< NewEnergy 4QA > This whole concept of the Star of David - of the two triangles separated, but yet with some overlap on them - represents one of the very core wounds that is carried. It is also interesting that some of you have already figured it out. It is also interesting that this is the symbol for the "children of Israel," for the land where I came from. So, could you imagine now a week from today… can you imagine the potential for healing in this land… for healing of the Jewish race?

You know, they have called upon so many others - the Palestinians… the Jordanians… Syrians… all of the rest in this area - to help them act out, to help them - how to say - go through some of their old, old ancient karmas from long before any of you ever came to Earth. And, they put it right there in front of the world to see - the separation, the symbol of separation, the symbol of the wound - they put it there. It is a time for them also to heal. Because of my many lifetimes with this spiritual family of Israel, I will be working in this next week of time to facilitate a healing process.

< MNEC2006-T > Gaia doesn't like walls, you know. She'll find a way to tear them down one way or the other. The energy of Gaia is meant to flow openly and freely. It's not meant to have walls dividing countries and dividing consciousness and dividing people.

And as long as this wall continues to be built in my land of Israel, as long as they try to keep the others out, there will be difficulty. There will be bombings. There will be riots, and there will potentially be wars. So using this moment on this stage, with all of the energy of Shaumbra, we're going to ask that these walls come down - voluntarily - so that they don't have to be ripped down.

The walls separating the land of Israel and the Palestinians is causing the aggression right now. Oh it shows up in a variety of different ways. It shows up in certain groups getting very angry, but it could also show up in Gaia trying to help humanity to understand that you can't build walls.

< Teacher 1 > The issues that were brought to the surface because of the changing consciousness within you? The difficulties and the trials and tribulations that you went through? Your own internal battles. You're just now seeing it outside of you. You're seeing old issues, for instance with Hapuru - the family of Hapuru - which is both the Jews and the Palestinians. It's the Jewish world and the Muslim world. It's an old family issue that's being pushed to the forefront. It's demanding resolution right now.