four issues

four categories of human concern;
four areas of the human experience;

< Creator 6 > Your issues are not so complex as you think, dear friends. Look at the trays of issues laying out on the counters. We see there are basically four categories of human concern that all of these issues can fall into. Dear friends, we see four areas of human concern. There is that number four again!

< Creator 6 > First, there are the issues that deal with biology, with your physical being, with your aches and pains, with disease of the body, with needs of the body. There are those issues.

< Creator 6 > Second there are the issues of relationships. This has been and will continue to be an issue for many of you for the time being. At their core, relationships represent duality. They represent the "two." That is why relationships are such a challenge and an issue.

< Creator 6 > There are also resource or abundance issues. As a human, there are certain things that you need, and your money usually buys them. These are resource issues. These are abundance issues. Dear friends, we have seen many, many of those issues in your ovens lately! (chuckling) Some went in repeatedly! Abundance issues will be the most difficult to break through and may need to go back in the oven again and again. But when it finally starts working, you will see the fastest changes in this area of your life.

< Creator 6 > Finally, dear friends, there are the issues of self worth. These are issues about who you are, about your own worthiness. These issues can now be directly tied back to time when you went through the wall of fire. You have done much processing and releasing in this lifetime. The releases that you have not been able to get through, relate directly back to this traumatic time of crossing through the wall of fire. With this knowledge within, dear friends, you can begin to solve your worthiness issues quite easily. What you did when you came through that wall of fire was in service to All That Is. You went through the wall of fire to explore a new area, a new circle that had never been created before. That is how you came to be here on Earth. We honor you for doing this on behalf of Spirit. So we ask you now to put your self worth issues aside. There was nothing you did wrong. You did this in love and service.

< Creator 6 > When you take your issues out of the oven of grace - which is a divine grace that exists within you - they will transform from issues into these bright, shining stars. (Oh, indeed we are using many metaphors here tonight!) There is a natural order of things that takes place, a natural resolution that takes place when you do not limit the results, when you let things come into balance. It transforms a difficult, heavy, human issue back into a twinkling light of energy.

< Creator 6 > For example, let’s say you have a physical problem in your life. When you cook in the Oven of Grace, and allow the changes to take place in your body, it will find a natural balance. That natural balance will not come from Tobias or your guides or Yeshua or any other being. It will come from within your being. This is a magical transformation process that occurs if you allow it to. This applies to all of your issues, whether they are about your body, your relationships, your abundance or your self worth.

< Creator 6QA > When you threw your issues into the air, they floated and suspended. In the old Earth energy, they would have dropped to the ground - gravity would have pulled them - but we are telling you emphatically that things are changing. Release the limitations by allowing 'grace' to work on the issues. Know that things will change. Allow the 'cooling off period' and then release the issues as if to the wind. They will transform into gems of light. Then when you feel you are ready, collect and weave these former issues into your necklace of light.

< Creator 6QA > Understand that human concerns can be categorized in the areas of relationships; in the areas of abundance; in the areas of health; and the areas of self-worth. Understand that these fears, these issues are not real. They only appear to be real when you give them energy.

< Creator 6QA > We call you Lightmasters because we see you as Lightmasters. We know there is much work that you do, but indeed you are the ones who are the "Masters." The entities who are the outer circles tonight, who have never been to earth before, see you as the Masters. It is difficult for you to see yourself in such a lofty role. But as we have said earlier, there are four issues and the fourth one is self-worth. Dear friends, look deeper into this area. Begin to understand that the work you do as Lightworkers, is at the very leading edge. You are at the very leading edge of this transformation of void into creation. It is why we call you the Lightmasters and we use the terms together; workers and masters.

< Creator 9QA > We have used these four areas to help you define the things that challenge you as a human. There is a tendency for humans to make their challenges much larger than what they actually are. Defining these in the four areas helps you to realize that they are not as major as what your mind would sometimes tell you.

When you use the broad brush… when you begin the new vibrational process… again we say to you, do not have specific intent. If you do have the need for intent, simply intend for divine balance - a balance of relationships, a balance of biology, and abundance, and in particular, for your own self worth to be balanced. Put no other spin on it. Ask for nothing in particular. Do not make demands of Spirit, and do not beg Spirit. If there is a need for any type of wish in your heart when you create with a broad stroke, simply have it be balance. Balance in the energy of "four" that you are moving into has a powerful factor that ties directly back into your divinity.