< DivineHuman 8 > Moses returned as Mohammed to create Islam. Islam, the surrender, the release, the letting go. The people of the land of Arabia had an old karma that needed to be released. They needed someone to guide them out of the prisons of their souls. Moses and Mohammed had such a tremendous influence on society. So, imagine how he feels right now when he sees this duality, when he sees the conflict between Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Now, you would think that he would be sad at these events. But, dear friends, he has great, great compassion for humans.

< DivineHuman 12 > Breathe in and allow yourself to remember this parallel event 2150 years ago. You were the mystics. Some of you were priests and rabbis. You were Arabs and Jews, Africans, Asians. You see, a call had gone out from the grand house of Archangel Michael to gather on Mount Zion for a month of time for meditation and for prayer… for intense connecting to our side of the veil… for intense connecting to Earth… and intense connecting to a similar event sometime in the future (this gethering). You did not know the exact date, but you knew that you would gather together again to open something that had been closed for a long time, to change something that needed New Energy.

< Clarity 2QA > What has happened in this place, my homeland, is that the energies over a long period of time have become very stuck. You can see it in the people. You can see it in the buildings. You can feel it even in the waters of Israel. It has become stagnate. It has also gotten into its own type of parade, its own type of acting out where there is constant war, constant tension. You were just acting out on behalf of humanity, acting out humanity's yin and yang, light and dark, creator/destroyer.

But, it has become so embedded in the land of Israel that sometimes it is necessary to release… to get out for a period of time… perhaps a few months… perhaps a few years… perhaps to do it in the imagination… to let go of all of the overlays… to let go of the fact that you are an Israeli or an Arab or a Palestinian… to let go of Hippuru, which you are all of the same. You all have come from the same family. And, you have split now into your factions.

Perhaps, it is time to let go of all of that, to let go of the energy holding that you still do. We have talked about energy holding. We talked to you about it when we were there. We said it is time to let go. But, yet it is so ingrained in you that you continue to hold the energy. You look in the mirror, and you think you are an Israeli. You think you are Hippuru. That is old. Let it go.

We said to you that some of you will physically, literally want to get out of that energy, for it is thick and it is strong, to leave, to take a vacation, to go somewhere else for a while, to get a reprieve. Then, when you come back, you will be different. You will be fresh. You will be able to help this part of the world, this holy land, in a whole new way.

So much of the focus and the heaviness and the burden of humanity right now are on this area. You don't realize it all the time. But, the consciousness of religions is upon you. The consciousness of governments is even upon you right now. This weighs heavy on everything you do. Sometimes, you need to get out of that vibration. Take a rest. Come over to visit Shaumbra in this place in the mountains. Spend some time here renewing. Go out sailing on the ocean for a month or so of time. And, all of the time let go of Hippuru. Let go of Shiva. The destroyer energy is very strong in this land.