also incarnated as the one you call Mohammad;

< DivineHuman 7QA > Cauldre has asked when Mohammed would come in. His energy has been in the Second Circle many, many times. But, you know, in a sense, he has - how to say - been quite busy with other things going on. (much audience laughter) He is scheduled at some point, but there are energetic reasons why he has not wanted to be directly here as the primary guest.

There is much confusion about so many of your masters. At times they tend to take a low profile. They do not want energies or attentions focused on them. They do not want those humans to follow them. And, they understand the balance needed to avoid controversy. But, we thank you for your question, and be assured that Mohammed will be here. Be assured that we are speaking with him - that he will have a most shocking message for you when he comes in. (audience laughter) Yes, he indeed was known for that in his time also.

< DivineHuman 8 > After leading a long and rather challenging life, but very fulfilling and rewarding, Moses left the Earth. He saw what was beginning to take place, changes sweeping over the land. But he also saw that there was an imbalance. He saw that there was another group of people who were treated as slaves… who were owned as slaves… who had no hope… who had no guidance. They needed a different message at the time for their group. So, dear Moses came back. Dear Moses returned to Earth, accepting another challenge, being bold and daring once again, and returning to Earth as Mohammed. Moses and Mohammed… the same… the same entity.

< DivineHuman 8 > Moses returned as Mohammed to create Islam. Islam, the surrender, the release, the letting go. The people of the land of Arabia had an old karma that needed to be released. They needed someone to guide them out of the prisons of their souls. Moses and Mohammed had such a tremendous influence on society. So, imagine how he feels right now when he sees this duality, when he sees the conflict between Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Now, you would think that he would be sad at these events. But, dear friends, he has great, great compassion for humans.

< DivineHuman 8 > Moses and Mohammed understand what is taking place in the world right now. He understands that humanity is at a time of great change. He understands that the religions that were appropriate back then, are not so appropriate now. Moses comes here today to encourage you in your work. He encourages you, dear friends, to stand at the burning bush, to hear the word of God within you. He encourages you to sit on the mountain, like you are doing right now - not Mount Sinai, but Coal Creek Canyon (audience laughter) - to understand the commitment that Spirit has to you, the commitment that you have to your spirit.

< DivineHuman 8 > He comes here now to ask you to be bold and daring, as he was. Moses, the stutterer, the one who could not even get the words out of his mouth, but yet followed his heart to change the world. Moses, who returned as Mohammed to help lead another group out of their bondage (of their soul), to help give rise of consciousness, to help release this group from their past.

< DivineHuman 8 > Dear friends, the energy of Moses and Mohammed come back to the Earth right now so very strong. He will be here for a while, particularly during the transition time for your churches. He will be here for a while. Moses' energy will continue to be here - and, yes, to the one who just asked - yes, indeed there were what would appear to be miracles created at the times… the parting of the Red Sea, not so much a miracle, but at the time it appeared that way.

< DivineHuman 8QA > Let go for a moment. Let go. This is what Moses/Mohammed tried to tell the people of Islam. Islam means "release" and "surrender." Let go. It had to be presented in a different way back then also, so people could hear it, and understand it, and accept it within their being. So many of the messages that were told thousands of years ago are so very relevant today, so much more a part of your realization and consciousness than even they were thousands of years ago.

< NewEnergy 1 > The energy of Mohammed comes in today to visit, the archetypical energy of Mohammed, who had such an influence, and has such an influence on Earth right now… a very peaceful energy, in spite of what you may see on the outside of so many who embrace this energy on Earth right now… very, very devoted and loving energy. But, Mohammed comes in and says that, again in spite of appearances, that those who truly understand the essence of that faith truly understand the four words "you are God also." That is what they have been trying to say for so very long. But, indeed, humans turn the words. Humans change them. Humans make claims that were never there from the original prophets.

< NewEnergy 1 > Mohammed comes in, knowing that so much of his energy now can leave, so much of his energy can come back to our side of the veil to work with the celestial orders who are helping to free those peoples on Earth who are held down, who are enslaved… but not to change - how to say - the energy of the ones who are the dictators, the ones who are holding them back. It (Mohammed's energy) comes back on this side to work with the peoples who do not believe in themselves, who do not understand or feel the nature of divinity within them. That is the only thing that is holding people as slaves, that is holding them in a tyrannical government - it is their own lack of self-worth.

< NewEnergy 11QA > We use the term "Christ consciousness" quite broadly. And, at its core it would mean a "crystal consciousness" or a "clear consciousness," not held back by things such as karma and such as duality in its simplest state. Yeshua - or also known as Jesus - was one of the first to come in with this energy of Christ consciousness. So many of you helped to bring in the initial seeds of this several thousands of years ago. It created a potential on Earth at the time that would grow and grow and grow.

The Christ consciousness is not a person. It is an attribute of clarity and simplicity and moving beyond duality. And, it can be embodied and brought into your everyday life. Quite simply it has been brought in by many of those who you have called Masters, such as Buddha, and such as Mohammed, and such as Yeshua. All held within them the Christ consciousness, but it could not be expressed as fully and demonstrated in life as you can now do. So, the Christ consciousness is clarity and release from the past. It is, at its core, also energies coming back into balance and expanding once again.

< QuantumLeap 4> Moses also incarnated as the one you call Mohammad. Moses is wonderful for taking on the issues of people, whether they were slaves, whether they were impoverished, he was excellent at that. Going into the groups of some of the neediest and taking on their issues. I would tell this to Moses - I have told this to Moses himself in some of our discussions - he wasn't much of a leader, actually. He carried too much on his own shoulders. He got so upset about things. Moses had a bad temper - a really bad temper! But he was also a martyr in his own right.