cold fusion


< QuantumLeap 2QA > That is a better question for Saint-Germain, but I will attempt it in his absence. It (cold fusion) is a stepping-stone, it will not be the final result. It has potential, but it's actually going to lead to discoveries of an even more efficient and safer form of energy. I'm going to add to what was said during the Quantum Leap. There will be several new energy sources that are going to be coming to the forefront. As these do, it will rock the world - in a good way and in a challenging way - because the institutions of Earth right now are literally built upon the Old Energy or fossil fuel sources. Everything from the economies, lifestyles, distribution systems, all of these things are built on these Old Energy ways. So there is going to be a resistance to change, but change is coming.

< Master 6 > So there are some brilliant fuel breakthroughs, technological breakthroughs, right around the corner - this year, next year - brilliant things like … and not, dear friends, not solar and wind. Those are, in my opinion, distractions. Distractions. Very, very crude. There is pure energy, amazing energy that's very available. Cold fusion. There was an attempt, there was a laboratory experiment of cold fusion. It was very successful, but they couldn't duplicate it. Hmmmm. Hmmmm!

Now, there are those who are saying, "Well then, therefore, it never really happened and it was all a publicity stunt." Absolutely not. The experiment in cold fusion that came out a number of years ago actually worked. It produced energy without any real negative byproducts, unlike nuclear. Without any negative byproducts. It couldn't be duplicated. It couldn't be repeated because - now you know the answer to this. It's New Energy! Yes.

They actually - they don't know it, so pass the word on to them - but the researchers actually were able to bring in like an advance strand of New Energy. In other words, it wasn't quite, but it was like a shadow of New Energy. Actually, they tapped into it across time and space, and they created cold fusion. That's one of many, many New Energy sources coming your way.