Shaumbra University

CC Energy Company

< DivineHuman 7 > This place you call Shaumbra University, that you see depicted in the painting, already exists. It does not exist here on this planet. It exists in another place and in another dimension. You have all built it already. It exists on our side of the veil. It has been under construction for the past 12 or so years. You have been working on it. You have been setting up the energies for it. You have been putting all of the frameworks in place and then filling the inside with the appropriate energies.

< DivineHuman 7 > Each time you went through one of your difficult and challenging experiences of moving into ascension status, you filled it, the Shaumbra University, with that energy. It already exists on a different dimension and a different place. It already exists, and it is being melded right now into this place called the New Earth. You see, the New Earth is a library and the university of the New Energy. The New Earth is the library, and the university, and the research center for the Divine Human.

< DivineHuman 7 > This is a place where the children will come. They will be taught by you in a different way. They will be taught to use all of their resources, not just the mind, not just studying the math and the science and the computers, but learning how to feel once again. There has been all this talk of different types and categories of children - indigoes, and clears, and crystals, and God knows what. But, what will come from the Shaumbra University are children who are divine and filled with creativity. This is the New Energy.

< DivineHuman 8 > Dear friends, when you look at this concept of the Shaumbra University being built on Earth, it frightens you. You remember. You say, "But, I helped to create the churches. Look what they have done." Dear friends, that was the Old, and it has served a purpose. The churches have led humanity on a path of their awakening divinity.

As we have talked about before, Archangel Gabriel sounded the trumpet for you to come back again… for you to be the teachers… for you to step forward… not to create a religion, but to create a consciousness. The call went out, not to have lengthy documents and books about how life should be lived, but rather to simply illuminate your own divinity, bring it into your life. Being in the Now as a Divine Human is the best example, the best way to show others.

< DivineHuman 9QA > There was a dream that was turned into somewhat of a reality on an inter-dimensional basis, and is ready to become a reality in one form or the other on planet Earth. Cauldre has defined it as Shaumbra University. It does not have to be one place. In a sense, it does not have to be any physical place. It can be everywhere. It is the start of encouraging all of you to begin the new work, to begin the new institutions with the support that you have from each other - the emotional, the financial support, and all of the support of Shaumbra.

< Clarity 11 > The development of this new Crimson Circle Energy Company - it's not about the money. It's about a way to bring Shaumbra - the Teachers - together. Crimson Circle Energy Company is truly the Shaumbra University. It's the Teacher's company. It's a way for Shaumbra to support and encourage each other, because even though you're going to be doing your teaching now. Oh yes, I'm going to underline that: You ARE going to be doing your teaching now. You've asked me to say that to you.

< MNEC2006-A > Then there is the Shaumbra University, which has been created as a support tool, a training and learning tool for Shaumbra who are teachers - and you are all teachers in one way or the other. Shaumbra University was initially created in the nonphysical realms over two thousand years ago of time, and it has been incubating. It has been preparing itself for the work that you would be doing here on Earth if the New Energy era came to be. And it has come to be.

< MNEC2006-A > Those who are responsible for the Crimson Circle Energy Company are responsible for the appropriate flow and order of energy back out to Shaumbra University and to the other entities and structures that support you in the work that you do. Make no mistake about it, Shaumbra. Make no mistake that there is flow of energy and then the energy receives structure or order out of what you would call chaos or nothingness, but what is truly potential, and this structure or order is important for the work that you do. It is basically a focus or direction. It is the feeding through or flowing of potentials that comes out to be manifest in the physical world all around you and in the physical reality that you need to support your existence on Earth.

< Teacher 2QA > As Shaumbra we meet on a regular basis, not just like this in our body forms but we meet on a regular basis on the other side. Shaumbra University was created on this side. It is finally manifesting itself on Earth, first one location and then another and another. But during the dream states we tend to come back to this Shaumbra University. We tend to discuss what is going on energetically with ourselves, with Shaumbra as a group throughout the world, throughout the omniverse. So it is a very common occurrence to have dreams of other Shaumbra with other Shaumbra in them. So it is no mistake or coincidence that the evening before the human gathering that you were part of the group in the gathering in the other realms.

And as we said, your dreams - for you, for all of Shaumbra - are going to take a twist and a turn here. They are going to become less personal, less about you and less - how do you say - many of you have "fear" dreams or "being chased" dreams or "being lost" dreams. Those are going to be replaced by "teaching" dreams, and also in between teaching going to the faculty lounge at the Shaumbra University!