reuniting of The Source / reuniting of male and female

the unity at the core of all things; reuniting of masculline and feminine energy;
duality comes back together in completion;

< New Earth 2 > Do you remember when we said that from the source - from the Great Central Sun - there was a split that created opposites? It sent waves of separation out into your realities and consciousnesses. Within your recent time frame, my friends, the original seed (Oneness) that had been split (the King and the Queen) has re-melded. it has joined together again. it is in unity. But it is not like what it was before the split. The Oneness is expanded, with greater consciousness from all the work that has been done. From the very, very essence and center of all things, where this original split occurred, there has now been a melding.

< New Earth 2 > In a simple form, if you would imagine a circle, and from this circle there was a split that created two circles, side by side. One circle rotated clockwise while the other rotated counterclockwise. That would symbolize the original split from oneness into opposites. Each turning and spinning in their different directions. Each an opposing force. What has happened in your recent time, what has happened at the Center of All Things, is that these two circles that were spinning different directions have now melded back together. But instead of a static circle like there was in the beginning, the circle that exists now is not spinning clockwise or counterclockwise. The circle is now expanding from the center and growing outwards. We ask you to consider this symbology of a static circle splitting into two, rotating in opposite directions, now reuniting back into one, and expanding outwards. As you think of the symbolism of this energy, you will begin to understand what has truly happened and perhaps begin to understand the purpose of your journey through all of these lifetimes on this planet and in other places in your consciousness.

< New Earth 2 > It has always been known that these opposing forces would rejoin at some time, but it was not known how or when. It has been felt throughout consciousness that it would be happening soon. The transmutation work you have done on the insides, within yourself, has caused this to happen. We did not expect it to happen now, so when we came to our friend recently overjoyed, like children filled with excitement, it was because we understood this event had taken place.

< New Earth 2 > As the original waves went out proclaiming separation eons ago, it took millions and millions of years for these waves of energy separation to go out into the deepest parts of your universe. It is the same now that there has been a re-melding and a unity - a unity of energies - back into oneness but a different type of oneness. It will take time for this wave of Unity to make its way throughout the dimensions. Does that give you a clue about the work you will be doing soon?

< New Earth 2 > And you will be able to unify within your own being as well. No longer will you need to be the ones who transmute energies of light and dark. No longer will you need to be the ones who bring conflict in to resolve it. You will not need to be the ones who are the energy processors. Now, you can be the ones to accept unity, to understand and to bring it into your lives and to show others when they come to you. That is now possible to bring things back together. The release the old consciousness of duality is now possible!

< New Earth 2 > It is you, my friends, that have gone into this, that have gone into this transmuting of the opposites and have allowed this to happen, that have caused Unity to happen. And you wonder why we honor you and love you! There is much work now to do but this work that you will enter into will be joyous. It will be most rewarding. It will be, as you say, very easy to do. You will see the struggles diminish quickly. You will see the conflict go.

< New Earth 3 > Your past lives understand even more than you the heaviness of the veil. Your emotions are now learning to accept a new Oneness. Within you, you are beginning to accept a lightening of the veil.

< New Earth 5 > Earlier in what you would mark your calendar year (1999), there came an event before it was anticipated. There came an event where at the core level of the energy of your universe, there was an agreement between the poles, between the light and the dark. There was an agreement that the light and dark would return together as one again, as a result of the significant understandings and knowledge from the eons of battle and the eons of separation. Now, in reality they had always been one, but they had chosen to be different sides of the mirror (king and queen). They had chosen to understand for the betterment of the One through separation. And they now have chosen to come back together.

< New Earth 5 > We tell you that it is appropriate for each of you to be here. And there were many last-minute changes after the measurement took place to ensure this. Each of you here has released your karma, as you would call it. As we would call it, it is rewriting your history. Each of you that comes here is ready to move to the next step. Each of you that comes here has been going through a process these past few years in particular, a process of cleansing and releasing and healing in preparation to come to this point. In preparation certainly to be the teachers, to be the ones who bring in the energy of the unity, the unity of the light and dark. Each of you have come here after strenuous preparation of your body and of your mind and of your spirit to be the ones who walk into the world to teach other humans about the unity. It is that simple!

< New Earth 5 > You come to that time now. Now this will not necessarily happen over night but you will see the effects happen quite quickly in your life. Be prepared for changes. Accept these changes. We'll talk more of that this weekend. It is time now to move forward, to be who you truly are. It is time to bring in this energy of the unity. Now it may seem odd that at the center level of things there has been a unity, a coming together of the poles, but yet at the same time, you have your Earth splitting into two consciousnesses.

< New Earth 9 > Then there was the measurement in December. The measurement was to determine the energies of the two Earths, the split of consciousness. This was made appropriate by something that happened on a more cosmic level. Prior to this there was at the core of creation the unity of what you would call light and dark - and we caution here that sometimes the human words escape the total appropriateness of the energy of the event. But at the core of your known creation what had once been two parts, light and dark - what had been two mirrors to each other - were brought back into unity. When this occurred, it was then appropriate for the split in consciousness of your Earth.

< New Earth 12 > The two forces, the yin and the yang, the light and the dark, had always been separate since the creation of your consciousness. These have now reunited. These came back together at the core of what you would call your being, your consciousness, your universe. What had been "two" returned to "one," but a one of much greater understanding and greater power, greater creativity. And as we mentioned to you a year ago in your time, because of the heaviness of the veil, because of the patterns you have established in your human form, because of your belief systems, it will take a while for the unity at the core of all things to make its way to you, to your daily life. It will take a while. That is what you have been working on this past year. The need for "two" has left. "One" has returned. Each of you has that gift, to be able to access that understanding of the return to Oneness.

< New Earth 13 > Fear not your own creative ability. Learn to begin trusting your own Divinity. It will come from within your Self. Do not fear it, for within the energy structure of your new house there is also woven an energy that would make it most difficult for you to ill-create. That was an attribute of the old energy. That was an attribute when there was separation. But, as we have talked to you about before, there is now unity at the source. There is unity in your new house. Fear not your creative ability. Don’t wait for Spirit or your guides or others to do it for you.

< NewEnergy 2 > Finally, you did release and let go. Many changes occurred in your life. But, you still find yourself here. You are still safe. You are still in the Now, and more than ever, You Are God Also. When you truly, truly released, you transmuted energy. You transmuted energy and created a whole new vibration. When you transmuted the Old, you changed the potential of your future. The future is the past healed, dear friends. The future is the past healed.

< Teacher 4 > These forces at their core have to do with the integration of the masculine and feminine energies. Tobias has talked to you about this before and he puts on a most excellent school dealing with this reuniting of the Isis and the Adam energies - the reuniting of the masculine and feminine. But it's more than just the masculine and feminine as you would think in your mind. It's much more than that. These two energies of masculine and feminine - Isis and Adam - represent the original split. The masculine and feminine aspect of any souled being was the first split in self, the first division of consciousness, even at the angelic realms.

< Teacher 4 > This division of masculine and feminine came before the split of light and dark. It came before the split of negative and positive. This masculine and feminine separation of the soul, or the illusion of the separation, goes far, far, far back and there are many, many implications of it because of the division that was caused in energy. There are many energies and groups and individuals who are very bought into this old split. Many who are very vested into a more masculine energy, many who are vested into a more feminine energy. So right now here on planet Earth you are experiencing some of what is taking place with this New Energy of evolution that is seeking to bring back and reunite masculine and feminine.

< Teacher 4 > All in a way of saying that there are many forces on Earth that do not want this to happen. They are very satisfied with the power that the masculine has over the feminine. They are very satisfied with the way that the masculine energy basically has a type of control over politics, over religion, over so many of the affairs of the world. And there are many who are vested into the feminine energy because they can play games. There are sexual implications. There are a certain amount of very provocative and seductive energies associated with it. So there are some who are more weighted or balanced towards the feminine who do not want to see the reuniting of these energies at all.

< Teacher 4 > But at the very core of things, the battles that are taking place on Earth right now, have their roots, have their origins in this whole desire for the masculine and feminine to want to come back together. There's a reason for this need to reintegrate the two so that you can go beyond the separation of the soul, go beyond the need for a masculine or a feminine. Eliminate that need all together. That split between male and female - masculine and feminine - is an illusion. It doesn't need to be anymore. But as I said there are many who are vested into the old separation that don't want to see things coming back.

< Teacher 4 > Nearly - I'm going to actually make a statement - every conflict and battle that is taking place on Earth right now has to do with masculine and feminine energy. The wars that you have raging - they are not wars about land ultimately. They are not wars about money, and they are actually not wars about religion. At their core it's about bringing back the masculine and feminine. The battles that so many individuals have in their lives, the psychosis, the problems with what you would call your serial murderers, the problems you have with those who are very unbalanced, it is because of the masculine/feminine energy - because it is trying to come back together and there are forces that are trying to keep it separate.

< Teacher 4 > Look at the core energies causing the battles, causing the conflict to take place. It is about the reuniting of the masculine/feminine. It is something that has to occur as you move into the New Energy. It occurs first within individuals and then makes its way to groups, but it is something that has to occur. And as you are getting closer and closer to the point of the quantum leap, the forces that have kept these two precious elements separate, are going to be acting up. They're going to become more violent, they're going to become more vocal and they're going to particularly become more of an influence in mass consciousness, and that will affect you if you are not aware of what is going on.

< Teacher 4 > The extent of these energies and these influences from the nonphysical realms (near realms) should not be overlooked by any of you because they are deliberately trying to keep Earth from moving into the New Energy and they are deliberately trying to keep humans from integrating or melding their masculine and feminine back together. The influence is strong right now and it is getting stronger every day, and it is going to be something that every one of you is going to feel in these next few weeks of time and even over the next eight or nine months of time. It is my task, my job, to come here and discuss this with you, not from a standpoint of fear, because there is nothing that these energies can do.

< Teacher 4 > And you could ask yourself why, what is the agenda? Aren't they enlightened beings on the other side? Not particularly. Some of them feel very righteous in what they're doing. They feel that this essential split of the soul into masculine and feminine was the fault of one or the others of the energies, and that if these two energies of masculine/feminine reunite, that one in particular - the feminine - will try to now dominate and annihilate the masculine energy. They don't truly understand about energy balances. They don't understand about the reunion. They are so into their own consciousness, into their own hypnosis, that they're playing out this drama.

< Teacher 4 > You're in the process of birthing right now. During this birthing process of yourself, you become very vulnerable in a way. You are birthing the united reunited energies of the masculine and feminine for yourself. You are birthing what you could say would be your own next lifetime, but not a lifetime that you've been used to, not a lifetime where you come into a physical body. You're birthing the next grand aspect of yourself, the next version of your own consciousness. Right now it's in a gestation process, but soon that birthing is going to take place, and as you guessed for most of you, that next level of birthing takes place in September 2007.

< Teacher 4 > During the birthing process you are the mother and the father to yourself. During this birthing process you are bringing up grand creative energies from every part of you and they're all flowing into the new birthing of self. This is something that the forces who choose to remain in duality, choose to keep masculine and feminine separate, do not want to see at all, because what you are truly doing is reuniting your masculine and feminine together and giving birth to the new you which is neither masculine nor feminine.

< Teacher 4 > They're going to come into your dreams at night and they are going to terrorize you. They are going to try to wear you down. They're going to try to fool you and manipulate you. They're going to tell you that this whole spiritual journey that you have been on is nothing more than a bunch of psychological hogwash. They are going to tell you all of these things because they are charged with destroying this new birthing of yourself. Once a very small number of humans are able to do this new birthing that is without duality - it is an expanded consciousness that does not contain elements of duality - once this happens Shaumbra, it is going to be very, very, very difficult to stop the rest of the energies, to stop the masculine and the feminine from coming back together.

< Teacher 4 > So you can see why they are very concerned, why they do not want you or anyone else to have this reunion. You can see why I took a sabbatical to go off by myself, to integrate my masculine and feminine. I still have those attributes. I have dealt with them in a very balanced way, but I still contain these elements of duality. It is important for me to take the time to recognize both of them, to honor the grand king and the grand queen within, to allow this new love making between them to take place in order to birth the new I AM of I AM.

< Teacher 4 > For all we created Shaumbra, for all we created on heaven and Earth, they work together. They work together. They are the same. Ultimately, there is no veil. There is no split. It is all the same, just that some walk in physical while others do not. It is all the same about the energy evolving towards this reunion of masculine and feminine. It was our original split. It was our original division within our self and its time is coming to an end.

< Teacher 4QA > It is appropriate for you to also spend the time with your masculine and feminine. Give them the space, give them the energy, give them the love, for they come back together again to reunite. In a sense you could say to annihilate the old concept of division and to replace it with a higher consciousness - an expanded consciousness of a total self. And as this whole elimination of the need for separation occurs, it also lets go of the duality within you - the need to have a light and a dark, a good and a bad. It eliminates the need even of this thing that we call the veil.

< Teacher 4QA > The process of the reunion will be experienced by all of you in your own personal and very beautiful way. It doesn't necessarily happen in an instant. It could unfold over months of time. The masculine and the feminine have been apart for far too long. The tears have been far too many. The desire to return back to the original core energy but now in a new way is so very strong that it in itself overcomes any of these outside pressures.

< Teacher 4QA > The outside pressures that are trying to confuse you, trying to keep you in duality, trying to make you feel low and worthless, trying to make you feel that the masculine and feminine are incompatible when you see it in examples in your everyday life. Married men and women who can't get along. Your parents possibly who didn't get along. You have so many examples of how it didn't work that you're afraid to try it within yourself. Your afraid that one will try to dominate the other, one will make the other suffer. Shaumbra, let go of those old ideas and allow this blessed and sacred reunion and re-melding of the masculine/feminine to take place.

< Teacher 4QA > One of the things that is going to be very important in this process for you to do personally is to make decisions. This energy of separation and confusion has it so you find it very difficult and challenging to make any decisions, and by default then the decisions are made for you by mass consciousness, by your old ghosts and demons or by things outside of you. Once you assume or re-assume authority of yourself as a sovereign being and start making decisions, this energy from the outside sources will blow right through you. It will keep you unaffected. You won't be diminished by any of these energies that are trying to hold back this reunion of masculine and feminine.

< Teacher 6 > Kwan Yin has been very quiet, sometimes not so quiet, mostly quiet in the background. Kwan Yin has stood for compassion. Kwan Yin has stood for the energy of Isis, the feminine aspect. Now that you are allowing yourself to be feminine-masculine joined together again, you're going to find her energy. It's going to shift and change this year. She's going to go beyond compassion. Compassion is of course the total acceptance and honoring. She's been working with you and working with the Crimson Council to help you understand the sense of compassion.

< Teacher 6 > First playing, exploring yourself and then, when you wanted more depth, you start dividing and fighting with yourself to the point where you finally get tired of that, you come into point of acceptance of yourself. That allows the energies to totally change their interrelationship. It allows the energies to dispel with this thing called duality. It allows the masculine and the feminine to join back together. It allows the dark and the light to reintegrate. It allows the acceptance of everything and then when these energies are at that point of acceptance, they're exhausted in the old way, willing to move into the new, that's when real creation, real creativity really start coming back to the forefront.

< Master 9 > So these separate elements finally came together. And remember our original symbol for you (dot with a circle around it), and those elements have come together, no longer the Merkaba but now New Energy. But here you are in the "X" zone and the question is, so what can you do right now? What can you do while you're here? You know now that it works out, because you got the human/divine, masculine/feminine, every other duality part of you starting to meld back together. But the critical ingredients in here are trust , and trust is not blind, by the way.

< (Next) 10 > There's so much tension on Earth right now, because at the core of creation, the energies have come back together again in a very beautiful, very new way. It could be eons of time before that message ever reaches Earth. And in the meantime, there are those beings who are still playing Earth, who are still playing out duality, don't want to let it go. And because Earth is so removed from what you would call Source, it's a great place to continue this old game. If it ever gets to you, or you (Spirit) ever get to yourself, just remember all is well in all of creation. And you can tap into that at any time.