real sensuality;  real real feeling; 

< Transhuman 5 > You're going to realize with sensuality, you know, it's … I call it transsensual, because you're used to some sensual experiences in your body, whether it's eating good food, making love, whether it's just a feeling of physical balance and calmness, sitting in a hot tub, having a glass of wine, but that is like .000001 compared to real sensuality, which is like 100. There's such a huge difference. But you'll continue to have a physical sensual experience. It'll still be there. It'll be more – you could call it – colorful, expanded, profound than before. And you'll continue to have mental sensual experiences.

< Transhuman 5 > With real sensuality – the ability to sense and feel beyond the limitations of the mind, the ability to comprehend, to be aware of other realities that exist right here, magic is right here – that will absolutely put an end to all the discussions about authenticity, about, “Am I being real? Am I being truthful? Is this right or this wrong?” All of those things become so incidental. With sensuality there's no judgment, it's not about a good sensual experience or a bad one. Never a judgment of was it a big one or a little one. It is returning to your true nature as a creative creator.

< Transhuman 5 > Allowing the transsensual human means you're still going to have your human senses. You're still going to perceive reality or parts of reality through those senses. But now we go beyond that. There are so many other senses, ways of perceiving, feeling and experiencing reality. Sensuality, the ability to perceive beyond the eyes and the ears and the mind. The ability to feel at a level that you haven't felt at for a long time; a level of feeling that's not emotional, but yet it's grand and colorful; a feeling that is not in patterns, limited patterns. Your sense of hearing, that's all in patterns, but there's so much more beyond that. This is where you just take a deep breath and, without having to work at anything, it's about allowing yourself to be sensual once again. You'll feel it in your body, of course, and it'll touch your mind, but then it goes so far beyond.

< Transhuman 5 > There are many, many other realities, dimensions out there. And remember what I said a little while back, I said that the other dimensions are your other senses. There's not a sixth-, seventh-, eighth-level dimension that humans, some of them, talk about where really, if you look at it, it's just about being a grander human. They don't exist. That's a construct of the mind. That's a cheap desire of the mind, “Let's have a seventh and eighth dimension, and we can predict the future and we can see through people's clothing, and …” That's not what dimensions are. Dimensions are other senses, other ways of perceiving and feeling the vastness of reality.

< Transhuman 5 > When we first talked about embodied enlightenment, in other words, staying in your body, having Realization of your enlightenment, I want you to think back when you first started talking about that. How about a redefinition of embodied enlightenment? The ability to sense at many, many different levels, to be transsensual. Never again limited. Never again just on the underbelly of creation. Real feeling. Real awareness. And, again, feeling. I'm not talking about emotion. Emotions are the mind's false way of feeling. But real awareness, that's the transhuman, that's transsensual and that's exactly what you're allowing right now. This is the time to take that moment to connect back to your true nature. The true nature of being the creator, the creative; being sensual. Above all, being sensual. What you were really saying was, “I want to bring back the senses.”

< Transhuman 5 > When you're really living sensually, it has an effect – it will have an effect – on that physical body of yours. And when you're really living sensually, when you're allowing your sensuality, it will have an amazing impact on the keenness of the mind. And the whole ego of the mind thing, the whole identity of the mind will become so unimportant, even to the mind. It will stop its obsessive nature about itself. And all of the goings-on about this planet, all the things that it's going to be going through this year, all the changes and commotions and power plays and everything else, suddenly they're going to seem so puny, so unimportant.

< Transhuman 5 > The sensuality comes forth and suddenly you realize, in kind of an odd way of saying, that you suddenly realize that this whole thing about Realization has already been there. You realize your Realization. Kind of sounds strange, but you go, “Oh, my god! Everything I've been trying to realize is already here.” So, with that, you take a good deep breath. You don't work at it. You just allow it. You allow yourself to be that transsensual human, transsensual being that you've always been.