war / battle / fight

; resisting; collision; conflict; friction; duality; polarity;
unity, union, melding, integration;

< Creator 6 > While he was in this wall of fire, it shattered him, dear friends. It shattered the oneness that he had been, and in a sense, you could say it created a war within him. There were experiences that he had during his brief moment that he passed through the wall of fire that seemed to last an eternity. Prince Jack, the one who was a creator within the kingdom, had experiences within the wall of fire that were filled with the deepest of sorrows, that were filled with anger and hate. Oh, we know some of you have a hard time hearing this. But all of this was appropriate. All of this was meant to be. And all of this, you will see in its finality, was filled with the greatest of love.

< Creator 7 > Through his experiences, Jack began taking on a new self identity. He began to group with other similar energies of entities who had also crossed through the Wall of Fire. He began to bond with others, and form "energy" groups. These energy family groups traveled to, and in a sense, resided in certain parts of the universe. And as you would know from your current experiences with families, there became internal battles. Jack and the others began fighting. There became wars. The groups that had formed became fractured and split.

< Creator 7 > You were in chaos. There were terrible wars in your universe. This was a time where the concept of killing and death first began to appear. There was anger towards others and towards yourself. There were groups that roved in the ever-solidifying universe, trying to take power from others. They thought that if they took power and energy from another being, it would raise their vibration and send them back home to the kingdom.

< Creator 7 > There is an ingrained fear within you, within all humans, of your creator powers. There is a reluctance to create once again, for it has been a long time, and there is still a shame and a guilt associated with what you perceive you have done in the past. There is an original sin that you perceive in yourself of crossing through this Wall of Fire. You feel you went too far. You feel that you battled in the energy of chaos in the process of the building of the void. Oh, dear friends, the battles that took place then would make Star Wars look like child’s play! So when we talk of using your true creator abilities, some of you may be taken aback. Some of you will wonder if this is the right thing and think perhaps that it is not time.

< Creator 8 > As duality took form in the void, great wars broke out. There were many battles among the many entities who had crossed through the Wall of Fire into the void. There was you and Jack and many, many more. There was a struggle to return Home. In a desperate effort to return Home to the kingdom, you tried to take energy from one another. There were wars, as one tried to capture the energy of the other, thinking this was a way of returning Home, thinking this was a type of fuel.

< Creator 8 > The battles empowered this thing you now call duality. The battles intensified and made duality - the energy of two - larger and stronger. During this time of the great battles the void was being transformed into a new reality. Your physical universe with all its stars and galaxies was being created. The battles became overwhelming. Neither side could dominate or win, to use your terms. So at a point, dear friends, there became a stalemate, a standoff. It was known that the battles could no longer continue. Something had to change in order for Jack and you and the others to continue to forth.

< Creator 8 > There was discussion between the many groups that existed in your universe. These were not entities that have physical form like you would know. These were entities that had definitions of energy and vibrations, but they had not descended into physical matter. There were many who met and discussed the need to truly understand the nature of duality. As they met and discussed, they realized the battles of the two sides had proven little. It was time to end these. It was time to move on and to expand with the next portion of the journey.

< Creator 8 > It was decided that there would be a slowing down of energy by placing your spirit into mass. It was also decided that you would not remember the journey that brought you to this point. You would not remember the battles. You would not remember going through the Wall of Fire. You would not remember the kingdom from whence you came. This would be a new start. It would allow you and it would allow Spirit to truly understand the nature of duality and the nature of "two." Up to the point of the crossing through the Wall of Fire, Spirit had always been an expression of "one." By coming to Earth with no remembrance in physical form, it would allow the true understanding of duality.

< Creator 10 > But now you were given power, you were given choice like you had never had before. You took that Free Will and began to play with it in the universe, in the void. Your Free Will was like having an incredible, awesome Creator's tool kit. You could do things that you had never done before. You could play in the void, you could make the stars, you could create new energies. You could even battle with other entities! You could not do that in the Kingdom. There were no battles. You could create new places. You could have thoughts and emotions that spanned every different direction.

< Creator 11 > You needed a male oriented strength to leave the Kingdom. You needed this. But this male oriented strength, this energy of the journeyer, was also warrior energy. When you left the Kingdom and you came into the void, indeed you started battling with other. Indeed, this male energy that you have carried with you has been one of structure and discipline. It has been an energy of intellect and not so much heart. It has been one of defending and journeying. You have all carried this with you. It is time on this Day of the Father to heal that and to balance it and to release it. That is what the visitors who come in now are here for.

< Creator 12 > Along your many journeys, dear friends, there was no real remembrance of Home. In the battles and the wars out in your universe that you were engaged in, it was all about trying to find a way Home. It was trying to take energy from others, other entities and other angels. You fought with them, hopefully to take enough of their energy to get you back Home. But as you know, that did not work. That did not work. That is why there have been the battles. That is why there have been the conflicts. That is why you still have conflicts here on Earth. People are still trying to take energy from one another, trying to take things, information, love… still trying to find their way back Home, still in that deep sorrow, still wanting to reconnect. That is why you have so much sadness at times, and the deep, deep desire to be Home.

< Ascension 1 > You look back on when you came to Earth in this lifetime. For some it was shortly before the great war (World War II), the war of light and dark. You knew your energies would be needed on Earth during this war and immediately after it. You knew that this was a turning point and a challenging time for all of human history. You knew prior to coming in that there was a great karmic clearing that would take place and with it all the learnings and the understandings and the emotions. This was a phenomenal time period shortly before your World War II. It was, as your books and prophets would say, the final battle, the final battle of light and dark.

< Ascension 3 > The darkness tends to feed on lower vibration areas. They tend to try to take energy from entities that have an imbalance. This can create wars and conflict - yes, even on our side of the veil. We tend to - how to say - we use a word here to be funny, not to be judgmental… these are the "bottom feeders." (audience laughter) They like to literally hang around at the levels closer to Earth, not in human form but in energetic form. This is what you call the "fourth dimension." This is somewhat of an imbalanced and confused state. We do not like defining dimensions so much, but this is a term you are familiar with. So, these bottom feeders on our side of the veil will tend to hang out in these areas.

< Ascension 7 > Speaking of agenda and of recent events in your world (9-11), there are those who have agenda for terrorism, for dominance over other humans and control over other humans. It is an old agenda. It comes from the time when you left Home, when you were trying to consume another entity’s energy as a way to get back into the Kingdom, as a way to get Home. Wars are as old as the very time you left Home.

< Ascension 8 > Now, after the end of this calendar year (2002), after the changes of the grids take place, there will be an extraordinarily large number of humans who choose to leave Earth. They have been holders of energy. They have been waiting for the appropriate time. We do not make any predictions of how this will happen, for those asking, "Will this be disease? Will this be war?" It will most likely be a combination of events - natural disasters, wars indeed, diseases indeed. It will be a larger number… it will be more intense than what it is right now.

< DivineHuman 2 > On our side of the veil, we meld with other entities. There was a time on our side of the veil when this was shunned, in a way. There was a time long, long ago, long before Earth was created when we feared this melding. This was a time when entities consumed and battled with other entities. We were afraid to go outside of our own energetic shell. But, now, so many of us here have learned how to do that. It is a blessed thing. I can go in and feel another entity and allow them to feel me. We maintain our own unique identities, but for a moment we meld them together.

< DivineHuman 2 > Here on our side of the veil, indeed, there are entities who are still struggling with who they are. They are still afraid. They are still off battling in parts of the other dimensions, battling with each other, battling with themselves, trying to figure it out, trying to get back Home. When we go to work with them, to talk to them, they want to battle with us also. So, we learned quite some time ago to leave them alone. They are playing a game out there, these energetic beings. They are playing a game. And, we honor them for this. We allow them to play it.

< DivineHuman 3 > There is the threat of war. There is a desire for change, and this sometimes brings about conflict. Sometimes to move into the New Energy, as you know, requires battles within. All of you here have experienced that. There are also battles on the outside, old karmic conditions that need to be balanced, that need to be resolved. There are imbalances that are caused when this much New Energy is available to all humans - and other New Energy being delivered from other parts of the Omniverse (It comes from healing of your past, ETs). This creates an imbalance.

< DivineHuman 5 > What happens to the Old Earth? We don’t know yet. It is up to you. It is up to the other humans. We see the strong potential for the same changes that are taking place on the New Earth to also happen on the Old Earth. We see that the understanding of "I Am" can occur here on this physical Earth, just as well. We see that the Old Earth, the physical Earth, also has the potential to release duality. We see the potential that you do not have to carry around the physical body all of the time on the Old Earth. We see the potential where there are not wars because there is nothing to battle about anymore. With the understanding of "I Am" there is no need to battle.

< DivineHuman 7 > We tell you that war is a way for humans to work out conflict. We told you a long time ago that all of your experiences on Earth are, in a sense, reenactments of experiences you had before you ever came into human form. You are reenacting experiences that you had in a far-off place in the universe. You are coming to Earth, and acting it out in a very slowed down energy (in order not to create at the speed of thought), an energy where you have the opportunity to make conscious choices about what to do next.

You might have had an experience long before you ever came to Earth, an experience out in the universe of some type of grand battle with another being where you were trying to consume each other's energy. Now, you come to Earth, and you want to have greater understanding about what happened. You want to be able to re-experience it, but in a new way, a way where you can have feeling about it.

So you may run into that entity in this lifetime. Now you are both in human form. You have kind of an agreement from the past to come back together. It is not karma. It is a choice. It is a choice of re-experiencing something that happened a long time ago.

So, you marry that person. And then you experience with them what love is, what love shared is all about. Oh, you have a few disagreements from time to time. But, now you experience with them a new way to handle disagreements, a new way to handle a difference in energies. You experience with them now what it is like to fall totally in love.

You see, in your experience before you were human, you would never have thought of opening yourself up and allowing the melding of their energy with yours. You would fear that they would try to consume you. But, on Earth as a human, you can open up, and you can fall together in love. You can learn how to resolve. You see, dear friends, what you are doing here on Earth is coming to greater understandings of what you had experienced in the past.

"Why is there war?" you ask. There are still groups… there are still individuals that are trying to understand. So, they battle with each other. They will find out, like you have found out, that war leads to nothing. No one side can ever dominate or take over another side.

You have seen it in your history of Earth. You have seen where one country will take over another. But, give it a few hundred years, and it will change. Give it a few hundred years, or even less now, and it will flip back over. One energy can never dominate another. One angel can never own another.

They are living out old experiences. That is why we say, "Allow them to go through it." (have compassion, accept all things as they are) They will tire of it. They will tire of blowing themselves up, blowing up their countries and their buildings. They will get tired of all of the negative energies associated with that.

< DivineHuman 8 > The wars that you have right now are based on religion. It is not the economy. It is not oil. It is about religions. There is old karma at play here. There are conflicts between the Christianity and Islam. There are conflicts between all of the churches. It is coming to a head now. And this is so appropriate. This is so appropriate. Dear friends, this is why you are here on Earth now, and why you are Shaumbra. Yes, you see… you were the ones who created these churches. You were the ones who created the New Thought so very long ago. You helped to build the religions.

< DivineHuman 9 > What you see happening in the war is a result of your changing consciousness. Yes, the war is your fault. (audience laughter) It could have been devastating. It could have been Armageddon. It could have been all across your world - World War III - but this time played with nuclear bombs. The war, yes, is your fault because it is isolated to a small area. There are only a small number of humans who will transition during the process. They have given of themselves for the changes to occur. The war will be quick. It does not have to play havoc on human consciousness. The war is televised in real-time in your Expanded Now so that you can see the effects, so that all of humanity can tap in and go through a consciousness change, go to a new point of separation.

< NewEnergy 4 > But, in that love you also battled others to protect those you loved. And, in that love you felt the deepest form of betrayal when they walked out on you. In that love you felt what it was like to be angry because of something they had done to you. You gave your heart to them. Why did they not give it back to you? In all of this healing and all of this transformation of energy… it is about taking responsibility that you created this. Don't try to figure it out. Don't try to go back into these past lives and retrace it.

< NewEnergy 9 > There are still vestiges of the Old Energy. It does not happen overnight. This whole process we thought would take many, many lifetimes. But, you have worked through it, and - how to say - in a sense, battled your way through it. And, then you realized that battle should be no more within yourself or outside of yourself. You gave it your full passion. You gave it all of your energy. And, then you've realized it was time to stop fighting yourself, time to stop struggling, to stop the suffering, and to be in this Now moment.

< Embodiment 1 > Oh, there are a vast majority of humans on Earth right now… they want there to be an outside demon. They want to battle with it. As miserable as it gets, they want to battle with it. They want to have something to be righteous about, something to blame their own lives on, something to pour their negativity into, and something so they can continue to play the role of victim. So, they create this thing - Satan, Lucifer. It doesn't exist on our side.

< Embodiment 3 > And, now we have resistance. Yes, there is resistance. There is a type of friction that occurs in duality, everything resisting the changes… or at least trying to protect its own identity, its own story… you see. This is a wonderful thing. It is a natural thing. It has been set up by all of you over quite some period of time. It is a type of forced resistance. And, it takes its toll eventually on the body and the mind. You can feel it. You know what it has been like in the last month or so of your time in particular. You know how the body drains quickly. It tires quickly during time of change. Even the Earth changes and the lunar changes and solar… these affect your body. There is a natural resistance to them.

< Embodiment 6 > Speaking of energy distribution… money is energy. You are seeing how it is distributed change. There was a time when there were just a few who held the finances of the world… a few countries… even a few individuals. That is changing now. If anything, Shaumbra, money, business is helping to distribute more equitably on Earth, helping to distribute energies. Businesses are helping to maintain a peace, for when there are global businesses that have a presence in nearly every country, these businesses don't want to go to war. These businesses don't want the Old type of wars that have occurred. They want peace so their businesses are solid.

< Clarity 7 > Your world is still operating on its old fossil fuel, so hooked into it that it can't even see that there's other potential out there. The world can't. It is fighting battles and wars. Claiming wars because they say there was a bad leader, a cruel leader. It wasn't about that. It (war) was about the strategy of knowing where the oil is. So your whole world right now is being turned upside down because it is trying to still feed off of the same old fuel sources even while it lives in the midst of this bountiful garden. It's a shame. It's a shame.

< Clarity 7QA > So George looked down in Barney's loving, wise eyes, and said, "What in the world should I do ... what in the world should I do?" And Barney licked his hand and communicated back to him, "Energy independence, George. Energy independence. It will stop the wars, it will stop the power plays. It will feed your people in a whole new way. Energy independence." And what did George talk about in his recent 'State of the Re-Union'?. Energy independence. That one lick on the hand was worth it.

< Teacher 2 > After the Quantum Leap, the way that these groups deal with each other is going to have to change. The old ways of the battling and the war and the killing has to change because the implications of it are going to be in the face of those who are terrorizing. And we're not just talking about terrorists as one element to the other, it could be an entire government. It could be a president. It could be anybody who's inflicting pain and killing and suffering on other groups. They are terrorists in our opinion. They might be leaders of great countries, but in our opinion they are still terrorists.

< Teacher 3QA > We see that these are not the real sources to worry about. There is the potential - and it is only a potential - for a type of dirty nuclear attack that could come up anywhere in the next... oh, we would say in the next two years but probably much closer to one year. This will not be carried on by any particular country. It will be carried on by a small group who is looking to try to force energies back into the old way. They are looking to hold on.

Now, why the type of bomb? Why killing? Because when this happens, what happens with most of the people? They go backwards. They retreat. If you want to see a new wave of conservatism throughout the world, simply have an event like this take place. Everybody will go back to their old positions, go back to more fundamentalist churches, fundamentalist governments. You're seeing it right now.

< Teacher 4 > Nearly - I'm going to actually make a statement - every conflict and battle that is taking place on Earth right now has to do with masculine and feminine energy. The wars that you have raging - they are not wars about land ultimately. They are not wars about money, and they are actually not wars about religion. At their core it's about bringing back the masculine and feminine. The battles that so many individuals have in their lives, the psychosis, the problems with what you would call your serial murderers, the problems you have with those who are very unbalanced, it is because of the masculine/feminine energy - because it is trying to come back together and there are forces that are trying to keep it separate.

< Teacher 4 > Look at the core energies causing the battles, causing the conflict to take place. It is about the reuniting of the masculine/feminine. It is something that has to occur as you move into the New Energy. It occurs first within individuals and then makes its way to groups, but it is something that has to occur. And as you are getting closer and closer to the point of the quantum leap, the forces that have kept these two precious elements separate, are going to be acting up. They're going to become more violent, they're going to become more vocal and they're going to particularly become more of an influence in mass consciousness, and that will affect you if you are not aware of what is going on.

< Teacher 4 > These energies coming from the other realms, as I said, are very vested into the old division of masculine and feminine. They are sending so much energy to Earth right now that it is causing things like battles and wars and it is causing people to go crazy. When one person goes crazy, when one person loses their mind, ends up in a mental hospital, that's more than just that one person. It affects the balance of human consciousness - mass consciousness - and that is exactly what these beings, what this order on the other side is trying to do right now. They are trying to affect and hold back mass consciousness.

< Teacher 6 > You have energies that have been opposing each other for a long time, that's the basic nature of human reality. Duality. Opposing energies. And these energies are always trying to discover themselves by opposing or playing off of each other. Some of you sometimes wonder "Why don't we have peace on Earth?" Because you have duality and duality creates conflicts.

< Teacher 6 > You could put two little children together - two little five year olds - and they play for a little while and they discover something about themselves in the other person. But after a longer period of time, they'll generally start to fight. It is energy colliding. It is energy trying to discover more about itself. So the kids fight. Not that there's anything wrong with the fighting, they are in a stage or in a phase of discovery. Discovery. They played, they discovered something. Now they fight and they discover more. They get tired of fighting, trust me. They'll get tired of fighting and then they'll go into what you would call a type of peacefulness or acceptance. It is the natural way energy works (in duality).

< Returning 5 > You know, wars have been going on on Earth ever since the time of Atlantis. Wars have been a way of dealing with issues. Wars have been a way of - in a strange way - of learning, and perhaps we're in an era now where the consciousness is high enough where we can go beyond wars. But, you know, in spite of the wars and the suffering and any of the other difficult conditions, life goes on. And it's not just one life that you or that other humans have, it's many, many lives. There is no true death. There is no true pain or suffering, although it's hard to tell a human that. It goes on. It continues to evolve.