prison / bondage

prison of the soul;
dark night of the soul

< DivineHuman 8 > Moses returned as Mohammed to create Islam. Islam, the surrender, the release, the letting go. The people of the land of Arabia had an old karma that needed to be released. They needed someone to guide them out of the prisons of their souls. Moses and Mohammed had such a tremendous influence on society. So, imagine how he feels right now when he sees this duality, when he sees the conflict between Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Now, you would think that he would be sad at these events. But, dear friends, he has great, great compassion for humans.

< DivineHuman 8 > He comes here now to ask you to be bold and daring, as he was. Moses, the stutterer, the one who could not even get the words out of his mouth, but yet followed his heart to change the world. Moses, who returned as Mohammed to help lead another group out of their bondage (of their soul), to help give rise of consciousness, to help release this group from their past.