rest stop


< DivineHuman 3 > But in the New Energy it is different. In the New Energy you pull over at the rest stop. You park that vehicle of yours. You open the trunk, and you throw out all of the luggage. (audience laughter) You throw out all of the maps, and all of the navigational aids, and the electronics, and the computers, and all of the other things that are stuffed in your car… and, your cell phones. (more laughter) You throw these out, dear friends, for you will not need any of this anymore.

< DivineHuman 3 > As you stand here at this rest stop, suddenly things begin to change. It frightens you, for you do not like change so much, do you? You do not like change. You notice that your car, your vehicle that has been taking you down the road at breakneck speed is now beginning to vanish, beginning to disappear. The luggage that you had thrown over in the pile, taken out of your car, is beginning to vanish also. It was just an illusion. It was an illusion up until the point, dear friends, that you were ready to stop. It was an illusion until you were ready to move into the New Energy. You release it now, and you find that it disappears. Then you realize something when you look out onto that road that you have been traveling down. The road is moving, and you are standing still. The road moves in the New Energy, and you remain in place!

< DivineHuman 3 > In the New Energy you remain centered and balanced and fully present in the moment. The road move. We talked to you about this quite some time ago. We gave you a bit different metaphor. At the time you were just beginning to come to the consciousness where you could realize and understand how life truly works. Now, we can come back to you several years later with the message. This is living in the moment.

< DivineHuman 3 > It is much like this with this rest stop of yours, with your wayside. Things will come into your life and pass through, so they have the opportunity to be touched by your divine energy. Other things will come to you, and they will pause. They will be there for you to embrace, and for you to dance with. This could be relationships. It could be jobs. It could be any type of new opportunity. But, it comes to you for the embrace. You will know if you ask within yourself. But, what will particularly be drawn to you are those things that you have the understanding, and the wisdom, and the experience to deal with.

< DivineHuman 3 > Remember that we said, "Allow your divinity to find the solution. Allow your divinity to cook this problem until it was ready to be pulled out." Then, you took the issue out of the Oven of Grace and put it on the counter to cool off. At some point we asked you to take all of these issues that were scattered all about your kitchen in your new house and throw them in the air. When you did, they turned into beautiful shimmering lights, brilliant dancing lights that represent the wisdom of what you learned through the challenge and the difficulty. Now, we take that and apply it to your rest stop.

< DivineHuman 3 > All of these issues, represented now as white lights, dancing lights, wisdom that you gained… these will be the lights that illuminate your rest stop. These will be the lights that draw people and situations to you. They are like a string of lights that you put out around your rest stop. These very issues that you worked on - perhaps it was an issue of abundance - you are now an expert on this. The very issue that you had is what will be drawn back to you through other people. Those who are facing abundance issues will at some levels within them sense and perceive the light that was once your issue. And, they will come to you for guidance. They will be drawn to you.

< DivineHuman 3 > Your own lights, what was once your challenge that you placed in the Oven of Grace… your own light now will also draw to you all of the tools and all of the resources that you need for the work that you do. Your own light, your own wisdom from your previous experience will draw to you now the abundance that you need in your life. It will draw the people. It will draw the potentials that you need. It will come to you as long as you are not trying to drive down that highway at breakneck speeds.

< DivineHuman 3 > It is quite simple, dear friends, but it will take a bit of working with. You remain in the Now. You remain fully present, filled with life and vitality in the Now. This is what we call your rest stop, your wayside. The roads move. The roads move, and they come through you. That is the energy of the New Times. That is the change in paradigm that allows you to draw to you everything needed at this time. Stay in the Now. Stay fully present. Understand it comes to you. Understand that some things come simply to be touched by you. Others will come to dance.