golden liquid light

incredible honey of substance; golden honey;
christ lightchrist energy;  white light; liquid light;  crystalline white energy;
energy of new understanding, enlightenment, golden knowledge and wisdom;

This energy occurs when you shift to the higher new consciousness (enlightenment) through solving the old issues; =New Energy;

< Creator 9 > Several years ago, in this very room where the circle now gathers, the Kryon explained the other attributes of the guides. They stated that as you go through experience, and you reach a new understanding or enlightenment as a human angel, your energy would fill the vessels that the guides carried with them. It was like a golden, liquid light that filled these grand vessels carried by your guides. It was filled with your enlightenment and your new understanding. The guides would collect this wonderful energy of golden knowledge and wisdom that you exuded.

< Creator 9 > The guides would collect this energy, and then another group (runners) would come in when these vessels were full. This group would take the vessels and replace them with new empty ones. They would take this incredible honey of substance - golden and sweet and nurturing - back on the other side of the veil. This energy would be used to continue creating your universe. This energy would find its way back to the kingdom from whence you came. This golden honey energy that you were producing here on Earth through your enlightenments and understandings would find its way to the kingdom to change the very nature of Home, to expand All That Is. It was the greatest gift of love that any entity has ever given. And you wonder why we honor you and why we weep when we sit in front of you, knowing that you don't recognize who you are!

< Creator 9 > There was a group, and there continues to be a group, that we call the "runners." They are the ones that go back and forth from your side of the veil to ours. They are the ones that continue to serve as messengers and adjusters of energy. They are the ones that take things of your dimension of duality, that are in your consciousness. They then help to facilitate bringing these energies back through the other side of the veil. They are runners, for they run the energy from you back to the other side, and then they bring back with them the new tools, the new vessels, and the new energy. They are very busy these days, these runners, for there is much work that you are doing! They no longer interface with the guides. It used to be that the runners would work directly with your guides. The guides were always positioned like pillars of love directly beside you. Now the runners, dear friends, are seeking to work directly with you.

< Creator 9QA > These are the angels who also take the essence of what you are creating here, this golden honey-like energy that comes from your enlightenments and understandings. They spread this around appropriately. They help to guide it to the right places.

< Creator 11QA > The energy that is created through the making of love between two humans does not then go out into the thin air and dissolve or go away. The energy, dear friends, of making love between humans is collected by Angels. Then it is delivered in the appropriate manner into the new creation, the new universe that you are creating even at this very moment. This is the most potent of all energies that is used in creating the second circle that you are in. You started with a void, you are now building a second circle. As we have said, one day the first circle, the first creation, will move into the second circle, the second creation that you are building now. The most potent energy for this is the energy when two humans make love.

< DivineHuman 1 > Oh, there is so much New Energy in emotions and feelings. We have talked before of how Shaumbra is creating New Energy - never done before in all of Creation outside of Home. And, it is happening now. You are creating New Energy. Within the feelings that you are experiencing in your own being, within all of these emotions and thoughts, even the difficult ones, there is a seed of New Energy (golden liquid light) there.

< DivineHuman 5 > The important thing is that you are already doing the work, or you have done the work. The work is on the inside. The work is on the inside. The changes on Earth, and the changes in the universe, and everything in the Second Circle are affected by what goes on inside you (making golden liquid light=new energy within emotions and feelings).

< DivineHuman 7 > Each time you went through one of your difficult and challenging experiences of moving into ascension status, you filled it, the Shaumbra University, with that energy. It already exists on a different dimension and a different place. It already exists, and it is being melded right now into this place called the New Earth. You see, the New Earth is a library and the university of the New Energy. The New Earth is the library, and the university, and the research center for the Divine Human.