archangel of birthing;

< DivineHuman 3 > You could almost say that today’s guest has been the one nudging you, setting a beat that would help to awaken you. Indeed, it is the energy of the one known as Archangel Gabriel. Archangel Gabriel, filled with the shimmering colors of silver and rose, combined together, swirling together, enters our space on this day.

< DivineHuman 3 > Now, Gabriel, as you know, is the Archangel who sounds the trumpet for the coming of the Christ. That is you. The Christ is your divinity that is being birthed within. Gabriel is the one who sounded the call that began your awakening. He is depicted in your artwork as sounding the trumpet for the coming of the New Times. Gabriel is known as the Angel of Birthing on our side of the veil. What you are birthing right now is your own divinity. This precious light has always been within you, but has been sealed away by seven seals. Gabriel comes to help Mother Mary with your birthing process.

< DivineHuman 3 > Gabriel comes to you when you are looking for the strength to continue your journey, for he is known for his balance of strength and compassion. When you are looking for strength, when you are in the dark hour and you call forth to us, it is Gabriel who comes first and then brings in many others. Gabriel also brings the energy of compassion associated with birthing the New. He helps you to awaken the compassion within yourself. Gabriel helps you to awaken the compassion for your journey in order to help you release the energies of the past that have weighed heavy upon your soul. Compassion helps you release the burdens of guilt and fear and shame.

< DivineHuman 3 > Gabriel comes to you in this moment because you are so open. You are so filled with the joy of your journey. You are so present in the moment. You have been working closely with Gabriel, especially when you are asleep at night.

< DivineHuman 3 > Gabriel oversees the development of what we call the New Earth. It is not a planet, but it is different than the Earth you are on now, the Earth that you are feeling through those toes of yours. Indeed, there is a new place being built, a new consciousness.

< DivineHuman 3QA > I am Gabriel of the Order of the Arc. Each one of you here I know well. Each one of you I have worked with long before you ever came to this place of Earth, this great place of Earth.

I'm an aspect of you, but I hold my own identity as well. I am the aspect of you that breathes life into nothingness. I am the aspect of you that gives life to what was not before. I am the aspect of you that births the New.

That is why I have worked with all of you so closely. That is why I sounded the trumpet for so long, reminding you day after day, and night after night, sounding the trumpet to your awakening, reminding you of who you are, reminding you of the times that we spent together. When the trumpet sounded, it was time for you to remember, time for you to go to your next level.

That is why you are here. And that is why it is possible for me to leave the energies of the Order of the Arc to sit at your feet on this day. That is why it is possible for me to share my energy with each of you.

Together we give birth to divinity, to fulfillment, to the Second Creation. We are birthing that Second Creation in this moment that we share.

Each of you has agreed at your divine level to be the teacher. As a teacher you will show others how to live, how to live whether they are in the Old Energy, which may be appropriate for them, or how to live in the New, or, as you spoke today in Shoud, how to live in both worlds at one time.

You are the teachers of life. You express what you have learned. You communicate to others. You encourage them to express, to communicate, to live. Together all of us are making the New Creation. But, this is the group. You are the legions of angels who I have worked closest with, preparing for this time that we are in now.

I am here. I am able to now bring my energy closer to yours. I am here to give you the strength and compassion, and to also encourage you to bring it forth into life, into living.

I am Gabriel of the Order of the Arc. And so it is.

< DivineHuman 3QA > But, we do tell you one thing. You all visit the New Earth at night in your sleep, in your dreams. You are helping to build this place. You are going there, working with Gabriel, the giver of life. And, you are working with Metatron. And, you are working with Amael, and Uriel, and Raphael, and all of the others from the Order of the Arc to set up this new place. So, you already have a feel for it.

< DivineHuman 4 > While this music was playing, we could feel something singing in your hearts. You were remembering when Gabriel first sounded the trumpet in 1987 (Harmonic Convergence). At that time you said, "Yes! Yes, Spirit, I am here. Yes, Spirit, I am ready to move forward." Oh, what a journey you have been on since then! From our perspective it was only a moment or so ago. It spans some 15 years. What a journey you have been on in order to get to this point!

< DivineHuman 4 > I am Kryon of magnetic service, and I have been here for eleven and three years together. In 1987 (Harmonic Convergence), in the month of August, Archangel Gabriel sent forth the call. Gabriel sounded the trumpet for all who were ready to awaken, to come forth and to do the work as we transitioned into the New Energy. And you heard the call deep within your being. You responded in your own appropriate ways.

< DivineHuman 6 > Most of you had this experience prior to your awakening. It is a feeling of unrest, a feeling of not being at peace, a feeling that something is going to happen, but not knowing what. This was part of your awakening process. This was the trumpet of Gabriel calling you to your awakening.

< DivineHuman 7 > St. Germain had been away for quite a while, helping the angels on our side to develop and birth this place we call the New Earth. He has been out of contact, busy with this project. Now with the alignment of the grids, he now brings his energy to both places, this physical Earth that you inhabit and the New Earth. He is like a conduit between the two. St. Germain works directly with the order of Archangel Gabriel. We know him here as an angel who can connect in human form. We know him here by the name of Zebael… Zebael. We do not call him St. Germain. That is a human name that you have for him.

< DivineHuman 8 > Dear friends, when you look at this concept of the Shaumbra University being built on Earth, it frightens you. You remember. You say, "But, I helped to create the churches. Look what they have done." Dear friends, that was the Old, and it has served a purpose. The churches have led humanity on a path of their awakening divinity.

As we have talked about before, Archangel Gabriel sounded the trumpet for you to come back again… for you to be the teachers… for you to step forward… not to create a religion, but to create a consciousness. The call went out, not to have lengthy documents and books about how life should be lived, but rather to simply illuminate your own divinity, bring it into your life. Being in the Now as a Divine Human is the best example, the best way to show others.

< Clarity 5 > You see, "archangel" means archetypical energy, not a souled being. You are putting or feeding your energy into that archetypical being, that archangel. You are helping to create them. Archangel Michael doesn't have a soul. He is part of you. You are helping to create that composite… Archangel Gabriel, the same way. How are you feeding into that?

< e2012 12 > And now, this time. Thirteen years ago the true energy of Shaumbra started to manifest. Over the years many of you brought together this new call of Archangel Gabriel, this new call to come together, saying, “It is time for your enlightenment.” It is time. That call that has brought us together, month after month, over these years. A call that has brought up something within you, given you the courage, given you the hope for your own enlightenment. Not for the world, not for your family, not for anyone except you. It's given you the potential brought to this Earth to be in your enlightenment. On this day we go beyond. We cross over the Atlantean Line, cross over out of the mental, the mental that you've been in, been almost trapped in.

< freedom 6 > And when the call came out from the House of Gabriel for those who would come to Earth, you spoke your spiritual name out loud. And so it was that a contingent of angelic beings came to this place that you now call Earth. It had no life force energy. It had no trees, no animals, but they imagined – they imagined into this rock called Earth – they imagined abundant, living, dynamic beings, and so it became. How long it took doesn't matter. And then it was time for you to go, to journey forth from this thing called the Order of the Arc. You came down to this place called Earth.