twelve tribes of Israel / the family of Hapiru

1. the children of Israel; the Jewish tribe
2. spiritual family of Israel;

< Creator 11 > Indeed, when you come into a new body and a new lifetime on Earth, you do choose your family. But you do not just look at the millions and millions of families that are available, and say, "I will take this one or that one." It is not quite that simple. You have an affinity for the blood lineage that you came from. Generally, you will choose to return to a family that you have been with in the past.

There are those who believe that they bounce around from one country to the next, from one race to another. Dear friends, this is not so accurate. You tend to follow patterns. You follow families that you have been part of in the past. Do you know that you could be your own great great great grandfather? (audience laughter) This is not so uncommon, for you choose to come back in certain lineages, certain blood lines. There are many reasons for this that we will not go into right now.

There are stories in your Holy Scriptures that talk of twelve tribes and families of Earth. In a sense, this is accurate and true. From these twelve tribes certain lines have been developed. You have tended to stay within these until the most recent years. Until approximately 50 years, it has been common to stay within fairly tight blood lines. This is changing now and there are many reasons for this. We do not want to take up so much precious time now discussing this. But understand, you tend to stay within the same family patterns. That is why there is a fascination for your own genealogy. You will show up on your own family tree several times! (audience laughter)

< DivineHuman 10QA > The Jehovah family bonds are not just from lifetimes on Earth. They are from a group prior to coming to Earth, back before Earth was ever created. This was more of a celestial group called - how to spell - C-I-D-A, Cida, that you were all part of.

We emphasize that so many groups and religions right now have ties from long before they ever came to Earth, including the tribe of Israel that I was a part of. We were a group that knew each other so very well prior to coming to Earth. We brought much karma with us when we came to Earth.

This was intensified during the period of Atlantis, where our group tended to rule Atlantis. We tended to dominate. We were a very elite group. There was a karmic condition and karmic cleansing that the children of Israel, the Jewish tribe, agreed to. This is what you know as World War II.

< NewEnergy 4QA > This whole concept of the Star of David - of the two triangles separated, but yet with some overlap on them - represents one of the very core wounds that is carried. It is also interesting that some of you have already figured it out. It is also interesting that this is the symbol for the "children of Israel," for the land where I came from. So, could you imagine now a week from today… can you imagine the potential for healing in this land… for healing of the Jewish race?

You know, they have called upon so many others - the Palestinians… the Jordanians… Syrians… all of the rest in this area - to help them act out, to help them - how to say - go through some of their old, old ancient karmas from long before any of you ever came to Earth. And, they put it right there in front of the world to see - the separation, the symbol of separation, the symbol of the wound - they put it there. It is a time for them also to heal. Because of my many lifetimes with this spiritual family of Israel, I will be working in this next week of time to facilitate a healing process.

< NewEnergy 8 > We know her by the energy of Myriam, a dear one who comes from the lineage of Abraham, who was also known as Deborah, who led one of the twelve tribes of Israel, a great, great leader of man and woman. Myriam embraces the Quan Yin energy also and helps bring it to life. Myriam is a teacher, a disciple, an apostle who walked with Yeshua, first as Yeshua's student and learned so much, but then fell into her own power and her own right to stand side-by-side with Yeshua… for there had to be a feminine balance, you know.

< NewEnergy 9 > So, God came to Abraham, and said, "There is me. There is one." And, consciousness embraced it. Humanity embraced it. This drew together, once again, so many of what we call "the family of Hapiru," the ones who are the Jews. They have been working on this concept, this understanding, long before humans ever came to Earth. So, they were drawn together, and there was one God then. The many gods seemed to disappear. They became one.