other dimentions / other realities / astral realms

different realities/realms/levels/layers/diminsionsalternative realities/potentials;
celestial/angelic/astral realms;  non-physical realm;  other side of the veil;
outer realm;  creative realm;  imagination realm;  your laboratory;
(including your past lives and shadow potentials)

< Creator 9QA > You are multidimensional beings. There is much being done at other levels. As we have mentioned, the runners work with your energies, taking it through the dimensions, taking it through time and space, taking it into new realities that are being created. For Shaumbra, we say not to become overly concerned about these multidimensional states, these other areas that you are working in. This will be - Cauldre laughs at us here - this will be an entirely new series of lessons that are taught in an advanced way later on. We will work with you to help you see what is happening in the multidimensional layers and to see how the very work that you are doing is truly affecting other things, not even just of your world.

But now for the time being, we ask Shaumbra to focus on what is happening in your life. Focus on how you are now able to be creators for the first time, true creators in all of your existence on Earth. Why will this be challenging to you here, with the lessons that we are giving, with the lessons of dancing with what comes to your front door? It is because you have never truly been able to be full creators. You have been following a plan. You have been following contracts that were somewhat predetermined. Now there is the complete ability to be creators, so we ask you to focus on these things now. Stay with us in these series. Stay with us as we move forward. There will come a time soon enough when we journey off with you into the other realms. You will see how you can not only affect and create things here in this human reality, but all around you and other levels as well. These are very powerful concepts, but let us learn first to walk before we run.

< Ascension 1 > Part of the role (inner work) of your True Self all of this time (in the cocoon) has been - somewhat difficult to explain - but it has been taking the potentials of your thoughts and actions and deeds, and then living out these potentials in other dimensions. Indeed when you have three choices in front of you - to go left, to go forward, or to go right, and you, as the human, the one who is in control, choose to go right, the other two choices are acted out interdimensionally from within the cocoon of your True Self. At night when you dream, many times you see in a symbolic form all of the potentials, all of the possibilities acted out.

Now you do not need to so much worry about this, for this is something that is being handled by your own True Self, your Full Self. You do not need to worry about these potentials. They are simply energy elements. They do not take on substance in your reality. They do not in any way come back to affect you on your human journey on Earth. But again, we say, while you are going through all of your processes here in the 3D, there is so much else that is happening. Your True Self, your Full Self is exploring the many, many possibilities while you are acting out the chosen one.

Who comes to visit on this day is the energy of self that carries the potential, that carries the alternative realities of who you are. That part of yourself (in other dimensions) comes to visit today. They come into the second circle, first of all to touch you and to join you, but also to applaud you for the choices you did make. There were no choices that were right, none that were wrong. They were all potentials and experiences. The ones you have selected … you have acted out on Earth. The ones that you did not were acted out on an interdimensional basis.

< Ascension 1 > One day when it is appropriate, you will have the opportunity to see and to feel what all of the other choices would have been like. But all the possibilities were somewhat mind blowing, to be able to see all of the things that could have been done and what other potentials would have been created as a result of these. The alternative realities come to visit you, the potentials of all who you are come to visit. They come at this important time to say, "You have never made a wrong decision." The fact is that you made decisions and you made choices, and you created a path that has led you from Home to this precise point that we sit in now. If you ever question your journey and question the appropriateness of your actions, know that it has brought you here together with Self, with Spirit, and All That Is.

< Ascension 1 > Now we will ask you to take a bit of a journey with us today, with your permission. The ones that are around you now, the ones who are your potentials of True Self, (past) potentials of all things you have done, who are your alternative realities… they stand around you. They hug you. They will accompany you on this journey if you give your permission.

< Ascension 1 > Let us talk to you somewhat of timing here. Timing. Much of the potential of who you are is also contained and held in the grids. It is held in the magnetic and energetic grids of Earth before it comes into you. It makes a journey of sorts from the cocoon of True Self, of finding its way to you, but being held in the energetic grids of Earth before it fully comes in, before you are fully ready. If it comes to you immediately and fully, it would upset the balance of all who you are as a human.

< Ascension 1 > But we tell you, each of you, all who are touched by these words, you have already done it. Surprise! Who did you think would be there waiting for you, when you are the first? What did you think would happen when you ascended? The definition of ascension is when you stay in a body in the same lifetime, but yet move to your next lifetime. And all of you have done that. All of you have made the decisions in these past few years to stay. That is why we are here. That is why the ones who represent the potential of your True Self come in on this day, specifically to applaud. You have gone through the gateway of ascension. Ah, but the joke is that now the hard work begins!

< Ascension 1 > Now there is work to be done! There is still work that will take place on the inside, as the rest of you (other realities) catches up with your new consciousness (gotten with your new divinity). There will be work to do with others. And dear friends, you will find that in the next year of time, as the final completion of the grid adjustments are done by the Kryon and all of other entities, you will find things are still somewhat chaotic, but you will find new potential coming into you all of the time. As things happen in your life now, we want you to consciously remember - it is not about you. It is now about the service that you chose.

< Ascension 8QA > Indeed, there IS the potential for disaster to occur. There is the potential for some sort of disaster. This is all part of the energy of duality that we spoke of. Riding right along side of that biker, riding right along side of every vehicle going down the road, is the other potential. And, you are seeing that. You are seeing that, especially now, because you are more sensitive than ever before. Through the Language of Ah, you are beginning to sense things. Do not let it frighten you. You are seeing the beautiful example of duality, working to create new energy.

Now, occasionally what you call disaster does occur. The other potential is put into force. There are times when your psychics, your readers… they are always predicting disaster, but it does not so often occur. They too are seeing an energy potential that is the antithesis of what is taking place at the time. And, occasionally it does. But, it does not mean that the potential you are seeing is the reality that will take place.

So, you frighten yourself when you see these things. You wonder… you think that perhaps then you were going to create the accident for that person? No, it does not work that way, not unless you go over and physically push them off their bicycle. (audience laughter) But, you have too much wisdom for that, so don't scare yourself with that thought either.

This is a beautiful example, Shaumbra, a beautiful example of the duality that we spoke of - the white marble and the dark marble. Even when the white marble is the one expressing itself in reality, the potential of the dark marble sits right along side of it. That is how duality works. That is why Metatron comes in to Earth at this time. He comes to help with the understandings of what we will call the "spiritual physics," but which are the physics of the New Energy.

< DivineHuman 7 > There is much discussion that metaphysicians have about parallel universes and realities. We have not dwelled on this much in the past, for we want you to focus on the "now" moment of your lives. But, indeed there are other realities, and they exist all around you. They exist out into the universe.

< DivineHuman 8 > In the Expanded Now, you do not have to leave your body or your reality to go out into the other dimensions to visit us. You are not denying your humanness or the moment (time and space, reality, dimention) you are sitting in. But, you are opening up your energy. You are expanding your energy field to include us. As you expand your energy field, you also include all of the aspects of who you have been in past lives. You are including all of that energy in your Now. As we sit here right now, most of you are not afraid to open up. You are in the sacred energy of your divinity, and of the family Shaumbra. So you can open up to include all of the experiences of your past lives. You can open up to include the other realms.

< DivineHuman 8 > The Expanded Now is the New Energy. It is one of the physics of the New Energy. You can be fully present, yet include everything else. When you have no fear that someone else can consume you or control you, then you can open those energy fields and be in the Expanded Now. Your consciousness expands into the multi-dimensional levels when you are in the Expanded Now. Your energy not only expands in your three-dimensional world, but now it also crosses into the other dimensions. You go into the multi-dimensional layers at what we call "the space between the space" of the atoms. The space between the space is where you access these multi-dimensional layers.

< DivineHuman 8 > You will have things happen that make you scratch your head, wondering about a license plate that you see, for instance, wondering why at one moment you thought you were going to be in a horrendous car accident, only to find yourself on the other side of the road, faced in the proper direction with traffic, totally safe. You wondered what happened in those "lost" moments. It was not the angels that did it. It was you. It was you in the Expanded Moment, choosing a different potential.

< DivineHuman 9 > We sat together a few minutes ago when the music started. The music brought us together as a group, as Shaumbra, into a point of separation of consciousness. We were moving together from one level or one point to the next. Now, we are at the new point of separation together. At this level you are much more aware of your spirit, and spirit all around you. You are still a human, sitting in these chairs, or sitting beside your computer. But, now you have opened to the other realms. You are at a new point of separation.

< DivineHuman 9 > This is how you will travel and journey in the New Energy, all while remaining right here as a human on Earth. You will expand in so many ways. You will have such a greater understanding. This is where you are going, Shaumbra. It is the ability to have everything come into your present moment (expanded now). This includes remembrances of the past, the ability to go to the other dimensions, to truly be able to feel and to understand the celestial realms, to travel to parts of the universe that you could never have imagined, and dimensions that lie between all of the stars and all of the layers.

< DivineHuman 9 > He comes in on this day that we talk about points of separation or points of new consciousness so that he can help you balance between physical and nonphysical realms. He will be the one working with you as you expand your energy in the Now moment and integrate the multi-dimensional levels. There is a potential to get whacked out, or get out of balance, as Cauldre experienced several weeks ago during one of our channels (at the San Francisco "Divine Tools" workshop). There is the potential to become imbalanced as you expand your Now, as you go to these other layers and levels. Hossaf has agreed to now work directly with you in your human state to help keep the balance as you now expand multi-dimensionally.

< DivineHuman 10QA > The universe is the new Home for the expanding Spirit. When you look out into the skies, and you see billions and billions of stars, when you see vast, open spaces, there is not much out there. It is not teeming with alien life. Alien life exists at the other dimensional levels. It is not out into your physical universe.

< NewEnergy 1 > But, within very recent times there are many, many, many of you here… we have been right beside you in the midst of your rather traumatic dream. You have stopped in your dream, and you have said to yourself consciously, "This is only a dream. I can change it. It is an illusion that I am creating. And, because I am the Creator, I can now change the dream to be anything I want. I'm no longer simply a victim of my dream. I am the Creator of the dream."

< NewEnergy 1 > As you sit here now, you are in a dream. It is an illusion. Try to find me. (audience laughter) It is an illusion that is very, very real. It is a potential (reality) that is being acted out in a very intense, and a very focused, and a very material way. But, you see, there are other potentials (other realities) being acted out on other levels (other dimensions). This is the one where the prime focus is, however. We do not need to go off into the hinterlands. We will remain here.

But, dear friends, sitting here as God also, you can do the same thing that you have done in the dreams. Stop for a moment. Breathe in. There you go. You can change it. You are the Creator. You are not the victim of your life. You are the Creator of it. You are the Creator of your life. And, that is one thing that makes you so unique, even from Spirit.

< NewEnergy 1QA > The first thing to do is to breathe in, to be in the Now, and to understand that everything appropriate comes to you. In the society that you live in now, in the consciousness that you are in, yes, indeed there is a - what you call - goal setting or planning. You can do this in the New Energy way by doing two things. Remain in the Now, but expand your Now to encompass the potentials of what may come. Expand your Now to include those. Bring those to you to the Now. Then be open to any changes that might come.

We understand there is planning because of the dualistic energies that you live in. There is planning that is required for some of the day-to-day things in your life, but always incorporate the energy of potential change in those. You as a group of humans came into this world at a time when this goal-setting, this focus on goals, was so important. There was value in that at the time.

So many of you developed plans and goals because you wanted to accomplish much in this lifetime. Much of that centered around the release of Old ways, Old karma. But you can release that goal-setting now, the way you did it before, for it does not serve you. Certainly, you have to be aware of what's out in front of you, but bring that energy into the Now and allow it to change. Allow it to transmute all of the time. You will see the subtle but very important differences between just setting goals and planning, and allowing it to come into your Now, but to change.

< NewEnergy 2 > "Are we in the fifth dimension right now as we are speaking?" No, we are in all dimensions as we are speaking. "How do I get to the sixth dimension?" It is by being in the Present Moment and allowing your divinity to come through you. "What is on the twelfth dimension?" It doesn't matter! We don't see the dimensions from our side like you do. We don't segment them. They all occur together in the Now. You don't need to take journeys out to these other dimensions. You simply need to expand yourself in this Now moment to allow them to come in to you.

< NewEnergy 2QA > Alzheimer's is the loss of focus in particular. This is happening right now as consciousness is being expanded. There are many individuals who are allowing themselves to remain on Earth in the human body, while allowing their energies to expand or go into the other dimensions.

< NewEnergy 4 > The divine plan was to come full-circle in the understanding of Self. You have been given a unique gift by Spirit. It was called Self-awareness… your own identity… no longer in the grand oneness of All That Is. But, you were given the ability to have a unique spiritual fingerprint all of your own, and to grow that. The human plan was so limited. It was - try to get what you could. It was - try to, at first, to develop your identity of Self in this lifetime without regards to the wholeness of all your other lives.

< NewEnergy 5 > They (runners) are helping to bring in grand shifts for you, grand changes in understandings. They are helping to bring in New Energy. They are helping to keep you balanced with our side of the veil. They are helping to take some of the wisdom that you are gaining and bring it back to bring to other dimensions. You see… while you sit here right now, there are spirit beings in other dimensions, waiting, waiting for you to make progress, so they can make progress, waiting for you to discover your divine origins, so then they can discover.

< NewEnergy 7 > You had played on all of the other dimensions, all of the etheric dimensions. But, you had never played in matter. It was… it still is the grandest experience, grandest experiment of them all. The things you did on the other dimensions are nothing compared to this. There is a difference… you see. In the non-physical dimensions things are very temporary. Things are very fleeting on our side of the veil where we do not have human bodies. As we have said, we can imagine eating a meal, but we also know that it doesn't contain the fullness and the richness of when you eat a meal. We are simply imagining it. It goes away quickly.

< NewEnergy 8 > And, for all of the lifetimes that you have ever spent here on Earth, what you have been doing is going back and reliving experiences that happened long before you came to Earth, long before you ever took on physical body - things that happened when you were in the angelic dimensions, trying to find a way back Home, trying to understand who you were and who others were. So many things happened… what you would call the battles. But, there were also many wonderful things.  We have said to our groups before that this movie series of yours - Star Wars, and even many of the sci-fi - are about things that happened so very long ago that are projected onto your screens and reenacted. You didn't have physical bodies then. You didn't travel in metal ships. But, the essence is the same.

< NewEnergy 8 > From this moment forward you have many, many potentials to choose from in your life, many scripts to choose from. You have written every one of the scripts yourself. (Your full self has worked out multiple realities and found the solutions.) Indeed, you have had help on our side, but they are your creations. It is up to you then to choose which one you want to act out, that you want to bring to life in your physical reality. So, you imagine all of the potentials.

< NewEnergy 8 > Sometimes you go off in the imaginative realms and the etheric realms. You act-out out there, but you don't bring it back to Earth. What happens now is we work with you in opening those conduits, opening those energy flow highways, to help you now realize that you can bring things into this reality. You can imagine them and then bring them to life. You see… you are choosers of life now, so you can bring things to life. And, you bring them in by simply breathing them.

< NewEnergy 8 > This imagination also will allow you to start soaring into new dimensions. Yes, indeed, it works both ways - you bring things into your life, but you also now can start going into the other dimensions. When you do, never leave your grounding. Never leave your body behind. Don't try to astral project. You're not a missile (some laughter). It is about being in the Now moment, fully grounded in the human body, but expanding out your energies and opening up into the other realms.

< NewEnergy 8 > But, imagine… yes, can you trust yourself enough to simply imagine? From here (4th dimension) you can go out into many of the other dimensions. And, again, please don't regard them in a numeric or linear order. You'll get stuck inter-dimensionally traveling if you do it. The dimensions cross through each other, over each other. There is no hierarchy. There are simply energetic differences in them, very unusual differences between. With the imagination you can soar out here.

< NewEnergy 10 > It is also the aspects of self that have been lost, that have been scattered, wanting to come back together. Why, Shaumbra? Why would your past lives even - now that you've released them - why would those aspects want to come back? Why would some of the fragments of you that you have buried - literally and figuratively - that you have suppressed and hidden away… why would some of the fragments that are off in other dimensions want to come back now? It is because you are allowing and creating a safe energy. Imbalanced and fragmented energies (unfulfilled energy) come back in when it's safe (new paradigm #3). You are creating the space in the Now moment where it is safe once again. That is why you have felt energies coming to you.

< NewEnergy 10 > If you have been feeling things, and hearing things, and coming to knowingnesses that seem different, perhaps outside of you, or foreign to you, take a deep breath. Take a second guess. It is you, parts and pieces wanting to come back, past lives wanting to be in your Expanded Now energy, even as they are living in their own realities. And, more than anything it is the Divine and the Christed energy of Self that has been in the cocoon for so long, wanting to come in right now. That is what is happening.

< NewEnergy 10 > You don't have to be only just sitting here. You can now be open to all of the other realities that exist at the same time. Sounds confusing, dear friends? It is only because you are not used to it yet. But, you will get there. You can have multiple realities and potentials existing together in a Now moment. This is another misconception that you have to go out there into the other reality. No, instead, it comes to you. It comes into the Expanded Now moment that you are in. This is where you make contact with us right now. You are a human sitting in chairs, or on your sofas, lying on the floor some of you. But, there's another reality that exists where you are also in the energy of the House of Sananda. You are with us. We are having another conversation right now, an entirely different conversation that can be tapped into.

< NewEnergy 10 > So, you are in the safe energy, and now you can begin to open up into these other realms. You can have multiple realities occurring together at the same time. Your imagination has wings. It can soar, but it brings the energies back to you. It is about breathing these in. It is about feeling so safe to have these things begin to happen in your life and so comfortable, all while being in human form in the Now moment. It is not about you denying the humanness. It is about expanding the humanness, all at the same time.

< NewEnergy 11 > As you allow the energies to come back into balance, as they have their resolution, it is yet one more opportunity to have that imagination opened… to be able to see beyond this 3-D thing that you live in… see beyond, see all of the other realities… see a greater potential for life, life here on Earth, life on the New Earth… a potential that goes far beyond simply living in a physical body for 80 or 90 years… a potential that encompasses the spiritual as well as the physical… a potential that you all have of being in body, but also in spirit.

< Embodiment 1 > While you were doing your thing, not conscious of other things going on around you, the energy of the OH, the holder of the darkness, your divinity, wants to share with you what it was doing… you see. Oh, it wasn't doing it here on Earth so much. It wasn't doing it in any part of the physical universe that you know. The energy of the OH was embracing you the entire time. It was living through other experiences for you, other potentials for you, things… oh, my dear, dear friends, things that you could not possibly imagine in your mind. It only can be imagined in your soul, in your divinity, in your full expression of you.

< Embodiment 1 > Imagine now for a moment here what your divinity was doing… playing with all of the potentials that could have been brought in, experiencing those on your behalf. Those things it would like to share with you in your life now. That is why we stress the imagination. That is why we said it is time to open the heart and the mind… because we knew that when the divinity was embodied within, when the essence of the OH energy was accepted and brought in, there would be stories to tell, experiences to share.

< Embodiment 1 > When you left the gathering of the Allatone, every one of you was given hundreds and hundreds of celestial helpers, of runners, of angels, who would be there supporting the energies, holding all of the inter-dimensional aspects and all of the potentials together while you went and experienced one on Earth, one reality, one illusion. But, there have been so many others around. You are going to start meeting some of those angels. You are going to start meeting some of those runners. You are going to start having remembrances of some of the - what you would call - parallel experiences, multi-dimensional aspects of what was going on. You are going to start feeling and hearing and knowing some of the experiences that the OH was having.

< Embodiment 2 > You say, "Well, how can I survive in traffic? How can I survive at the office? The forces are always pushing on me. I have to push back to protect myself." Protect yourself from what? From what? What are you afraid of? Feeling? Are you afraid of feeling again? Let those forces come right at you. Let them attack you, if they feel they must because, when they do, and they open their seething mouths, and reach into sink their teeth into you, and take a bite out of you, there won't be anything there because you are existing in a different realm… you see… a different energy.

< Embodiment 2 > It begins in the Now. And, don't ever forget this. You can't access The Field… you can't access the corridors of dimensionality if you are not in the Now because it will throw you off. It will throw you into a type of wind tunnel. It will throw you into a state of imbalance. You are here right now. From this source in this anchor of Now you can expand to the other dimensions. How do you do that? Oh, not by force and not by thinking. You can't think your way into the other dimensions. Sometimes you can force your way, but there is an equal and opposing force when you try to do that. It is about allowing and accepting. It is about knowing that you are not just the physical body. You're not limited to this identity in this lifetime. It is about giving yourself permission.

< Embodiment 2 > I, Tobias, give myself permission to be fully present in the Now, and that includes not just the human reality, not just the human illusion, but all of the others. I give myself permission to be here with Shaumbra on Earth as I am on the angelic realms. I give myself permission to be full and expansive, soaring across the realms and through the realms of dimensionality. I, Tobias, give myself permission to be more than Tobias, to be more than an aspect that it was in one lifetime a long, long time ago. I give myself permission to be all that I am and all of the potentials that I can ever be and all of the expressions I choose to express.

< Embodiment 2QA > Releasing means freedom, freedom to grow and to create in a whole new way. Aspects of your past lives - and all of you - aspects that are fully and truly released then go off into different dimensions - we're not talking outer space here; we are talking about dimensional levels - and continue in existence of their own. The freedom that you give them allows them to go off and continue exploring their given identity. They're not souled, creator beings like you. But, they can go off and experience their own identity in their own way. It is part of the blessing of your total soul. It is part - and will always remain part - of who you are.

< Embodiment 2QA > A salute to you… I, Ohamah, will answer this for you. Every expression of who you are that exists in another dimension or another reality must pass through you, dear child, in the Now. It must pass through you. It must come in through you now. It is not that you go out there. It is not that you have to worry about all of these expressions having all of these various livelihoods and jobs and other things that they do. Everything comes back through you.

Now, you have to realize that many of these expressions that are out there - it is so difficult to put into words - but many of them are fragments of you, fragments that you have disregarded or abandoned. They are like orphaned children, wanting to come back to their mother. Many of the expressions are also potentials that you are working out in other realities, some potentials that you are afraid to bring into this reality, others that you just choose to keep out there.

It is time for your re-integration. It is time to bring everything back in through this vehicle of the Now moment in your physical body and your divine being in this Now moment.

Is there another part of you wandering lost across the Earth somewhere else? We don't even know why you would want to think this. You are sovereign. It is contained within YOU right now. Stop fragmenting yourself.

Yes, there are parts and pieces of you wandering around. They don't have physical bodies, though. They are aspects and energies of yourself that you have fragmented, that you have abandoned, and that are roaming the Earth. And, they don't even come with you when your physical body dies. You leave them roaming.

Not just you… we are not singling you out. Tobias is asking me to settle down a bit (audience laughter). It is all of humans.

I look at humans and become so aggravated sometimes - and I was one at one time - because you shatter yourselves, and you deny yourselves, and you leave parts and pieces of yourself. You are littering the cosmos (more laughter) with parts of yourself. And, we are trying to clean this up (more laughter). But, in greatest love to all of you, it was done for many, many reasons. But, now it is time for all of that to come back together, all of that to rejoin you in the Now.

So, don't worry about aspects of yourself in some other part of the world, other than the aspects that you have sent out there in nonphysical ways. Don't worry about a soul mate, or any of this.

What matters now… we are going to ask you to take a deep breath. What matters now, yes, is this moment. Everything comes to you now (new paradigm #3). You are like a magnet now, a magnet energetically attracting, bringing in all of these aspects, all of these energies so that you can be the sovereign God being right now. Everything emanates from this moment, so bring it all together. Bring it all back home.

< Embodiment 3 > But, perhaps some wise one soon will discover the phenomenal amount of limitless energy that can be tapped into at the other levels and brought back to this reality, brought into a material reality. You see… it is possible. Perhaps, you won't even call it a discovery when it happens because it is already happening. You are doing it as we speak right now… you see. Your spirit is connecting with The Field, bringing back energy into your Now. Your spirit is doing it in a bit of an Old Energy way… yes. We are here correcting that with you today. We are helping to have it connect in a New Energy way.

< Embodiment 4 > We have talked before about the aliens, about the UFO's. And, indeed they are out there. Indeed, there are - how to say - there are these entities from other dimensional realms. They are not material. They are not in matter like what you are. But, they are out there. They are either aspects of you from the past, or they are your lineage from your family. And, they also know that if they come too close to the energies of Earth, they will get pulled in as well. It is hell for an alien to begin going through incarnations when they have never done so before… very, very difficult.

< Embodiment 5 > This energy (neutral/pure/unflowing/unactivated/stuck energies) is coming from not only your physical universe but the other realms. You are seeing some of the evidence of the energies coming in in your physical universe by some of the interesting and different types of events with the stars and the planets and comets and these things. But, there are also energies coming in from other realms. When they find their way to the Earth dimension and human consciousness, they need to be moved quickly; otherwise, either they are reflected back - in an interesting way of speaking, they are reflected back - or they have no place to land on Earth and their energy goes back into somewhat of a dormant state until much later. However, if there are Energy Movers, like yourself, it can find the proper conduit and find the proper human grounding and move through you.

< Embodiment 5 > It is about allowing yourself to be fully embodied in it. And, we know this is not what you wanted to hear. Through the full embodiment of the depression and the anxiety will come a New type of energy and a New type of movement. Through the deep embodiment of this thing that you don't want to be deep into will come the energies of your past, your past lives, the energies of every sub-reality you have ever created. They will come rushing in. They will come rushing in to work with you, moving you through this depression.

< Embodiment 6 > Shaumbra, I'm trying to prove a point to you of how delightful, and exciting, and joyful, and potent the imagination is. The imagination is allowing your true energies to come out and play. Through the imagination you can expand yourself, allow yourself into the other realms, and then through the other realms, where there are other energies, bring these back and manifest them on Earth.

< Embodiment 7 > There are also many, many layers of energy that have been expressed. They have been created by you, shaped by you. They have been formed by you over eons of time, long before you came to Earth when you were in angelic forms, many energies that you shaped. They are not in material form. But, they are in a type of creation in the other dimensions and realms. Many times, even now as you are in human form, you go into the dimensional realms and play with potentials. You play with energy. You shape them. You create. Sometimes you leave your creations in the other realms, just sitting there, energy that has been formed into something. It's been sitting there, waiting to go. Sometimes you just leave it there like you would leave a book on the shelf.

< Embodiment 7 > So, with this understanding of energy, knowing that it is actually not real, knowing that energy truly at its core, core source does not have a positive and negative, you can begin to understand how this thing called the material world that you live in seems so real. But, it is not. It is pure illusion, pure illusion, but so highly structured that it seems real. It seems like you can't get out of it at times. It seems that you're stuck in this whole cycle of incarnations. It seems that you have to rely on help from the celestial realms to get out. And, you don't… you don't. You're not trapped in this at all.

< Embodiment 7QA > You create aspects on many different levels and many different dimensions, continually. As you're sitting here right now, you are creating stories or aspects in other dimensions. They are not physical dimensions necessarily, although a few have physical characteristics. You are literally… there are expressions of yourself flying off of you now in these other dimensions. You're taking energy potentials and putting them to work. You are activating energy. Some of those you will bring back into this reality. Some you create from this reality base in this reality, the aspects that I spoke of later, or earlier. This is a continual process.

< Embodiment 9QA > Your dear partner and friend who crossed over is not in the gathering today because there is so much that happens during a crossover and transition time. It generally takes a minimum of three Earth days up to many months for that entity to be ready, particularly in this dear one's case. And, the transition worked quite well, but there are so many details to attend to energetically with those who are left behind. So, they were not able to attend today. One of the things that will come into play here is the relationship between the two of you now - one of you here in the 3-D realm, one on the celestial realms - working together to essentially show others how their energy can extend beyond the 3-D reality. Sometimes it helps when there are beings on our side who can help basically stretch their level of consciousness out. And, that is much of the work that you are going to be doing, as it is about expanding consciousness and moving it into other realms while still remaining here in the 3-D.

< Embodiment 10QA > Every time you think you can only have a good thought, what do you think happens to the potential of the other side, the opposite, the mirror of that good thought? It is causing a very imbalanced, suffocating energy. It is as much a part of you and wants your love as much. Could you imagine just loving one child and not another? Could you imagine that you only love those who are of a certain race, or a certain gender?

< Embodiment 11 > You are designed to run that way, designed to run on multiple levels and dimensions at the same time. We come you today in this new persona to help you to understand that you don't have to be linear, that you can be very multiple. You can exist on different dimensions. You can receive from different sources all at the same time. And, it is easier to do than living linearly. It is easier than trying to hold your focus and maintain a control on a single dimension. You were never designed to run that way. You were never designed to create that way.

< Embodiment 12 > One of the things that all of the angels of the universe, the archangels, came to feel and to know was that at some point we had to slow all of this down. We had to come to this material form of existence… what you call the Earth… matter… slowed down energy… third dimension… in order to have a truer, grander understanding of ourselves… in order to release us… or in a sense, re-integrate us in this Wall of Fire (limitation of 3-D). So, one of the things that we are literally experiencing right now is that we are still in the Wall of Fire. And, we are choosing yet another potential to be in a third-dimensional, material reality as our choice, a way to re-integrate what we feel to be all of those parts and pieces that were shattered, shattered on purpose, shattered in great love. But, to bring them back we felt the path of 3-D, a material world, would be the best.

< Clarity 2 > Oh, life, yes, can be hard. It can be very harsh at times, very, very harsh. You exist in a harsh dimension. Everything is so real, so tangible. It has such an effect; everything has such an effect. You know, on the other dimensions energy doesn't have the direct effect like it does on Earth. Take that hundred-pound rock you have been carrying around with you, and hit your head against it. It hurts. You can feel it. You can't do that on the other dimensions. That is one of the great joys of living on Earth.

< Clarity 2 > Take this imaginary stone out of the other imaginary realms. Bring it into your reality in a potential bubble. Breathe it into your life and watch how it manifests… perhaps as a literal stone… perhaps as many other things in your life. It is that simple and that clear.

< Clarity 3 > But the other realms are your laboratory. And, then it is time to bring it here to Earth. Sometimes you get stuck with that. You're not sure how to bring it in or what to do. You're waiting for us to give you guidance. You're waiting for us actually to do it for you, but that's another thing. And, then you get all the credit, and we don't. It doesn't work that way. So, with this energy of Shaumbra right now go back into some of those passions and dreams. Go back into some of those things that you have wanted to do for a long time. You'll find that this energy comes in and supports in a very beautiful way, in an incredibly clear way. It supports you in the work that you do.

< Clarity 3 > I was saying before that your laboratory is/are these outer realms. You go into the outer realms, the non-physical realms. And, there are a variety of them. They are different shapes. They have different energetic attributes. You go there in your dream states, of course. You also go there in your daydreams. You also go there in your imagination. You don't go there in your visualization and affirmation, by the way. You don't go into the creative realms with affirmations. Affirmations are disciplines for the mind. But, they are not… they don't have anything to do with imagination and creativity. Visualizations are a focus of the mind. And, while they've had some benefit, they are very, very limited.

< Clarity 3 > So, your laboratories are these outer realms, the creative realms. This is where you concept your ideas. This is where you play with creation energies. We're not talking about what you would normally typically call creative energies on Earth just because you are an artist or a writer. That is a different type of creative energy. Here we are talking about creation energies in the outer realms. The outer realms can be also right within you. They are non-physical. That is the only thing that separates them from the reality base that you are so used to. The outer realm can be within, by the way.

< Clarity 3 > So, you go into these outer realms. And, this is where you concept. This is where you daydream a song long before the song has words or notes to it. Words and notes are attributes of the third-dimensional consciousness. But, you go out there, and you play with energies. You play with frequencies. You play with different types of sacred geometries. Sacred geometries have nothing to do with mathematics. It has everything to do with energy formation and flow… you see. And, you all go out there; there is not a single one of you that doesn't.

< Clarity 3 > We are going to use our delightful musical group today as an example. When they compose their music, they don't sit down with the mind to write it. They allow themselves to expand vastly. In a way a skeptic would say they are just floating out there. But, they aren't at all. They have expanded their energy. And, now they are playing in the imagination realms. And, it is real. It is as real as this reality… perhaps more so. You just don't know how to sense it yet or to truly understand it. It is beyond the realms of the mind.

< Clarity 3 > So, they go out there, and they play with energies. They shape and shift energies. They hop on a few energies and ride them around. They put different energies together and see how compatible they are. You can imagine this any way you want. You can imagine yourself literally hopping on an energy wave and riding it. You can imagine yourself in your human state riding this around, grabbing a few and riding them. Yes, this is imagination, and this is your laboratory.

< Clarity 3 > We know every Shaumbra here and Edgar Cayce walking around the room and talking to everyone who is listening in today has been working in their laboratories. That is one of the reasons you're a bit weary. You've been working in the outer realms, playing with energies and now ready to bring them in. Perhaps, it is an invention. You say, "But I need the money first." Think again… old belief systems. You need the invention first. The money will show up. It comes to you.

< Clarity 3 > The reality of the unseen energies… they have an influence… they have an effect. They come back down from the imagination realms, and they start playing in your reality. Those who are blocked right now from the imagination versus what you would call the practical or the tangible… those are the ones who get frustrated. There are humans all over the world who discount anything that they cannot analyze. My, oh, my… what a limitation to only have the mind! What a limitation not to be able to go into the Divine Intelligence, the grander you! You discover that you don't want to analyze when you get out onto the other realms. You don't want to have to put everything into a little box.

< Clarity 4 > And, what we would love all of you, Shaumbra, to do - whether you are here in person, or joining us on the other realms, through the Internet - we would love for you to take a deep breath and welcome them in. They are feeling a bit nervous on this day to be in the presence of such human masters.

< Clarity 4 > But, eventually any entity will have to come back to Earth, even with an expanded set of beliefs to basically manifest them here on Earth to see how they play out. In the astral realms everything is a bit etheric, as it is were. Everything is a bit temporary. So, it is about being able to bring the belief systems back to Earth in an expanded way, in an expanded consciousness for the soul, for the divine being to finally take it in, to finally meld it all together. So, Shaumbra, belief systems - beliefs that you have - define and create the reality. That is your consciousness. That is your awareness level. Most humans live in a very limited or very restricted set of belief systems. They are very, very focused and sometimes extremely rigid.

< Clarity 5 > So, there's been this separation between the human reality and the other realities up until now. You've created a wall or a veil between them. You've created belief systems that kept the two very separate. But, they're coming together now, Shaumbra. They're coming together where they can co-exist, side-by-side, multi-dimensionally, material and nonmaterial together. This is very real, very - how to say - actual potential.

< Clarity 5 > What we are saying is you are not just locked into this body that you have. You're not defined by this singular bodily expression anymore. All of the other potentials are already inside of you. And, it's only a matter of letting them come out, only a matter of, as we say, looking at how your belief systems feed your reality. And, when you want to change the reality, you change your belief systems. And, then all of these potentials can go to work for you. "Shadow biology" can clear cancer out of the body, if you belief it and if you allow it to happen. The "shadow biology" is in you right now.

< Clarity 5 > You can call these alternative realities, but generally when you think of alternate realities, you think of them existing in some other dimensions far, far away. But, literally they can co-exist with you in this physical reality because you also… as your "shadow selves" start coming forth, you'll realize you're also not in this third dimension, not the way you thought you were. You're not locked in here. You are many dimensions.

< Teacher 1 > Now that one single thought basically goes out into the other realms and on our side of the veil, that single thought causes a thousand-plus responses to take place on our side. There are angels who have to work at balancing and shuttling those energies. Every single thought that you have like that has a thousand reverberations on our side, and those reverberations even reach back into time, back into where everything came to a standstill. So you can imagine the amount of work that has to be done here, on our realms, basically helping to continually balance and adjust every piece of consciousness that you develop.

< Teacher 3 > Your focus and awareness of consciousness has been limited for a long time, particularly since you've been here on Earth. Even the angelic beings in the nonphysical realms and the crystalline realms and the angelic high realms have limited consciousness. The degree of the limitations depends on many different factors, but being here on Earth you have purposely focused your consciousness, purposely limited your consciousness.

< Teacher 4 > The energies of a very thick and old mass consciousness will have a tendency to affect you, to come into you. And as we've talked about before there is the wonderful capability that your mind has of making everything seem like it's your own problem or issue when it's absolutely not. It's coming from the outside, coming from somewhere else. To make matters even more confusing right now, what happens on Earth is also happening in the other realms. To quote one of the sacred books it says, "As it is in heaven, so is it on Earth. As is above, so is below, and is below, so is above." You are intimately connected to everything that is happening on the other realms although you may not be consciously aware of it.

< Teacher 4 > What is taking place here on Earth right now is also taking place in the other realms. They are nonphysical realms, but they are so connected to what is happening on Earth. We've talked before - we called these the near realms. They are affected and influenced by everything happening on Earth. Basically the difference is that the beings in the nonphysical realms don't have bodies, but there are still battles raging on the other realms. There are still those on the other realms who are lost and confused. There are still those who form together in groups to carry forth their agendas, to try to influence things that are happening on their side and yours.

< Teacher 4 > When you make a change in your own consciousness here on Earth, it's not just about you. It affects something on the other realms. When something happens in the other realms, it can also affect what happens on Earth. We're telling you this Shaumbra because we want you to understand all of the dynamics in taking place. We tell you this because for so long there has been confusion - deliberate confusion - about what happens in the other realms. And for so long there has been this thing called the veil that has kept you from sensing or feeling or knowing anything about the other realms. We talk about these near Earth realms because they are the ones most intimately connected to what you are doing right now.

< Teacher 4 > There is this thing called the veil that was created that kept you from seeing into the other realms and for a very large part kept the other realms from seeing to you. The veil works both ways and is not just a one-way mirror.

< Teacher 6 > A new energy pathway has been created in the collision of the two opposing elements smashing back into each other. An energetic pathway that allows in an energy that exists in a different dimension. Current understanding and the current consciousness of dimensions is very, very crude - very crude and very rudimentary. Many humans equate it with being simplistic - we have the third dimension and the fourth dimension, the fifth. It doesn't work like that. Dimensions are an amazing thing. It's a flow. It's a swirl of energy. Dimensions don't necessarily know limits or boundaries unless they have been structured that way by the human belief system or consciousness.

< Teacher 6 > But what happens here, you have the collision of energies taking place in a very profound way. Let's call this the collision of consciousness taking place. At that moment of collision is the potential to bring in new energy from the outside, from another dimension. Now this could be you personally. It could be you as a company, with others or a group. It could be Shaumbra. It could be humanity in general. A collision takes place - a potential for a new energy to move in, right then and right there.

< Returning 6QA > The work that you're doing in the other realities has to do with integration, similar to Aspectology, but working with beings in other realms who are very, very shattered, which you're very good at. Helping bring back the pieces. This is, in itself, tiring work, even without having to have a physical body.

< Returning 8QA > As you allow yourself to absolutely absorb all of these feelings, understanding they're not yours, you also read into and tap into all of the different potentials, all the different realities that exist, and all of the different facets. This provides a tremendous inspiration to you and a totally different way of looking at life. Rather than on a very linear path based on history and linear future, you now see that it is so much more encompassing and actually a lot more fun.

< Returning 11 > It was the time of departure of the guides ten years ago, to take away those spiritual training wheels. And, oh, dear ones, sometimes right now you think you're having difficulty right now in this Now moment. Back then it was true difficulty that you went through. It was the true dark night of the soul. When you released the angelic beings who had been with you for so very long - your nearest, closest friends - they felt so much like a part of you. You felt they were you. They were the angelic beings who were at your side helping to keep all of the energies between your humanness and your divine, between you here in this lifetime and your spiritual families - your angelic families - to help balance the energy of this very harsh 3D environment with the energies of all of the other dimensions, and they left.

< Master 4 > Sometimes you say, "Well, my consciousness wants this certain thing, but it's not getting down there. It's not manifesting. What am I doing wrong?" Well, you're not doing anything wrong, because you could be manifesting on a nonphysical level. In other words, you call it the other realms, you could be manifesting in other dimensions. But any time you (=consciousness) call upon energy, it does manifest somewhere. You say, "Well how come it's not manifesting right here ("M" box), right down here? How come," you say, "I want to go to the casino and win and it doesn't manifest." A lot of things happen in this area right here (between "consciousness" and "manifestation") - time, space, other people. Other people - their intentions and their energies - can actually slow down or block that manifestation.

< (Next) 12 > There's a lot of talk these days in the scientific circles. They're starting to come out with these amazing revelations - that there's life force in everything. There's consciousness in everything. That's actually not true. Sorry. They talk about, for instance, there being consciousness in even a photon of light, because in the scientific experiments, they're seeing the photons now - tiny, tiny, tiny particles, basically nonphysical particles - and they're amazed, because one minute the particle's there, and the next minute it's not (The uncertainty principle). Where does it go to? Just right next door, the next dimension.

< (Next) 12 > So these photon particles appear to slip in and out of reality. Well, what's reality? They're just slipping into the next dimensional state, the next reality. So the question becomes do the photons, or any of these other subatomic particles, actually have consciousness? No, no, no, they don't. They don't. They're responding to your consciousness, and that's where the scientists are a bit mistaken right now. They say, "Oh, there's consciousness and light. We never knew that before, because when I stand here and doing my experiments, I see these photons moving in and out and doing funny things. They must have consciousness."

< Transhuman 5 > There are many, many other realities, dimensions out there. And remember what I said a little while back, I said that the other dimensions are your other senses. There's not a sixth-, seventh-, eighth-level dimension that humans, some of them, talk about where really, if you look at it, it's just about being a grander human. They don't exist. That's a construct of the mind. That's a cheap desire of the mind, “Let's have a seventh and eighth dimension, and we can predict the future and we can see through people's clothing, and …” That's not what dimensions are. Dimensions are other senses, other ways of perceiving and feeling the vastness of reality.