President Bush

George Bush;

< Clarity 6QA > He's literally going to be dining with President Bush tonight (lots of laughter). He is not going to be manifesting himself as St. Germain, but he's going to be manifesting as another being who will be sitting at the table. We're not being given permission to state who it is. But he's going to be - how to say - trying to get that big ear once again to listen, to share some information in terms of - how to say - a more compassionate nature about the world. So literally that is where he is going to. He's going off and getting dressed right now for the occasion.

< Clarity 7QA > So George looked down in Barney's loving, wise eyes, and said, "What in the world should I do ... what in the world should I do?" And Barney licked his hand and communicated back to him, "Energy independence, George. Energy independence. It will stop the wars, it will stop the power plays. It will feed your people in a whole new way. Energy independence." And what did George talk about in his recent 'State of the Re-Union'?. Energy independence. That one lick on the hand was worth it.