< New Earth 11 > Let us tell you a little of the carpenters of your house, the ones who are building and keeping you awake at night. There are two who go by the name of Joseph. Joseph the carpenter, and Yeshua ben Joseph, the carpenter’s son. They are working with you on your new house. They are helping to frame the energy of the Christ consciousness. It is no wonder that they were called the carpenters in your sacred books.

< NewEnergy 10 > In the House of Sananda is the energy of Joseph, father of Yeshua, who presents a stable and balanced father figure… you see… strong, but quiet, guiding without controlling. His energy comes in now as part of Sananda to replace an Old concept of a father figure. The energy of Joseph is so very present with us now to help you come to a New understanding of a male father figure to replace some of the Old that you had.

< Teacher 5 > I did incarnate in that lifetime 2,000 years ago as Balthazar, helping to bring in the Christ seed energy. I was a Babylonian king at the time, but I knew, just as you knew, that there was something happening on Earth. Couldn't put a finger on it, couldn't necessarily identify just what it was, although the prophets, they talked about the new Messiah coming. But who would have thought the Messiah would have come in the way he did. What I mean by that it wasn't just the baby Yeshua. It wasn't just about Mary and Joseph. It was about the birth of the Christ seed on Earth at the time. It was about not only Yeshua coming to Earth, but about you coming to Earth. About you incarnating.

< Discovery 4 > Yeshua was born and raised an Essene, and in it you'll find a lot of the clues to his life. First of all, his mother wasn't a virgin. You probably figured that one out. His parents weren't married, because the Essenes didn't necessarily believe in marriage. If you were a good Essene, a better Essene, you actually never got married. And I'll show you in a minute why that presented a lot of conflict for dear Yeshua. So the parents weren't married, but suddenly Mary finds herself pregnant. Oh! Of course, she had had intimacy with Joseph. Now, in the Essene practice, the Essenes were like very strict, fundamentalist Jews at the time. Very strict. So what to do? Ah, well, not get married, of course, but to deliver the child and live in a little bit of embarrassment. Not that it was totally forbidden, but if you wanted to be a better Essene, you didn't fornicate at all. No, no, no.