Myriam / Miriam of Magdala / Mary of Magdalene

also known as Deborah;

< NewEnergy 8 > We call her by the energy of Myriam (Tobias pronouncing this as Mye-REE-um), Myriam… yes, indeed… Miriam, as you might know it (now pronouncing her name as MEER-ee-um)… Miriam of Magdala… Mary of Magdalene. (For the remainder of the text if Tobias says Mye-REE-um, her name will be spelled M-y-r-i-a-m, with a "y". If Tobias says MEER-ee-um, her name will be spelled M-i-r-i-a-m, with an "i".)

< NewEnergy 8 > We know her by the energy of Myriam, a dear one who comes from the lineage of Abraham, who was also known as Deborah, who led one of the twelve tribes of Israel, a great, great leader of man and woman. Myriam embraces the Quan Yin energy also and helps bring it to life. Myriam is a teacher, a disciple, an apostle who walked with Yeshua, first as Yeshua's student and learned so much, but then fell into her own power and her own right to stand side-by-side with Yeshua… for there had to be a feminine balance, you know.

< NewEnergy 8 > Particularly back then, Yeshua could not hold all of the energies for himself. So, Myriam joined him. Oh, the others, John, Paul, (pause)… Ringo, and George - oh, wrong group (much audience laughter, with Tobias teasingly referring to the Beatles) - would be Peter and all of the others. They were jealous of her, of the attention that Yeshua gave to Myriam. But, they also understood the whole reason for her presence, the whole balance. Much has been misinterpreted in the writings of the scriptures. While they wanted to be closer to Yeshua, they did truly understand the reason for the feminine balance.

< NewEnergy 8 > Much has been distorted, as you know, in the revisions of the scriptures that had to place this one who understood - how to say - the magical arts… Myriam, who knew how to deal with energies of the invisible. So, they had to present her as the darkness, as the witch, as the whore. It is even written that Yeshua had to drive seven demons out of her. And, dear friends, this is the furthest thing from the truth. Yeshua worked with her (Myriam), and she with Yeshua, in helping to meld the energies of the seven chakras together, to open these - as we do with you - the Seven Seals to release the Old beliefs and energies behind them.

< NewEnergy 8 > Perhaps, you could call these demons. They were just Old belief systems that were trapped in the seven chakras. Myriam and Yeshua worked together to open these together… no demons… simply an opening… and then a melding and unification of the seven chakras into one. And, when the integration was completed, and there was one chakra of expanding energies, when there was one chakra, then she could truly begin doing the work that she had come in to do.

< NewEnergy 8 > The church had to pose her (Myriam) as the bad one. But, it is funny they could not somehow change the actual story of Myriam meeting Yeshua after the crucifixion - after the death of the physical body - and speaking to him, sharing with him. Much has been misunderstood about this whole incident. We are here to clear some of that up today.

< NewEnergy 8 > When she (Myriam) met Yeshua after the crucifixion, she was the only one there. And, they met, for indeed they had a dear, and sweet, and loving relationship. They never married. She never bore his child. They had tremendous respect and love for each other, but at the time in that society, it was not - how to say - appropriate for them to have bonded together in marriage or with children. But, the love was deep. The admiration was mutual. There needed to be a balance (of male and female). The church has written this out because they wanted it to be simply a male energy. But, Myriam was as important as Yeshua… in a sense, a teacher for him. Even after he had learned from the priests in the temples and from the mystics, he learned so much from her, something that we are going to talk about today, an opening that we are going to do today.

< NewEnergy 8 > Yeshua asked Myriam not to touch him after the death, not because she was tainted, or not worthy, but simply that his energy was so high at the time and their love was so strong that he feared if she touched him in his spirit form that she would want to go back, that she would want to leave the physical body in an instant to be with him on this side of the veil. So, he begged of her not to touch him. He begged of her to continue the teaching, to continue the writing, to continue holding the feminine energy. Yeshua told her in that meeting, in that gathering, that the feminine energy would be subject to abuse and attack for thousands of years to come, for humankind had become so ingrained in the masculine energy. And, the feminine energy was allowing it to happen, allowing itself to get beaten down (the wound of Isis).

< NewEnergy 8 > Some of you literally worked with Myriam, went to her - as you would call them - classes, gatherings where she had you feel and hold the feminine energies. Some of you, a few of you here, have been such holders of the energies ever since - of these feminine energies - that you have never born a child of your own ever since. There was no place within your energetic being for children because you were holding a feminine energy for all of the rest until the time was right. The time is right now to release that, to let that go. The time is right now. You don't any longer have to carry this on your own shoulders, for there are now tens of thousands of Shaumbra to let it shine with you. There are millions across the world who are ready for their own spiritual awakening, so it is time to release this.

< NewEnergy 8 > So, it is that Mary joins us on this day for a very interesting opening. She was a teacher. She was the master of the imagination… of imagination… helping even Yeshua to understand how to open the imagination, how to use it. So, she comes in today to go through an opening with all of Shaumbra - if you give permission… it is up to you. This is not being forced on you. But, it is time. That is why last month we had to talk about choosing life, for you weren't choosing life, and you are opening up this dynamic gift of the imagination. Oh, it is not the imagination that you think it is. That is a very limited imagination that comes from the mind. This is "spiritual" or "soul" imagination. It is ready to be opened within you.

< NewEnergy 8 > When Myriam talked to Yeshua at the resurrection, she did it through her imagination… you see. They (the apostles) questioned her afterwards, and said, "Did you or did you not see Yeshua with your physical eyes?" And, she said, "It was not with my eyes, for they were closed… the light was so bright. I saw Yeshua with my heart." What she really said was, "I saw Yeshua in my imagination."

And, they said to her - when the apostles gathered - they said to her, "Did you hear the teacher with your ears?" And, she said, "My ears were ringing. They were vibrating, and the noise was so high and so beautiful that I could not hear his words through my ears. But, I heard his words in my imagination."

And, they said, "Did you touch the teacher?" And, she said, "No, he asked me not to. He asked me to imagine myself with him, loving him, sharing with him, as in the days when he was in physical body. But, he asked me not to touch him."

< NewEnergy 8 > And, some of the disciples said, "Then, indeed, you (Myriam) did not see the teacher (Yeshua) appear to you." And, she said, "Indeed, I did, for the imagination is greater. It is more potent, and contains more reality than what my eyes, and what my ears, and what my senses will ever feel." And, from then on they believed her because she shared with them her energy, her truth, and her love at that moment. And, they understood. She became the teacher of imagination, the teacher of the unseen realms. She has been working with many of you in this lifetime, helping you to go into the unseen, helping you to use your imagination.

< NewEnergy 8 > It is the imagination, but it is real. As Myriam taught the disciples, it is more real then the human reality. Your society teaches you to discard, to discredit the imagination. It is time to give it back its rightful place. As you open and allow this center to open, it will become more defined, more detailed, more understanding. You will begin to hear the words that Yeshua tells you. You'll be able to feel the touch of Myriam's hand on your back where it's been hurting… feel the relief.

< NewEnergy 8 > Now, why would you want to do that, Shaumbra? One is to help release this thing called the veil. As you start traveling both ways - inter-dimensionally outward and inward - it helps release the veil. It helps you - how to say - hone your imagination. It is easier sometimes to come out here to these other dimensions with your imagination to play a bit. It is also out here that you will encounter some of those who you work with on a regular basis. And, out here it will be easier to get out of your mind… you see… and open up… give freedom… give wings to your imagination. So, it is appropriate to play out here. We suggest right now when you are going outside of areas that you have journeyed and ventured before that you call in the energies of Myriam to accompany you.

< NewEnergy 8QA > But, there are major shifts that are needed in this birthing place (Israel). And, we are going there. We are going there with Myriam. We are going there are with so many of the Crimson Council. We're going there with Abraham. We're going there with David and Solomon. And, we're going there with the humans who - how to say - will accompany us and help us to make some very interesting shifts in this land. We are going there to bring back something called compassion.

< NewEnergy 9 > She comes back again so we can move to the next level with you in using this creative imagination, the divine imagination in your life, applying it practically into your life… no more philosophy… no more - how to say - simple words of soothing and comforting… no more explaining to you why you are here. We move now into a more practical applicable energy with you. So, indeed Myriam comes back in, closer even than a month ago, because you have all been working with her energy in the dreams… and in reality. She comes in for another discussion about the imagination. Oh, we will be talking about this for some time. It is such a dynamic area. It is so much part of the Creator energy. It is time to put this into use in your life and to watch how it affects, not only you, but everything around you.

< NewEnergy 10 > Yeshua served a far grander and broader purpose. All of you were part of the Yeshua energy. Many of you have had the sneaking suspicion that you immediately shut down, but the suspicion that perhaps you were Jesus. But, then you thought, "Oh, I should not think these things. It is sinful. I cannot think that I was Jesus, or Mary, or Mary Magdalene, or any of these. This is my pride coming out. This is my ego taking over." Shaumbra, you helped to create these entities and identities. You ARE part of that. You are a part of that. So, when Yeshua came in to walk in human form, you helped to support that energy. You helped to create that with others all around the world and on our side of the veil.

< NewEnergy 10 > The energies of Myriam, the one you call Mary of Magdalene, are also all a part of the House of Sananda, part of the imagination… you see… for after the birthing of the Christ seed now it has to come to expression through imagination. That is the role that Myriam served on Earth, the teacher, the "imaginer." That is the role she is serving with you right now.

< NewEnergy 10QA > Yeshua did indeed - the physical body - died on a cross. He did not continue to walk in physical body after that time. However, his energies were very present on Earth, strongly present for quite some time. And, there were many who saw him, many who spoke with him. But, he was not in physical body.

It was not that Yeshua and Myriam were married. There was - how to say - many reasons for this. One was that Yeshua had been previously married and did not choose to go that route again. The other was that this would have changed the relationship between the two of them and how they were perceived by others had they been married, for then - how to say - there were enough jealousies and misunderstandings in the first place. If they were married, this would have been very difficult for those who were close to Yeshua. They also had agreed - while there was so much love and honor between them - they were literally traveling in different directions so much of the time that it would have been so very, very difficult for them.

There were no children that were born into this couple for a variety of reasons. Generally those who - how to say - are manifestations of consciousness rather than individual soul entities do not have children. And, you can see this in the case of - how to say - some of the greats of your times… for instance, the one you called Hitler… great in terms of the awareness. So many of the others had not had children. It was felt that it was best not to do this. There are some difficult physics that would have to take place here in order for that to happen. So, we have to say that these two did not marry, did not have children in the reality that was lived out.

< Returning 5 > Ah! Ah, here is what separates an enlightened being from a normal, regular human being - the ability to love unconditionally. It's the essence of Quan Yin. It's the essence of Mary - Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary. It's the essence of Sophia, and so many of the other energies that have total compassion and love.

< Master 8 > And Yeshua knew that. Yeshua explained the very same thing. He didn't have a nice piece of paper, he wrote in the dirt. He explained the very same thing to his disciples and to some of the others who could hear, and Mary Magdalene stood at his side and explained even more of the details of what was going on in this most amazing process. And he used the symbol (crossing), which somebody turned into a fish, he used this symbol of coming together that I've shown here. Coming together - the dance - that finally brings it back together. That's where you're at. This is what's happening, and from here (the intersection) going forward it is no longer different waveforms. It is a Body of Consciousness.

< Master 8 > Yeshua woke up on the cross, and in that moment released the physical body, which by the way, 2,000 years ago you had to do it that way. You don't have to do it that way now. He released the physical body and he really came to life. He went on merrily with Mary Magdalene. They had children together, even though he didn't have a physical body. Beautiful children. Yes, you can have sex even when you don't have a body. Very true. You have better sex sometimes. (looks at Linda) Not always.

< e2012 4 > This life is not just an extension of your past lives, not just another progression of your past lives. Your past lives are not you. Get over it. None of them are important. Half of them are fabricated. Half of them are makyo crap. They really are. The other half you just relate to the archetypical energies of Yeshua or Moses or Cleopatra or Mary Magdalene or whatever. They’re real, but they’re not real. In other words, they’re an active part of this whole experience that you’re having. Yes, you were part of Mary Magdalene, a little part along with a lot of others, but you weren’t Mary Magdalene.

< Discovery 4 > Yes he was married, but no, never to Mary Magdalene. Now, that creates a big problem. Here you have Yeshua studying to be like a teacher in the Yahad, in the school, the community school. That was his one focus – to teach and to help. I guess now they might call it a kibbutz. It was a little bit different back then. He didn't care about the outside world. He didn't care about anything. But being a mortal, kind of, at least having flesh and bones that would eventually die, he had certain urges. He had certain urges and within the community was a beautiful young girl by the name of Ignes. Like Agnes, but Ignes, beautiful young girl. And one night sitting under the stars with – oh you know the story now. They embraced their masculine/feminine energies, uh, together. Well put. Wasn't that delicate? They engaged in intimacy of the body.

< Discovery 4 > So here Yeshua was now with some friends that he would share time with. He met Mary Magdalene. They fell in love. Oh, such deep love. Shared a lot of intimate moments. See, Yeshua, had learned a lot about this thing now called Tantra in his journeys, and he knew how to share his body and his mind and his love in a way that very few humans have ever learned since. Oh, because there is so much chittering when you talk about sex, so much embarrassment. But he knew how to love himself, and therefore how to love another.

< Discovery 4 > Yeshua met Mary Magdalene, who was a mess at the time. Ah, she had her demons. She … eh, the story is contained in some of our other work, but she was mess and he showed her how to love herself. It took a long time. She had a lot of victim energy. She had a lot of fear of men, the masculine energy; ultimately, really of the masculine energy within herself that was manifested in her abusers. But she finally came to terms with the masculine, the feminine and the divine within herself, and together they lived in love. They never married. Didn't want to marry. It had been such a horrific memory for Yeshua he never wanted to repeat that. But yet they also knew they didn't need somebody else to marry them or attest to their love. It was strictly between them.  

< Discovery 4 > Question is, did Yeshua and Mary Magdalene have children? That's a big question. Everybody asks it. They write books about it. I contend that they did, but it was after Yeshua departed the physical body. Hm. Hm. Figure that one out. Now, that should give you a little bit of a clue into yourself. They did not choose to have children while he still walked the Earth. He knew it would end, and he shared that with Mary Magdalene. He said, “I'm here for a certain amount of time. I'll be leaving, but only leaving the physical. I'm still going to be here, and I'll show you. I'll show you what the soul, what the divine in love with itself can do, even after I leave.” So it was a relationship of the physical and the spirit that occurred after Yeshua's death that actually impregnated Mary who had two children by Yeshua. Ah yes. Interesting, fascinating story. But my friends at Christmas time, the holidays, it's your story. The story here about how life continues even when there's supposedly death.

< Discovery 4 > More important than even his Ascension [physical death]  … because, you see, some of the disciples at the time thought they were just hallucinating, you know, having visions or whatever. Drank some bad wine and suddenly Jesus appears. Some of you have had that. But he felt the true manifestation that “I live” was impregnating Mary Magdalene after he left. That that would be the proof that life does continue, that you can ascend with your body, that it's not just an apparition, a vision of the disciples on the road suddenly seeing Yeshua. But, “I will make this child with Mary and then you will see that life goes on. Then you will see that you can take your body with you.”

< Discovery 4 > How was it proven that Mary was impregnated by Yeshua? didn't anybody doubt her? So here Yeshua had been gone for about four months and suddenly she says, “I'm pregnant. Missed my monthly period,” and you can imagine the others, particularly the other women, were like “Yeah sure. Really? He just leaves. He just was executed. He went through all that, and suddenly you're out bopping somebody else?” That's exactly what they thought. They didn't say it quite like that. They talked a little different back then. Bop, you know, doing it, having a relationship with somebody else.

< Discovery 4 > And sure it caused a lot of questions, a lot of gossip in the community about it, but those who truly knew Mary Magdalene – the new Mary Magdalene, not the old Mary Magdalene; the reformed Mary Magdalene, as we used to call her – understood she would never lie about that. And then when the baby – babies – came out, anyone who had eyes to see could see it looked like Yeshua and had that kind of Yeshua glow about it, you know, the children.

< Discovery 4 > The children didn't live very long. They died after Mary got to France. They had a very difficult time because they were the offspring of two very amazing beings, including one that wasn't in physical body. He was light sperm, so it was a little bit different than regular. (some laughter) It was! So they had a very difficult time handling the energies. They didn't last long, and it wasn't … it was said that it was a flu or some disease going around at the time that did them in, but it was just they could not handle it. Similar to a lot of the Crystal Children coming in right now. They come in so clear and so unfamiliar with the ways of the Earth that they come in and they end up with things like ADD and some of the other sensitivities, allergy sensitivities, autism and things like that. They're having a very difficult time adjusting to this energy.