seven seals

seven seals of consciousness; seven physical chakura; seven human sense;
Old belief systems to that were trapped in the seven chakras (seven human sense);
illusion-maker, illusion that you are ony in your 3-D reality and can' get out of it;

< Ascension sp > Are you ready to OWN your divinity? To not only love it, and to not only know it, to not only have it in freedom? But, dear ones, are you ready to own it within you, to understand that it IS you, to hold it within you, to not try to hide who you are? Are you ready to own that this is yours? Your divinity was not given to you by any other. You have had it all along. It has been sealed. It has been locked away by seven seals, held tightly within. The seals are now ready to burst open. It is like they have been filled with stress. That is what you have been feeling, the seals wanting to burst open, all seven of them, not one by one by one. The seals do not open that way. They open in unison. They open together. Are you ready to own what comes forth, to accept it within your being and to know it has always been there? It has only been locked away. Are you ready to own the God that you are?

< Ascension 9QA > You do not remove them with force or pressure. You release them. You release them. As Metatron said in our last gathering, they all open at once. They open together. Do not visualize yourself with a mallet in your hand, trying to break these seals! Indeed, that will cause them to be tighter than ever. If anything, you simply love yourself, as we spoke of earlier. You simply come to new understandings of your past, new wisdoms. Instead of holding judgment against yourself and looking at yourself as being unworthy, you come to know that everything you encountered on your path had a purpose. That is why Buddha comes in on this day, to sit with you, to share the energy of his path, which was also long and difficult.

The seven seals open as you walk into the Void of Ascension, as you walk into this yet-to-be-created "now," this yet-to-be-created consciousness, and sit in there. That is when the seals can open. (chuckling) That is when they know the coast is clear. You are not inhibiting them with the consciousness of duality. You will learn, when you come to this Void of Ascension, that the seals were not really sealed so tight. But, there was a pressure, much like pressure on an object underwater, a pressure that kept them from opening. When you release duality around you, the pressure is taken off. There is no longer the element of duality that keeps the seals in place.

< Ascension 9QA > The Fruit of the Rose is your divine lineage. It comes truly comes through and manifests when you sit in the void we have discussed today. It is the solution that has not been brought in yet. It is a potential solution that exists in a neutral or dormant state. But, it has always been there. It is all of the answers that you have ever sought, but you could not come to realizations until the appropriate time. We have said before that, in a sense, you have already buried the answer for yourself, along your path. You have already created all of the potential solutions before you got there. This is the Fruit of the Rose. It IS your divinity. It IS that part of God that you brought with you from Home. It is your individual identity in meld with the essence of Spirit.

Now, that does not mean that the answers have already been worked out. It means the energy for the solution is there. It still takes you living in human form, living in the "now," to bring the solution to realization. There requires participation at all levels of your being. Your divine consciousness has been behind the seven seals that are now opening. The Fruit of the Rose is the unrealized solution, but the solution that has always been there. The Fruit of the Rose does not contain the exact road map and directions for the solution, but it contains all of the energy for realization of it.

< DivineHuman 3 > Now, Gabriel, as you know, is the Archangel who sounds the trumpet for the coming of the Christ. That is you. The Christ is your divinity that is being birthed within. Gabriel is the one who sounded the call that began your awakening. He is depicted in your artwork as sounding the trumpet for the coming of the New Times. Gabriel is known as the Angel of Birthing on our side of the veil. What you are birthing right now is your own divinity. This precious light has always been within you, but has been sealed away by seven seals. Gabriel comes to help Mother Mary with your birthing process.

< DivineHuman 12 > What was discussed in great detail at this gathering was the understanding of the Seven Seals, which were later written about in the Holy Bible. There was great energy in this discussion. There was the connection to the galactic energies, the multi-dimensional energies. If you read this Book of Revelations, you will see how the galactic energies came into play.

< DivineHuman 12 > This gathering was about the Seven Seals. You came to the understanding that there was something in the human spiritual condition that was sealed within, but appropriately so. There were seven conditions of mankind sealed into the human angels walking the face of the Earth. And, one day these seals would be ready to be opened if the Earth survived, if humanity crossed certain bridges or opened certain doorways. The Seven Seals were identified. Their energy was discussed. In this gathering, dear friends, you related the seals to your understanding of the energetic systems within the human body, what you now call the chakras.

< DivineHuman 12 > These (seven seals) were seven attributes that had been created based on your journey from Home… through the Wall of Fire… through the Order of the Arc… and through all of your experiences on Earth. These attributes have been deeply embedded within you, by you. These are conditions that are ready for change. These are Old paradigms and Old dynamics, Old patterns that are now ready for change. These were not things that were inflicted on you by Spirit, or inflicted on you by the darkness. They are simply conditions and paterns of your journey.

The darkness is here today because it has taken part in that journey, that part of you. The darkness is here to show you exactly what it is and what it isn't, to show you that it was simply an attribute of the Old that does not need to exist anymore in the way that you had created it.

< DivineHuman 12 > In the First Seal, dear friends, is the energy of Separation. This energy is deeply embedded within you. It has been with you ever since you left Home and crossed through the Wall of Fire. You have sealed it within you, lived it, and believed it, and accepted that you were separate from Spirit. When you went through the Wall of Fire and felt yourself shattered into a billion and a billion pieces, this created a sense of separation.

This sense of separation has stayed with you… the longing to go Home… the longing for Mother/Father/God… but not being able to find that energy… the longing to be back in the arms of your dear, dear King and Queen… of the Oneness from whence you came. The separation was an illusion. It had to be there. It had to be sealed inside so you could go off on your own journey. It served you well.

< DivineHuman 12 > In the Second Seal contains the energy of Self. You see, when you crossed through the Wall of Fire and experienced separation, you also began to experience Self for the first time. You realized you had your own identity and your own spiritual fingerprint.

There was the realization of Self, but this also created Self-doubt. "Who am I? Who am I? Why am I here? Why am I no longer at Home? Why am I in a void?" The awareness of Self and Self-doubt also gave you the energy for Self-discovery. You have been on a journey for eons of time, discovering who you are, and who you aren't.

< DivineHuman 12 > Dear friends, there is a Third Seal. And, yes - to the one who just asked - these do relate to the energies of the chakras. They do relate to the energy of the words in the scriptures, if you will study for a bit. Behind the Third Seal is the energy of Satan. It is within you, deeply embedded within you.

The energy of Satan is nothing more than duality, light and dark. It has been given its own power. But you know now power is an illusion. Satan has been given its own power, and its own identity, and its own place in juxtaposition with God, with Spirit.

< DivineHuman 12 > Dear friends, in the Fourth Seal is the energy of Sin, It is also the guilt you have carried for so very long. It is deeply embedded within you and is part of the human spiritual condition. Sin and guilt - the same thing. You have carried guilt about leaving Home. You have carried guilt for trying to annihilate or consume other angels in the times long past, the times during the creation of the stars and the galaxies, long before you ever took on physical form. You have carried guilt because you've been told that you do things that are less worthy of the love of God.

You have carried the energy of sin and guilt within you. It has been part of your human spiritual condition. As you open this up, you will realize that there was never a reason to feel guilty, that there was no such thing as sin. There is ONLY experience.

< DivineHuman 12 > Dear friends, behind the Fifth Seal is an energy we want you to pay particular attention to on this day, and henceforth, every day that comes. As you built the human spiritual conditions and sealed them within your consciousness and your belief systems, you created an interesting condition called Suffering. Suffering. You have felt that the way back Home, the way to atone for what you perceived as a wrong path, was through suffering. This is a more contemporary of the seals.

You have given yourself suffering… suffering physically… suffering financially… suffering in relationships… suffering for the sake of others. Dear Shaumbra, you are experts at suffering for others! By doing so, you deny them of their own suffering. And, it shows a lack of compassion for them.

< DivineHuman 12 > Behind the Sixth Seal - an interesting element - an element that has so much energy behind it today… energies that are literally trying to attack you… energies that were present in our meeting last month and come in again, particularly on this day. Behind the Sixth Seal is Salvation, Salvation.

You knew that some day, in the crossroads of your journey, there would be salvation. There would be release. It's not the UFO's that come down to pick you up. (audience laughter) It's not a guru. It's not another human. It's not even Jesus, Yeshua.

Salvation is you. Salvation is the release of all of the illusions. The opening of the Seven Seals IS the salvation. Within the acceptance in your heart of four simple words - I AM GOD ALSO - is salvation.

< DivineHuman 12 > Finally, the Seventh Seal. The Seventh Seal is also the energy of Self, just like Seal Number Two. But, in the Seventh Seal, it is the unfolding of the Self, "I Am," rather than the Self, "Who am I?" The Seventh Seal is the butterfly leaving the cocoon.

The Seventh Seal has always been within you. It always had the potential of the "I Am." The "I Am" doesn't need to question who it is. It doesn't need to question what's going on around. It has a knowingness and an understanding at a profound new level. The Self behind the Seventh Seal understands things through the divine heart, not through the human intelligence. The Seventh Seal is the potential of the New Energy and the New Earth.

< DivineHuman 12 > The Seven Seals, the energies that were embedded deep within you, can now be opened and released. Yes, if you study the scriptures, and the energies of the chakra system, you will see how this all relates. If you care to study the scriptures to learn more about Revelations, understand that some 2150 years ago when we met on Mount Zion, we did connect with the inter-dimensional energies. Look for the interpretations when they talk about the demons, and the horses, the warriors and all of the other symbols that are in the Revelations. Look back again on at this book, and you will understand indeed.

< NewEnergy 1 > So, Arthur comes in today and says that there is no need to search for the Holy Grail. It was always within you. It was always the cup of divinity that you had, but you had sealed behind the wall, sealed in these conditions that we talked about in our last gathering (Seven Seals). It was always there.

< NewEnergy 1 > The Seven Seals, if you look at the energies behind these, and you look at the imbalances in their body, you can come to very fast rebalancing and realignment by just allowing yourself to feel which one of these seals is most greatly imbalanced.

< NewEnergy 1 > There are deep wounds in the Seal of Separation that should be addressed. You do not need to talk about these necessarily directly with the client, or directly with the one you're working with. But, allow yourself to feel deep, deep wounds associated with this hurt, a hurt. The child was abandoned by his parents - that is the feeling of this wound. If there are lower extremity problems with those who you work with, go there immediately and understand what is contained in that Seal for the person.

< NewEnergy 1 > There are those of you who work with music. There is - how to say - a vibration in that Seal (of Separation). There is a vibration that will allow the rebalancing of that Seal if the human is willing. And, through music you can work with these… through different types of tones in the voice… through different types of energy work… all of these.

< NewEnergy 1 > Dear friends, this (Seven Seals) is the essence of so much New Energy rebalancing that can be done. So many of you are looking for your passion and wondering what to do. Go back and reread these. Revisit them and then go within yourself. There will be so much information there for you - how to take this basic core information, this material, and to create the New programs.

< NewEnergy 1 > With your children look at where their blockages are, where the imbalances in their Seven Seals are. Most of them, dear friends, as a clue, will have the imbalance in the Salvation Seal right now. That is where they are having a difficult time. The New Energy children have gotten through the struggling, but they are having difficulty with the Salvation.

That is why they are looking to you, in a way, for the answers and getting frustrated with you beyond belief, because they want to know that you have accepted also that you are God. Then, they go looking in other places and do not find humans who have come to the understanding. And, they get frustrated… and they rebel… or they withdraw… or, dear friends, they get disoriented. They cannot focus anymore.

Look to the Seal of Salvation when you are working with them to help rebalance them. Help them to understand that it begins within them. And, they do have this enlightenment within them already. Help them to bring this out, to come to a new sense of self (sense of "I Am") in the New Energy. It is that simple.

< NewEnergy 1 > So, so much work to be done with the Seven Seals in four years of time (till quantum leap). You wonder what to do. And, we are telling you today - here is a sacred opportunity. There are so many ways of working with this - stories… healing modalities… group gatherings. It does not have to be limited to Shaumbra. You do not even have to talk about the Seven Seals with those who you work with. Be aware of the imbalances. Be aware that they relate to the seven chakra centers, which are desperately trying to come back into a rebalance as one energy center.

< NewEnergy 2 > We did not know the impact of this particular situation until we met with you eight weeks ago (at the Midsummer New Energy Conference in July 2003) and walked through the opening of the Seven Seals. When we hit the Fifth Seal, dear friends, the alarms went off on our side! (audience laughter) We realized there was very, very much stuck energy here! The energy of struggling, the energy of suffering, is still embedded so deep within you that you are not completing these cycles in a balanced fashion.

< NewEnergy 3 > Communications will have such a big part of what happens here in the next few years and also what happens after. Communications are really helping to open the First Seal for humanity… the separation. You see… as all of this happens, the seals begin to open. You have gone through the process and will continue to go through the cycles. Humanity will begin opening the First Seal with this quantum leap. It is happening now. You are separated from each other because of languages. You are separated.

< NewEnergy 3 > Communications is helping to open the First Seal. As it does, that will help bring Home into the energy of Earth. All of this works together. The First Seal is the seal of separation when you left the Kingdom of All That Is. Oh, you have carried that with you ever since - that separation… that longing to go Home… that longing to feel the love of Spirit. But it will be opening. It will be opening through communications. It will be part of this quantum leap. Separation also goes into the veil. It helps to create the elements of the veil. The separation is no longer, as things come back together. As Home comes to you, the veil also begins to disappear.

< NewEnergy 4QA > Allow the seals to be opened so that there are no longer Seven Seals. There is now the unity of all of these together with the understanding of Self… the understanding of the transformation… and the final coming to know that you are God also. Allow your seven chakras of your body to come together in unison as one chakra… as one chakra.

Understand now that these have melded into one… that your body becomes male and female… that you become male and female… light and dark. Allow all of these to meld together. And - how to say - you don't have to go into great intellectual understanding. More than anything the answer will come to you, to your very question. It will come to you, and you will have an "ah" understanding of how all of this worked. It doesn't come through the intellect, but comes through your divine sense.

< NewEnergy 8 > Much has been distorted, as you know, in the revisions of the scriptures that had to place this one who understood - how to say - the magical arts… Myriam, who knew how to deal with energies of the invisible. So, they had to present her as the darkness, as the witch, as the whore. It is even written that Yeshua had to drive seven demons out of her. And, dear friends, this is the furthest thing from the truth. Yeshua worked with her (Myriam), and she with Yeshua, in helping to meld the energies of the seven chakras together, to open these - as we do with you - the Seven Seals to release the Old beliefs and energies behind them.