crystal children

clear children; diamond children; New Energy children;

< Creator 4QA > This is a very detailed and complex question for there are many, many aspects to this question. We will talk of one group that is coming in now that will favor many of those in shaumbra, in the Crimson Circle. These are the ones who have not come to earth ever before. They have not had a series of incarnations as you have. Metaphorically, they are building the pathways, and building the tunnels for their energy to come in. These are angels who have not been to earth before.

It is difficult for them to transition from the first creation to what you would call a holding zone or adjustment zone, and then going to physical bodies. This is very difficult. So what they do is to create energy pathways into your energy of earth. In other words, they move very close in without actually taking on a physical body.

And in some cases, the child is born but then will experience a crib death as you call it, for they are not ready, these new angels, they are not ready to yet accept the harshness of your physical reality. They will come close to it. They will come back later, within months or a year or so to be born into a physical body.

Now these new angels, these new humans, have had no previous experience on earth, but yet they have watched and studied carefully. They are the ones who are helping to bring in a new type of energy that will become important, for it is clean; it has not gone through the rigors of many, many lifetimes. These are "fresh angels." These are ones who bring in a new vibration level that is appropriate at this time.

They will be extraordinarily sensitive to your earth, they will be extraordinarily sensitive to thoughts, and vibrations. They will have a tendency for allergies because they will not find it so easy to be in this human form, but they will have a light that shines within that is unmistakable.

Now, there are many other types of children coming in at the time, ones who have been called the indigos, who have taken the indigo pathways to get here. There are many, many others coming in that would require a long discussion. But, to have you know, you who are shaumbra, you who have been here for many, many, many lifetimes, these new angels, when they see you there will be an instant connection, and they will honor you. They may literally drop to their knees in thanks for you. They understand what you have done to enable a whole new group to be able to come through now. After they come through the tunnels that have been built into the new creation, then others will follow. (emotionally) And one day, one day, I, Tobias, will return and I will hopefully be the son of the one who channels this information.

< Creator 6 > They will come to Earth in approximately five years of your time. They will be born into biology. They will take on the human condition. They are not what you would call the Indigos, for that is a different type. The indigo children are the ones who have gone through a number of lifetimes and have come to a new point of evolution and empowerment within their being. The indigos are old Earth souls. There are others that are being called the "crystal children."

< Ascension 1QA > As you come into Earth… you move in cycles. You tend to move in cycles. The timing is now ready for nearly all of those being born to carry what you would call the attributes of Indigo with them. It is not a select group. There are those who go through first, and then there are those who come through en masse. The Indigo period was and is a relatively brief one. We have talked before of the next level, the next generation that comes in. These would be - we have put the name on these - the "crystal" children, for they carry almost none of the old patterns, almost none of the old attributes. Many humans coming in now are Indigos. All carry those energetic attributes. They will stop coming through within the next six to seven years to allow yet the next group of "crystals" to move through.

< DivineHuman 7 > This is a place where the children will come. They will be taught by you in a different way. They will be taught to use all of their resources, not just the mind, not just studying the math and the science and the computers, but learning how to feel once again. There has been all this talk of different types and categories of children - indigoes, and clears, and crystals, and God knows what. But, what will come from the Shaumbra University are children who are divine and filled with creativity. This is the New Energy.

< NewEnergy 1QA > Indeed, they come in certainly as - how to say - we don't like the label so much - but you'd call them "crystal children." They come in with clear attributes, highly sensitive children, having a hard time maintaining a focus in an Old Energy world, and appropriately so. We have talked before about the New Energy schools, that would not grade a student or judge a student for this type of attribute, which in a sense, is a gift. They are also in a state where they are in an expanded consciousness and Expanded Now.

We encourage you as the human angel parent who chose to bring them in, to be their guide in their early years - to not look at this as any sort of deficit at all, but rather as a unique gift. We ask you to also get them into regular breathing. Talk to them in the loving way that you do, and help them to understand that you can be expanded and also have a focus at the same time. One does not have to replace the other.

Understand also that they are highly, highly sensitive at their inner feeling level. The lack of specific focus on this reality is also, in a sense, a protection for them. This helps them to avoid things like serious medical problems within their being. Get them into a regimen of regular breathing and acceptance. Help them to understand the gifts that are incorporated in this. Do not try to deny these conditions, but rather to bring them into acceptance, and - how to say - enjoy the gifts with them.

< NewEnergy 7 > There are many who want to come to Earth right now and experience life. Many of you are standing in the way of them coming in. If you come back to our side of the veil, if you let go of your physical body, it will be a bit different this time. We say that when you get back here, you always want to go back to Earth right away. But, there are indeed a whole line of angels - the ones who will be coming in as "crystals" - who are needed on Earth right now. And, in a sense, you could say THEY have priority. Up until now you have always had that ticket back. You've always had priority to return to this living planet. But, right now if you choose to come Home, they will take precedence over you.

< NewEnergy 7 > We'd like you for a moment to feel the energies of a group of angels who has been observing, the ones that are preparing to come in as the "crystal children," anxious to experience life on Earth. They have not been here before. You have been training them, Shaumbra. You've been working with them in your dream states, helping them to understand what Earth is all about. They come in now.

< Embodiment 3QA > In a sense, you could say that it feels good. It is validating. And, it is a very difficult experience that all of Shaumbra are going through because it hasn't been done before. It is easy sometimes to look back behind you to understand where you are now or how far you've come. That is what you are doing by seeking the validation. In such, there is nothing inappropriate with seeking validation. Our only concern with it is that the Old Energy world generally will not give you back validation.

If you're looking for validation, it is with Shaumbra. It is within yourself. And, it is within - how to say - oddly enough, it is going to be within some of the children, some of the young ones who have been termed "crystals." And, again we do not like the term so much. But, the young ones will validate you more than anything because they don't come from such a restricted duality energy. They come from more of an open place. They have one foot in the New Energy already. They are looking to you for leadership, but they will give you validation.

So, talk to some of the very young ones. These could range in age from two or three years old up into even nine or ten in some cases. If you're open to this, they will find their way to you. And, they're going to look you in the eye in a way that other humans can't. And, they're going to see who you are, and they're going to validate you. And, when they do, don't discount it as coming from the mouths of babes, but rather coming from the mouths of spirits who are clear.

< Embodiment 9QA > The one that you are speaking of, your dear son - and many others like him - are coming back in as what you would term as "crystals." They are coming in highly sensitive. They are coming in not understanding why rules are there in the first place. They are not conformists. They are quite different than most Shaumbra. They are not trying to be ordinary. They know they're not. They are not trying to fit into a certain way of doing things. They have difficulty in the schools because the schools are not designed to teach at the feeling level. The schools have gone totally intellectual. The schools are devoid of true imagination and feeling.

So, judge not about his performance in school. It means little or nothing right now. Even any problems with the social interaction mean little or nothing right now. You are going to find with your son, in particular, that after September, 2007, his whole demeanor changes, his whole way of resonating with things around him and working with other people and relating to even you changes. Right now he is coming in as a system-buster. He is coming in highly sensitive. The best thing you could do is to listen to him, to acknowledge him, to love him, and never try to control him. The best thing you can do also is to be such a wonderful example.

You know these young ones who come in… they look to the true masters and the true leaders. When they are helping to select what family to come into, they look for the masters who will teach them how to be in the 3-D world and integrate all of their divine energies. That is you. And, that is all of Shaumbra. You are the masters. Remember, they are watching this, as you know, watching everything you do to see how you work in the 3-D world… to see how you bring in your divinity… to see how you get trapped in your own story… and ultimately to see how you get out. You have far too much worry about this dear one. They are going to - how to say - shoot, blossom, they're going to blossom over these next few years ago. Let go of the control.

< Clarity 4QA > Your dear baby is going to be a "crystal," as you already know. And, we don't like to use those type of terms, but this baby comes in… it's not a baby either. This dear angel, being, comes in very clear, very open. It will be very sensitive in the early days, sensitive to outside energies. You're going to have some - how to say - initial challenges with types of allergies and rashes and things like that because, when they come in so pure, and then they come down into the density of this reality, it is difficult for them at first. But, it will come in very clear.

And, it's going to pursue - this is what is on the schedule today - we are not saying this is locked into destiny - but this one that's coming in is going to pursue a career in science. But, it will be a spiritually based science where it is helping to understand how all energies - whether it is spiritual or material or scientific or religious - all work together. So, this one comes in with a very keen understanding of what has been called "sacred geometry" or "energy flow."

< Clarity 5QA > The angels who are coming in and being birthed now, particularly those to Shaumbra, are coming in with very clear karma. In other words they've either never been on Earth before, so that they do not have the experience of building up karma, or they have been on Earth, and they've done enough clearing in lifetimes, or between lifetimes, that they are coming in essentially clear. That's why we call them "crystals." So, they come in very fresh and very clear. They come in without a lot of heavy burdens.

Now, because there are not a lot of pre-set notions and ideas, you'll find that they're going to be very open but also very sensitive. They're going to need continual nurturing and reassuring, particularly as they start to relate or play with other children because they're going to see something different about themselves that is not in the other children. They're going to be very quick to learn, but they will get very, very frustrated by the current educational systems. So, you're going to want to find some alternatives because otherwise a "crystal," who is stifled and held back, will tend to - how to say - create their own chaos in their life just to keep them busy, just to try to keep themselves occupied. They will turn into themselves, and they need to be in outer expression.

The "crystals" that are coming in have the ability to see beyond the barriers and the limitations because they don't carry those things with them. So, listen to them. Make sure that they are adequately stimulated. Make sure that you keep up with their desire to learn and to grow and to truly express themselves.

< Clarity 7 > There are entities clamoring to come back in right now. Entities that want to have a spot. Entities that haven't been incarnate for hundreds or even thousands of years. You could say that the dead are rising. They want to come back. So there is a large influx of children, of humans all over the world that is growing at an unprecedented rate. Plus there are those who have never been on Earth before - never been embodied in a physical form - they are wanting to come in. These are the ones that Tobias calls the Crystal Children. They are excited about coming in at this very transitional time, a time of great change.

< Clarity 11 > There are millions of what you would call "Crystals" that are ready to come in but they will not come in until the time and the resources are right. These are Beings who have never incarnated onto Earth before. They are waiting. They are waiting. They will not come in until the new schools are ready, because they will not put their energy into one of the infected educational systems.

< Discovery 4 > The children didn't live very long. They died after Mary got to France. They had a very difficult time because they were the offspring of two very amazing beings, including one that wasn't in physical body. He was light sperm, so it was a little bit different than regular. (some laughter) It was! So they had a very difficult time handling the energies. They didn't last long, and it wasn't … it was said that it was a flu or some disease going around at the time that did them in, but it was just they could not handle it. Similar to a lot of the Crystal Children coming in right now. They come in so clear and so unfamiliar with the ways of the Earth that they come in and they end up with things like ADD and some of the other sensitivities, allergy sensitivities, autism and things like that. They're having a very difficult time adjusting to this energy.