Nikola Tesla


< Embodiment 7 > I (St. Germain) have tried to help other scientists of your time - and my time - understand this. I worked closely with Tesla when I was Samuel Clemens. We would meet. We would talk. I would try to help him to understand. We had some degree of success, but quite frankly society wasn't ready for what Tesla had to offer, but instead reverted to a more Edisonian type of understanding of energy. You are ready to move beyond that now, ready to go beyond that Old understanding of energy. Interesting… they were both the modern-day energy workers, Tesla and Edison.

< Teacher 8 > Tesla has a very interesting background, as you would know, from that lifetime as Tesla. Born in Austria to a Serbian family, an incredible - not just a mind - but an incredible creative and creator sense. Incredible, but yet ahead of his time. Tesla actually came in with two other beings, in a sense matching similarities in their lifetimes although they did not all meet each other. Tesla was the brilliance in a team that came in, but it needed the team to do the work that was done then and it's relying on a team even now for some of its work. Tesla came in at about the same time as the one you know as Thomas Edison. They came in together on purpose. Oh yes, they had their discussions with each other. They went through one of the most phenomenal debates with each other in modern scientific advancement: Alternating current versus direct current.

< Teacher 8 > Much of what was done with Tesla and Edison now accounts for the way you are able to live, the technology that you are able to use. It surpassed many of the technologies of even Atlantis, at least the mechanical or physical technologies. Tesla actually worked for Thomas Edison for a period of time, both in the laboratory coming out with some of the greatest advancements in the use of energy, in the use of electricity, and the development of motor technology. But they both knew they could not continue to work together. It was not part of their prior agreement. They had to be separate. In other words, they had to go off in their own ways.

< Teacher 8 > Edison played the role of being not just an inventor in his own right - but not nearly as brilliant as Tesla - but Edison was the manifester or what you call the implementer. Edison was the one that was able to bring it in - many of these technologies that were coming through Tesla - to bring it in and to ground it on Earth and then to make it available to all humans, to consciously distribute the products. The products that you use today - light bulbs, movies, phonographs - which have led to other developments and inventions. Edison was what you would call more of the commercial or the business mind. Look what has happened with the very companies that he helped to start a long time ago. They have flourished. They are now some of the biggest corporations in the world. They provide a flow of energies based on the original invention. So it was important for Tesla and Edison to come in together, to actually meet, to work together for a short period of time before Tesla went on to do other work.

< Teacher 8 > There is a third aspect that came in, part of this trilogy to balance it out, because they (Tesla and Edison) needed another being who was able to go very multi-dimensionally and yet bring everything back into this reality. It's the one you know as Harry Houdini. They came in at approximately the same time. They came in with a very close, energetic bond to each other, and they needed the three to make it work. They needed what Houdini had to offer - his understanding of illusion - and actually Houdini's passion for understanding how the other realms worked.

< Teacher 8 > Houdini would spend much time in the other realms - at a consciousness level, of course - and then use much of that information that he had and bring it back to this realm. He had no tolerance, he had no patience for the ones who were frauds and manipulators because he understood some basic truths. He had to be very careful because he knew more than he let on. He had to be careful for a variety of reasons. Consciousness, humanity wasn't quite ready for it yet. He knew that he would be locked in jail if not executed for what he did know about how the dimensions worked, how the physics of other dimensions could actually be brought back in.

< Teacher 8 > Instead of revealing some of what you would call the secrets that he understood, he actually energetically connected with Tesla, in particular, and fed much of this consciousness and information that he was getting through Tesla while Tesla was doing some of his advanced and very esoteric kind of work in the later days. In the meantime, Tesla left the Edison laboratories and went off on his own. Not much of a businessman, they would say, but hell of an inventor. A genius in his own right.

< Teacher 8 > Tesla actually came to this area, worked in his laboratory for a long time in the mountains, in the area you call Colorado Springs. Incredible inventions were done there. He was able to tap into the energies of the mountains in that particular area, which are still very, very strong. It's no wonder, with these incredibly intense energies, that it has attracted things like the military and religions to that area. But we have to point out that even as Tesla found out, these energies are so strong that for a while they seemed like a type of energetic steroid - an energetic super-food. But you have to be very careful because these energies are so strong, if they're not treated with a certain amount of respect and a certain amount of grounding, it can literally backfire on those who would tend to abuse it.

< Teacher 8 > Tesla worked on many experiments while he was in Colorado Springs. He understood how to create certain wave fields, certain light fields, that went far beyond, beyond even what current technology knows. He was able to work with the energy of light itself, the light particles and the light waves. He was able to work with the magnetics and electromagnetics, and he discovered things about these, about working with magnetics as an energy and fuel source, that has never been duplicated again.

< Teacher 8 > Tesla actually was able to create a type of... this was not a machine, but it was a what you would call a field or an energy force... where he could literally play with the what you would call the limitations of time and space. He did literal time warping, space warping, in his experiments. He was able to also use them as a type of an inter-dimensional doorway. Of course, he was so far ahead of his time and he knew the implications of his work, particularly as the world was gearing up for major wars, he basically suppressed much of the information and the material. He allowed himself to go a bit crazy. He allowed himself to be seen as a mad scientist, and therefore not taken so seriously, although he knew within what he had been able to accomplish with some of the work that he did.

< Teacher 8 > Tesla has not reincarnated since but he has... when he first left the physical body in the midst of World War II, he actually went off to what Saint-Germain calls the crystalline realms. He went off to further explore his creations and discoveries. His energy has come back into the Earth realms in a very direct and very present way in these last few years. He is working right now with scientists - a few scientists, one group in particular, but others as individuals - on some of the very developments that he was able to create in his lifetime. Some of the very things that are going to have an effect on energy and on fuel for this Earth. We don't want to say that he has the secret, but he was able to go beyond the barriers at the time into a very deep understanding of how energy truly works.

< Teacher 8 > You are entering into a New Energy time, so Tesla comes back now to work with developers, scientists and what you would call metaphysicians - Shaumbra. He comes in to help plant some of the seeds and inspire some of the minds right now to go beyond, to go out of the box. Not just looking for answers to the fuel crisis that you have right now in things like oil, in things like wind or even solar. There are things that are so much more efficient and so more eloquent than what is being worked on right now, because those who do much of the research tend to close themselves down, tend to limit themselves.

< Teacher 8 > And, if nothing else, some of the demands from their beneficiaries, from their companies, limit them in terms of their - what you would say - their budget work and the scope of their work. There is one group in particular of scientists... we will not name... who have broken out of the Old Energy system. They have gone off on their own, truly working on some of these very ingenious, but actually very simple energy resolutions. Tesla plans to come back into the physical form some time after the Quantum Leap, but right now he is busy at work. And in a sense he has a request for all of you, Shaumbra, all around the world right now, a request to understand the nature of the work that he and you are doing. You provide a consciousness platform. You provide a consciousness energy and flow.

< Teacher 8 > You see, he can communicate in a nonverbal way to some of these scientists and physicists, some of these inventors, but yet most of them are working so much in the mind that they don't hear, they don't even feel the energy coming in. It is difficult sometimes for those of us on the other realms to make the connection. We can, in a sense, scream and shout what we know, trying to communicate it, but if there are beings who are not open to that, the information is not received. However, when there are a group of humans on Earth who are open in consciousness, who are grounded in this reality but expanded into the others, that can have more of a direct benefit on the researchers and developers than just us on the other realms.

< Teacher 8 > Nikola comes in today and asks for your conscious awareness of the work that he is doing with those who are developing new fuel sources, new food sources, new energy sources for this world. Nikola is coming in to ask you, as experienced energy movers, to work with him to help move the energy, expand the energy for those who are working in the laboratories right now, for those who are trying to understand how to bring this information that is available back down to the earthly realms for the sake of New Energy for this world. They're getting closer and closer to it, but they've allowed some things to create barriers. They don't understand some of the multi-dimensional physics. They are actually, by the way, trying to search too hard in their mind for the answer. You see the answer is there right around them right now, but they are searching too hard and they are not seeing it.

< Teacher 8 > So Nikola will be coming around, talking to you, sharing things with you. His energy hasn't been so very present in the past. He is making it much more available right now. Some of you who are scientifically bent, he would be happy to come in and discuss some of his concepts, particularly those that went beyond just the concept stage into the actual manifestation stage.

< Wings 6 > While we're talking about being ahead of your time, there have been some other amazing humans. Most of you are familiar with Nikola Tesla. Definitely ahead of his time, way ahead of time, probably – I'm going to say – probably 100 years ahead of his time. He, like you, was an energy worker. He worked with energy in the terms of electricity, but he went far beyond that. And initially, Tesla tried to fit in and then realized pretty early on that he didn't.

< Wings 6 > Oh, he was taken advantage of. People stole his ideas and even his patents. Even Thomas Edison basically ripped him off twice from several large amounts of money that was promised to him and then was told, “Oh, well you just don't get the American way. That was a joke. Your bonus was a joke. We didn't really mean it.” But he persisted. He kept on with his work. He was told by very learned people, by academic and scientific communities that he was basically crazy. But we know today that Nikola Tesla actually wasn't. He knew.

< Wings 6 > Can you imagine what he went through when, as brilliant as he was, he was literally working on the streets of New York shoveling gravel and concrete and horse poop to make a living, just to eat? Here he's one of the most brilliant beings in terms of understanding real physics – not current physics, but real physics – nobody would listen to him. He was broke. No money for long periods of time, because they either took advantage of him or wouldn't hire him. He was too weird. He didn't fit in. They didn't want him in those organizations.

< Wings 6 > He was so brilliant that he understood a very, very basic principle that current science is still working on: Energy is free. It's in the air, literally in the air. The funny thing is it's so obvious, and it was obvious to Tesla. He got it. He actually developed a little apparatus, very inexpensive apparatus, that was able to extract energy from thin air. Little or no cost. He was so far ahead of his time, the world actually wasn't ready for it, and maybe still isn't quite ready for free energy. What would people do with totally free energy, really? You know, as good as it sounds, if everybody had free energy, imagine, well, imagine certain people you know – a neighbor or a friend or a boss – that suddenly has totally free energy and as much of it as they want. How would they handle it, without consciousness? Oh, back to that consciousness factor.

< Wings 6 > Tesla was brilliant. He realized something, talked to others about it and they thought he was a complete lunatic, and he said, “Here's the thing. There is energy all around us, but part of it, part of that energy is in a state of neutral. That's why you can't see it. That's why you don't know how to activate it through things like electricity or other power dynamics. But it's there.” And they laughed at him and said, “If it's there, then how do you get it to go to work for you?” And Tesla said, “You just imagine it. You take this energy that's all around you that's in a neutral state and” – he said the words – “You just imagine it,” and they thought he was nuts. We use a little different terminology. We activate energy from a neutral state of being through consciousness, awareness, but it's pretty much the same thing. And it doesn't take a lot of fancy mechanics or apparatuses to put it to work. It doesn't.

< Wings 6 > Interesting thing is those who took these papers – well, the papers were shipped off – but those who read the papers had no clue of what he was talking about when he was talking about free energy. They considered him some sort of kook. Today, his energies, his memory, his consciousness have been resurrected. You have something called the Tesla Motor Company, Tesla batteries. It's all in honor to this amazing being who was 100 years ahead of his time.

< Wings 6 > You're probably 30, maybe 40 years ahead of your time, but time is moving faster than it did back then. Events are happening faster. You're ahead of your time. I'm going to say you're the Teslas of consciousness, and I mean that from the deepest part of my I Am. The Teslas of consciousness. You're working with consciousness in ways that other people are going to ridicule and scorn you. They already have. They'll make fun of you and they're going to say “Prove it. Prove it.” But you can't. That's the thing. You can only live it, and that's the proof.

< Wings 6 > This is not a mathematical equation that we're trying to solve. It's not a physics issue, not in regular human physics. It's something so different. And you've come into this lifetime and you try to fit in and it doesn't work. And you try to maintain one of the last vestiges of this – I'm going to say – the Atlantean hypnosis of having to have community, your families, because if you can hang in there, if they still accept your phone calls or read your emails, then the mind thinks that it's okay. But you've gone beyond that. The Teslas of consciousness. And I did check with Nikola before this gathering today and said, “Can I use that?” and he was exuberant. He was so filled with joy that he would be remembered in that way and that you would proudly wear that and take that within. It's not flattery. It's not flattery, because I know what you've been through to get here. I know the hell that you've paid, the difficulty, the broken bones and the broken emotions that it took to get here.

< Wings 7 > Tesla crossed over right in the midst of the war and he knew at that point that he was far ahead of his time and that it really – this sounds a little strange – but it wasn't meant to work out. I mean, it could have, but he said he was just too far ahead of his time. The planet really wasn't ready. But he said, “When the planet is ready for it, I'm going to find the right person to channel me, to connect with me.” To channel him.

< Wings 7 > So along the way he kept these talks going. He didn't know who he was talking to. He didn't think it was some angelic entity. He just thought it was part of his mental process – talking to these beings. But at a relatively early age, dear Tesla kind of felt into him and said, “This is the right one. This is the right one. He's open. He listens. He has vision. He's not just a pragmatist. He really has vision and he's never going to let doubt get in his way”. So, Tesla connected with Elon Musk and has been connected ever since, talking to him on a regular basis.

< Wings 7 > For me it's exciting, because my connection with Tesla, in particular, is through Mark Twain. Tesla and Twain were great friends, dear friends and it deeply, deeply saddened Tesla when Mark Twain died, because it was one of Tesla's last true friends. They spent a lot of time in the laboratory, but again, that connecting energy between them – they were both visionaries. They were both wide open. They were both a little bit ahead of their time, Tesla a lot more so than Mark Twain. But they both had the ability to see and feel and open up into grander spaces. They got out of their Chicken Little, chicken crap way of being a little human. They broke out of boxes and really lived. They followed their passion.

< Wings 7 > They had doubts, like you, a lot of doubts. Poor Tesla was eventually so ridiculed by the press and by the academia and Musk has been attacked by many, but they go beyond those doubts because doubts are so petty. Doubts are petty. Your doubts are so petty, but yet they get so big, they kind of mushroom out and they cover everything else up. Tesla and Musk had doubts. Musk still has doubts, but he takes a breath and goes beyond that and follows his visions and his passions. So that's the connection between them, between us and Tesla and Musk. I see that continuing for quite a while and great things coming from Elon Musk and those who work with him and those who energetically support what Tesla and Musk are doing. So that's the connection, my dear friends, yes. And there should be so many reminders to you about your lives.