christ seed / divine seed / creative self

your own crystalline realm that you brought in;  crystalline energy within you;
seed of your soul self;
seed of christ consciousness;  seed of new energythe fourth element;

< New Earth 8 > You thought your true work was perhaps being a seed in the ground but that was not it. This melding and merging of energies, this divine coming together, takes place, and now miraculously the seed begins to sprout. And it takes in energies of the earth, the water, the ground, the nutrients, but it is also absorbing great amounts of energy from divine sources. And the seed breaks through the earth, and it now sprouts into a magnificent plant and then feeds others. And as the others feed from the plant, the plant does not die; it continues to sprout new leaves and new fruit. Each one who comes by and tastes of the fruit of this plant of the seed, then carries a degree of that energy and that love and that spirit with them. Therefore, ultimately, sooner or later, all are touched, all begin to carry the attributes of the seed.

< New Earth 8 > Each of you chose to be here in this time frame, for each of you carried in a seed within you that should the Earth continue and move into a new energy, there was an important energy attribute that would be needed in the energy dynamics of the new Earth. Each of you brought in a seed, knowing in advance that there was the potential for termination. There was potential for non-fulfillment of your coming to this Earth. For if there had been destruction, you would have simply passed and simply recorded another human life, but without germinating.

< New Earth 8 > We ask you to remember a time that most of you here were involved in. That time was 2000 years ago, and most who are here walked with one known as Yeshua Ben Joseph - Jesus. Most of you met Yeshua personally at that time. Most of you sat together in groups like this, talking of the need for the Christ consciousness to be brought to Earth, not by one but by many. You experienced a very interesting time then. We ask you not to be ashamed or embarrassed within yourself to know that you were there at that time, that you walked with the Master of Love. It was part of your full contract, to come into contact to learn. For this one, known as Jesus, was the seed that had germinated, that sprouted the fruit that you tasted of. It was important that you tasted of that energy while you walked on Earth.

< New Earth 8 > Now we come to this lifetime. So you chose to come in, most of you in this room, from a time period generally - and this is not limited to - but generally shortly after your last World War up until what would be your approximate mid-1970's, and those are general, my friend. There are some who came in before and some who came in after, but this was a time period when most of you chose to come in - the seed bearers - what we call the Lost Children of Christ. You came in, my friends, each carrying the seed within you, the seed containing the crystalline white energy of the Christ consciousness that would be needed on this Earth should the Earth move into two, should the Earth begin the graduation process. The Lost Children of Christ, the seed bearers, are here tonight and many other places around your Earth.

< New Earth 8 > The seeds are beginning to germinate. They are beginning to shed their blankets, the ones that have made it, and not all have, but the ones that sit here, the ones you call family and lightworkers all over the world. You are the seeds that begin to germinate. This is the time for the seed that is awakening and feeling the discomfort but yet the joy of bursting forth, that is confused but yet filled with ambition. This is the time for the divine connection to take place, for the analogy that we used of the seed, for the lightning bolt to strike. We assure you, my friends, it will not be like a painful lightning bolt. It will be a stream of love that begins to come in, that connects with the seed that was within you, the Lost Children of Christ. It begins to help you sprout and to break through and to become the tree, the fruit, and the way.

< New Earth 8 > That is why we sit here tonight to share with you, to help you to understand what you have gone through, to help you to understand that after the measurement of December 13th and the understanding of the balances and now the creation of the new Earth that the seeds are ready to come out. The seeds are important for they will begin to shine a light as energy for others to see. You carried this consciousness within you, all of these days. It was important, my friend, to have a human carrier of this seed, to have you. It is you.

< New Earth 8 > This is not an energy that could be delivered by asteroids or comets or the planets. Oh, they play a part in it, but it was energy that had to be brought in within you. That is why there was a time 2000 years ago where you walked with Yeshua Ben Joseph, when you saw what it was like for a single seed to germinate, to be part of that energy, so that one day you too could be a carrier. Each of you in this room has felt from time to time that you were perhaps crazy for feeling like you were Christ because your books had taught you that this is wrong, because they had taught there is only One. But the Master of Love Himself, the one you call Sananda, the one that you walked with, stands here tonight asking each of you to accept the Christ consciousness that you carry in order to allow the melding of the germinating seed with the divine light that comes in - to carry on, to bring the energy that you carry into this new Earth, to be the plant, to be the fruit of the Christ consciousness here on Earth. This is needed. This is needed.

< New Earth 8 > Now as you begin to truly emerge and awaken, and there is the divine integration and the uniting power of the seed of the Christ consciousness that you carry, there will come to you a new type of entity, entities that will come to serve you.

< New Earth 8 > Do not ask your runners which way you should turn. They simply respond to your committed intent. Ask within, my dear friends, for you are the one that is responsible. You are the ones who have carried the seed within you. You are the ones who are planting the Christ consciousness in the new Earth energy.

< New Earth 8 > My dear friends, the most difficult thing of all were the years you spent as the Lost Child of Christ, of hiding who you were, walking with that deep inner knowingness of what you had brought in. But knowing also that it had been lost and hidden, knowing the traumatic event that you went through to hide it, thinking that you had done something wrong, and that God had abandoned you and Christ abandoned you. You did not do something wrong, my friends. It was all part of the architecture of the energy, to bring it out only at the appropriate time, for the seed to germinate when the rest of the world was ready.

< New Earth 9 > This energy carries some interesting attributes. It carries the energy of 33. Now, my friends, look at the sequence of events. There was what you have known as the 11:11 and the 12:12. The 12:12 is the number "1" and "2" separated by the colon. If you add each of these sides together, you have a "3" and "3." It represented the 2 faces or aspects of the 3rd dimension (human+divine on earth). And if you take out the separation (the colon), it is " 33." It is the Christ energy. It is the energy that is available for you to work with now. Look at your year 2012. You have considered to be a major time of change. The year 2012 represents the last year of the old energy. The Earth will then enter the year 2013, my friends, "2," plus "1," plus "3" - or " 33," the energy of the Christ consciousness. That is the energy that is becoming available for you now. It is the divine energy that you brought in as a seed that is now coming forth. In this classroom here you are being challenged to begin working with it.

< New Earth 10 > Many entities have been waiting for you, the aspect of your soul that exists in this lifetime and in the Now. They have been waiting for you to open, to allow the seed of Christ to germinate and to come forth. They have been, as you would say, Earth-bound. They have not been able to fully return Home until you, the human in this lifetime, the human that sits here, came to the point of finding the Lost Child of Christ within.

< New Earth 10QA > Up to this time it has been difficult to be on both sides. There have been very few entities that could do this. That is why, my friends, you do not see more of what you would call your aliens coming to this planet. They know that once they cross that threshold that those that come from other parts of your universe will become caught in the heaviness, in the electromagnetic grid-work. They will not be able to find their way out of the veil. It is very thick. It has up to now been, how do we say, one or the other. It is why we also say to you we need your feedback, because it is not like we operate in both sides. It is not like we are looking down and understand all things. The veil even prevents us and even Spirit from knowing all things. As you, the new Divine humans, emerge as the Christ seed grows from within you, you will be the first group of entities that will know both sides of the veil.

< Creator 7 > You chose to leave the kingdom for something of incredible honor. Here you are on this tiny place called Earth, thinking you are just a human, thinking that you live perhaps eighty or ninety years and struggle to survive, struggle to do the right thing. You do not see who you truly are! It is part of the purpose of the Crimson Council to help awaken this understanding from within you. As was said earlier on this day, you will not get there through your mind. You will get there through your heart (center), and more specifically, through what is called the one chakra, the Christ seed that is within you. Be "out of your mind" for a while. It is a wonderful thing!

< Creator 7 > I, Tobias, want you to remember the energy here right now, the energy that tells you that you have the Christ seed within you, and you always have. Follow none other than the God within you! You will be challenged in these days to come, as you make the final link of your circle. The challenges will be difficult, and that is why we bring this subject up on this night. Are we saying you will have an alien encounter? In a way, yes, we are. It may not happen while you are driving down the road at 1:00 AM and come to a railroad crossing. (audience laughter) It may come in your sleep. It may happen, and most likely will happen, as an old remembrance coming through like a freight train, a remembrance that brings fear and that cripples you and immobilizes you. When that happens, dear friends, we want you to come back to this energy of this day, when Spirit, when Yeshua and the Crimson Council and Tobias sat in front of you, and said, "Dear ones, you are the God that is awakening. Have no others come before or above you."

< Creator 11 > You are awakening. The energy that the Christ Seed needs, that your divinity needs, is your own energy of love and acknowledgement. Do not give it to us. We do not need it. We love you dearly, but nurture yourself. Give thanks to yourself. You are beginning to see examples in your own life where things are beginning to work out for the first time, truly work out. You are beginning to have new understandings. You are beginning to hear inanimate objects talk to you. Oh yes, just the other day the coffee pot talked to Cauldre! (audience laughter)

< Creator 11 > If you do not acknowledge your creations, if you give the credit to Spirit or to angels or to any others, this Divinity that is like a seed growing from within will begin to wither like a plant on a hot summer day. It needs your love. Your divinity is your true self. It has been in a cocoon for a long, long time. It is who you truly are, and it is coming back to you as a child. It needs your love. It needs the balanced love of the King and the Queen within You.

< Creator 12 > Indeed I did walk upon Earth. I walked in human body for many, many incarnations. I spent much time with many of you. We knew each other in the days of Ault (Atlantis). We worked together. We were looking. We were searching for our divinity within. We were using technology to rediscover ourselves, to try to find the hidden divinity within. Oh, we discovered many things! We learned many things. But dear friends, dear angels, we did not discover our divinity. When we realized that this was not so much possible, we chose to leave this phase of Earth. We chose a type of renewal through destruction, so that we could begin all over again. We could begin again this search for the divine seed within.

< Creator 12 > When you left Home, you brought nothing with you except for a tiny, tiny seed that had a protective wrapping around it. That is all you brought within you. It was the seed of divinity. You carried that within your consciousness and within your being for all of the days and all of the times that you have journeyed. It has been carefully protected within you, carefully concealed within you, so that you did not see it, and so that others did not see it as well. It was buried deep within your consciousness.

< Creator 12 > Now along the way you have felt something within. You have felt that there was more than what appeared on the surface. You have felt the presence of this divine seed within. That is what has kept you going through many of your journeys and travels. This divine seed is still within you, and as you know now, it is beginning to awaken. We use the term seed as a metaphor, dear friends, but it is an integral part of who you are. It is at the deepest levels of your being, not to be revealed until the appropriate time.

< Creator 12 > Some 2,500 years ago the energy of Earth was appropriate to begin bringing this seed of divine consciousness - what we sometimes call the Christ consciousness - from the outer realms and dimensions where it existed. For you know your consciousness does not truly exist within your biology. It exists on levels and planes surrounding you. It is much like your movie projector. The consciousness - the film and the projector - are in one location, and the image is projected onto another. In a sense, you are the image of your consciousness projected into 3D, projected into this body that you carry, projected into this Earth that you walk on.

< Creator 12 > We ask you to consciously practice this. Set no agenda on it. Do not intellectualize it. Do not try to think your way into your divinity, for that will hurt! (chuckling) It will not feel so good! Simply breathe it in. This seed of divinity you brought from Home has been waiting for the appropriate time to come forward. And now as you are shifting into the new energy, it indeed is the right time. It indeed is time to have that new relationship with Spirit. That loneliness, that separation that you have felt for so long, dear friends, is ready to be filled, and it comes from within you. It comes from within.

< Creator 12 > Your guides had to leave. They had to leave that direct energy field around you, so you could begin to understand your own relationship with Spirit. Those who have been with you for ages and ages, lifetime after lifetime, had to stand back for a period of time in your life, particularly these last few years. That is why it has been so challenging and difficult for you, but they had to stand back to provide you the space to bring forth your own divine seed. You have carried with you ever since you left Home. It is time for it to shine from within you. Bring these elements and this light into your reality, into your day-to-day life with the simple breath.

< Ascension 1 > We have discussed this before, that some 2,500 years ago of your human time the energies were right and appropriate to begin bringing in what we have called the seed of Christ consciousness. Up until then the balance of energy of the human and of the spirit was not ready to fully receive this. In your days of Alt (Atlantis) and Mu (Lemuria), you tried many different things to pull in this energy. There were many technologies that you used to try to integrate, to try to find your divinity. But as you know, it was not the time. It was not appropriate, and as you know, your divinity cannot be brought in through technology alone. It is a meld of your own inner opening, your breathing it in. It is a combination of mass consciousness. It is technology. It is all these factors brought together.

< Ascension 1 > And until 2,500 years ago, it was not so possible to bring in this seed that you have been carrying with you ever since you left the kingdom. Then as individuals, as groups of humans, as families, and entire nations, you began coming to Earth, returning after other lifetimes. You began to come back, but this time with the awareness that you were going to bring in this seed. You brought it in with you in your consciousness to plant it, knowing that it would take a while for the seed to germinate and to grow. It would take a while before any harvest was possible. But you all agreed to this.

< Ascension 1 > 2,000 years ago, many of you who sit in this very room, and who read these words and listen to them in other formats… you came to Earth in strength and in numbers, and you placed yourself all across the world. You placed yourself in Jerusalem, in England, in the Africas, in Asia, some as natives here in this country of the United States. There was a shower, a rain shower, of you who now call yourself Shaumbra, of you who came in to plant the seed. The one you know as Yeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus) was the one who got much attention. But all of you are the ones who have helped bring this seed in. In the subsequent years and lifetimes since then, you have been working in earnest. You have been working diligently to provide the fertile ground, the fertile energy for this Christ seed to blossom.

< Ascension 1 > You are the ones who started the churches all over the world. No wonder that you feel somewhat ambivalent about them on these days! But you were the ones who started these. These were the temples. These were the churches where the Christ seed would begin its growth process and would reach out to the others. For these past 2,000 years, dear Shaumbra, you have been coming back lifetime after lifetime, learning how to bring this energy in, providing the space and the energy for it to grow. And you know from our past words with you, now is the time for this to come forward.

< Ascension 1 > The vision, going back some 2,500 years ago, dear friends and Shaumbra, was to bring this seed of Christ consciousness into this grand and glorious planet of yours. And as you did, and as you now allow it to emerge, to come through you, to be breathed through you, this opens a whole new - what would you say - you call them "portals." It opens whole new pathways, not into the darkness of your outer space, but it opens pathways all the way back through what used to be the void, all the way through the Wall of Fire back Home to the kingdom. As you open these pathways through the work you do, through the consciousness changes that you are going through and through breathing, this allows All That Is, the kingdom of God and Goddess, to now begin their journey from Home to you.

< Ascension 1 > As you look back now on your lifetime, you chuckle. You realize that in the early to mid-1990's you truly began to wake up. Your search intensified. Oh, when you wanted to put it aside, when it hurt your head to think too much about it, it kept on pushing you. That was the awakening seed from within you. But yet all of this time, your being, your soul knew that there was one more hurdle, one more potential to get through, and that was the potential of great Earth changes that would take place at the end of the last century.

< Ascension 1QA > Do not look to the past for ways to handle things. And we will say that many times today in these questions that are about to be asked, for we see what they are. We will say, "Do not look to the past." There will be new ways to handle this. What they are, we are not so sure, for you will be discovering them. But there will be a new element of your divine seed that comes into play in your reality now. It will not be held in the grids far away. It will not be hidden in the True Self. You will be able to bring it to this very place that you reside in with your physical body.

< Ascension 4 > That reason (leaving Home) is to understand your own identity outside the realm of All That Is, to connect with that identity, to experience through it, and then at a given point, to integrate your birthright, the Christ seed within, your God-self, to integrate that into everything that you are. That is why we are sitting here with you now. That is why you are here, dear, dear friends. And, that is why I, Tobias, sit here with you on this day. You are at that magical, miraculous, incredible point, where you are coming to the full completion of the circle. You are coming to the point now where you are completing the circle. And, that is when you integrate your divinity.

< Ascension 6 > As we gather here now as family, they (Kryon) are working at this moment on these changes, on the attunements of the grids. What this will do is allow you a new type of access to all of who you are (full divinity). It will allow a new type of fuel. It will allow a portal from your full divinity in order to illuminate that seed of Christ that is within you. It is a ray of sunlight that comes in, that breaks through a cloud cover that has been around you for so long. And, this ray will directly beam upon the Christ seed that is germinating within you. This ray, this beautiful golden, copper, whitish ray will shine, and it will bless your divinity. It will bless the Christ seed, and allow it to grow in new ways.

< NewEnergy 1 > Arthur was killed by his son, which is an interesting metaphor in itself. Arthur allowed himself to the killed by his son in penance for his own sins. You see, he was a warrior. He was a battler. He loved war. He thought nothing of cutting off heads and piercing his sword through hearts, until one day he came to realize there was something stirring within him. And, it was his own divinity. It was his own awakening.

And, he indeed was touched by the energies, the seed of Christ, the energies that so many of you worked on in those early days of Yeshua, and immediately after Yeshua. He was touched by you and the work that you did. He gave up his sword, and he created a new place of peace, a place of prosperity and abundance, a place of mostly freedom. And, then he allowed himself to be killed for his sins of battle. So, his energy comes in on this day, thanking you for the awakening that you gave him.

< NewEnergy 1 > There were certain offshoots of energy from his (Arthur) work, from your work. They were called the Crusades… an interesting thing, a thing that so many of you here right now, the moment we said that word, your energy dropped ten levels. (audience laughter) It was a difficult time then. You were Crusaders. You were the ones trying to carry the new word out, trying to carry the seed of Christ consciousness throughout all of the world. But, dear friends, as you know, it got slightly out of hand. But, you were passionate… oh, so passionate, so passionate that you have not allowed yourself to be passionate since then.

< NewEnergy 1 > So, the energies of Camelot join the energies of Yeshua - interesting combination here today - and Buddha, Moses, and Mohammed to hand you the baton… not to leave you alone, dear friends… for as we always say, "You are never alone"… but to say, "It is time for you now to carry this seed of Christ consciousness even further for those who are ready. These masters… they were ones who helped to spread the Christ consciousness. This was not just about Yeshua. Within Buddha was the consciousness of Christ… and within Mohammed… within Moses indeed… many others. But, now it is up to you.

< NewEnergy 2 > The next step in expanding the identity of Self was allowing the integration of divine and human. This is where you are at right now, in a way. Part of you is not willing to accept that You Are God Also. You hear the words, but your heart blocks the feelings. You know it is time, but you don't feel you are worthy. You know that the Christ seed within you. But you don't feel you are pure enough to allow it into your life. So you hold back.

< NewEnergy 2 > Then came the time of Yeshua. He came in to teach a new type of God… not an angry, old male God… a not God that was filled with punishment… not a God that needed to be worshiped. Indeed, dear friends, how ridiculous - why would God need you to worship… Her? (audience laughter) That makes no sense. That makes no sense! Yeshua came in to teach about a new type of God. You incarnated to Earth in and around that time, carrying the new seed of the Christ consciousness in you. Yeshua was the spokesperson. You were the carriers.

< NewEnergy 6 > It is a safe energy because it is no longer duality energy… you see. New Energy is balanced. It contains the four elements - the light, the dark, the neutral, and the Christ seed all together. It is balanced. As we talked about so long ago in our discussion of the four marbles, the four elements, after a while, after the Christ-light element comes in, the Old elements of light and dark and neutral begin to take on the attributes of the Christ energy, of the divine energy. They embody the divine energy. And, it sets up the energy of "four," a balanced, balanced energy. It is a safe place to be. That is why we can come here today with Quan Yin and say that you are in a safe energy now.

< NewEnergy 10 > Now, there is some confusion here about Sananda. It is one of the Orders of the Arc. It is one of the pillars of the Order of the Arc. And, it represents the Christ energy. It represents the energy of the Christ seed in germination and in blossoming. Sananda is the Christed energy. It is the energy… it is the Order that is helping you birth the Christ energy within yourself in your Now moment. So, indeed, it has been very close to you for quite some period of time, very much a part of you and who you are.

< NewEnergy 10 > So many of you were here at that time several thousands of years ago. You walked with Yeshua, talked with him. But, it was also you. As we have said before, Yeshua in the Order of Sananda is not a being who walks around. It does not have a soul like you. It was a manifestation of your consciousness. Also within the House of Sananda are the energies of Mother Mary, so much a part of the birthing of the Christ seed. There is the story of Mary and the son Jesus on Earth. That is only part of it. It is a metaphor for the birthing energies of Mary that are in the House of Sananda.

< NewEnergy 10 > The energies of Myriam, the one you call Mary of Magdalene, are also all a part of the House of Sananda, part of the imagination… you see… for after the birthing of the Christ seed now it has to come to expression through imagination. That is the role that Myriam served on Earth, the teacher, the "imaginer." That is the role she is serving with you right now.

< NewEnergy 10 > But, now we bring in at this time, at this appropriate time, the whole energy of Sananda. We introduced and brought in this energy a week ago of time in "the land of the unknown," what you call Norway. So, now that was the preliminary introduction. And, this entire group comes in now because it is truly the time of the birthing of the Christ seed. Most of you have gone through the birthing, you know. You associate this with some of the difficulties and challenges, the loss of your own identity, who you thought you were, some of the physical aches and pains, but yet some of the great new understandings.

< NewEnergy 10 > Right now - how to say - there is a very complex energy dynamic, a type of energy grid that would be an amazing painting if one were able to perceive it and paint it. But, there is an amazing network of energies around you - held and supported by so many from our side, but emanating from you - that prevents outside interference right now, because you've chosen that, because in this birthing process (germinating process of the Christ seed) you need the safe space. You need not to have other energies interfering.

< Embodiment 4 > Oh, and Shaumbra, one of the greatest of all, one of the greatest crosses that all of you bear is the cross of Yeshuaholding the energy of Yeshua… and the times 2000 years ago… holding it tightly… holding it deeply… and holding it in suffering… holding it with such vows… vows that you gave to never let it go, to never let it be lost. Well, Shaumbra, it's not lost. It's very present on Earth right now. You can see it all over. It is built in churches all over the world… your energy. The work of Yeshua and the work of you in bringing the divine seed to Earth is not lost; it is not gone.

< Embodiment 8 > I (St. Germain) was involved in forming or helping to encourage these secret societies back in those times. So many of you still have those energies within you. So many of you are attracted by the twinkle of a jewel that catches your eye in a certain way, and it provides a remembrance of the times in the secret societies. The secret societies, in a way, date back to the very origins of Shaumbra in the time of Yeshua where we met. We met in secret. We met as Essenes, and even as a subgroup of the Essenes to really bring in the Christ seed here on Earth, to bring in the awakening consciousness to a consciousness that has long been asleep.

< Embodiment 8 > This hypnosis of religion holds so much of the consciousness of Earth right now. I am not speaking ill of the churches. I'm only trying to state facts. I can't speak ill of the churches. You and I helped to create them. We created them for a different purpose, especially two thousand years ago. We created some of the initial churches, some of the initial ways of humankind, as we were birthing this divine seed, this Christ consciousness on Earth. As you came into incarnation, you realized it was so hard to maintain the divine seed, the Christ consciousness in a very hostile and difficult world. So, you started to build churches, physical places that could be sacred, that could hold the sacred energy, that could house the divine Christ energy until it was time to truly radiate throughout all of the world. So, you helped to build the physical churches.

< Clarity 1 > Oh, 1999 was pivotal because there was still the overwhelming potential and fear that Earth would have its termination with the advent of the millennium, the change in the - how to say - in the energy on Earth, not just by the calendar, but in the energetic dynamics. There was the potential in August, 1999, for everything to start falling apart.

Take a deep breath and clear and feel the person that you were back then with all of the burdens you were carrying… the fears that you had… the uncertainty… but yet… but yet a type of beautiful crystalline energy within you… the Christ-seed energy that was seeking… that was wanting to find itself… that was wanting to find resolution. That is the part of you - the Christ-seed, wanting to find resolution - that has kept you going through some of the most difficult times these past six years, through the releasing and the processing, through the uncertainty and the doubts that you have faced in your life. It has kept you going.

< Clarity 5 > Take the energy of Yeshua, Jesus. As we have said before, Yeshua is not a souled being. Yeshua is a composite. It is a collective energy of a large group of angels, including you, that helped to bring it into manifestation. The energy was so strong, filled with so much compassion and love that you were literally able to manifest "Christed-ness," the Christ seed, the Christ consciousness and allow it to come into a physical body, a collective energy from all of you - and many others, of course - coming in at the appropriate time to Earth. Yeshua, in a sense, you could say, is not real at all, not real in the terms that you would normally think. It doesn't have an actual soul identity. But, yet Yeshua has come to mean so much.

< Clarity 6 > The crystalline realms are where new things are birthed. The crystalline realms are called "crystalline" because they are the Christ seed energy in an embryonic form, birthing. If you come out to these realms, you'll feel birthing taking place. It is creative. It is non-mental. The mind doesn't work out here. Some have tried to propel themselves into these realms through the use of drugs, and they go crazy because the mind doesn't work. And, on drugs you always bring your mind… you see… bad trip (some laughter).

< Clarity 6QA > Somewhere within this vehicle of yours lies this crystalline energy connector. It has always been there - the Christ Seed within you. You've known it. You have felt it, but you can't seem to put your hands on it. At some point, as we said, you locked it away. You shut it down. You turned it off. That is not meant literal, because it is always active, but in a sense you ignored it. You hypnotized yourself into believing that it wasn't active, that it wasn't even there.

< Clarity 6QA > This crystalline connection is also another way of describing the Christ Seed energy. When was the last time you worked actively with Christ Seed energy? When was it that you helped to bring it to Earth? What era started when that was brought to Earth? And who did you come with. Indeed. So, now I can't give you the answers (laughter). You have find out for yourself.

< Clarity 7 > The crystalline energies are within you. They are yours. They are there. You brought them (Christ seed) there. Two thousand years ago you said, "I'm going to bring them to Earth with me. I'm going to bring them out at the right time. I'm going to disconnect from the overall crystalline realms so I can discover my own." That is being sovereign.

< MNEC2006-T > Your mind is playing games on you, because when you get gnost, when you bring that balance back into your life, it creates a glow, first of all. It creates an ease and a grace that you haven't known since the days of Atlantis. It creates a simplicity and a clarity that defies any words that I could say. It is cosmic and it is human - all at the same time. It is the bridge between your crystalline... your internal crystalline realms, your creative self and your human self. It is the missing stepping stone that was taken out, that kept you from easily flowing energies back and forth between the realms.

< Teacher 5 > I did incarnate in that lifetime 2,000 years ago as Balthazar, helping to bring in the Christ seed energy. I was a Babylonian king at the time, but I knew, just as you knew, that there was something happening on Earth. Couldn't put a finger on it, couldn't necessarily identify just what it was, although the prophets, they talked about the new Messiah coming. But who would have thought the Messiah would have come in the way he did. What I mean by that it wasn't just the baby Yeshua. It wasn't just about Mary and Joseph. It was about the birth of the Christ seed on Earth at the time. It was about not only Yeshua coming to Earth, but about you coming to Earth. About you incarnating.

< Teacher 5 > There is something very common with all of us, by the way. Not just our Atlantean background, but also, most of us incarnated approximately 500-600 B.C. We were around in those days, helping to prepare the energies for the Christ seed that was coming in.

< Teacher 5 > And then most of us incarnated again about 2,000 years ago. It was a special lifetime for you and for me. We were in the midst of an energy change and an era change on Earth. We were in the midst of watching our own selves beginning to unfold, getting out from the heaviness of duality, the heaviness of being in the human physical body. We were starting to come out of the bottom part of this cycle called living on Earth, called incarnations. We were starting to move our energy back around - coming out - coming out so we could finally get off of this whole circle, this whole wheel of incarnations.

< Teacher 5 > You were there. I was there. We planted the seeds. And now, over 2,000 years later, we are here harvesting. That is what you are here doing, harvesting this Christ seed energy. This Christ seed that has grown into a beautiful new consciousness. This beautiful new consciousness that you and I helped to start has grown and prospered. It's gotten strong and healthy. Even in spite of all the consciousness weeds growing around it. Even in spite of drought - consciousness drought. Even in spite of consciousness storms, this new Christ consciousness has grown, has evolved.

< Teacher 5 > When you let go of the mind and let go all the philosophy, beyond it there's a whole new frontier for you. Beyond it are answers to questions that you pondered for a long time in the old philosophical sense but never found the answers to. Beyond it are new frontiers of consciousness that the mind could not possibly comprehend. Beyond it is a new meaning to life that philosophy itself could never help to explain or to understand. Beyond it is the lack of struggle, the lack of conflict within yourself.

It is a divine state of being and it's here right now. It's not in some far distant future. It's not just a concept, not just a philosophy, but it's here right now. It's a gift that you have given yourself. It's this harvest of the Christ seed energy. It's time to bring that in, into your reality, right now if you choose.

< Teacher 5 > You see that New Energy, that harvest (of christ seed), is here waiting for you right now. It slowly finds its way to you, no matter what. That is a natural principle. The New Energy slowly transforms you. It could take many, many lifetimes, but it's just the natural evolution of energy.

< Teacher 6 > We begin a New Era. Now there's not a specific point in time that this era begins. You can't say that it starts today. It has been in evolution and process for thousands of years. Remember? Remember how 2,000 years ago you helped to bring this to Earth? It has been evolving and expanding ever since and it comes in now, this new era. I'm going to christen it the Consciousness era. We move beyond the Christos era, which was the time of bringing in the divine seed, the time of beginning the birthing process for the integration of the human aspect of you and the other aspects of you.

< QuantumLeap 2QA > In terms of the Christ Consciousness/Christ Seed, again, we deal with all of these different definitions, but it comes from the root energy "crystal" or "Christos," "clear" or "new." It is not that it has to do with Jesus Christ, as it were, or the Christ that you read about in your holy scriptures. It is about the clearness or the newness. So when it was referred to that the Christ Seed had been planted, the Christ Consciousness is here, it means the new. Basically, New Energy.

Two thousand years ago so many of you were here on Earth in that general time era to plant the seeds of new consciousness that are now coming out. You've come back to be the ones to harvest what is coming in as new consciousness so you can therefore share it with others in the world. This is the new consciousness I talked about earlier.

< Returning 4 > Your spirit has called you to be in the energy and the consciousness of this group known as Shaumbra that has been gathering like this for a long, long time. If you can believe it and imagine it, back into the times of Atlantis - oh, there was an Atlantis - this group has been gathering. Back in the times of Yeshua, also known as Jesus, they were the Essenes. They were the ones who studied at the deep inner levels. They are the ones who have been helping to plant the seeds of new consciousness as far back as 2,000 years ago, preparing for this time that we now live in.

< e2012 7 > Why am I (Adamus) here? I'm here because you asked me to be. I'm here because you have brought tremendous consciousness. You brought tremendous the Christ Seed consciousness to this planet. You seeded it a long time ago in the ground, in the air, in mass consciousness. You gave it to yourself before you ever got here. You – most of you – were around in the time of Yeshua. You were part of that whole liberation that took place at the time. You were here to bring about what you have commonly called the New Age, and here we're in it.

< Discovery 4 > You know Yeshua. Why? Because Yeshua is a composite made out of you and me and a bunch of others. Yeshua was the biggest composite ever, in other words, more souled beings gathered together and said, “Let's create this composite.” Not a souled being. By the way, for those of you who are still online with us who are relatively new, yes, Yeshua, Jesus wasn't a souled being. It was a composite of all of you. It was about bringing the divine seed to this planet 2,000 years ago.

< Discovery 4 > He was searching for answers. He was desperate, aching so much in his heart. But what was really happening, my friends, is that in his search, theoretically thinking that he was searching for some relief just from the anxiety of losing his community and his wife – he was on a bigger journey. His real journey was about himself. Your real journey back then was about yourself. It wasn't about finding some philosophical answers. It wasn't finding yourself even just in a Mystery School or a monastery, although he ended up going there. But the original journey of your own divine seed was eventually about coming to you. The story of Yeshua is your story. Some of you have gone through it a couple of times. Some of you have gone through it many, many times. But it was your story of life, of learning, sometimes of heartbreak and ultimately of discovery.

< Kharisma 2 > There's Yeshua, and that's the true being that lived some 2,000 years ago. It was a, what you would call, the collective consciousness. It was a combination of a lot of beings putting their energy into what you could say a Standard, Yeshua who was truly a Master, Yeshua, who got angry, Yeshua, who had sex, Yeshua, who challenged why he was here, therefore in a way you challenging why you are here, Yeshua that came to plant the Christ seed consciousness – which means the crystal or Christos consciousness – on this planet. There's not too many that actually remember Yeshua, but for most of you, he was your teacher also, as he was mine. He was your teacher. So you could say that there's quite a few in the Ascended Masters Club that had the true Yeshua as their guide, as their teacher, as their Master.

< Kharisma 2 > For many of you it's been both –  Yeshua, several thousand years ago; me, now. Am I comparing myself to Yeshua? Sure. (laughter) Why not? Is it some sacred territory, because in fact you and me are and were Yeshua. We were that Christ seed consciousness that came to this planet. Now you're coming back to realize the very Christ consciousness that you implanted. You're coming back to realize what you have always been, what you have always, always been. It's nothing new. It's who you truly are.

< Transhuman 9 > This beautiful Tree of Sensuality – like I said, they talk about the Tree of Life, but it's really the Tree of Sensuality – this beautiful tree represents crystals, the very thing that this planet was seeded with so long ago by the angelic beings prior to human arrival. The crystals themselves held energy. They emitted light and they emitted energy, but a different type of energy, a very different type, something that we'll talk about today. Crystals themselves embedded in the Earth. As a matter of fact, the core of Earth isn't just a bunch of hot molten lava. It is a huge crystal and it has been such an important part of this planet, because a crystal represents clarity. Crystal is symbolic of Christos or the Christ. Not Yeshua, Christ, but the Christ consciousness or the Christed consciousness within each of you.