fuel / energy resource / physical energy

fuel source;
fossil fuel; oil, petroleum

< DivineHuman 9QA > Hydrogen is one of the most available physical energies on Earth right now. It is simply a matter of working with these to unlock the potential. It is safe. It is abundant. And, it is even more powerful than what the researchers understand right now.

There are many different types of energies that can be used for sustaining human activities and human life. We see that hydrogen has the greatest potential in the short run. After a certain point of time you will begin to understand cosmic energies then that can be brought in. But, in the short run for Earth, this hydrogen energy is so important.

< Embodiment 3 > Now, it is very interesting right now that your world is going through an energy crisis… very interesting that literally there are short supplies of fuel, of old fossil fuel pulled up from the ground. This all ties in together… all of what I speak of today. It is interesting to note that - now we don't you to get into a conspiracy thing - but we have to say that there is less supply of fuels than most leaders are willing to admit, because they are afraid if they admitted this, that there would be panic. And, there probably would be.

< Embodiment 3 > It is interesting that with elections happening now in this country that you're in, that there is so much focus on other things, all away from the true issues, the true issues. There are battles being fought over energies, over the small supplies that are still left. We are not talking about anything in your lifetime that will totally dry up. But, it will get more and more difficult. And, for the next few generations to come, perhaps they won't have anywhere near the abundance of Old Energy (fossil fuel) that you had… you see. The Earth is going through an energy crisis - literally, not enough Old Energy to go around.

< Embodiment 3 > So, Shaumbra, it is about bringing in the New Energy - isn't it? - literally on your Earth right now bringing in new types of fuel sources that don't come from the ground, but that come from the inter-dimensional energies that are neutral. But, the scientists can't see it yet because it is neutral. They are looking for something that is dynamic, that has what you would call duality characteristics to it - a positive and a minus, an opposing force. That is what they are looking for.

< Embodiment 6 > In this year of 2005, Shaumbra, you will continue to see this whole thing that is called an "energy crisis" on Earth. The old fossil energies are beginning to run out. Oh, they will drive the Earth for quite some time. But, as the supplies are getting lower and lower, there will be more desperation. There will be more - how to say - games that are played with energy, literal and figurative. You will see the prices continue to rise. You will see shortages and outages from time to time. And, we guess all of this is appropriate. There is an energy crisis on Earth. It is not just about the fossil fuels. It is about the energy that is changing. The Old Energy cannot fuel the New Earth… you see.

< Embodiment 6 > In this year (2005) you will see - how to say - other types of indications of the energy changes that are taking place. You will see it on large scales with - how do you say - the "brownouts," or even the collapsing of electrical systems. Old systems, wired systems that bring your electricity from the source of generation to your homes… you will see all sorts of problems with this in this coming year. And, it doesn't have to affect you. It doesn't have to affect you. Know that it will get repaired. Know that it will cause people, cause governments and industries to look at how energy is distributed.

< Clarity 3QA > Yes, there are those who are seeking more wealth. There are those who try to control governments and businesses. But, generally it doesn't work. There are those who literally have worked on trying to control weather patterns. And, their attempts have been minuscule compared to what human consciousness is doing to the weather patterns. And, this includes the use of old fossil fuel energies. If there's anything you want to work with to help resolve, it's the energy crisis on Earth right now. There are less oil reserves than what humans are being told. It is imperative to develop the new energy sources, whether it is from hydrogen, or other type of water-based fuels, whether it is from the sun, or any of these other remarkable energies that are available.

< Clarity 7 > The quantum leap - the time and the now moment where we take a quantum leap in consciousness. Everything speeds up at such a rate it can't follow its old path anymore. It has to find a new path. Now, on the same token while you have unprecedented speed and a fast pace here on Earth, your Earth is being fueled or energized or fed by a very old fuel - fossil fuel. It's amazing that other fuel sources haven't been tapped into. What will it take - a disaster, a catastrophe - for consciousness to get a kick-start, to start looking at new methods. How long can the world operate right now at the speed and the pace that it's going using old fuel sources to power itself? Not very long.

< Clarity 7 > You read sometimes that there is 50 years supply of oil. Probably not. Not unless everyone drastically reduces their consumption. 25 years ... that's probably stretching it, Shaumbra. 15 to 20 years, maybe, before the fuel supplies are at such a point that it doesn't matter anymore. They are so low that oil will become the most valuable thing on Earth, unless, unless another fuel supply is discovered - unless consciousness allows itself to evolve. There is energy all over, and we're not even just talking about the wind, and the sun and the ocean ... not just talking about hydrogen. There is energy everywhere.

< Clarity 7 > You only see oil. Oil on Earth is not much more than 100 years old in terms of fueling humanity. Earth is growing. Look at the changes in the last 100 years. Look at the changes taking place in countries such as India and China where their consumption of fuel is going to increase and increase. Where is this going to come from? Tobias said recently in a small group channel, don't be surprised if oil next year goes to $120, $130, $140 a barrel. Don't be surprised, Shaumbra. The world is continuing to try to fuel itself on old energy. What an incredible metaphor. It's really quite simple.

< Clarity 7 > From your own standpoint, Shaumbra. You don't have to get caught in the drama. You don't have to get into any type of paranoid mode. You will find in your life that you will have enough fuel. No matter what it is - if it comes from oil or gas. In your personal life on Earth, you will have more than enough fuel for what you need. So don't start going into panic or crisis mode, but understand what is happening on Earth. Understand that these changes are taking place, and ultimately, it will be good for all.

< Clarity 7 > It's going to shift consciousness, literally. So actually take a look at this as being an unprecedented but very positive event in the long run. Ultimately, what we see happening is that there will be those who tap into higher consciousness that allows them to tap into new fuel sources. They will start small, but then it will spread. It will spread all over. So, be very aware of energy right now in your times. Energy just not in terms of fuel, but energy in terms of any energy coming in.

< Clarity 7 > Your world is still operating on its old fossil fuel, so hooked into it that it can't even see that there's other potential out there. The world can't. It is fighting battles and wars. Claiming wars because they say there was a bad leader, a cruel leader. It wasn't about that. It (war) was about the strategy of knowing where the oil is. So your whole world right now is being turned upside down because it is trying to still feed off of the same old fuel sources even while it lives in the midst of this bountiful garden. It's a shame. It's a shame.

< Clarity 11QA > We're going to answer that by saying that water has tremendous amounts of energy already contained within it. But we're going to say that there are yet more efficient ways of energy production. We see that the hydrogen has a very short-term value.

One of the areas that we are also going to be establishing within the Crimson Circle - with you - is the energy research and development, literally about new sources of energy. We're going to be talking about, with a select group, about energy that is contained specifically within gravity, which is actually a very efficient use once it is harnessed; about energy that is also contained in what you would call types of wave forms or frequencies that are floating around in the air, free to use.

The amount of energy needed to produce energy from hydrogen is relatively inefficient. It will only satisfy a small percent of the world's energy needs on a short-term basis. So we're going to leapfrog over that and be working in some other areas of energy research.

< Teacher 8 > You are entering into a New Energy time, so Tesla comes back now to work with developers, scientists and what you would call metaphysicians - Shaumbra. He comes in to help plant some of the seeds and inspire some of the minds right now to go beyond, to go out of the box. Not just looking for answers to the fuel crisis that you have right now in things like oil, in things like wind or even solar. There are things that are so much more efficient and so more eloquent than what is being worked on right now, because those who do much of the research tend to close themselves down, tend to limit themselves.

< Teacher 8 > Nikola comes in today and asks for your conscious awareness of the work that he is doing with those who are developing new fuel sources, new food sources, new energy sources for this world. Nikola is coming in to ask you, as experienced energy movers, to work with him to help move the energy, expand the energy for those who are working in the laboratories right now, for those who are trying to understand how to bring this information that is available back down to the earthly realms for the sake of New Energy for this world. They're getting closer and closer to it, but they've allowed some things to create barriers. They don't understand some of the multi-dimensional physics. They are actually, by the way, trying to search too hard in their mind for the answer. You see the answer is there right around them right now, but they are searching too hard and they are not seeing it.

< Teacher 8 > With the conscious acknowledgment of Shaumbra, working with the energies of Tesla, we can help bring this energy to Earth and provide the grand "aha!" to some of these inventors. We can help bring in true New Energy, new fuel sources, into this world, because the world will need it. The population is growing. Energy demands at every level are surging. You are rapidly depleting the Old Energy resources, no matter what you read from some researchers. We don't - how to say - we don't go looking into the ground and seeing oil reserves. From our perspective, we see in energy patterns and we see how much of this fossil fuel is left on Earth - at least viable and available for use - and it is running out. There is almost... not a panic button, but a - how to say - a flashing light saying "Dear world, dear humans it is running out." Yes you have another good 20 or 30 years, but during that 20, 30 years it has the potential, with the oil situation, to cause more wars, to cause more conflicts and to cause more imbalance in the energy flow systems, including finances.

< Teacher 10 > So these scientists are with us today as the work that Tesla is doing with them, as the work that you are doing with them, is helping them to realize some of these answers that are out there (other dimensions) and to bring them back to Earth. Answers that can be specifically applied to energy resources of the world - non-oil, always renewable energy resources for this Earth - that will come into reality within the next ten years of time. Come into reality very quickly at a shocking and alarming rate that could stress out some of the old financial and distribution systems that exist here on Earth. Get ready for it Shaumbra - you've asked for it!

< Teacher 10 > It has to come in right now. It has to come in. Even energy - the fuel energy that you use - is coming to an end. There has to be a new way. And it's going to be something totally different - not wind, not solar - something totally different. So simple that humans will wonder how they overlooked it for thousands and thousands of years. But consciousness wasn't right. It wasn't ready.

< QLCeleb 4 > Can you imagine when these New Energy sources ... and there will be several. There will be water. There will be a type of, crudely what we would call, a light energy, but not from the Sun. There will be a type of gravitational energy that comes into play. When these New Energy sources make their way out of the R&D (Research and Development) into the network of human consciousness, it will require changes. Retooling of plants, changing ways people do things, changing distribution methods and more than anything changing the balance of power and money on Earth so it is more equally distributed rather than held in a few places. Don't be surprised, when you read the headlines, to also read about the conflict, to read about one side trying to hold on. But in this New Energy they cannot. They cannot.

< QuantumLeap 2QA > That is a better question for Saint-Germain, but I will attempt it in his absence. It (cold fusion) is a stepping-stone, it will not be the final result. It has potential, but it's actually going to lead to discoveries of an even more efficient and safer form of energy. I'm going to add to what was said during the Quantum Leap. There will be several new energy sources that are going to be coming to the forefront. As these do, it will rock the world - in a good way and in a challenging way - because the institutions of Earth right now are literally built upon the Old Energy or fossil fuel sources. Everything from the economies, lifestyles, distribution systems, all of these things are built on these Old Energy ways. So there is going to be a resistance to change, but change is coming.

< Returning 1 > You don't have to have the answer. The answer to the fuel and energy situation on Earth - it's in mass consciousness. It is in this potential of human mass consciousness, and when the inspiration is there, and when the heart desire is there, and the level of consciousness is appropriate, then it finds its way through one of these inventors or scientists. They are the ones who bring it down into the practical methodical methods where it can be used on Earth. But it takes the ones who inspire consciousness to have that spark to ignite the consciousness in humans. And that is what so many of you are doing right now.

< Master 6 > There was another shift in 2007. It went unnoticed by most people in the world, but it happened and it was quite large. And it didn't have to come as a storm. It came as a welcome invitation. It was called the Quantum Leap, and most of you participated in that. That opened the door for amazing new technologies to come in. A lot of them are still on the desktop, so to speak. Still haven't been implemented.

But the changes of consciousness that occurred in 2007 are going to lead ultimately to new energy solutions, incredible medical solutions, if we can get by some of the religious moralistic issues - I'm speaking of things like stem cell - incredible openings in particularly in one of the biggest issues confronting humans right now, which is fuel, energy. Isn't it amazing that you're energy workers who are bringing in New Energy and the world is confronted with a huge energy crisis? Huge. It's not talked about so much. I'm not saying there's a conspiracy, but humans just don't want to address the fact that the world is consuming more and more fuel and using up a lot of the resources.

< Master 6 > So there are some brilliant fuel breakthroughs, technological breakthroughs, right around the corner - this year, next year - brilliant things like … and not, dear friends, not solar and wind. Those are, in my opinion, distractions. Distractions. Very, very crude. There is pure energy, amazing energy that's very available. Cold fusion. There was an attempt, there was a laboratory experiment of cold fusion. It was very successful, but they couldn't duplicate it. Hmmmm. Hmmmm!

Now, there are those who are saying, "Well then, therefore, it never really happened and it was all a publicity stunt." Absolutely not. The experiment in cold fusion that came out a number of years ago actually worked. It produced energy without any real negative byproducts, unlike nuclear. Without any negative byproducts. It couldn't be duplicated. It couldn't be repeated because - now you know the answer to this. It's New Energy! Yes.

They actually - they don't know it, so pass the word on to them - but the researchers actually were able to bring in like an advance strand of New Energy. In other words, it wasn't quite, but it was like a shadow of New Energy. Actually, they tapped into it across time and space, and they created cold fusion. That's one of many, many New Energy sources coming your way.

< e2012 3 > So energy. Huge problem. It's a symbolic problem, not just a literal one. The oil is running out. They're trying to do all sorts of things - extract it by squishing rocks together and hope they get a little bit out of it, and that'll last for a while. They're putting solar panels up. Somebody's getting rich, not many people are producing energy, in my humble opinion. Or wind turbines. It's a nice effort, but it's really a waste of money, because that's not where it's going to come from. It's going to come from the simple alchemy of the elements that are already here. The basics such as light and carbon and atomic structure and just a different way of converting that than what you have now.

< e2012 3 > So energy is a problem on this planet, but not really. Not really, and that's the amazing thing. It's about that close to a breakthrough. Question is, is consciousness ready for that breakthrough? All the elements are there. A lot of laboratory work being done, a lot of good theories, some patents being filed right in this very Now time about some very new energy, clean energy, relatively cheap energy. It's really, you could say, it's right there. But the question is can the population and the financial system and religions and everybody else handle it?

< e2012 3 > If suddenly you can get rid of all of these infrastructures that support Old Energy distribution, what would happen? Massive unemployment. And what politician worth his lies would want unemployment? Not at all! Because unemployed people are not good voters. So there is literally a consciousness - not a conspiracy, but a consciousness, a part of Earth consciousness - that is holding back on this. It's kind of an odd thing. It's ready, but it's going to change life as you know it on the planet. Everybody would become energy sovereign. Amazing.