cooling off

transition process; transition period;

< Creator 6 > We will speak of that tonight, for you have not known what to do with the issues after you placed them in the Oven of Grace. Now there has been a cooling off period that has been appropriate. We have not given you this information until now, for we wanted you to remember this when you teach it to others. There is a cooling off period! There is a transition period from the time you take something out of the oven until the time things truly begin to transform on your human level. As you know, change begins to take place. This is part of the cooling off process.

< Creator 6 > Lesson Six: Within you is divine balance. All of these twinkling lights, that were once issues, are now finding their own balance. You released your issues when you placed them into the Oven of Grace, and set them aside to cool. Now they are without the heaviness of being physical objects, of being tangible objects. You have thrown the issues up in the air and allowed them to find their own balance. At this point, they transform into twinkling, brilliant lights. They will find their own balance.

< Creator 6QA > When you threw your issues into the air, they floated and suspended. In the old Earth energy, they would have dropped to the ground - gravity would have pulled them - but we are telling you emphatically that things are changing. Release the limitations by allowing 'grace' to work on the issues. Know that things will change. Allow the 'cooling off period' and then release the issues as if to the wind. They will transform into gems of light. Then when you feel you are ready, collect and weave these former issues into your necklace of light.

< DivineHuman 3 > Remember that we said, "Allow your divinity to find the solution. Allow your divinity to cook this problem until it was ready to be pulled out." Then, you took the issue out of the Oven of Grace and put it on the counter to cool off. At some point we asked you to take all of these issues that were scattered all about your kitchen in your new house and throw them in the air. When you did, they turned into beautiful shimmering lights, brilliant dancing lights that represent the wisdom of what you learned through the challenge and the difficulty. Now, we take that and apply it to your rest stop.