< Clarity 11 > The world right now needs teachers and stewards of the arts. Of the arts. Humanity has gone so mental and so intellectual that the arts have been lost, but the arts are a partner of the sciences, much as the male is a partner of the female. You can't have one without the other, they balance each other. So as much as there is science, as much as there is the intellect in society and in your schools, there needs to be the arts. It's a flow of creativity, the flow of energy and more than anything else, the arts are one of the most beautiful and efficient ways to bring in New Energy.

< (Next) 12 > The church took a stronghold all across Europe in politics, finances, absolutely in art - which was a shame, because as I've said before, art will save the world. It truly will. The church had a stronghold in government and all the dealings. Of anything that happened, you could be sure the church had a hand in it, good or bad. Oh, they had a hand in some of the corruption and some of the criminal groups at the time. They had a hand in any dealing, any distribution of product, which is really distribution of energy. So it wasn't just the preaching of the sacred texts, which absolutely are sacred, if you go back to pre-translations, beautiful things that are said in there.

< e2012 2 > When something is put in a bottle, something is boxed up, something is structured, when science doesn't explore totally new possibilities outside of any of the current theories, it explodes. What happens with education right now, it's being ground down. The creative, all the arts, are being taken out, the music taken out. As I've said before, art will save the world. It truly will. When a society can be artistic, first and foremost, that means it has liberated itself. It's not the painting that's going to free somebody. It's the consciousness that "We can spend our time with the joyful, sensual pleasures on Earth, rather than the mental, rather than the rules and regulations." That shows a free society.