science and technology


< Creator 3QA > In the past, technology in the past has been abused, as you would define it. Technology was used in Atlantis, and the results were not quite what you would have wanted them to be. Now there is a melding of technology and your spiritual growth. It is up to you, the enlightened humans, to help bring this forth, to help combine technology with your deeper spiritual aspects.

Your next step in this process will be the quad math, as we discussed earlier, with new discoveries that exponentially accelerate what you now know as your dual digital technology. And these discoveries, as we say, are within several years of your time. Again if you look at the number 4, you begin to understand the strength that lies within it. Even your year 2011 is a 4-number which is the year before your final transition - what is thought to be your final transition of 2012. There is now much of a melding between technology and the understandings inherent in these and your own spiritual growth. In the past these have remained somewhat apart.

< Creator 12 > Indeed I did walk upon Earth. I walked in human body for many, many incarnations. I spent much time with many of you. We knew each other in the days of Ault (Atlantis). We worked together. We were looking. We were searching for our divinity within. We were using technology to rediscover ourselves, to try to find the hidden divinity within. Oh, we discovered many things! We learned many things. But dear friends, dear angels, we did not discover our divinity. When we realized that this was not so much possible, we chose to leave this phase of Earth. We chose a type of renewal through destruction, so that we could begin all over again. We could begin again this search for the divine seed within.

< Creator 12 > BREATHE in your divinity! Do not think it in! That is what you have been trying to do up to now. That is what we did together in Ault, in the land of Atlantis. We tried to think it in. We tried to bring it in through technology. We tried to discover it with our 3D tools. There are those who have sought the path of enlightenment in the ages of the past who have tried to think their way to God, tried to think their divinity into existence. It cannot come in through your mind, as you now know. Yet you can breathe in your new relationship with Spirit.

< Ascension 6 > Metatron comes in today to fulfill a promise. He made this promise when he sat next to you at the table in the Order of the Arc. Metatron comes in today to fulfill a promise that is even written of in your scriptures, but it is taken out of context. Metatron said, "I will come to Earth to see you again when the energies and the times are appropriate." And, he comes back now, without the other archangels having to interface for him. He comes back directly to be with you. There is a reason for this, and there is a reason for his visit. This will be a scientific year for Earth. It will be a year of many technological developments. The reason is simple. You have made the change in your own consciousness, and this allows science to move forward. Consciousness provides the energy for scientific changes. Indeed, science and spirit work together, hand-in-hand.

< Ascension 6QA > Understand that technology and science are all a response to consciousness. When you find yourself with new technical or scientific capabilities in your life, this is an acknowledgment that you have shifted, and you have changed. The appropriate physics of Spirit and of the universe can be now translated onto Earth in human form, in your daily life. There is a tendency at times for those who are Shaumbra, those who do this work of divinity, to shun technology. Many feel that it is an encroachment on the energies of Spirit. Some think they are so pure that they cannot be infringed on by technology.

< Ascension 6QA > You will find in this year of 2-0-0-2 (two-zero-zero-two) that the balance is (human) consciousness and spiritual awareness. But it births the application of science and technology. Science is changing. There is much work taking place with what you call "stem cell" research and cloning. This is a way of trying to increase the longevity of life, of healing the body. This is appropriate, for it changes the human molecules and DNA to enable you to live not just one lifetime in the body, but multiple lifetimes in the body.

< Ascension 6QA > Science and technology is catching up. Metatron is the one who comes in to directly influence this now in your life. He is the one. He is the consciousness that takes raw energy, universal energy, and works with you to interpolate the physics and the energies, even the math and the wavelengths behind it, and to help bring it in to the human level at the appropriate energy balance.

< Ascension sp > Those of us on this side, especially those of us who have not been in human form in a while, love the energy of human technology. There are humans who think technology is not such a good thing. But, dear ones, dear ones, technology is the RESULT of consciousness. Technology can never be greater than the consciousness of humankind. Technology follows your consciousness. So, when these tools such as this Internet come into being, there might be those who say, "This is not a good thing. This could be used for dark or for evil." But, dear friends, it comes in as a result of your consciousness, so therefore, honor it.

< Ascension 9 > As we have said before, technology follows consciousness. Your consciousness is rising. You are at that point of quantum leap in your personal consciousness. So, is it no wonder that these recent, amazing pictures from space (using the Hubble telescope) would come back to you now? And, do you know what your scientists will see quite soon that will go in the face of everything that they have ever speculated? And, it will indeed go in the face of what so many of your world religions teach. They will find that the universe is finite! They will find that at some point in the history of the universe, all energies stopped. They will not understand how to interpret this. They will not understand why there can be so much energy in the universe, and yet, why everything stopped at a point. What they don't realize is that they are seeing something from the past (energy impasse). But, that is a whole other discussion.

< DivineHuman 6 > "How is it that the answer could have been so simple, yet overlooked for all these years?" We tell you that it is because of the work that you and other humans on this spiritual path have been doing. We have said to you before - it is not about you anymore. You are going through all these processes within. You are changing your consciousness. You are raising the consciousness of the planet. What happens when you raise consciousness? It expands outwards! You illuminate a new level of consciousness to the whole world. Then, when your scientists, when your engineers, when all of your leaders go to do their work, your consciousness change allows them to come to new understandings, new discoveries.

< DivineHuman 6 > The Raelians are indeed making contact in the outer realms. They are indeed making contact with the aliens. What they have not acknowledged yet is that the aliens are them from the past. Indeed, they are working with star seed. Indeed, they are working with very interesting energies in their experiments. Dear friends, it takes someone with a very open mind to break through the barriers. Perhaps they are considered a bit unbalanced, but it took that to go to this next level. It took the meld of spirit and science to make the leap. We can tell you now that they will be discounted and ridiculed in the scientific community and in the media.

< DivineHuman 6 > We want to point out something that ties into what we have been talking about in terms of your own science and technology. The best answers are the simplest ones. You sometimes wonder why you didn’t recognize it before. It is because it is so simple. You were overlooking it.

< NewEnergy 2 > Technology simply follows consciousness. Your technologies are changing so very rapidly. But it is not the technology that is changing the world. It is you. It is consciousness and vibration that is changing the world. It is evidenced in the technologies.

< NewEnergy 2 > You are creating New Energy. That New Energy will help the shift of consciousness. The New Energy will help create new technologies that will benefit mankind and the universe. Many of you are coming to a completion of a cycle. When you come to this point, understand what is going on. Understand you just simply now create New Energy and go to a next level.

< NewEnergy 3 > You are going to see technologies moving faster, and faster, and faster. So, as we've talked about before, more patents will be filed in these next few years than ever before. You're going to see breakthroughs in the medical fields, in the technical fields, because the energies are moving so rapidly. They are picking up a momentum right now. Part of the reason for this, part of what has really made it possible is communications. Do you realize that your Internet - what we are speaking over right now - is barely eleven years old? A blink of time! Look how it has impacted your Earth - eleven simple years! Radio, and television, and telephones have only been in practical application for about 75 years… a way of communicating… of opening up.

< NewEnergy 3 > Your printing press, which was the first major change in communications, was only in more recent years of your total life cycles on Earth… it was only very recently. It is interesting to note that when the printing press was first developed, the first commercial application, the first communication that went out from it, was the Holy Bible. Those who worked at the printing press, who made books… they were tortured by other humans. Their places of business were burned, burned to the ground because there was a fear that if communications were opened, all humans - particularly communications about what was in the holy Scriptures, what had been held for only a few humans in the church - if this was put into the hands of the common man and woman, that it would be difficult. They would lose control.

< NewEnergy 3 > Communications over these next few years will increase. There are technologies right now that are being worked on, that will absolutely amaze you. It is difficult to explain, but they involve a type of holographic vibration.

< NewEnergy 3 > At this time of the quantum leap, it changes the physics of all things. It is so difficult to explain to you what will happen afterwards. It will take a bit of time. It won't happen overnight. But everything will begin to change. You've been going on a linear path with everything from technologiesmedicineconsciousness… all of the things have been linear. But, with this quantum leap all of the physics change.

< NewEnergy 3 > After the quantum leap the transformation of energies will be different. There will no longer be the opposing forces. Energy will be transformed or utilized by you now as a - how to say - single element that is expanded in all directions simultaneously. That is how it will work. After this date of September 18, 2007, it will become available in a new way. It will become available to help with technologies and inventions, to move and to shift consciousness. It is a potent energy. It works so differently than the Old Energy of vibration. It will change things on Earth very rapidly.

< Embodiment 4 > In Atlantis we were at a pinnacle. We were at a time of great change. We were at a time of significant technology development, although it was not anything like your technologies now. We have to say that Atlantean technologies were very, very different. You use electric-based technologies in your current society. In Atlantis we did not have these. They were energetic technologies, but quite different.

< Embodiment 10 > Time is a very flexible reality. Many of you get trapped in it. And, certainly you think your world needs to operate in it. But, it is much more flexible than what you think. Two thousand years ago, when most of you were here on Earth, time was different than it is now. A day was not a day, as you know now. A year was not a year. Now, the scientists would argue with that. And, they would say, "We have scientific, conclusive proof that this is the way it is. This is how time operates." But, we would remind those very scientists that the ones who came before you also felt that the Earth was the center of all things. There were those who felt that the Earth was flat. There were those who had all sorts of scientific notions that are no longer true in this day and age. So, just as well, your scientists will learn that time is very flexible.

< Clarity 1QA > And, it is so important right now to bring the concept to Earth that it is not about force anymore. New Energy is a non-force. We don't have to do this by preaching or evangelizing or trying to recruit. We do it simply by being. And, that is what you are doing in your life. Sometimes you and I talk. And, you wonder what you should be doing. And, I keep telling you, dear, over and over. I say to you, "Honey (audience laughter), right now you are doing this. You are helping to bring into consciousness the grand potential of no force."

Imagine a world where there is no force. We are not talking simple, sheer physical. I'm talking about spiritual force. I'm talking about mental force, where things are manifested easily. You see, when we get beyond the concept of God as force, then you'll find all of a sudden the need for physical labor is done only when you enjoy it. When the concept of force goes out the door, it opens another door of consciousness that comes in that can turn technology into useful practical tools. And, we could go and on about this.

< Clarity 9QA > There are certain expectations that you have, which are in themselves overlays or consciousness network, about weight and body and even your doctors tell you that too much weight is wrong. But as we said, science right now - the facts of science - are not always true. Your body knows exactly what to do. Your body knows how much weight and energy it needs stored - stored in this level and the other levels. The body is going to balance itself. Particularly when you stop worrying so much about it, it's not going to feel the need to carry all that weight.

< QuantumLeap 3 > The other energy that is converging right now is technology. Technology is actually increasing at almost an alarming rate. And alarming because it is moving so fast and it is becoming so potent that there is a concern amongst some on our side, "Is the consciousness keeping up with it?" Now consciousness creates technology and creates the invention, but at a certain point the technology can actually get out in front of the development and expansion of consciousness itself. And then you have some very interesting situations. Is the consciousness prepared to use the technology wisely?

< QuantumLeap 3 > Oh, we're not talking about blowing each other up with nuclear weapons. We're talking about technology becoming so advanced that it becomes mental, that humans become more mentally focused than ever before and literally shut down the heart and the intuition, the creativity, because they're allowing technology to do it for them. The core energy behind technology is efficiency and the consciousness of humanity developed technology, unlike any technology in any era of humanity, so that it could make life simpler and easier. But actually, consciousness has turned it into a tool that has made life more difficult and more complex and literally taken away, robbed, the creative energies.

< QuantumLeap 3 > Now, it doesn't have to be that way. Technology is not bad - if any of you are thinking about going home and throwing out your computers! (some laughter) Technology can be used to make your life simpler, to make your life more efficient in the physical and sometimes the mundane activities so that you have more time for the creative and the inspirational. Technology should be serving higher consciousness rather than shutting it down and placing a focus on just the mind or the brain.

< QuantumLeap 8 > In order for Earth to continue to be able to sustain itself now with the responsibility placed on the humans and being taken, gently, but being taken off of Gaia, consciousness needs to continue to expand but at a greater rate. New technology needs to come in to support a larger population or, in a way where things tend to work themselves out, the population will not be allowed to go beyond a certain point. Or, as you can imagine, it opens up the potential of things like disease, large natural destruction and all of these things that would bring the population back into a more reasonable level. I don't want to get dramatic here, I'm not sounding any alarms. I'm trying to state that consciousness on Earth right now... consciousness needs to grow faster.

< Master 6 > There were several major shifts in consciousness, one immediately after World War II - a big shift of consciousness - followed by changes in technology. There was another shift in the early 60's - huge shift in consciousness - that opened the door once again for technological advancement. Look what happened in the late 60's and the early 70's in terms of the explosion of new technologies. Sometimes it took a while to get to you, but consciousness comes first and then things like technology and science and business and government come next.

< Master 6 > There's been other lesser changes, shifts in consciousness over the years, a little here, a little there. There was a big shift in 2001 (Sep.11), as you know. It didn't do so much at that point to affect technology as it did to affect values and morals, and I'm going to go so far as to say the shift of consciousness in 2001 is leading now to the practical shift in finances and in government, to a degree in religion. So the event, the shift in consciousness back there, is now manifesting, and you've seen it in things like the financial markets in the world, and you're going to be seeing more of it in government changes in the world.

< Master 6 > There was another shift in 2007. It went unnoticed by most people in the world, but it happened and it was quite large. And it didn't have to come as a storm. It came as a welcome invitation. It was called the Quantum Leap, and most of you participated in that. That opened the door for amazing new technologies to come in. A lot of them are still on the desktop, so to speak. Still haven't been implemented.

But the changes of consciousness that occurred in 2007 are going to lead ultimately to new energy solutions, incredible medical solutions, if we can get by some of the religious moralistic issues - I'm speaking of things like stem cell - incredible openings in particularly in one of the biggest issues confronting humans right now, which is fuel, energy. Isn't it amazing that you're energy workers who are bringing in New Energy and the world is confronted with a huge energy crisis? Huge. It's not talked about so much. I'm not saying there's a conspiracy, but humans just don't want to address the fact that the world is consuming more and more fuel and using up a lot of the resources.

< Master 6 > So there are some brilliant fuel breakthroughs, technological breakthroughs, right around the corner - this year, next year - brilliant things like … and not, dear friends, not solar and wind. Those are, in my opinion, distractions. Distractions. Very, very crude. There is pure energy, amazing energy that's very available. Cold fusion. There was an attempt, there was a laboratory experiment of cold fusion. It was very successful, but they couldn't duplicate it. Hmmmm. Hmmmm!

Now, there are those who are saying, "Well then, therefore, it never really happened and it was all a publicity stunt." Absolutely not. The experiment in cold fusion that came out a number of years ago actually worked. It produced energy without any real negative byproducts, unlike nuclear. Without any negative byproducts. It couldn't be duplicated. It couldn't be repeated because - now you know the answer to this. It's New Energy! Yes.

They actually - they don't know it, so pass the word on to them - but the researchers actually were able to bring in like an advance strand of New Energy. In other words, it wasn't quite, but it was like a shadow of New Energy. Actually, they tapped into it across time and space, and they created cold fusion. That's one of many, many New Energy sources coming your way.

< e2012 2 > Science validates what's happening in consciousness. Science is the beauty of discovering all the things that you've already created. Yes, you've already created them. Now you're discovering them. Interesting, isn't it? But it's very true. It's the same principle as walking backwards through time to discover what it was like to already ascend. It's the same with where the tools, where the balance, where the answers are, allowing the intuition to let you find them.

< WalkOn 2 > I have spent many, many years in lifetimes past advocating science at a time when there was a tremendous amount of superstition, a tremendous amount of control from religious organizations that defied basic science. So, through an organization called the Illuminati, which was a group of scientists and philosophers and mathematicians, we, they brought forth to this planet an understanding of what eventually would become the scientific method using facts as a basis, as a part of determining the current nature of reality. But science, like so many other human endeavors, got caught in its own power games, got caught in its own limitations, became very enclosed, very limited and restricted, and it now looks at the nature of reality through only the eyes or the perspective of its science, when there is so much more out there.

< WalkOn 2 > So this physicist was absolutely correct in his observation that consciousness doesn't belong in science. But it is very real and very important and soon science will start taking it into their domain, will start considering it, consciousness, as the factor. It will baffle them, because consciousness cannot be measured whatsoever. There's no energy in consciousness, as you know from our discussions. It will baffle them because consciousness cannot be seen. It cannot be controlled and oftentimes the results of new consciousness are unpredictable. They don't follow the same pathways as linear science, as current science.

< WalkOn 2 > So science isn't looking at that. It will baffle science. But, my friends, each and every one of you already has the knowingness about consciousness. And in the next few years in particular there are going to be major, major breakthroughs in science, in technology and in physics. Major breakthroughs, breakthroughs to the extent that this planet hasn't seen in a thousand and more years, breakthroughs that are similar to discovering that the Earth is not flat. But you're going to see changes over these next few years – first, as what are considered bizarre theories, and then becoming more and more and more acceptable in mainstream physics and science – that will change perception on this planet, and eventually change the way this planet operates, change belief systems, change the whole way this planet is energized.