oven of grace

working of divinity that balances energies appropriately;
divine balance;

< Creator 4 > Let us walk into the kitchen. Let us walk into the kitchen of your new house. We see many of you did not even know you had a kitchen here! (chuckling) You have spent no time! But this is such a grand place that you have built. You will be spending more time here now. Now in the kitchen of your new house, in the center of it, there is a very large, very beautiful, floor-to-ceiling (which can be very high in some cases)… there is a very large oven with a large windowed door. There is an inscription above the door, written in a type of shimmering gold lettering that reads, "Oven of Grace." The Oven of Grace. Dear friends, this is a symbol, and it is also a reality for your own energy of grace.

< Creator 4 > When you have placed this symbol in there, we ask you to close the door of the Oven of Grace. We ask you to say nothing, to have no intent, to say no words, to have no energy behind this, to say no prayer.

< Creator 4 > Now while this concept may seem simple - perhaps even trite - we tell you now there is great power in it, for Lesson #4 in the Classroom of the New Spiritual Energy of Earth is to "Create in Grace." Lesson #4 - Create in Grace. This symbol of the oven is given to you today to help you understand how to work with the divine grace that comes from within. You will experience what happens when you put an issue into this Oven of Grace.

< Creator 4 > Let us return to Taylor. She put her purse in the Oven of Grace, for it represented the abundance issue she was struggling with at the time. And she put it in her oven without agenda. Without agenda, do you understand, dear friends? Oh, we know you have been used to praying, and you've been used to incantations and intent and agenda. These have been good, and they have been filled with love, and it has brought you to this point. But dear friends, we are going to a new place now. In the Oven of Grace there is no need for intent. It takes care of itself.

< Creator 4 > When Taylor put her purse in here without agenda and without asking for anything, do you know what happened? Her Oven of Grace allowed for the deep harmony of duality to create a new and blessed energy. Her Oven of Grace brought balance to her financial situation. Her Oven of Grace brought the energy of abundance into her life in an appropriate and balanced form.

< Creator 4 > Now it would have been difficult for Taylor to have tried to create a all of this in her mind. It would be like eating food and trying to mentally control how it is processed by your body. You simply eat food and allow it to be. That is "digestive grace."(chuckling) And in the same manner, dear friends, when you place something in your Oven of Grace, it takes care of itself. There is a natural balance. There is a natural fulfillment that takes place in this new energy.

< Creator 4 > About a week after Taylor put her purse in the Oven of Grace and allowed it to cook overnight, she lost her job. Don't you know!? (chuckling) And she wondered, as some of you may wonder, what was going on, but she also trusted in grace. She knew that her job was indeed a hindrance to her abundance. It kept her tied down and limited. It provided other experiences for her that were no longer appropriate, and one of those experiences that it provided was abundance limitation. So when she placed her pocketbook in the oven of grace, surely it changed her job.

< Creator 4 > While loosing her job initially brought fear to her, Taylor put that fear into the Oven of Grace. She allowed grace to handle her own fear of what she was going through. As she did this with new situation after new situation, she allowed divine grace to find the appropriate balance and resolution.

< Creator 4 > Lesson 4, which will be a foundation lesson for applied creation in the new energy, is to "Create in Grace." You must first understand and learn how to create in grace before we can move to the more dynamics steps. Again we remind you to use this Oven of Grace only for yourselves right now. In future gatherings such as this, we will talk about affecting group situations or family situations, but for now use this in your own being. This is - and you will find this to be true if you should choose to use it - a very, very powerful tool. We present it here in a story, in a metaphor as an oven, but it is a practical way of bringing balance and resolution in your life.

< Creator 5 > Expect changes in your life and bless them. When you lose your job, bless this. When your body becomes ill after you put it in your oven of grace, and you wonder why this is happening, bless the changes. We know this is not what you expected, for you had expectations that you would get healthy right away. You had expectations that you would come back to balance immediately. Dear friends, sometimes the changes are deeper. Sometimes there must be a complete reversal and renewal. Sometimes the old foundations must come down. These changes that you go through are indeed sacred. Do not panic with them. Do not be in anxiety.

< Creator 5QA > Absolutely, and we thank you for your input on this. You can write words to put in the oven. You can use symbols. You can use anything that is appropriate for you, for you indeed are the creators. This is a good example here of another way to approach this.

< Creator 5QA > It is best not to designate. It is best not to pray or to voice intent. There is already an acknowledgment and an understanding within that you are placing your biology and your physical balance into the oven of grace for balance. Dear friends, simply close the door. Push the start button. Allow grace to do the work. You struggle so much in your minds, trying to even figure out the process of the oven! It is quite simple. Grace is a natural state of balance and flow. We ask you to stand out of the way. Allow the grace of your divine being to handle these things without expectation of results or outcome. There is a natural balance and a natural flow within your divine being. It is called grace.

< Creator 6 > To create in grace. The Oven of Grace is a way of showing that you can take a situation and begin to find resolution. This will be a fun lesson for you to teach. To create in grace is to get your human thinking out of the way. It is to step aside for a moment and simply allow your awakening True Self to begin its process, to begin finding the appropriate resolution. Creating in grace also means to take your agenda out of the situation at hand. Your agenda is limited. It also limits the true extent of creation that can take place. Lesson Four, to create in grace, begins a new type of process. The process does not come from the mind. It comes from within you, to create in a new way.

< Creator 6 > You cannot expect to begin the series of changes precipitated by the oven and not have things happen in your life. The old ways move out to make room for the new. Dear friends, when you turn on the oven of grace, expect changes in your life!

< Creator 6 > We will speak of that tonight, for you have not known what to do with the issues after you placed them in the Oven of Grace. Now there has been a cooling off period that has been appropriate. We have not given you this information until now, for we wanted you to remember this when you teach it to others. There is a cooling off period! There is a transition period from the time you take something out of the oven until the time things truly begin to transform on your human level. As you know, change begins to take place. This is part of the cooling off process.

< Creator 6 > When you take your issues out of the oven of grace - which is a divine grace that exists within you - they will transform from issues into these bright, shining stars. (Oh, indeed we are using many metaphors here tonight!) There is a natural order of things that takes place, a natural resolution that takes place when you do not limit the results, when you let things come into balance. It transforms a difficult, heavy, human issue back into a twinkling light of energy.

< Creator 6 > Lesson Six: Within you is divine balance. All of these twinkling lights, that were once issues, are now finding their own balance. You released your issues when you placed them into the Oven of Grace, and set them aside to cool. Now they are without the heaviness of being physical objects, of being tangible objects. You have thrown the issues up in the air and allowed them to find their own balance. At this point, they transform into twinkling, brilliant lights. They will find their own balance.

< Creator 6 > For example, let’s say you have a physical problem in your life. When you cook in the Oven of Grace, and allow the changes to take place in your body, it will find a natural balance. That natural balance will not come from Tobias or your guides or Yeshua or any other being. It will come from within your being. This is a magical transformation process that occurs if you allow it to. This applies to all of your issues, whether they are about your body, your relationships, your abundance or your self worth.

< Creator 6QA > "can you explain the disappearance of my Oven of Grace?"
you have simply integrated it! Look around inside your new house. There is not a lot there! When you integrate the elements of your house, they seemingly disappear because they are now within you. As you continue to work with these tools and integrate them, they will be a natural part of your process. They will meld into your being. You will not have to consciously focus on these. You will not have to bring these into your intellectual mind. They will occur naturally, smoothly, at times transparently. Dear friend, the oven has disappeared because you own it!

< Creator 7 > Dear friends, resist the desire to take the fine brushes to fill in the details. This will be done for you. After you create a broad stroke, sit on the floor and admire the piece of art you have just created. We have talked to you before of the Oven of Grace, and we have talked to you and walked you through putting old issues in there. The Oven of Grace is wonderful for old issues. But the oven of Grace also serves as a processor and a balancer of new things that you create. It is like an entire energy system of your new house. As you create a broad stroke, your Oven of Grace balances and processes the energies. In other words, allowing grace to process your new creation assures a divine balance. It assures that it manifests and balances in the most appropriate and loving manner. You don’t have to be concerned about whether are creating the most appropriate or enlightened thing. You own divinity will handle the balance.

< Creator 7QA > Part of the experience of the Oven of Grace is to allow grace to do it’s work. There are many expectations that you have when you put things into the oven. Part of the exercise here is to release the issue. Let it go. Let it find it’s own divine balance. We feel your anxiety when you put an issue in the Oven. You expect outcome in a certain number of minutes and an outcome defined in a certain way. Dear friends, part of the experience of the Oven of Grace is that of allowing, that of patience, that of releasing. Have no expectation. When there is no expectation other than divine balance you will have such an easier time in your life. Your outcomes will be so much more powerful and so much more fulfilling to you.

< Creator 7QA > You are moving into the energy, and it is quite different than the old. You are still trying to rebuild yourself based on the old energy and the old human ways and all of your past lives. In a sense, the new energy is an inversion of the old ways. In the old energy, you tried to create from the mind to effect your situations. You prayed for certain outcomes. You tried to affect an outer world without understanding your inner world. Do you see this?

As you change the vibration of your inner being with the broad brush stroke, it changes the perception and the reality of things outside your house. In the old energy way of creating, you tried to tell your outer world how to be, what to look like and what it should give you. In the new energy, you go inside your house with the tools of grace and acceptance and allowing and trust. With these tools in your heart, take your brush and create the very new vibrations of balance and fulfillment.

< Creator 10 > The second quadrant of lessons (Lessons 4-6) were about Releasing. They were about letting go. We talked about placing things in the Oven of Grace (Lesson 4). It was about Releasing, about turning it over to your own Divine Energy. Taking it out of your hands and out of your mind and placing it in a Divine Processor that is within you. These lessons were about turning it over. Then to understand that when you do this, you are obviously going to have changes in your life (Lesson 5: Expect changes and bless them). These changes are appropriate, so bless them.

< DivineHuman 3 > Remember that we said, "Allow your divinity to find the solution. Allow your divinity to cook this problem until it was ready to be pulled out." Then, you took the issue out of the Oven of Grace and put it on the counter to cool off. At some point we asked you to take all of these issues that were scattered all about your kitchen in your new house and throw them in the air. When you did, they turned into beautiful shimmering lights, brilliant dancing lights that represent the wisdom of what you learned through the challenge and the difficulty. Now, we take that and apply it to your rest stop.

< DivineHuman 3 > All of these issues, represented now as white lights, dancing lights, wisdom that you gained… these will be the lights that illuminate your rest stop. These will be the lights that draw people and situations to you. They are like a string of lights that you put out around your rest stop. These very issues that you worked on - perhaps it was an issue of abundance - you are now an expert on this. The very issue that you had is what will be drawn back to you through other people. Those who are facing abundance issues will at some levels within them sense and perceive the light that was once your issue. And, they will come to you for guidance. They will be drawn to you.

< DivineHuman 3 > Your own lights, what was once your challenge that you placed in the Oven of Grace… your own light now will also draw to you all of the tools and all of the resources that you need for the work that you do. Your own light, your own wisdom from your previous experience will draw to you now the abundance that you need in your life. It will draw the people. It will draw the potentials that you need. It will come to you as long as you are not trying to drive down that highway at breakneck speeds.