Bible / Holy Scripture

old energy bible;

< NewEnergy 1 > If you breathe in right now, you can feel the freedom of having let go of the Old ways. You see, it was difficult because you helped to create that book. You are in the stories of that book, the Old Energy Bible. You, some of you, helped to literally write the pages of it. You connected so deeply with the journeys. So, dear friends, there is so much freedom in this day.

< NewEnergy 3 > Your printing press, which was the first major change in communications, was only in more recent years of your total life cycles on Earth… it was only very recently. It is interesting to note that when the printing press was first developed, the first commercial application, the first communication that went out from it, was the Holy Bible. Those who worked at the printing press, who made books… they were tortured by other humans. Their places of business were burned, burned to the ground because there was a fear that if communications were opened, all humans - particularly communications about what was in the holy Scriptures, what had been held for only a few humans in the church - if this was put into the hands of the common man and woman, that it would be difficult. They would lose control.

< NewEnergy 8 > Particularly back then, Yeshua could not hold all of the energies for himself. So, Myriam joined him. Oh, the others, John, Paul, (pause)… Ringo, and George - oh, wrong group (much audience laughter, with Tobias teasingly referring to the Beatles) - would be Peter and all of the others. They were jealous of her, of the attention that Yeshua gave to Myriam. But, they also understood the whole reason for her presence, the whole balance. Much has been misinterpreted in the writings of the scriptures. While they wanted to be closer to Yeshua, they did truly understand the reason for the feminine balance.

< NewEnergy 8 > Much has been distorted, as you know, in the revisions of the scriptures that had to place this one who understood - how to say - the magical arts… Myriam, who knew how to deal with energies of the invisible. So, they had to present her as the darkness, as the witch, as the whore. It is even written that Yeshua had to drive seven demons out of her. And, dear friends, this is the furthest thing from the truth. Yeshua worked with her (Myriam), and she with Yeshua, in helping to meld the energies of the seven chakras together, to open these - as we do with you - the Seven Seals to release the Old beliefs and energies behind them.

< NewEnergy 8 > The church had to pose her (Myriam) as the bad one. But, it is funny they could not somehow change the actual story of Myriam meeting Yeshua after the crucifixion - after the death of the physical body - and speaking to him, sharing with him. Much has been misunderstood about this whole incident. We are here to clear some of that up today.

< NewEnergy 8 > When she (Myriam) met Yeshua after the crucifixion, she was the only one there. And, they met, for indeed they had a dear, and sweet, and loving relationship. They never married. She never bore his child. They had tremendous respect and love for each other, but at the time in that society, it was not - how to say - appropriate for them to have bonded together in marriage or with children. But, the love was deep. The admiration was mutual. There needed to be a balance (of male and female). The church has written this out because they wanted it to be simply a male energy. But, Myriam was as important as Yeshua… in a sense, a teacher for him. Even after he had learned from the priests in the temples and from the mystics, he learned so much from her.

< NewEnergy 8 > But, we choose to continue calling it imagination. It is different. It is New. It is the image of "come into reality." If that strikes a cord… it is written in the scriptures that you were created in the image of God. Imagine that! Imagine you, God also, imagining this place called Earth, and then manifesting it, imagining a thing called the human body, and manifesting it. All of this has come as a result of imagination… imaging… imaging. So, now that you are Divine Humans - grounded Divine Humans - we can open the imagination to new levels and realms.

< Embodiment 1 > You'd have to say, in a way - Yeshua is you. His experiences are near and dear because you helped to create this entity called Yeshua. Some of you also are repulsed by his experiences or reject his experiences because they are yours also, things about yourself that you have had difficulty with. Yeshua is not the one from the Bible. Yes, an aspect of Yeshua is published there. Some are stories, once again, stories written about him. Some are influenced through channeling energy, as the stories were being written. Some are completely fabricated. The energy of Yeshua that joins us on this day is not the one from the Bible. Push that off to the side.

< Embodiment 1 > Yes, indeed, it is an old book (audience laughter). It is SO past its time, Shaumbra, it hurts us and makes us laugh on this side. It was intended for a time 2000 years ago. It was intended as a book that would last perhaps a thousand or so years. And, then it was time to move beyond that. But, they forgot to write the new book. They were afraid. But, Yeshua, as we said, would love to be released from the Bible. We don't think this is going to happen (more laughter).

< Embodiment 1 > Yeshua didn't accept either one of these things. He didn't accept that there were gods in - how to say - all of these different types of idols. He didn't accept even that there was a God in some far-off heaven. He didn't. He did not. He has been misquoted so much in Bible. He didn't accept that there were all of these demons. And, he didn't accept that there was this energy of Satan that was going to overtake everyone if they didn't follow some crazy set of rules. So, he went off into the desert to discover for himself. Oh, he believed in what you would call Spirit or God. But, he didn't believe it the way the churches, or any of the cults, or any of the groups were portraying it. He was so confused. Does that ring a bell, Shaumbra?

< Clarity 4 > Who wrote the Bible? There are those who believe that it was written by God. We saw it was written by man. And, it was changed many times over, many times over. It is a wonderful story, but not wonderful enough for me to want to stay in it (audience laughter). I didn't want to be just another character in a book. I wanted to write my own books. So, Shaumbra, there are those who believe it, and the fear energy feeds them. Yes, fear energy feeds you too sometimes, doesn't it? You create fears in your life, and then it feeds you. You think it is hurting you. It is helping you somehow.

< Master 2 > History is an absolute illusion - absolute illusion. History is what has been written. It's one perspective. It's not really what happened. You think that there's been this progression - Lemuria, Atlantis, World War I followed by World War II - not at all. Not at all. One of the greatest illusions of all times, because of a few sheets of paper in a book, is the Bible and the story of Yeshua. Grand illusion, and people buy into it. "Well, it's history. It's written in the book and God said you couldn't change it." How many times has it been changed? What an illusion that is. The stories about Yeshua are enough to make Yeshua want to come back here and kick some butt, because it's not true. Parts of it actually happened. Parts of it. Much of it has been altered.

< (Next) 12 > The church took a stronghold all across Europe in politics, finances, absolutely in art - which was a shame, because as I've said before, art will save the world. It truly will. The church had a stronghold in government and all the dealings. Of anything that happened, you could be sure the church had a hand in it, good or bad. Oh, they had a hand in some of the corruption and some of the criminal groups at the time. They had a hand in any dealing, any distribution of product, which is really distribution of energy. So it wasn't just the preaching of the sacred texts, which absolutely are sacred, if you go back to pre-translations, beautiful things that are said in there.