schools - you were shattered into billions and billions of pieces, almost an infinite number of pieces. Every piece that you were shattered into represented a potential of something that you would experience. Now, can you imagine how many potentials there are just in this moment? I will give you some ideas of potentials that you went through in the Wall of Fire.

< Embodiment 7 > Every potential, every potential experience and thought and deed creates energy outside of Home, outside of the Wall of Fire. You could say that the outside of the Wall of Fire, the outer view of the Wall of Fire, is the grid that we speak of, or "the field." It is the source of the energy that you have used once you left Home. It lies in a dormant state. It is neutral. It is, in a sense, a nothing, a potential, waiting to be expressed.

< Embodiment 7QA > This whole concept of self-love is perhaps the core issue for all angels and all humans. So, you are addressing something that is so basic and so important and a challenge that you face and all Shaumbra face. When you can accept yourself as you truly are and get to that level, then you are truly expressing as God also. Don't give yourself a hard time for this ability to accept and love self. It is the most challenging thing.

The moment that you - and any of us - went through the Wall of Fire, it was all a matter of coming to this point of love and acceptance. Now, I'm simplifying it. But, that is truly what it's been about. When you come to that intimate connection with yourself (all aspect of you) and your divinity, all of the elements, everything you've ever been done or been, come back together in the Now moment. And, there is almost like an explosion of this blissful energy that takes place. And, then you realize that you are a Creator. You realize how simple it is to create anything around you.

So, you are on the perfect and right track. You're coming down to core issues. You're not worrying about the little stuff anymore. You're getting down to the basics. And, we know you've gone through many cycles of releasing. It takes a lot of cycles. It takes tremendous amount of movement of energy to work through all of these layers, all of these stories that have been created, all of the things you've been experiencing. But, I would say to you - and to all of Shaumbra - you are getting there. You are close.

< Embodiment 10 > We spoke recently to a group of Shaumbra about the Third Circle opening up. The First Circle, of course, was Home, the energy of the Kingdom, All That Was. The Second Circle was everything outside of Home, the existence, the reality that you have been in ever since you went through the Wall of Fire and went into the Void and began creating. Now, you are on the very edge of completion of that cycle. The New Earth that we spoke of a week ago is indicative of that. The New Earth could not be built; it could not even be conceived, if it was not the appropriate time. There are so many questions about the New Earth: where it is… how it is progressing… who can go there. But, none of this would be possible, Shaumbra, unless you were at the point right now of completing the Second Circle.

< Embodiment 12 > But, you were also shattered into a billion and a billion pieces when you went through the Wall of Fire. And, in that experience of going through that event of the Wall of Fire, the shattering, you also experienced every potential that could ever happen. Now, that is a lot… that is a lot. You experienced the potentials within potentials. Imagine all of this coming at you, what would seem to be a single point of time and one experience. All of the potentials you would ever have to choose from flowed into you. Imagine that.

< Embodiment 12 > But, in a way, you are still in the Wall of Fire, Shaumbra. We all are. We are still experiencing the Wall of Fire. You chose one potential, and you hopped on it. And, that potential appeared to be the reality of leaving the Wall of Fire and going off into this grand adventure of creating the physical universe, and all of the dimensions, and ending up sitting right here at this gathering of Shaumbra. But, that was one potential that you chose. There are many, many others that are of equal or significant balance. So, in a sense, you are still in the Wall of Fire. The potentials are still all right there. The potentials are flowing in and through you like a stream of dreams, coming in and flowing out.

< Embodiment 12 > One of the things that all of the angels of the universe, the archangels, came to feel and to know was that at some point we had to slow all of this down. We had to come to this material form of existence… what you call the Earth… matter… slowed down energy… third dimension… in order to have a truer, grander understanding of ourselves… in order to release us… or in a sense, re-integrate us in this Wall of Fire (limitation of 3-D). So, one of the things that we are literally experiencing right now is that we are still in the Wall of Fire. And, we are choosing yet another potential to be in a third-dimensional, material reality as our choice, a way to re-integrate what we feel to be all of those parts and pieces that were shattered, shattered on purpose, shattered in great love. But, to bring them back we felt the path of 3-D, a material world, would be the best.

< Teacher 9QA > WHITE EAGLE: Beyond energy is consciousness. Consciousness would be more likened to the structure of God, because it's the plane, it's the field, it's the nothingness into which energy creates form. And so in that, only when you allow yourself in that indefinable place are you giving yourself permission to move to real Spirit, which is above the ability to be experienced in the old way. If you hold on to the need for experience, you will convict yourself to an experiential world.

TOBIAS: ... and beyond consciousness is no consciousness. It's undefined even beyond. You see consciousness, it means something has been taken and defined, and it's structured in a certain way. Albeit, consciousness is grand and vast, but what lies beyond consciousness? And isn't that exactly what we were doing today (sans definition) - going beyond any known consciousness, even consciousness known by God or Spirit? That is exactly what you all did when you left Home, when you went through the Wall of Fire. You went into nothingness, void. And here you are again trying to put all definitions - including throwing in the definition and the words of God and Spirit - into where there is none. Can you go to a place where there is no God or Spirit - without fear?

< QuantumLeap 5QA > There are those that - this is for all of Shaumbra here - but there are those that you first met and you first played with and you first loved when you left the Wall of Fire. Remember when we talked that you left and you felt very alone, but suddenly you started to realize there were other spirits around you. And you started to develop … you would now call them friendships or really the first love that many of you had. And these are some of the strongest most beautiful ties. They go back through your spiritual family and even before.

So the one you're referring to has that energy. Some of you confuse it with what you call a soul mate or a twin flame, that it is a missing part of yourself, but it is like - how to say - remember your earliest childhood friends that you learned so much from each other because you were so young and innocent? That's what some of these beings are like and the one you referred to is like that also. They almost can't resist coming back and being with you again.

< Returning 8 > You were there when you crossed through the Wall of Fire and experienced all of the potentials of every lifetime, physical and nonphysical, of everything you would ever think, everything you would ever do and all of its subpotentials and their subpotentials. You had already arrived. So it really doesn't matter. It doesn't matter at all.

< (Next) 1 > When you left the Wall of Fire, when you left heaven, All That Is, whatever you want to call it; when you left to become a pure sovereign being, as you went through the Wall of Fire, you imagined and experienced all of the potentials of everything that would ever happen to you outside of Home - outside of Home, outside of the First Circle. That's why it felt so awful. You felt you were ripped into billions of pieces, because you were suddenly experiencing everything, every potential that was to ever be. Well, maybe not all of it. You experienced all of it up until right now.

< (Next) 2 > Potentials used to come from out here (outside the waveform) and be attracted by the dynamics of the waveform. Waveform attracted energy that brought in potentials that you had once contemplated when you went through the Wall of Fire. That make sense? In other words, in the Old Energy, the old waveform going like this (horizontal), depending on the balance of the waveform, would attract energies from the outside that would then basically manifest potentials you had contemplated when you left Home. So you brought the appropriate situation into your life.

< Transhuman 9 > Free Time, it's outrageous. It's wonderful. One thing you'll start noticing with Free Time is that this whole concept of time and, let's say, of the past and future are really predicated on experience. Experience. And, in a way, there is no past or there's no future, in a way. What there is is an unfolding of experience. One could say that nothing happens in the future until it has been experienced, but yet the future is always there. It's actually not realized until it is experienced, but yet it is there. Everything you're going to do in the future is there. Every potential of everything and every iteration of every potential of everything that you could ever experience, that you would ever say, that you would ever do was all there when you went through the Wall of Fire, when you left Home. That was the thing Tobias talks about, shattering into billions and billions of pieces; it was just pre-creating all of your experiences. And so many are still out there in what you would call the future, but the future is nothing more than a reservoir of potentials and all their iterations yet to be experienced.

< Wings 6 > I'll give you a little clue on this. When you went through this thing called the Wall of Fire, it was basically something Tobias talked about a long time ago, but coming to your identity. When you came through the Wall of Fire and you were shattered into billions and billions and billions of pieces, every piece was a potential. Everything that you could possibly ever experience or think or feel was contained within the Wall of Fire, your experience there, that shattering of self. It's been said that, it's been questioned, “Did you ever leave the Wall of Fire? Are you still in that experience?” But enter now wisdom. Enter a potential that was never even contemplated in the Wall of Fire. Enter not wisdom of the past, but also of the present, of what's happening right now.