New Camelot / new house

the symbol of divine human;

< New Earth 11 > All of this time you’ve been living in your house, you have not noticed what has been going on outside of your house, in particular, these last nine months. There is a new house, a divine house that is being built - not next door, not down the street, not in another city - but right around and on top of your old house. It is immense. It is a palace, a castle. It is being built around and over the top of your old house, but it is so large that you have not even noticed.

< New Earth 11 > Your new house - your castle - has no roof either which is good because roofs are a problem. It does not need a roof on this new house, this castle of yours. All that is brought in is the energy from heaven, energy from the universe and All That Is. Only the appropriate energies of Love can be brought in.

< New Earth 11 > In your new house there is no need for copper wiring or metal wiring, like you have had in the past. The wiring here is totally different. You could say that it comes in directly from the cosmic lattice. It is connected directly to that. It is transmitted across vibrational conduits and channels that are made only of energy, not of matter or material.

< New Earth 11 > In your new house all of the things that you need as a human are there. They are there only when you need them. (Living in the now then backdrop move.)

< New Earth 11 > Many will come to visit you to learn one thing, to learn about the Divine Human, to learn about empowerment of Self. The ones who come to just take energy, to take energy from you or from others, they will not find their way to your new castle. Only the ones who choose self-empowerment will find their way there. Within the confines of your castle, you will talk to them. You will teach them about how to become a Divine Human, one who walks in biology, yet understands who they are, understands shaumbra, family.

< New Earth 11 > Let us tell you a little of the carpenters of your house, the ones who are building and keeping you awake at night. There are two who go by the name of Joseph. Joseph the carpenter, and Yeshua ben Joseph, the carpenter’s son. They are working with you on your new house. They are helping to frame the energy of the Christ consciousness. It is no wonder that they were called the carpenters in your sacred books.

< New Earth 11 > You are the architects of this castle. Through your intent, through your many lifetimes of service you have designed this new place in the new energy. You are also the general contractor. You are the ones, at night while you sleep, directing the energies, helping to meld, helping to shape the look and the feel of the new house. There is much going on right now. And you wonder why you feel the way you do!

< New Earth 11 > Now about your new place. It is, my friends, what you could call the New Camelot. It is appropriate on this night that there was the discussion of Excaliber.

< New Earth 13 > All of this is part of the process that began when you made the decision to stay on this Earth, to re-enlist in spiritual service. All of this, my friends, is about moving into your new house, the "New Camelot." It is about accepting the Divinity within you. For eons of time under the veil you have not understood who you were. You have not been able to hold the empowerment of yourself, even if you wanted. You have not been able to bring in the fullness your own Divinity.

< New Earth 13 > Today we will walk into the new house. We will walk with you, and we will talk of how it works. But know for each of you that it will take a commitment on your part. It will take the understanding that you are the creator; it will not be done for you. It will take the understanding that it is your house, that it is your divinity, that you own it, that if you wait for another to make it work for you, wait for another to bring it to you, nothing will happen.

< New Earth 13 > Let us talk for a moment of what the house represents. For lifetimes and lifetimes your house has been primarily your physical and mental being. There was and is an energy structure around you. There were seven chakras within the house and five outside of the house. Your energy field, what you call your merkabah, was limited in size and shape and capability. It was limited in the amount of spiritual energy that it could handle. This was done for a very good reason. The rest of your spiritual energy was held within a cocoon in another place, in somewhat of a different dimension, until the day came when you could accept it into your physical being on Earth.

< New Earth 13 > Now as we stand at the entrance of your new house, let it be known that there are no limits to the energy quotient of your new house. There are no limits. "The quotient of energy will always be appropriate to the experience at hand." This is one to remember. The energy quotient of your new house will always be equivalent to the experience and the needs that are at hand for you. Do not predetermine how large or how small your new home is.

< New Earth 13 > Your old house was primarily designed to allow you to experience and to maneuver on your side of the veil. It was designed specifically so that there was not interplay in your conscious state to our side of the veil. Have you ever wondered why, when you prayed so earnestly and with so many tears to the angels and to Spirit, your prayers were not answered for you? It was because the veil did not allow that to happen. Your old house would not allow that to happen.

< New Earth 13 > This is a complicated and intricate framework of energy that surrounds you. We will not go into great detail of that here on this day. But we say that it has taken incredible expertise and incredible refinement from what your old house was. There is an energy weaving around you that makes the old merkabah look pale in comparison. It is grand and intense. It has been woven carefully to allow you to bring in your Divine Self, and hold it and be in contact with it and have access to it.

< New Earth 13 > Understand that when you are in your new house those who are outside of it, those who are on the outside, will see what they choose to see. This is important to remember here on this day. They will choose what they see, what they hope to see, what your house looks like. There is not a predetermined pattern or look or feel to your new house. It will appear to be individual and unique to them. So when they tell you that you look a certain way, understand this is coming from them. Use this to understand where they are coming from.

< New Earth 13 > You will notice two things here. First of all notice the energy. Notice the hum, the vibration of your house. It is not necessarily a sound. It is not necessarily a light. It does not necessarily emanate from one place, but it comes from within all aspects of your new house. It is a "sense." This first vibration that you felt, heard, or sensed when we mentioned it… remember this. This will be a grounding for you in the months to come as you learn to work with the tools of your new house. This is the frequency that is for you. Do not overthink it, dear friends. Accept it, the vibration that you first sensed. It is yours. That is what you will be working with.

< New Earth 13 > In your new house, the energy is neutral. It remains neutral until you activate it. When you choose for a wall to be there, it will be. When you choose for a chair to relax in at the end of a long day, it will appear. Be careful what you choose. You have heard these words before, but have never had the chance to truly experience what this will be like. Be careful what you choose here in your new house, for it will be there.

< New Earth 13 > In your new house, all of the energies will remain in a neutral state until you create it otherwise. This is important to remember, for if you just sit in your chair and wait for things to come to you, nothing will come. When you choose to be a creator, when you choose to accept the Divinity of who you are, all things will start coming into play. The energy that appears to be in neutral, that appears to be dormant, will now come to life.

< New Earth 13 > Fear not your own creative ability. Learn to begin trusting your own Divinity. It will come from within your Self. Do not fear it, for within the energy structure of your new house there is also woven an energy that would make it most difficult for you to ill-create. That was an attribute of the old energy. That was an attribute when there was separation. But, as we have talked to you about before, there is now unity at the source. There is unity in your new house. Fear not your creative ability. Don’t wait for Spirit or your guides or others to do it for you.

< New Earth 13 > As you enter your new house in the future, it may feel a bit awkward. There may be an initial feeling of mistrust. The mistrust is that if you give this a try and it doesn’t work, then you have failed. Indeed this is not so. If you give it a try and it does not work, it only means that you are trying too hard. There should be no effort involved. It should be intent with love. If there is struggling involved as you stand in your new house as a creator… if there is struggle or effort involved, you are not listening to your vibration, to that "hum" you heard when you first walked in. You are only listening to the intellect of the old human.

< New Earth 13 > This energy that is here is not a house that you are renting. It is not a house that is mortgaged. It is owned by you. We use the metaphor of the house to help you understand. This is the energy of your True Self, of your Divine Self. It comes from within; it comes from outside. But it is all you.

< New Earth 13 > When you are in your new house and you are not so sure of what to do or of how it operates or of how to best be a creator, simply ask your new house. Simply ask your True Self. Simply ask all of the energy that is there. When you are not so sure if you are doing the right thing in activating the energies, if you are not so sure if you are properly working the energies to be the creator, simply ask your house and then listen for the answer. Do not ask us. Do not ask the angels and guides. It is not appropriate to ask us, for we have never gone through this like you are! Ask your own house, ask your own Divine Self, and then listen for the answer. Listen where the answer comes from.

< New Earth 13 > You will find that all things will come to you as you activate the energies, as you voice your intent, as you act as a creator. You will not need to go out seeking what it is that you desire. It will come to you. Through your intent, you are literally activate and polarize and energize the energy that was in neutral, and like a giant grand majestic magnet, all things that are appropriate will be brought to you.

< New Earth 13 > All things will be brought to you. They will come knocking at your door. They will be so obvious that you will tend to say that it is not real, and you will look right past them. As you activate through your intent, as you activate your new house, understand that all things appropriate will be brought forth to you - abundance, health, understandings, wisdom, relationships, friends, new information, new tools. Your new house is a giant magnet that will bring things to your doorstep.

< New Earth 13 > Dear friends, in your new house you are Divine. You are empowered. There is no other on Earth or in the heavens that can hold and use the power the way you can in your new house. You have chosen the service of Spirit in this lifetime. You have chosen to come to this place. You have chosen to now begin working with the energies of all that you are, of your true and divine being. We bless you for being on this journey. We bless you for all that you are about to create in your life. This house is you. It is owned by you and none other. And none other can take it away.

< New Earth 13QA > There is no best or worst time here. What is most important is where it (the intent) comes from the heart. Now we will digress a little bit here to say that in your new house, friends, there are no longer the 7 (physical) plus 5 (etheric) chakras. There is only ONE chakra. There is only one energy center here, and it is unified. Accessing this one chakra is more important than the time of day or month. Thinking that there was a particular time or particular way of doing something comes from the intellect. That was struggling. When it comes from the purity of the heart and when it comes from the place of unity and Divinity within will make the most difference. This will be perhaps one of the most difficult things to understand in your new house.

< New Earth 13QA > The structure and the framework of your new house has been designed specifically so that you can accept, so that you can be all of who you are. As we have stated in previous messages, much of the True Self, much of your Divinity has not been able to be contained in this vessel that you walk with on Earth. That was your old house. In your new house, dear friends, the energy structure and the energy weaving - for lack of better words - allows you to accommodate more and more and more of your True Self. It will not come to you all in one blazing moment. But it will begin to come in. You will begin to work with it.

< New Earth 13QA > As you become the creator, as you activate the neutral energy of your new house, this allows each time for a bit more of your Divine Self to come in, to then be housed here. That is why we encourage you to work actively and daily with understanding how you are the creator in your new house. So this is a process that will take some time. It is up to you personally to work with that. There are no general statements or answers that we can give to this group. Each will be unique and individual.

< New Earth 13QA > We know that there will come a difficult time when you are in unity and you have melded with the New Camelot - with your new self - that it will be difficult to look out at humanity to know the suffering, as we talked about earlier (in the channeling). But much of this, my dear, we are learning side-by-side with you. It is our pleasure to tell you that we are not the gurus. We are not the ones who have ascended. We are a support team for each and every one here. We are learning with you. Each of you here is at the threshold.

< Creator 2QA > We ask you to understand that your new house is a metaphor for your new consciousness, your new physical being, and your new divinity to come forth. Your new house represents all that you are. There are many humans, perhaps your spouses or family or those that you work with that have not built a new house yet… they are still living in their old house. Their old house is about karma. Their old house is about contract.
This is also to say that there are two distinct energies that are working together at this time. There are two worlds (two earths), as we have called it. We have portrayed it to you this way so that you understand that you are moving once again into new realms but that co-existing with those still old energy.

< Creator 3 > Hug them for all they have done and for all they have given. You are now ready to move forward, and you are now ready to truly begin to understand your new house. In your new house, dear friends, it was not possible to take along the past. They are only memories. They are only thoughts and experiences. But in your new house, it is time to release, even the old self you considered to be yourself.

< Creator 3 > There is a gift now that they give to each of you, for all who sit here, for all who read this. You wondered, Cauldre, why we stopped you before you walked out the door (of your house) today? You wondered why we asked you to bring the Sword of Truth, the Excalibur, the only time it has been brought before this group? (The sword was placed on the mantle prior to the meeting.) For the one that sits beside you now passes you the Sword of Truth, the Sword of Empowerment, the sword that has been the source of truth and power for your very being for all these days. It is being passed to you as the one thing you do indeed carry into your new house. It is the one thing indeed that goes on the wall in the gallery of your new house to remind you of all you have been and all you have done. It is there to honor all of your experiences that have brought you, that have brought this Earth, and that have brought all of creation to this point.

< Creator 4 > Let us walk into the kitchen. Let us walk into the kitchen of your new house. We see many of you did not even know you had a kitchen here! (chuckling) You have spent no time! But this is such a grand place that you have built. You will be spending more time here now. Now in the kitchen of your new house, in the center of it, there is a very large, very beautiful, floor-to-ceiling (which can be very high in some cases)… there is a very large oven with a large windowed door. There is an inscription above the door, written in a type of shimmering gold lettering that reads, "Oven of Grace."

< Creator 6 > For those who are not so familiar with what we are talking of here, the new house is the metaphor, a symbol of your new divine human self. It is your new house. It is who you are. It is a magical place, filled with anything you want.

< Creator 7 > Dear friends, resist the desire to take the fine brushes to fill in the details. This will be done for you. After you create a broad stroke, sit on the floor and admire the piece of art you have just created. We have talked to you before of the Oven of Grace, and we have talked to you and walked you through putting old issues in there. The Oven of Grace is wonderful for old issues. But the oven of Grace also serves as a processor and a balancer of new things that you create. It is like an entire energy system of your new house. As you create a broad stroke, your Oven of Grace balances and processes the energies. In other words, allowing grace to process your new creation assures a divine balance. It assures that it manifests and balances in the most appropriate and loving manner. You don’t have to be concerned about whether are creating the most appropriate or enlightened thing. You own divinity will handle the balance.

< Creator 8 > You ask us, "Where do I find the new energy?" Dear friends, tap into what is called your True Self, what we prefer to call The Inner Being. Sit in the inner room of your new house, a metaphor for sitting in a quiet space. Force nothing in your mind. Force yourself to do nothing. Simply be, and simply listen, and it will come to you. Be patient, and it will come to you. We know this to be true. We know this to be true!

< Creator 8 > Catherine adjusted her gaze past the typical to the ALL. She then approached the rose, and a knowingness came over her. She was not struggling at this point with the question, "What should I do with this rose?" because she was looking to the ALL. She was looking beyond the obvious choices of: touch the rose, don't touch the rose, or do nothing. She looked to the ALL, and in this knowingness she knew what to do. She didn’t allow her human intellect to go through the regular process of duality, of struggling with choices. She intuitively knew it was time to take the fruit of the rose and to receive it, to place it in her mouth, to digest it, and to bring it within her being.
Dear friends, the fruit of the rose that is in your New House is the passion that exists in the new energy!

< Creator 8QA > The spiritual passion that left you when you came to Earth is coming back. It is ready for you, and in Lesson Eight it is time to receive this once again. It has been in your new house - you have just overlooked it. You have just overlooked it. By receiving this back within you, it will give you a new fuel, a new completeness and a new expression of love in the new energy.

< Creator 9QA > There are angels who work with you day-to-day, ones who work in the background with the energies that you are creating. The runners that we spoke of earlier are angels who take these vibrational waves that you are now beginning to send out from your new house. They are here to escort these waves on their journey. They are here to help assure that these vibrations you are emitting get to the right place. They fly along side of these vibrations. But more than anything, they are here to maintain the appropriate balance of the reflection of these vibrations. This is what comes back to you.

< Creator 9QA > They cannot do it for you, but they can facilitate the process that you began in your own house. They stand in neutral until they are activated by your brush stroke, by your passion, and by the waves of vibration that you send out. For those who will go home tonight and lie in bed and say, "Dear runners, please bring me such and such," it does not work that way. It does not work that way. They work with the energies that are coming from your house, from your one chakra. They facilitate the path going out, and the path coming back in. They are a team of angels who have volunteered to work for you. They are in service.

< Creator 10 > After initiating the process with a broad-brush stroke, after taking in your passion which is the fuel, then vibrations go out of your new house, out into the world around you. These are vibrations of love and compassion and wisdom that you emanate to others. It is like a light that is shining out to them, but there is also a reverse vibration that comes back to you. With the assistance of your runners, this vibration brings back all of the appropriate things to you, to the front door of your house (Lesson 9). This is part of the creation process. It is being in your new house, it is saying I AM, it is initiating a process that then is fueled by your passion, then goes out into the physical world around you and what comes back are all of the appropriate things for you.

< DivineHuman 3 > Remember that we said, "Allow your divinity to find the solution. Allow your divinity to cook this problem until it was ready to be pulled out." Then, you took the issue out of the Oven of Grace and put it on the counter to cool off. At some point we asked you to take all of these issues that were scattered all about your kitchen in your new house and throw them in the air. When you did, they turned into beautiful shimmering lights, brilliant dancing lights that represent the wisdom of what you learned through the challenge and the difficulty. Now, we take that and apply it to your rest stop.