Saint Germain / Adamus

Count of Saint Germain (Comte de Saint Germain);

< DivineHuman 6 > He comes in with the color violet, with the ray of violet. He has worked with all of you before. His energy has been very present around you for the past 20 to 30 years. But his presence has not been as strong in the past few years. He come back now, more present than ever. Indeed, our honored guest is St. Germaine. He is a dear friend of mine, and yours. We spend many hours together talking about humans, for he walked as a human also.

< DivineHuman 6 > St. Germaine is the master of alchemy and the master of change. St. Germaine did not conform to the Old ways, but rather said, "There is a better way here on Earth." He experimented with energies and practiced his alchemy while he was alive as a human on Earth. St. Germaine went through his own type of ascension process while he was on Earth. He learned how to glide between lifetimes and to meld lifetimes together. He learned how to break down the barriers of remembering from one lifetime to the other.

< DivineHuman 6 > Dear, dear St. Germaine has been such a part of your journey in these past years, but mostly when you were in your dream state. He has been away from the Earth realms for a while, working with you on setting the energies of the New Earth. He has also been preparing for this time, preparing his energies so that he can once again walk closely with you. The energies of St. Germaine have stayed away for a while. He returns at this time of the completion of the grids. He returns at the time when you can truly own your divinity. He comes in now, so happy to be here, so happy to be with all of you in a remembrance of his own human journey. He will be coming back to visit this group many times this year. He will be visiting you directly. His energy will come in directly, no longer in the sleep state, but when you are wide awake.

< DivineHuman 6 > Dear Shaumbra, you are different. That is why we are here. That is why St. Germaine comes back to the Earth realms much stronger than ever. He has been away for a while. He comes back now to work with those who are ready to be divine and express their divinity. No excuses. No more grid changes. No more planet alignments. No more waiting for the UFO’s to land. (audience laughter) Nothing. Nothing.

< DivineHuman 6QA > St. Germaine comes to be with you, to sit with you, and to love you during these difficult moments. St. Germaine is the great alchemist, the great transformer of energies. St. Germaine understands how to move from one form into the other, how to transmute an old energy into a new energy. He has been away from the Earth for many years because he has been working on the understandings of New Energy that you have brought in -how to use these, how to apply them. He will come to you during these challenging and difficult times to work with you, to help you understand.

< DivineHuman 6QA > St. Germaine will be with you. We asked you to connect with the energy before, because when it comes back to you in some of your challenging times, when you are wondering about why you even want to go forward, he will sit with you. He will remind you. He will remind you of the beauty and the joy of living. He will remind you that the old ways don’t apply anymore. He will ask you to put two feet fully into the New Energy, two feet fully on the ground, and to be totally open to your own divinity.

< DivineHuman 7 > St. Germain had been away for quite a while, helping the angels on our side to develop and birth this place we call the New Earth. He has been out of contact, busy with this project. Now with the alignment of the grids, he now brings his energy to both places, this physical Earth that you inhabit and the New Earth. He is like a conduit between the two. St. Germain works directly with the order of Archangel Gabriel. We know him here as an angel who can connect in human form. We know him here by the name of Zebael… Zebael. We do not call him St. Germain. That is a human name that you have for him.

< NewEnergy 11 > The energy of Kathume is such an important part of the Order of To-bi-wah, in a sense, the more modern, the more contemporary - how to say - projection of the To-bi-wah energy on Earth, for he lived in your 19th century. He was human, as I was, as dear St. Germaine was. Indeed, Kathume and St. Germaine spent much time together on Earth in physical body working together.

< NewEnergy 11 > Kathume is a wise one, one who we spend much time working with on our side. Kathume, when he was on Earth - how to say - had a close relationship with the one you call Madam Blavatsky and St. Germaine. And, the three played games with each other, for they knew how to go between the worlds. They would appear to each other, even when it was not in physical form. They would communicate with each other with the unspoken word. They helped to set an energy so many, many years ago here on Earth of this whole ability to walk between the worlds.

< NewEnergy 11 > He (Kuthumi) will be here to help you walk between these worlds and share much of the knowledge that he gained when he was on Earth. He will be helping to bring in also the energies of St. Germaine at specific times. So, you may be feeling - how to say - double-teamed from both who come in. But, dear friends, dear Shaumbra, we know you are serious about this opening up. We know you would not be satisfied by staying within this shallow 3-D reality. We know you are bursting at the seams, so to speak, to want to open up, but still not quite sure what this means. So, we send in all of the appropriate energies now to work with you.

< NewEnergy 11 > We ask you to listen and to be aware of their energies. These are energies, by the way, both of Kathume and St. Germaine who you have known before and worked with before. There is a trust that is already built-up with both of these entities. There is an additional trust that comes to play because they have both been on Earth for many, many incarnations. So, you can relate to them unlike beings sometimes who have never been on Earth and do not have the empathy or the actual experience to know how far things can open, or how fast they can open, and still stay in balance.

< NewEnergy 11 > It has been agreed in the Order of To-bi-wah that at the time that I come back to Earth and incarnate back into physical body, that the dear one - my dear, dear friend, St. Germaine - will take over my seat in the Order of To-bi-wah. He will be one who - how to say - comes to you in so many different ways, and also will be assisting me - yes, I have some special help - will be assisting me from his side of the veil. But, dear friends, you have me at least for another few years to work with.

< Embodiment 3QA > This can be very deep stuff. This can be very difficult stuff - if you want it to be. Or, it can be very simple. It can be very joyful. It can be very humorous as Kuthumi brought in today. He has that capability. He has us laughing here so many times. He was, in so many ways, a bit of an annoyance because of his humor with St. Germain and Madame B all the time. He has the ability to go in and let energies be free.

< Embodiment 5 > So, the energies of St. Germain are present with us today… helping you to become the true magicians… helping you to understand how transmutation works… helping you to understand that it is important to break out of your Old mindset and Old belief systems. Change that benchmark. That is what he had to do literally in his lifetime to understand how to transcend this thing called physical death. He had to change the benchmarks. He had to change the measurement system that he had for himself.

He had conducted many tests and many experiments having to do with reality and reality shifting. And, in his younger years he found so much of it difficult to do because he was using Old measurement systems. Like any good scientist knows, sometimes you have to change the criteria. You have to change the parameters before you can change the outcome, otherwise you tend to fall into a trap, repeating processes over and over again, thinking there is some sort of secret door, or trapdoor, or magical answer. There is. And, it is the measurement system. It's the Old benchmarks. Change those.

< Embodiment 7 > I (St.Germain) have gone through more hell than any one of you who is sitting here or in this room. I have gone to greater depths and darknesses. I have gone through miseries. I have battled the demons. I have battled the devil him and herself. I have spent many, many lifetimes in the lowest of the low. So, when I speak to you, and we communicate like this, I know what you are going through. I know the darkness, or the depths, or the difficulties. I have been there. I have gone through worse. I have greater stories than any of you, Shaumbra, today. So, I understand.

< Embodiment 7 > I use the identity of Saint-Germain, Count Saint-Germain. I bestowed that title on myself; it was a wonderful one. I actually created the name. My truer identity - and the name that I was called by those who knew me in that lifetime - was Adamus. It is a more familiar name to me, and it has its derivatives in the term Adam. And, Adam is the essential energy of man and woman here on Earth. So, I adopted that name, Adamus, for myself. And, it is how I'm known to Tobias and Kuthumi and the others, and to most of you also. So many of you call me Professor Adamus. And, I enjoy that title as well.

< Embodiment 7 > My energy (St.Germain) goes back as far as you go back. We shared times together in the Atlantean era. I was known in the biblical times as the one you would call Samuel. And, from that lifetime I spent a whole series of lifetimes on the dark road in the depths. I wanted to explore what it would be like to go to the bottom of humanity, the bottom of vibration. I wanted to explore what it would be like to be totally consumed by the energy of this Earth, totally consumed by the energy of what you would call an "ego."

< Embodiment 7 > So, I (St.Germain) spent many lifetimes in this (darkness). I met many of you during these times. You may remember me as a poor, wretched one. You may remember me as one who kills you, one who betrayed you. So, that energy sometimes still shows up when we get together. But, I did this to help me understand the true origins of human nature. I have to say that so many of you have also done this to certain degrees. You have given of yourself to find out what it is like. You have to explore all of the realms and all of the boundaries of this human condition to understand the totalness of your divinity. That is why we are here. That is why we are sitting here on this day. That is why we are here in the realms.

< Embodiment 7 > There is this thing called the Crimson Council on our side of the veil. You are all participants and members and strong influences in it. This is where we get together during your dream state or during your multi-dimensional travel. The Crimson Council is not one of the pillars of the Order of the Arc. We all come from different places, different families… the family of Michael… and the family of Raphael… the family of To-bi-wah. We converged into this thing called the Crimson Council at this time. And, as you know, it also consists of the energies of Ohamah, Kuthumi, Tobias. (and of course St.Germain) There are strong influences with Quan Yin and many, many others. You are active participants in this. We are not at a higher level than you. You are simply manifested on Earth right now, and we are not… possibly.

< Embodiment 7 > I (St.Germain) am speaking right now through this one you call Cauldre. He has been taken somewhere else for the time being. But, I will have you know that I'm also present in the room with you in a human form, a human form that you will not see after this day. You don't need to look around (audience laughter). I can manifest myself in a variety of forms and shapes. I can appear momentarily and disappear the next. I can create a story that has so much character and personality and depth to it that it continues its essence for a period of time until I disconnect it. And, this is something that each and every one of you here can do as well. That is where we are going.

< Embodiment 7 > Tobias has told you that this is going to be different year, a year of freedom of the soul. That is where we are going. Tobias has assigned me (St.Germain) to speak to Shaumbra for the next two sessions on the nature of energy and how to transmute. Or, let's call it "move energy." Energy is an amazing thing, amazing. And, it doesn't exist!

< Embodiment 7 > I (St.Germain) spent many, many lifetimes in what you would call lower positions, as well, dark positions. I can tell tremendous stories about some of the things I went through, including, yes, indeed a time where I had no lapse between lifetimes. I remembered everything, one lifetime after another. That is hell… unless you are prepared for it. You, Shaumbra, are prepared for it. I was not at the time. It is hell. It is hell, continuing a story, continuing the memories, not having a resolution. It is hell.

< Embodiment 7 > I (St.Germain) helped to create the energies of the one that you call Saint Francis of Assisi, an unsouled being, who I helped to create with Kuthumi and some others. I have been incarnated on Earth as the energy of Francis Bacon, commonly known also as Shakespeare. But, with my deep love for writing, I have also incarnated as the energy of Samuel Clemens, Mark Twain. It was an incredible lifetime. I traveled the world. I wrote my stories. I shared many times with so many of Shaumbra. I actually had the one that you know as Cauldre in my employment for a short period of time in the place that you would call Virginia City when I had a newspaper there (Territorial Enterprise).

< Embodiment 7 > In my lifetime as Saint-Germain I was born in an area of what you would now know as Spain to a Portuguese father who was also Jewish and a mother who had royal Spanish lineage. My name was not Count Saint-Germain, or Saint-Germain (said with a French accent this time). I changed it later when I began my travelings. I traveled throughout Europe. I brought with me into that lifetime information. I brought with me so much energy that I had built up over a long period of time. I brought it with me. And, I understood, and I knew how to transmute.

< Embodiment 7 > It (transmutation) is simple, Shaumbra. It is so simple to take a diamond in your hand and clear any of the flaws in it. It is simple. You are trying too hard. That is the problem. I (St.Germain) could take simple stones, put them in my pocket, and pull out gold. It is simple. You are trying too hard. You are trying to apply force to energy, and it doesn't work, does it? There is no sleight of hand here. There are no miracles here. It is simple physics. And, we are going to be going into some of that.

< Embodiment 7 > In my lifetime as Saint-Germain I counseled Louis XV. We spent many hours behind closed doors. I helped him to try to understand the nature of energy. Of course, he was more interested in how to turn rocks into gold, and I would never show him (some laughter). He wanted to know how to clear a diamond. He wanted to know how I could shape-shift, how I could change my form and turn into different beings at any time. In my lifetime as Saint-Germain I also counseled Madame Pompadour. I spent many hours with her, helping her to understand the whole nature of what you call Spirit or God - not that I have the answer to this - but I have an answer that is, I believe, more valid and more truthful than any one of the religions on your Earth right now.

< Embodiment 7 > I have an aversion to religions, and I expressed this vehemently in my lifetime as Saint-Germain. It got me into a bit of trouble. The church leaders are pompous. The church leaders are fearful. I'm glad I can say this. Tobias would not express these feelings so vigorously. The church energy right now is what is holding Earth back, what is holding humanity back. It is probably the most diseased energy of any on Earth. And, I am going to come back soon. I'm going to - as you would say - kick some ass (audience laughter) in terms of religion. I have heard Cauldre say many times that I'm far too serious, that I don't have a sense of humor. But, I do.

< Embodiment 7 > I never died. In my lifetime as Saint-Germain, I walked out of my body. I walked out of it. There was no long, prolonged death. I didn't do any suffering. There was no pain. I walked out of my body. And, this is a true, true story - it disappeared the moment I walked out of it. There are no bones buried in the ground, no flesh left to stink and rot. I walked out. And, this is where we are going, Shaumbra. This is what you have asked for. This is why you are here on Earth right now. I walked out. And, I can walk back in. Yes, it sounds like the New Earth, doesn't it? I can walk back in at any time, manifest myself, my energies into human reality.

< Embodiment 7 > You are playing too many games right now. It is getting you confused. It is getting you lost. I know who you are. We have worked together for eons of time. I am going to remind you of that. Yes, it will irritate you at times, but it is time to get over the games, to get over the stories, to stop playing in your sandbox. We are going to start playing in the whole arena of multi-dimensions.

< Embodiment 7 > I (St. Germain) have tried to help other scientists of your time - and my time - understand this. I worked closely with Tesla when I was Samuel Clemens. We would meet. We would talk. I would try to help him to understand. We had some degree of success, but quite frankly society wasn't ready for what Tesla had to offer, but instead reverted to a more Edisonian type of understanding of energy. You are ready to move beyond that now, ready to go beyond that Old understanding of energy. Interesting… they were both the modern-day energy workers, Tesla and Edison.

< Embodiment 7 > I spent much time in my lifetime as Saint-Germain working with Mesmer, helping him to understand the nature of reality, helping him to understand hypnosis, mesmerizing, the fact that if you can get the human consciousness tuned into a certain level, it can transcend its stuck state of being. It can get the energy moving and flowing again. With a certain type of hypnosis, or mesmerization, you can get out of that Old story, and you can transmute energies very quickly.

< Embodiment 7 > You focus on this lack of abundance. You are so stuck in it. And, the fact is that there is the potential of money abundance just waiting to come into your reality. But, you are not letting it. You hold Old belief systems about it. You think that you have to work within the system. I will tell you one thing - in my lifetime as Saint-Germain I never worked within the system. The system is mass consciousness, and it will grab you and pull you into it so quickly. Tobias has asked you if you are ready to leave mass consciousness, and most of you said, "Yes." But, you are still stuck in it. You have to work outside of the system.

< Embodiment 8 > In my lifetime as Count Saint-Germain I worked with many different small groups. I called them my "radiance groups." Many of you participated in those. I worked with groups in my lifetime, such as the Rosicrucians, the Free Masons. I worked with the Knights Templar, the friends of the Templar, and the Illuminati… and many others. Our theory was to have these small - what are now known as - secret groups dispersed all around Europe with a few in America, and to provide a type of radiance, a type of continuing energy that would keep the enlightened ones, what we call the "walking masters"… I don't ever want to hear you call me a "master." You are the Masters, the walking Masters. These radiant groups were put in place to send energy out to all of you, whether you were involved in that group or not. It was like a lamppost or an energetic plug-in along the way. So, the work has been difficult.

< Embodiment 8 > I (St. Germain) was involved in forming or helping to encourage these secret societies back in those times. So many of you still have those energies within you. So many of you are attracted by the twinkle of a jewel that catches your eye in a certain way, and it provides a remembrance of the times in the secret societies. The secret societies, in a way, date back to the very origins of Shaumbra in the time of Yeshua where we met. We met in secret. We met as Essenes, and even as a subgroup of the Essenes to really bring in the Christ seed here on Earth, to bring in the awakening consciousness to a consciousness that has long been asleep.

< Embodiment 8 > We have worked together for so very long. Our times go all the way back to Atlantis. You were there; I was there. We were together in the temples. We were together in the last lifetimes in Atlantis. We experienced some of the best and some of the worst. That is where our connection, Shaumbra, comes from. In the times of Atlantis I (St. Germain) was not a king. I was not a priest. I was not a powerbroker. I was not one of the magicians of energies. I was simply a slave boy. That's all I was. You were the royalty. Most of you here sat in the higher places in the temples. And, you understood how energies worked.

< Embodiment 8 > I (St. Germain) was simply the slave from the working-class who was brought into the temples to serve you, to bring you your meals, to clean up your wastes. I was there to make your life and work easier. Interesting that I also got caught in the middle of your experiments. Literally, on a day when one of the experiments with energy was spiraling in a way that you didn't understand, and you could no longer control, I happened to walk through the wrong door at the wrong time, this little slave boy, and get caught up in it. I was taken into this vortex of energy that you had created and basically placed in a - what you would call - a crystalline structure that I could not get out of… you see… and you could not get me out of.

< Embodiment 8 > I (St. Germain) was on display for each and every one of you, stuck in the crystal. And, I lived in that crystal for weeks and days and lifetimes and eons of time. That is where we know each other, for I sat there with that horrified look on my face, as you looked back at me. You knew how to work energies. And, I was right in the middle of it. So, here I was, not able to die, not able to live, but stuck. And, you didn't know how to free me. Even when Atlantis fell, I was still stuck in the crystal. I was still part of your karma. I was still part of your lineage now. We have been connected. And, that is why I irritated so many of you so much last time to see me like this now (audience laughter).

< Embodiment 8 > Oh, yes, I (St. Germain) did get out after a long and a horrific time within that crystal… no death when I wished I could die… no one to hear me when I called out… my body suspended frozen in place… my mind active. Nobody could hear, not in the other realms. The crystalline structure that your energies created prevented any outside energy from hearing me. It cut everything off. Not an angel in heaven knew where I was. Talk about loneliness, and talk about a hell that you put me in! I'm not here for revenge (more laughter). I'm here for sharing.

< Embodiment 8 > What an experience that you granted me… to be isolated like that… to have no death… to be trapped. What an experience of having to hear only my own voice. What an experience to be imprisoned in a way that you could never possibly imagine. I (St. Germain) literally watched as Atlantis crumbled… as the Temples of Tien disappeared… as the flames ran through what used to be the great halls of Tien. I literally sunk into the ocean beneath the ocean's floor and remained there. Some say that I came back. Some say that I plagued travelers for hundreds of thousands of years afterwards… somewhat true.

< Embodiment 8 > My energies (St. Germain) wanted to be released and wanted to be freed from the crystal that you had put me in. But, what I did learn was how to be with me. What I did learn was how to release myself from an illusion. And, that's all your crystal was. It was an illusion. It took me an incredible amount of time to figure it out. You would measure this in hundreds of thousands of human years. It was hell, Shaumbra. But, through it, I learned that it was an illusion. I had to learn. I had to learn how to get out. So, here I am… released. Oh, and to this day I love crystals. I love the jewels. I love taking material objects and transmuting them because I realize how easy it is.

< Embodiment 8 > What I (St. Germain) learned I learned on behalf of all of us. I walked into that room in the Temples of Tien in the midst of your experiment with full knowingness, full knowingness. It was no mistake. I say it was the wrong time and wrong place. But, I knew perfectly well what I was doing. I had watched you. I had watched the priests and priestesses of Tien do their work. I wanted what I thought you had. I wanted this elixir. I wanted longevity. I wanted the health and the energy. So, it was no mistake that I walked in. I wasn't expecting what I got. But, it was beautiful. What I learned in the temples I learned for all of us. And, I come back now in this sacred time and energy to share with each and every one of you.

< Embodiment 8 > Belief systems… any belief system will try to prove itself and grow itself. That is why you are here. You're a victim - or the lucky recipient - of your own belief systems. You have to be willing to let go 100 percent. And, here's what I (St. Germain) did. I didn't have a choice. I was locked into this energy, after walking into your spiral in the Temples of Tien and getting frozen, and being left by you. You didn't know what to do. You didn't know how to get me out. So, you ran. I became part of your karma.

< Embodiment 8QA > I have been associated with the energy that you would call Count Dracula. And, I am not; I am not, particularly, although my energies are - how to say - have been taken and tied into this. I created quite a stir in my lifetime as Saint-Germain. I was able to go without food because I can pull energy from the air, literally. At times I ate ground grains, which I enjoyed. And, there were other times I would sit at a meal and simply absorb the energy. I was not much for eating meat because your… we won't go into that right now. That is a whole other discussion. But, I found that I did not need to eat the solid foods, unless I simply chose to.

< Embodiment 8QA > In my lifetime I did not die, as I have told you. In my lifetime I could walk in and out of bodies. I can still do that. As I said, I never see myself in a mirror because it is an illusion. It is hypnosis when you are seeing yourself in a mirror. It is not reality. So, I see not of myself as a reflection at any time.

< Embodiment 8QA > I (St. Germain) caused quite a stir in my lifetime, and this continued into the 1800s. There was a revival of interest in my personage in the late 1800s. And, it bothered the church to such a degree that they wanted to create a story, to create a story that tied in my energy. But, also it did bring in the energy of a human, a being that did live quite a while before I did, a human by the name of Count Dracule (pronouncing this as drak-ool), who was a true being, and who was heinous, loved to impale his subjects.

< Embodiment 8QA > His (Count Dracule) lure still lives on. And, it was taken by some who have - how to say - control of the church hypnosis energy and woven into mine (St. Germain) to make it so that any person who didn't have to eat, any person who did not appear in the mirror, any person who did not die was considered evil. This is part of the effect that this hypnotic energy of the church has.

< Embodiment 8QA > I (St. Germain) did many of my teachings, many of my studies in the area of Transylvania. I still keep my main energetic residence in that area. I love that area truly. And, it is one of the most difficult and oppressed areas in some respects, but it has the most potential for going off into the multi-dimensional realms. You could say that there is a type of incredible portal there that has been distorted, that has been abused. But, it is ready to open back up. I spent time there helping to teach Cauldre these things about channelings, these things about multi-dimensional realities. I am going to invite some of you to join me there in the not-so-distant future. Yes, we will go back to Transylvania. And, what a journey it will be!

< Embodiment 8QA > We have to say first that you would become overly fascinated if I suddenly manifested as the essence of light in front of you. We know exactly what would happen because it has happened to others. That is why in the lifetime of Saint-Germain this entity kept a relatively low profile. He was not out to do magic tricks at parties or to try to make a name for himself. He needed to keep a lower profile in order to even start these secret societies and help the energies at the time. So, if there was a manifestation directly in front of you, it would so totally throw you off your path. And, we are trying to get you to do it for yourself. The second answer to that is we have manifested in front of you, and you don't choose to believe it.

< Embodiment 8QA > We will share with you a few things. Part of it is that this hypnotic overlay right now has prevented you from seeing me when I truly do appear. Much as - how to say - my reflection does not appear in a mirror, it is also difficult for an asleep human to see who I truly am. So, I do have to manifest in strange and unusual ways. As I mentioned before, I manifested for Norma and Garret and Linda and Cauldre as a taxi driver in Paris. But, even their hypnotic overlay kept them from seeing who I was.

I manifested at our gathering a month ago through Linda. And, you were looking directly at her. And, I came into her being, and yet you did not see me for who I was. And, when I mentioned that I was in the room and said, "Do not turn around"… and she agreed at other levels… she was quite ill and out of balance before the gathering. It was the only time that she - how to say - had to be taken to the back to be worked on through breathing. But, in a strange - we are sorry, dear - but in a strange way the breathing that you felt necessary before the last meeting actually only helped to bring me in deeper into your being (audience laughter).

So, I will provide a true answer to your question. Once you are released from the hypnotic state, you will see me very clear. I will not have to come in through a channeler. I will not have to make my presence through the body of Linda or any others. I won't have to create illusions within illusion. You will be able to see me even as I am standing one inch from your face right now and you cannot see me. You can only hear me through Cauldre. You release the hypnotic effect that surrounds you, and you will feel my breath on your face.

< Embodiment 8QA > We are coming to a point where the biology can remain very balanced and literally, as with the energies of Saint-Germain, he maintained an appearance of looking approximately in the mid-30s to forty-ish… he felt that was the most appropriate age to be at. He maintained that look, even though the biological body that he had was at well over a hundred years old. And, this is something that all of you can do as well.

< Embodiment 10 > Adamas talked well about his story, and an incredible story it is… much of it embellished, I have to add… polished off many of the rough edges he did. But, his point was - as you already know - to wake you up a bit, to shake you up a bit. He told you the story of how he was trapped in this crystal for 100,000 years. And, I have to tell you a bit of a secret. He is not here today, so I can say these things. Time is not what it appears to be. A hundred thousand years in Saint Germain's exaggerated state of being could be a few minutes of time in your reality. So, take it for what it is.

< Embodiment 10 > Adamas talked about how he was trapped in the crystal and how he tried every means he knew to get out. He tried to force his way out. He tried to cry his way out, beg his way out. He tried to psych his way out. He tried everything. And, he finally learned that he was only using the tools from his reality. He had to go beyond. He had to live beyond. He had to literally expand his reality-base, for he had placed himself in a limited state of being.

< Embodiment 10 > His crystal is both a metaphor and a reality. But, it was a limitation, like each of you live in a crystal right now… yes, you do. You live in a beautiful crystal called "human." You are inside of it, wondering how to go beyond. You have tried to break out. Some of you even tried to end your life, thinking that would get you out of the crystal. It just puts you in a more solidified crystal, that's all. Some of you have tried to beg, borrow, steal, cheat, lie, every way out. It just makes the crystal a little bigger, a little harder, and a little brighter.

< Embodiment 10 > So, Saint Germain talked to you about going beyond, living beyond, having such an intimate trust in yourself, to know that you already gave yourself the tools. Oh, the tools aren't the tools that you would think of. They are not a specific method. It's not a specific type of ceremony that you have to perform. It's not a key hidden word… none of those things. It is about trust. It is about embodying everything. The moment that you bring back in every aspect of yourself and bless it and love it is when you discover this key. As long as there are parts and pieces of you that are scattered out there, parts of you that you don't love, parts of you that are trapped in energy, you won't be able to see what is already right there.

< Embodiment 10QA > So, these energies will come forth. You will feel them. You can feel them in your life. They, in a sense, are like a bad driver in a taxicab, taking you to all of the places you didn't want to go. It is time to dismiss that again. You dismiss it by loving it, letting it know it can be released. Hand it its walking papers, literally if you want to create that type of scenario. Hand it its walking papers. You are not bound by your family karma anymore. When Saint Germain says the words, "I am; yes, I am," that means I am free of all of those other things. "I am my own sacred and sovereign identity. I am; yes, I am."

< Clarity 1 > Saint Germain has talked to us recently about transmuting stones into gold. And, some of you went off and tried it. This is where he and I had a good laugh because you were trying to force; you were trying to literally push your way into transmutation. That is so Old also. It is about clearing your way. You see, within that stone is the potential of gold. Within that stone are all of the ingredients of gold. They just haven't been potentiated yet… you see.

< Clarity 6QA > He's literally going to be dining with President Bush tonight (lots of laughter). He is not going to be manifesting himself as St. Germain, but he's going to be manifesting as another being who will be sitting at the table. We're not being given permission to state who it is. But he's going to be - how to say - trying to get that big ear once again to listen, to share some information in terms of - how to say - a more compassionate nature about the world. So literally that is where he is going to. He's going off and getting dressed right now for the occasion.

< Clarity 6QA > St. Germain a while back announced that he was going to be doing a very special retreat with a small group of Shaumbra that he, and only he, selected for a variety of reasons. This retreat was going to deal with the whole issue of new energy hypnosis (energy centering). What overlays are, how hypnosis works right now in old energy, and literally how to use, work with, a new type of hypnosis - a new energy hypnosis that is very compassionate. It is not manipulative in any way. It is simply allowing. The new hypnosis has to do with the synchronicity of events, more or less, being the creator of synchronicity rather than having synchronicity as something that happens to you if you are fortunate enough.

< Clarity 8 > Saint-Germain is another being who disconnected ... forced to - forced to after finding himself literally trapped in a crystal, as both a state of consciousness as well as something he allowed to be manifested. But knowing no other way out, not alive and not dead, but finding himself entombed in this crystal was his way of learning how to disconnect. He says he spent a hundred thousand years... how ever long of a time it was, it forced him to go within and look for the answer, the way, in that lifetime of his. To disconnect from all of these other things and to realize that all the way along he truly had the answer. He truly knew how to get out.

< Clarity 8QA > However, when Saint-Germain manifests on Earth right now he indeed does not go through a birthing process. He considers it very, very difficult. So he simply allows himself to manifest in matter for a very short period of time, but almost something akin to a - how to say - comic book series, he can only maintain his presence in physical matter for a limited amount of time. Several days are comfortable for him, but going past about four or five days is going to tend to drain him heavily and then he would find himself being - how to say - caught in the whole cycle of being rebirthed, literally, into a physical body. So he can only maintain that energy for a certain amount of time.

< Clarity 8QA > Saint-Germain loves playing different roles. He adapts different characters depending on the audience. He will often come to Shaumbra as being - how to say - quite regal, and some would call arrogant, because he is trying to give you a little bit of shock value to get you out of the lull or the comfort level that you're in. But he actually is one of the sweetest and dearest beings and he has a heart of gold. He did not create it from rocks. He has a true heart of gold with such tremendous compassion for humans, particularly those humans who are desiring to go through a process that he went through; how to liberate yourself and how to discover what the true nature of God and Spirit is in you.

< Clarity 10 > And, I, Saint-Germain. I am authentic. I am authentic enough that I can even talk about myself like that, you see. I learned, while I was trapped in the crystal, what it was like to go back to who I was. It matters not what anyone else thinks about me, but that is why - and exactly why - they love me! (Saint-Germain chuckling) When you are authentic with yourself, when you learn to truly fall in love with yourself, everyone else will be attracted to that. They will see that purity that you have. They will see your essence.

< Clarity 10QA > I will support and assist anyone. You, this dear one you are speaking of, any Shaumbra here in what they want to do - but I need their energy in it first. And this one you speak of was too willing to defer to myself and others, and therefore, our energies weren't readily available. We needed this dear one to be so intimately a part of the process.

The New Energy channeling is not the channeler, such as Cauldre, taking a back seat. We want them right in the front seat with us and then we will support the activities. "The transformation series" now is old and the materials that were part of that no longer need to be brought through in the same way. There is a new series - the potential of a new series - waiting to be brought out.

We're going to suggest it not be brought out in book form, that it be brought out similar to what the Crimson Circle does where it is brought out in some of your more contemporary media - the internet and these disks that you have- because the information is changing so quickly, so fast right now that by the time it gets into a book it's too late. So it has to be participation and it has to be done quickly and we're going to suggest a name be changed because there is too much Old Energy surrounding this.

< MNEC2006-A > My position in the Crimson Council is that of organizer and manifester. I have the responsibility for providing a convergence of energies, energies that are used on our side of the veil and in the human side, and today, with Shaumbra, is a day of convergence.

< MNEC2006-A > I, Adamus Saint-Germain, have been responsible for setting up many, many organizations and orders on Earth before including: the Knights Templar; the Masons; the legendary but very real Knights of the Round Table; and my favorite, the Illuminati. And although the Illuminati has gotten a bad name because of influences from those who did not like what we were teaching - teaching the meld of science and spirituality, teaching the truth - the Illuminati has always been one that is near and dear to my heart up until this moment.

< Teacher 5 > Saint-Germain loves this time of the year. He can take on one of his very favorite roles and channel through multiple humans all over the world. He loves this role of Santa Claus. He actually claims, amongst the many, many, many, many, many claims that he has (some laughter), that he helped to create this entity called Santa Claus because this season of joy was getting a bit too serious, getting too much caught up in old rituals.

So he looked at the energy of Christmas and he looked at what it should be. It should be childish. It should be joyful. It should be happy. So he helped to co-create this entity called Santa Claus and he helped to bring it to the ones who were most open - the children. A way of children bringing back their imagination, bringing back this element of love - this element of magic - back into the holidays.

So Saint-Germain is out all over the world right now where they have these Santa Clauses helping to be with the Santa Clauses who sit with the children. Children who are frightened at times, children who are hurting at times, and he helps channel his energies through the various Santa's all over the world helping to bring a bit of joy into their lives.

< (Next) 11 > I loved Poland and still love it. I spent a lot of time there, and in my last few years of solitude on this planet in physical body, I spent a lot of time in northern Germany and northern Poland. Why? Because of the land, of nature, of the energies there, I could commune with myself through nature. I also spent a lot of time there because I was distressed at what was taking place in these other realms - the interference. Angels can interfere! Don't be fooled that all angels are good. The angels … you were an angel, and you got stuck. Some of the angels do get stuck, did get stuck.

< e2012 7 > Why am I (Adamus) here? I'm here because you asked me to be. I'm here because you have brought tremendous consciousness. You brought tremendous the Christ Seed consciousness to this planet. You seeded it a long time ago in the ground, in the air, in mass consciousness. You gave it to yourself before you ever got here. You – most of you – were around in the time of Yeshua. You were part of that whole liberation that took place at the time. You were here to bring about what you have commonly called the New Age, and here we're in it.

< e2012 7 > Just five or ten. That's all. Just five or ten that will allow themselves to ascend in this lifetime – ascension being defined as integrating all of yourself, including all these aspects, all these past lives; including your soul; including your body and mind, integrate those – and stay here, and live here.

Give me (Adamus) five of you, just five, because those five are going to do more for the rest of you than what I could possibly do. Those five are going to be examples who can talk about how they had a mofo life and evolved. And that group is going to say, ““It was really actually easy. You know what? You take a deep breath … you take a good deep breath, you trust so deeply in yourself that nothing else matters – nothing, nothing else matters – and you just do it.”

That's why I'm here. Give me five, ten, hopefully thousands – hopefully, hopefully – that can be here to tell the others, “I Am that I Am. I finally understand what that means.” Tell the others, “You know, it's interesting, you can actually do this ascension, this integration, this coming into yourself, and it's really funny because you don't lose a thing other than what you really didn't need in the first place, and you don't need most of what you have in the first place.”

< freedom 6 > What you are experiencing in our regular gatherings is that facet called Adamus, just part of my I Am-ness. Imagine for a moment that this globe represents the soul, and imagine that the light hits on any given part of it, illuminating just part. That part that's illuminated, that part is Adamus. If you look a little closer, there is yet another facet, another light shining upon this globe, and it is St. Germain. St. Germain, the one who you have traveled with for many, many lifetimes. The energy of St. Germain initially drawing you to this thing called Shaumbra, Crimson Circle. Even though it was Tobias who spoke to you for ten years, it was the energy of St. Germain that drew you here.

< freedom 10 > As a matter of fact, I'm going to keep today's session a little shorter than usual – yeah, so he says – because today (August, 3, 2013) is my birthday. In my lifetime of St. Germain, this was the date of my birth. Well, I am about 308. (Born in 1705)

< Kharisma 2 > There are a little over ninety-six hundred Ascended Masters in the other realms. Not so many. Not so many when you consider all the billions of incarnations that have ever taken place on this planet. When you consider all the entities in all of the other realms, there's only ninety-six hundred. It's actually a very small and very elite group of beings. Now, this is a fact. It's an Adamus fact, but it is a fact. Of the ninety-six hundred plus, I have taught or guided or been the Master for 852 of these.  Wow! I've impressed myself. That is a wow, kind of. It's actually earned me my own seat at the Ascended Masters Club with my name – in gold, of course – at the Ascended Masters Club. And when I come into the room, everything stops. It gets very quiet and there's a big “Wow!” Wow. And I look over at Buddha, (more laughter as he gloats), and …

< Kharisma 2 > So, my dear friends, I do have to my credit 852 who have been my students, who I have taught in the past. Now I'm teaching a very large group. You could say that actually prior to coming to Shaumbra, I taught, worked with, guided, whatever you want to call it, approximately 52,000 beings in the Mystery Schools in the past. That's actually not a lot. It's not a lot. Of those, 852 – whooshhh! – up in the Ascended Masters realms. “Ascended Master” just means you can do anything you want, whenever you want, however you want. It's kind of cool. But that's not new. You already knew that. (Adamus chuckles) So, my dear friends, now I'm working with a relatively large group. So that 852, where does it go? How soon does it go? Ah! This is the talk at the Ascended Masters Club, where I do have my own chair, as I mentioned, with a gold name. (a few chuckles)

< Kharisma 10 > I (St Germain) was instrumental in working with those back in Europe, particularly the ones you know as the Freemasons, to create this place of freedom. It wasn't the only place, actually. There were a number of places, Australia, in particular, other countries around the world. I don't want to get into the list because you're going to start comparing, but this was one of the places. It had the appropriate energies. It had the appropriate intentions, so it started to come together.

< Kharisma 10 > Thirteen colonies started the United States of America. And the Declaration of Independence, which actually wasn't called that at the time it was written and signed; the Declaration of Independence, actually voted on by the Continental Congress at the time, voted on on July 2nd – not July 4th, but July 4th had a little better numerological date – and it was finally ratified, the final drafts. But there are certain things in it, and again, I (St Germain) was there embodied, kind of, working with the Founding Fathers; also a large, large influence that I and the Freemasons had in developing this.

< Kharisma 10 > And one of the most common phrases in consciousness right now was “All men are created equal.” Actually, it wasn't the original wording. The wording that we wanted was later changed; what we wanted was “All beings are created equal.” But, you see, the Founding Fathers were all men so it said, “All men are created equal.” Actually, in the original version I (St Germain) had written, “All beings are created equal, but some just have more karma than others” (laughter). That was cut out, of course. It's very true. All souled beings are equal. Equal in opportunity, equal in potential, equal in their freedom. But many carry a lot of karma. Karma from their past lives, karma from their ancestors, karma from society. A lot of them carry that and therefore don't give themselves the true freedom that they really deserve.

< Kharisma 10 > So the Founding Fathers, also in writing the original document, put in a line that “All beings have the right to the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.” Actually, the original version, then it got changed of course, the original version is “All beings have the non-alien right …”, because, you see, aliens should not be interfering with humans and with the human way. What do they know about the human journey? “All beings have the non-alien right to life, liberty and the pursuit of enlightenment.” The pursuit of enlightenment. It was actually Benjamin Franklin who said, “I don't like that word so much. 'Enlightenment,' what does it mean? How will people perceive this?” And, of course, he wanted to change it to 'happiness.' And I (St Germain) said, “Ben …”  I did. I really did. I said, “Ben, what is happiness anyway?” And Ben got a big smile on his face.

< Wings 7 > For me it's exciting, because my connection with Tesla, in particular, is through Mark Twain. Tesla and Twain were great friends, dear friends and it deeply, deeply saddened Tesla when Mark Twain died, because it was one of Tesla's last true friends. They spent a lot of time in the laboratory, but again, that connecting energy between them – they were both visionaries. They were both wide open. They were both a little bit ahead of their time, Tesla a lot more so than Mark Twain. But they both had the ability to see and feel and open up into grander spaces. They got out of their Chicken Little, chicken crap way of being a little human. They broke out of boxes and really lived. They followed their passion.