Christ light / crystal light / Christ fire

Christ energy
; Christ consciousness; Christ child; divinity; fourth-element;
divine light/energy; new energy; white light; liquid light; crystalline white energy;

< New Earth 1 > Each of you came here with an ability to carry and to hold large amounts of what you would call light. This light was hidden from you, but was connected to the grids of the Earth and the grids above the Earth in order to hold a specific balance. This light, crystal light within you and other lightworkers has provided a needed balance of light and a connection between you third dimension and the higher realms. And you have carried these energies well, even though you have not consciously known you were carrying them.

< New Earth 1 > It was known by you and by Spirit that, at the appropriate time in the history of your Earth, it would be time to openly reveal these energy attributes, this liquid light. As each of you knows before we say the words, that this time is upon us.

< New Earth 4 > What you learned was appropriate for the times. But as we have said to this very group in channeling, each of you, who are here and all who are parts of family in other parts of the world, are literally rewriting your history by overcoming your challenges, and by the light (Christ light) that you now bring forth. It is not that your history books are wrong. It is that you are transcending time and literally changing the outcome of the events that have happened in the past.

< New Earth 4 > Each of you came here with the energy of love, with the energy of Christ shining and glowing within you, to Create this world. You came to earth and became physical beings. You became locked into the density of earth and you shared your vibration with Mother Earth, intentionally. You came to be Beings of mass and solidness. You went through dark events in your lifetimes on purpose. You went through these events at your choice, with the understanding of the light and dark.

But this Christ light that you carried in with you, you also hid to protect it deep within your consciousness. It had to be protected. The angel that you are protected the Christ light within. This Christ light needed to be hidden away until the appropriate time.

You wonder what you have been seeking and missing. You wonder about your soul mates. You wonder about your true love. You wonder why you do not feel whole. It is because you have hidden - intentionally - this Christ light in your consciousness. You have protected it like the parent protecting the child. And now that you have gone through your cycles of life, now that you have gotten off the karmic wheel, now that energies of the planet and the human mass consciousness and in particular your own energy are appropriate, this Christ light that you carry is ready to come forward. Nurture it like a child. Assure your Self that you are safe and protected. Assure your Self that you are in the greatest place of trust and grace with Spirit, and that you would bring no harm to your Christ light, to your Christ child. For it is wanting to be birthed once again.

< New Earth 4 > The Christ light within you is wanting to be birthed again. That's why you have felt the things you have been going through these past few months in particular. That is why the discomfort. That is why the aching within your being.

< New Earth 8 > We will tell you now that there are certain parameters with this that you have set up for yourself but we will repeat to you. If you choose to use energy of the white light, the Christ consciousness, for totally self-serving purposes, it will not work. It will be blocked. You have set up this energy pattern for yourself in love and honor. Oh, it will not backfire on you, my friends, but if you choose to use this for selfish or self-serving purposes, it will be dormant for that intent.

< New Earth 8 > The reason we mention this is also to help you understand that all things that you need as humans, all things that you need in terms of your health, in terms of your abundance, in terms of your energy levels - assume that they are there. Do not work from a position of lack, but assume that they are there. You will find that your own Christ-self responds to that (your needs) when you assume that all things that you need are there, when you have trust in yourself. That is why you set up the energy parameter of not using this new empowerment for things that you need for yourself. It was assumed that you have all things.

< New Earth 8 > It is not that it is bad to use this energy for selfish purposes; certainly, it could be. But you have set up the energy dynamic that it would be dormant because you assumed that you would have all things that you needed. Begin walking in that space of trust and knowingness, that everything that you are is in perfection. Begin using the energy of the Christ consciousness with your committed intent and with the help of the runners who come in to work with you.

< New Earth 8 > It is time for each of you to begin creating. It is not time to sit back in the chair and do nothing. It is a time for each of you to begin the true work that you came in for, and we use the word work, but there will be joy in it. There will be joy as you help (guiding) others. There will be joy, teachers. And each of you are teachers in guiding others. There will be competence as you begin to guide them. There will be a knowingness within you. You will see fast results, for you are now beginning to bring in the new power to help you work both sides of the veil.

< New Earth 8 > It is a time of creation. It is a time of new adventure for each of you, but it is a totally new empowerment also. You cannot fail in this, for the energy does not even allow for that. You can simply do nothing, but you cannot fail. Do not be afraid of using the energy.

< New Earth 8 > As we mentioned in our last group of sessions like this, the energy of the new Earth is different in that you can sit upon your bike each morning and the environment will change around you. That is meant to say that everything appropriate will be brought to you. You do not need to go out in search for it. All things appropriate from this moment forward will be brought to you. Then it is up to you to open up the energy of the Christ consciousness and to begin creating.

< New Earth 8 > What is it that you should create? You will know, my friends, when you ask yourself, when you ask yourself what it is that you should do. Look around you from this moment on, that everything is appropriate. There are no mistakes. There are no coincidences. Look at each situation and ask "what brings it to you?" A person comes into your life, ask their Higher Self, ask within your being "why is this person being brought to me?" And you will have an answer. Perhaps not immediately. It may take some time but as you learn to work with your own empowerment, it will happen faster and faster. It will amaze you how fast it will happen.

< Creator 10 > There are words of power that you will soon learn to understand. You have thought these words in your mind, but you have not so much brought them into your life. It is the simple energy of the words of "I AM." This is the essence of our teachings dear friends. That is why we say to you it is no longer appropriate to give intent. Intent separates you from reality. Intent says that you are not quite there. "I AM" places you in the moment, in the now. It is not separate or different or apart. IT IS and it emanates from within you.

< Creator 10 > I AM in the DIVINE MOMENT.
We say to you NEW ENERGY is here. This DIVINE ENERGY that emanates from within you is here at this moment. Search no longer for it. Struggle not in your mind but open your being to allow it to come forth.

< Creator 10 > We see something that you do not quite see yet. We see the ones who will be the teachers, the ones who are setting the energy templates of the new energy. We see the ones who have a light that is beginning to shine brightly within - beginning to glow steady and true. Your light is not flickering, it is not dim like it was a year ago. It is shining strong and bright. We see this light building, we see this light within you growing, but yet dear friends, so many of you do not see it yet. That is why we chuckle. You struggle with it too much!

< Creator 10 > You have looked outside of yourself to find what is inside of you. That has been appropriate, but now things are changing. That is what the Crimson Council is all about. That is what your human angel group of the Crimson Circle is all about. All of the work you have done, all of the challenges that you have been through, have been to transmute the energy. They have been part of a process that has ignited a fire (a light) within you, the Christ Fire that we have talked about. It is coming into being. We tell you that from where we sit, for we can see it in each and every one of you. No matter how much you doubt yourself, we do not, for we see it within you.

< Creator 10 > It is no longer separate or different. You are not just listening to some exalted entity who happened to be thrown out of the Bible and land in prison. (audience laughter) Feel yourself in the energy. It is here and it is available for each of you. It will be here throughout the remainder of our time together. You have asked to see the mirror of spirit in you. You have asked to feel the Christ Light within you. It is available now in this next evolution of energy and it is here for you.

< Creator 10 > You are used to the old attributes of Free Will or of Duality Will, as it were. There was a constant challenge and battle back and forth in your mind. As you move into Divine Will, there will come to you solutions that are far above and far expanded from what you have experienced before. You won't feel it is the two old voices of your old human self arguing back and forth as happened quite often. (chuckling) When you step into Divine Will you will feel and sense and perhaps hear a different answer that comes from The All. But understand - and we emphasize this - that it still comes from within you! If you seek outside of yourself for these answers, if you think that there is an entity who exists outside of you that will now start telling you what to do, you are looking in the wrong place! You are looking in the old energy place. Divine Will emanates from within. Divine Will is within you at this moment. As we have told you earlier, and we chuckled about it, we see this light in you but you do not see it yet.

< Ascension 1 > And how do you best do this? You breathe it in. You breathe it in. This energy of divinity is within you. It is in your body. It is in your consciousness. It exists all around you. We look at you now, and we can see it. It is so young. It is so innocent. It is the child. Although it is your own divinity from Home, it comes back to you now, and it comes through as the child. You are the ones who have the responsibility now to nurture it, to listen to its needs, to love it and to care for it. As you do, you will find that it takes very playful form, that it becomes very expressive.

< DivineHuman 3 > Now, Gabriel, as you know, is the Archangel who sounds the trumpet for the coming of the Christ. That is you. The Christ is your divinity that is being birthed within. Gabriel is the one who sounded the call that began your awakening. He is depicted in your artwork as sounding the trumpet for the coming of the New Times. Gabriel is known as the Angel of Birthing on our side of the veil. What you are birthing right now is your own divinity. This precious light has always been within you, but has been sealed away by seven seals. Gabriel comes to help Mother Mary with your birthing process.

< DivineHuman 3 > We’re learning the importance of BREATHING. We never thought this would be such a powerful tool. Breathing fans the divine flame within. Breathing helps to put us in the moment. Breathing invigorates our system. Breathing is an acknowledgment of living. We thought it would be something much more complex, these tools for the New Energy. We’re finding that conscious breathing opens us up. It helps relieve so much of the stress and so much of the tension.

< NewEnergy 6 > It is a safe energy because it is no longer duality energy… you see. New Energy is balanced. It contains the four elements - the light, the dark, the neutral, and the Christ seed all together. It is balanced. As we talked about so long ago in our discussion of the four marbles, the four elements, after a while, after the Christ-light element comes in, the Old elements of light and dark and neutral begin to take on the attributes of the Christ energy, of the divine energy. They embody the divine energy. And, it sets up the energy of "four," a balanced, balanced energy. It is a safe place to be. That is why we can come here today with Quan Yin and say that you are in a safe energy now.

< Embodiment 8 > It (your family) didn't serve you very well as a radiant being in your early years because you were trying to glow, and you were trying to open up. You were trying to let that Christ consciousness come into this reality. And, it was shut down through family members who let you know very quickly that you shouldn't be shining your light… that you should be humble… that you should be small… that you are insignificant… that you should not be so pompous, as I've been called (some laughter)… that you shouldn't be so sure of yourself.

< discovery 2 > One of the biggest things that occurred to so many of you back then, a type of trauma or tears, finding yourself back in physical body wondering, worrying if you would be able to uphold your commitment to yourself, wondering if you would be able to stay true to you in yet another physical incarnation that had so many distractions. Here you are, one year old, one and a half, wondering how you can possibly get through this psychic gravity of a another lifetime on Earth. It brought up so much pain, so much feelings of weakness, overwhelm. But there was also hope. There was determination. There was also that light that you brought in with you into this lifetime, that you knew could not be extinguished no matter what happened, no matter even if you tried to run from yourself that this light that you brought in was going to shine and shine and shine.