interesting substitute for Spirit;
mind's bad imitation of real soul feelings.

< New Earth 9 > Now we move to the third area, that which we call the emotions. Now your emotions, my friends, have been an interesting substitute for Spirit. As you know, you have not carried your full spiritual potential with you in your physical body on your side of the veil. So your emotions have been a substitute, in a way, for Spirit. In the new energy your emotions will be a driving force for you. They will allow responses to take place. Your emotions, what comes from your inner being, your desires, will cause action and reaction. Now your emotions in the past have been used to play out dramas. Your emotions have been used to feel things, to understand joy, to understand darkness.

< New Earth 9 > Your emotions in the new energy will be quite different. There will not be the reason nor the necessity to understand the light and the dark, for, my friends, remember at the core of things, the core of creation, a unity has taken place once again. There is no reason in your new energy to continue understanding or playing the light against the dark. Your emotions now will be free to begin true creation.

< New Earth 9 > There is no room or place anymore for drama. But yet you have a tremendous amount of energy coming from your emotional center. Begin to allow this emotion to be used as a driving force. It is a fuel for your own creations, your own spirit in this new energy. This is difficult to describe, my friends, for things will start happening in you and around you. You will begin to feel a new connectedness. You will begin to feel a new partnership. This is your True Self beginning to come in as you allow it to happen. This is your True Self melding with you while you are still in human form on Earth. Again, it is simply a matter of allowing this to take place, of allowing this to happen.

< New Earth 9 > The chakras - the energy chakras - are melding into one. Your energy center in the new Earth, the new consciousness, does not come from where it did before. In the past you have been used to creating things through your mind or through your heart (emotion). In the new energy they are not created from either one of those places. It will take place from the oneness of your being, from the Christ center of your being. This is not a literal place. Now include your entire being in your process, your Oneness and Allness.

< New Earth 14 > You are all creators. You all experienced many things in many, many different places. You helped create the very stars that are here in . You helped create many of the templates of emotions and thoughts and feelings. You were like cosmic painters, creating new scenes, creating new events for All That Is. Oh, your connection to the ones from the stars is really the connection to yourself.

< Creator 1QA > There is a certain beauty with your music of Earth that we love listening to. It has passion and a depth! Even our music here does not have the same soul or same patterns as yours. It is always enjoyable for us to listen to your music, and to be beside you as you listen to it. It brings up such emotions and feelings and vibrations within you! We are close to you so many times when you are listening in your quiet to beautiful music. We thought we would mention that.

< Creator 5 > This is a difficult process to go through. Your biology, in particular, has not yet adjusted to this new element that is coming in. Your emotions are definitely not adjusted to it. You are accustomed to working in duality - good or bad, right or wrong - depending on what particular day it is and depending on the coloration of the third clear marble.

< Creator 9 > Put human judgment aside and know that all things are appropriate. If an object comes to your door, it is there for a reason. If you lose your job - know this is something that has come to your front door. It is there for a reason. Dance with it. Express your emotions. If your emotions are anger and pain, dance and express. You do not need to be holier than thou here. We understand that there is pain that goes with this. But as you dance, as you express yourself, as you embrace the moment, you will discover things about it that were previously hidden from you. Dance with what comes to your front door.

< Creator 10 > But now you were given power, you were given choice like you had never had before. You took that Free Will and began to play with it in the universe, in the void. Your Free Will was like having an incredible, awesome Creator's tool kit. You could do things that you had never done before. You could play in the void, you could make the stars, you could create new energies. You could even battle with other entities! You could not do that in the Kingdom. There were no battles. You could create new places. You could have thoughts and emotions that spanned every different direction.

< Creator 11 > This space fills up with many who are simply waiting for you to say it is time to release the ancestral karma as well. Do you know that within your being, and within the setup of your life, it is not only your soul karma but it also your family karma? It is karma for things that were done five generations ago and ten generations ago and a hundred. It is carried forward in the biology. Indeed you see it with diseases that are prevalent within certain blood lines. If there is a tendency for diabetes in your family, it is carried karmically in your DNA. There are also emotions - ancestral karmic emotions - that are carried within you. There are events that were created by your father’s forefathers five hundred and a thousand and two thousand years ago that you are trying to heal in this lifetime of yours. And you wonder why life can be so difficult and challenging? As we have said, it is not just about you anymore.

< Ascension 2 > It seems like so many times you use the pathway to your mind to (get to) your emotions, but now breathe deeply. Allow this breath of your divinity into your emotional being as well, bypassing the brain and going straight in, with no filtering, no telling self what is right or wrong, or how to behave, or how to act. You are emerging and maturing spiritual beings. You do not need to have your mind telling you how to act anymore. Breathe deeply and allow that emotional, wonderful, exuberant being that is within you to come forth without the judge and the jury of the mind.

< Ascension 2 > That is another challenging area, for you to think through your heart. You do not understand this so much. It still seems to flow through your intellect. Your intellect, in a sense, is like the words on a page. Do you know you are much like a book? The physical body is like the pages and the binding and the cover. And then you have the words that are written. This is like the intellect. It is the spacing. It is the characters that are used. It is the way the paragraphs break. It is your commas and exclamation points. It is even the design of the individual letters and how they are put together as words and then sentences. This takes an energy and puts it into a series of symbols that flows. Your intellect, in a sense, is like the words in a book, on the pages. Yet what leaps from the pages, what draws your interest and attention, are the feelings and the emotions and the spirit. There is a spirit in your books. It is not contained in the individual letters or the exclamation points, or the spacing between the lines. Those are simply ways to express the spirit of the book.

< Ascension 4 > Then, there was the third human who was searching for God through her emotions. We told the story that she would go to her church service every Sunday, and she would get that hit of energy, and she loved it. But, within an hour or so when she was out the door, it would seem to leave. It would evaporate and dissolve, and it would be gone. During the week she would go to these new age meetings also. (chuckling) She did not care about any particular philosophy. She did not hold to any school of thought. She liked going to meetings. She rarely heard a word. She liked going to meetings and sitting in the energy. She thought she would find God in this energetic hit. But, she wasn't owning her own Self. So it would evaporate. It would leave. She was trying to find God through the emotions, through the energy hits that came about. She is still going to a lot of meetings, and she has not found God.

< Ascension 5 > Then, there is the sixth sense. We always wonder why your scientific types have not identified it, for it is there. You have a sense of emotion. It is a sense. It is different from any of your physical senses, yet it is a very important sense. Your emotions. This will be changing also. The Language of Ah will burst forth through your emotions. You will have new understandings and new passion as this does. In the meantime, you may cry a lot and not understand why. Your emotions may be up and down like a roller coaster, all over the place. The Language of Ah is coming through this basically non-physical sense called emotion, and as it does, you will have so much more compassion for yourself and for others.

< DivineHuman 1 > Some of you are not so used to this. Some of you are not so used to this thing that you call the heart, the emotion, the soul-level feelings. Oh, at times you feel you are being barraged. You do not understand all of these feelings that are coming up, all of the emotions. They seem to play both sides… feelings of good and feelings of bad… dreams of terror and dreams of love… days that are difficult and days that are a joy. Feelings of every kind are so prevalent with Shaumbra right now.

< DivineHuman 1 > Oh, there is so much New Energy in emotions and feelings. We have talked before of how Shaumbra is creating New Energy - never done before in all of Creation outside of Home. And, it is happening now. You are creating New Energy. Within the feelings that you are experiencing in your own being, within all of these emotions and thoughts, even the difficult ones, there is a seed of New Energy (golden liquid light) there.

< DivineHuman 1 > At the same time, dear family, in the emotions that you are experiencing right now, there is a seed of New Energy. It will come to you in your reality at the appropriate moment. But, it is there. The New Energy you are creating… you will also be able to utilize. There is a direct correlation between this New Energy within you and the level of your own wisdom and the level of your own (dinine) self-acceptance.

< DivineHuman 1 > We are learning that the answers and that our own divinity come up through our feelings and emotions. We, Shaumbra, have been used to thinking things first, and then thinking about our feelings. We are learning that our divine feelings come up, and then we allow our thinking or our intellectual process to guide us through the emotions, to guide us through the expressions of what we are feeling. We, Shaumbra, have been trained to bring everything into the mind and now we are learning to bring it in through the emotions, and the feelings, and the sensitivities. We are learning to bring things in through our divinity first, and then to allow our thinking in our heads to go through the emotions.

< DivineHuman 1 > Divinity is spiritual intelligence. It is not just human emotion. It is not just fluffy, huggy kind of stuff. It is an intelligence, but it has a "spiritual quotient" to it. Yes, and we ask you to please NOT do a spiritual IQ test! This would not be a good thing. (audience laughter) We do not think so much of your human IQ test. This is just a way of evaluating a small portion of yourself, your intellect.

< NewEnergy 4 > Anger is a natural reaction. It is a natural emotion to things taking place around you. You can't ever suppress it. It will come out somewhere. If it doesn't come out in that harsh word that you speak to your spouse - Cauldre - if it doesn't come out there, it will come out when you are driving, and you have a little accident. If it doesn't come out there, it will manifest itself in your physical body. It will come out as irritations… rashes… or potential cancers… or other great imbalances… or "dis-eases" within your body. Anger is natural. And, it is happening right now. It is best not to deny it. There are ways to handle it. But, it's best not to deny it.

< NewEnergy 4 > And, last week you have seen some of the grandest bursts of solar energy ever recorded, ever known, even on our side of the veil. Solar flares… grand eruptions from the sun… and, you think your anger doesn't have power behind it! What is happening through the consciousness of you and the consciousness of humanity… you are releasing so much Old Energy that it literally is being reflected in the energy of the sun. Grand solar bursts… they come rocketing to Earth. You have been bombarded with these over the last couple days. And, you wonder, dear friends, why your body feels funny… why your mind is out of balance… why you're feeling a flurry of emotions! Emotions occur when you let go of things. Emotions occur when you allow the anger within you to manifest in such a way - grand energies coming from the sun - but you created them.

< Embodiment 10 > You're not so much blocked up there in the head. You've slowly, surely, very gracefully been allowing yourself to go into a feeling sense. This isn't just about emotion. It is about feeling. It is an expanded state of being, a knowingness that is divine, and not intellectual, a knowingness that you can't put your finger on. You want to… you want to try to analyze it… you want to try to figure out where the knowingness is coming from. Don't! You don't need to. You are going to know from the depths of your spirit where this is coming from - not from your mind, but from the depths of your spirit.

< Clarity 6 > You see, now the car has feelings, and it begins to operate in a whole different way… emotions and feelings and awareness. The car now has a certain level of awareness that adds a new dimension. Many humans operate in body/brain and low feelings. We call them "low-vibration" feelings, a certain degree of understanding, awareness of pain and feeling of what pleases them, what makes them happy, what makes them sad… you see. So, most of humanity is in those levels of either body/brain or body/brain/somewhat-feeling basis.

< Teacher 3 > You become more efficient emotionally. Tremendous amounts of your energy are expended on emotions. Emotions are nothing more than energy movements. Huge movements. Some of the movements are very difficult, some are wonderful. You're going to find your emotions don't need to have the cumbersome movements that they have had before in order for you to experience something. A tremendous amount of energy was expended on crying, on laughing, on eliciting any emotion to come through.

< Teacher 3 > These emotions sometimes... to use an analogy, have you ever tried lifting a king-size mattress on your own? It is difficult. And then moving it down stairways and through doorways and passageways. That is difficult. It's not necessarily that heavy. It's nice and soft, of course, but it's cumbersome. Your emotions are much like that - very difficult. They are lumbering. They are difficult to handle. Can you imagine an efficiency in your emotions and a clarity about them? Where you don't need to expend tremendous amounts of energy on emotions.

< QuantumLeap 3QA > Every emotion and every bit of consciousness or awareness that is held within is stored somewhere in the physical vessel that you carry around. Emotions like love, of course, are directly related to the heart, and you've stored all of these energies in the heart. And no matter how much you thought - and that is the underlying problem, "thought" - that you were letting go, you were still hanging on. The breathing, true breathing, opens you up, but it also changes you and so many people are afraid of that.

< QuantumLeap 5 > In this energy this year of your triumphant discovery it is also about feeling. We've talked about feeling before, the difference between emotion and feeling. Emotion is reaction. You're emoting a response to something. A feeling is depth … senses … life. A feeling is full. Emotions are rather temporary and surface. Feelings are so real.

< QuantumLeap 9 > The feeling is not to be confused with emotion. Feeling is sensory awareness. It is the awareness that right now as we are speaking there are many, many energies present in the room. Some of you are feeling a little bit of it, but then your human senses and the mind come in and shut it out because it's been trained to do that ever since the Atlantean times and particularly in this lifetime. So it tries to override or stop feelings, because it associates feelings - sensory awareness - with pain; sometimes with confusion; and also feelings - sensory awarenesses - are not currently quantifiable in the same way that mental activity is quantifiable. Therefore, if you can't document it, measure it and record it, "Therefore," the mind says, "It's not real."

< Master 6 > And be aware of where your choices are coming from. Be aware of where your choices are coming from. Most choices come from emotion. Now, you'd like to think that your choices are intellectual. They're not. They're justified on an intellectual basis, but they're emotional. I'd go so far as to say 99.9 percent of every choice you make is emotional. Even when you going to buy a car and you say, "But I'm buying it because it is fuel efficient. I'm getting a good deal on it." You buy the car because it's fast. But, no, no, no, no, no. You are justifying it. You are justifying it from an emotional level. You fell in love with it. You like it for some reason. When you're trying to choose even what you like to eat, it's based on emotion, you justify it with logic. Start really being aware of your choices.

< Master 6 > It is your creation, but it's coming from, you could say, a different realm, a totally different basis, and it's coming to integrate into your life here on Earth. It is now exploring you. It is exploring your emotions, because in the process of integration it has to understand where you've come from and what you're made up of. It wants to know how to work into your life. It doesn't want to fight you. It wants to know how to be a part of your life. It's the divine energy that you've sought forever, and it's here. And it's coming in to say, "How does this emotional part of you work?" And so it's going right in and probing you.

< (Next) 8 > Emotion is the mind's cheap attempt, artificial attempt, to feel. The mind itself absolutely cannot feel. It cannot have feelings, which means sensory perceptions, so it created this little thing called emotions to make it feel like it could, to make it feel like it was the boss. The emotions are not from your heart. They're not from your spirit at all. They're from here (head). But there's this weird trick. You think that the mind is one thing and you think emotions are another; they're really actually quite the same.

< (Next) 8 > But the artificial consciousness that comes out of Emotion Drama has a way of really attracting energy. Therefore, the mind, with its artificial subset of emotions, thinks, "See? Emotions are real, and I'm very emotional," because it can attract huge quantities of energy. Emotions attract energy. Drama, which are emotions in high gear, really attract energy. That's why so many people drop drama bombs, because it brings in a rush of energy. A rush of energy, and they can't live without it.

< e2012 8 > Your emotional self, and right now it is dissolving. It is disintegrating. It is falling apart. Yes, absolutely. What's happening is, particularly as the creative-mental merge, there is not really room at the inn any more for the emotional self, the little bratty child. That little thing – well, it's actually a big thing – that would call out and interrupt you so often. You know, the emotion comes from the mind, absolutely 100% mental. It's the mind's bad imitation of real soul feelings.

< e2012 8 > Mind made this up – it was kind of jealous that it didn't have real feelings – so it made up emotions. They're immature. They're unrealistic. They're demanding. They're selfish without being self-full. The emotions could never get enough. They were energy feeders. They fed off of the real you. They fed off other people. That caused little tantrums. It caused anger. It caused you to look at things from very immature eyes. So right now the emotional self is disintegrating.

< e2012 8 > What happens when the emotional self starts disintegrating? It has screaming fits. Screaming fits, because it's used to getting its way. It's used to playing you very, very well, like a fiddle. It's used to being the way you would inadvertently, maybe unconsciously, steal energy. That's the way that a lot of times you even felt alive, when that little emotional brat came out and started commanding and demanding, overriding the spiritual you. It's withering away right now. It has no place, and of course, as that happens, it's going to scream out.

It's going to give you fits of anger, fits of weird little things, emotions that you thought you had controlled a long time ago – jealousy, others having more. It's going to have a little way of screaming out about “Why am I not getting more money, more attention? How come they didn't say something nice about me?” Weird little things, and part of you is thinking, “Well, that's so weird. Why am I thinking that? I thought I was beyond that.” Well, right now that emotional self is rebelling.

< Discovery 9 > It's been said that you have a planning session before you come back, come to a new lifetime. Some actually do. Most don't though. No, most of the time when somebody comes back for another incarnation, they have no idea what's going on. They're drawn by the compelling and magnetic forces of emotions and memories and karma and other people; sucked right back to the planet without the benefit of even knowing where they're going to end up. But we kind of know where they're going to end up. They're going to end up right back with the family that they've been connected to for a long time. So most people really never have this type of planning session. They go from one lifetime to another to another, tumbling through time and space; tumbling through challenges and difficulties; tumbling through their own demons and darkness; once in a great while surfacing for a bit of air, but not so often.

< Transhuman 5 > The sensual experiences that you've been having up until now are very, very limited, generally, I would say probably 99 percent of the time from the mind, and the mind is not a sensual vessel at all. It will make up, it will mimic sensuality. It will mimic feelings. As we've talked about for a long time, the mind creates emotions to mimic real feelings, but emotions aren't real feelings. They're thoughts with energy around them, but they're not real feelings.

< Transhuman 5 > I would say that in 2017 it would be the year of not just talking about sensuality, as we have sometimes in the past, but now actually experiencing it, bringing it in. It's almost difficult to define in words. It is a feeling that goes far beyond the mind. It goes far beyond just the physical. And, again, we've talked before about the five physical senses, which creates your perception of reality, but together, working with the mind, it absolutely limits perception of reality. You're getting all of your input from your eyes and your ears and your nose and your mouth all feeding into your brain, creating memories, which aren't real; memories are just emotional thoughts. It's not really what happened in the past or in the future. And the mind then says that you're having feelings, but you know you're just bored. Most humans are just bored. They're so far away from real sensuality.

< Wings 9 > The human self has been filled with emotions. It's been living in a sea of emotions. It's been addicted to drama and emotions. There's no place for that where the Master goes. It's false, a false reality. It's actually false energy dynamics – emotion, drama, all the rest of that. When one doesn't understand the difference between energy and life, they tend to get very addicted to drama. It's one of the few things that brings a little energy into their life. There's no place for that in a Master's life. The Master is dealing with the Master's energy, with pure energy.

< Emergence 11 > The human is now the energy and the experience follows. The human – you – become the energy. And you might think, “Well, aren't I thoughts?” No, the thoughts now turn into energy. And you might think, “Aren't I consciousness?” And the answer to that is you never truly were. You never truly were. There is consciousness within the trinity of the Self, but the human itself, no, there's not consciousness. There are thoughts and emotions. There are memories and there are feelings, but there was never true  consciousness in the human. Now we change it around from being experiential that brings in energy, into energy that allows for the experience of your choosing. There's a huge difference, a huge shift in this.