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< New Earth 10 > As the past continues to file by, as you continue to thank them and bless them… it is also, my friends, your ancestors who pass by, for they are you also - your grandparents, and their grandparents, and all who are in your biological lineage. Make no mistake about it, that you are also tied to them. But as your DNA changes and as the Christ consciousness emerges from its sleep, your own ancestors - who are you - also file past, file through the gateway and thank you and ask you for release to return to the oneness of your soul.

< Creator 11 > Let us talk of another type of karma here. It is an "ancestral karma". It is in the DNA, it is in your biology. It is a "family" karma. We discuss it because your fathers and their fathers and their fathers and theirs are here. They are here now to heal that karma. You have chosen to get off the karmic wheel of your soul. But there is another karma that still lingers. It is the ancestral karma.

< Creator 11 > This space fills up with many who are simply waiting for you to say it is time to release the ancestral karma as well. Do you know that within your being, and within the setup of your life, it is not only your soul karma but it also your family karma? It is karma for things that were done five generations ago and ten generations ago and a hundred. It is carried forward in the biology. Indeed you see it with diseases that are prevalent within certain blood lines. If there is a tendency for diabetes in your family, it is carried karmically in your DNA. There are also emotions - ancestral karmic emotions - that are carried within you. There are events that were created by your father’s forefathers five hundred and a thousand and two thousand years ago that you are trying to heal in this lifetime of yours. And you wonder why life can be so difficult and challenging? As we have said, it is not just about you anymore.

< Creator 11 > They ask you now if you are so ready to release and to heal the ancestral karma that has been part of your blood line. They ask you now, in your heart and your silence, to release this. It will release and heal them also. Be in silence for a moment to feel this energy of the male, this energy of the father, that you brought with you. You have carried it with you ever since you left Home. It wants to be balanced and healed now. The karma, the energy of the Father, wants to be healed. And in doing so dear friends, it allows the loving, nurturing, life-giving energy of the Mother to come forward in more balance. If it is appropriate for you to release and heal this, not only the energy of the Father but the energy of your ancestors, do so now.

< Creator 11 > "It is not about you anymore." Now that you are working in the new energy, you are finding this to be more and more true. It is not about you anymore. You are healing, and have healed, your own past. And now you are healing the pasts of others. There are churches that even understand this concept. They pray for their ancestors. They pray that their ancestors will join them in Heaven no matter what sins have been done. They understand, to a degree, the energy behind this. They understand that there is ancestral karma.

< Creator 11 > Those who gather in this space shed tears not of sorrow, but of release knowing that you are now also releasing them, releasing much of the karma that has been engrained in your own family. Yes there are families here who have had karma of alcohol, karma of incest, karma of emotional imbalance. You dear friends, dear Shaumbra, chose the most difficult of the difficult by coming into this lifetime to not only heal yourself, to not only heal your past soul lives, but to heal your own lineage.

< Creator 12QA > It is difficult in the human condition to deal with the fact that there are karmas that you are paying for from past lifetimes. As we have said in recent discussions, it is not only your past soul lives, but also the lineage of your family, of your ancestry, of your bloodline. We know it is difficult to not know exactly what was done back then, to not know whose head you cut off, to not know what things were done, but yet to have to release them. There is a blessing in this however. If you had specific and vivid recall of what those things were, it would be overwhelming. It would be overwhelming. It is not necessary to know what all of these were.

However, dear friends, as you find some quiet time by yourself, sit for a moment and observe the energies that surround you. Observe the circle that is around you. It is the identities of your past lives. It is the identities even of your ancestral lineage. They are all standing around you, cheering you for the work you do.

As you release things in this lifetime, as you walk through the difficulties and learn to deal with them, you are not just healing yourself in this lifetime. You are healing the past of who you were. You are healing the past of your families, of your bloodline. You are healing the past from before you ever came to Earth. As we have said before, you are the designated "ascendee" for all of who you have been. That is why the work that you are doing is so important. We understand it is difficult going through this, dear friends, but you are literally rewriting the book of the past. You are healing what has been done in the past.

At the same time, while you are going through your challenges and releases and healings, understand that the energy of your past lives has been held in the Earth. When one of you has died in the past, the Earth has held that energy until the appropriate time. Now is the appropriate time. Now is when the Earth is releasing the energies of the past, letting these go. Not only are you releasing, but the Earth is also releasing, through the volcanoes and the earthquakes, through the winds, through the natural movements of Earth. She, this precious spirit, is now releasing you from the past.

And yes, this will also cause your body to ache. This will also cause your body and your mind quite some conflict if you live in those spots on the Earth that are letting go right now. If you live next to these quake lines and the volcanoes and the areas that will attract the high winds, it will affect you. These are difficult and challenging places to live. Do you not think there is a reason why you, Shaumbra, are there?

< Ascension 2 > The clearing that you worked on so diligently in the earlier years of your lifetime has proven to be quite successful. You have cleared old karmas. In a single lifetime you have taken on more karma, more clearing and more lessons than you have in the past ten lives put together. That is why it has seemed so intense up to now. And all of this time that you were clearing past lives, you were also clearing ancestral karma. Oh, no wonder some of you are tired to the bone! Tired to the bone. No wonder some of you long to return Home, thinking you do not have the energy to go forward. But dear friends, I, Tobias, and all the others who come in on this day, are here to tell you that going forward will not be like the past. It will not be filled with lessons and contracts and karma. Period.

< Ascension 2QA > You start a process that allows a greater potential for this to be released within your children. You cannot do it for them. They still carry some of this lineage, but somewhere along the line, someone has to start the process of releasing this ancestral karma. Someone has to initiate it, and then the others begin to pick it up. Someone had to walk into the new energy first, and the rest follow. It is the same with releasing ancestral karma. Now that you have done it, it will be easier for the ones coming behind you to do this. They may not even be aware that they are doing it. They may not have to go through some of the difficulties you did.

But this is an excellent question, and this allows us the opportunity to tell you how important the work is that each one of you is doing. It is not about you anymore. What you are doing is beginning a process for the others. Walking first into this ascension status, difficult as it has been, and mysterious as it is, walking into it, you have started this. You have started a chain reaction of releasing karma from your own being, from your ancestral being, from your past. What you are really doing, dear friends, is something that goes even beyond that, something that we have described. It is difficult to put words to it, so we ask you to simply feel the energy. We - how to say - we transfer this energy. We translate it through the guides who are standing beside you so that you can feel the energy behind what we tell you. Because words are insufficient, we ask the guides to help to relay this.

As we have said, there was an impasse in creation, in this creation, where all things, in a sense, were energetically stuck. They could not go forth. They could not move. Creation, as we and you know it, stopped. It stopped because there was something that needed to be resolved. This is what created the Order of the Arc - the archangels - responsible for projecting their energy into the future to find a solution to this impasse of energy, so that all of the second creation could move forth. What you are doing, as grandiose as it may seem, but as challenging and difficult as it is… by the very work that you are doing as Lightworkers, as human beings is to help resolve this impasse. It is to help things move forward.

(Tobias emphasis, strong and slow) IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU ANYMORE. You are working to find resolution to this impasse so that creation may move forth.

< Embodiment 8 > The family hypnotic effect goes into other lifetimes, past lifetimes. Tobias has talked about ancestral karma. We understand that he is going to give a whole session on it. I will be there with him. There is a karma that follows the lineage of your forefathers. And, this type of hypnosis affects your entire family tree. And, you are part of your family tree. You go back several lifetimes ago when you were probably your grandfather's great-grandfather or great-grandmother. You are part of your family tree. And, you carry that hypnosis with you and through you.

< Embodiment 10 > As you embody, you accept everything fearlessly. You bring it in. You love it… everything about yourself… everything about your past… everything about past lives… your ancestral past lives… your star-seed past lives. You bring all of these in. You welcome them back to this precious, sacred moment of Now. You have this incredible family reunion, this party in the Now. One-by-one they file in. They file into your Now, aspects of you from the past. Energies that have split off from you for a long time, they file back in one-by-one, groups at a time, all coming for your love, for your acceptance, for your fearless acceptance.

< Embodiment 10QA > Indeed… any of you who have come from a family have a curse (audience laughter). Indeed there is an element that we spoke of recently and that you have this. You not only have your own past life karma - and karma simply means an energetic type of influence or balance - but you do definitely have a type of ancestral karma. In your case, in particular, there are some very - what you would call - very dramatic, wicked, and violent energies that are associated here. And, there are some - what you would say - some very deep, dark secrets. And, they influence you because they race through the DNA.

As we spoke of recently in our gathering in the "mecca" of the Midwest, Minneapolis, that there are certain attributes in particular that flow very easily through the bloodline. Diabetes is one. Alcoholism is another. Many physical attributes that are passed down through the DNA… some do not pass as easily as others. But, when there is - what you would say - dark ritual combined with torture and combined with death, as in the case that you are speaking about in your family tree, then it does have an influence. And, it flows down.

Now, it is… once you understand the influence that it has, you can now release it, every one of those energies of the past. And, as we say, some of the most wicked and dark energies… ultimately they are seeking release also. They will pretend. They will try to scare you. They will try to influence you. They will try to tell you that they are powerful. They will try to tell you that you are possessed… any of these things. But, ultimately they are seeking release also. They are tired of the role they are playing. That's why they are popping back up right now.

They see an Energy Mover and facilitator in you. They see your ability - or any Shaumbra's ability - to let that energy go. They see the fact that you can bless them and free them of the hell that they exist in. But, they are going to challenge you because they want to know how steady and stable and loving you are in your energy. They are going to test your grit to see if you really believe it or if you're just thinking it. They're going to test to see where your level of - how to say - balance is. Or, are you just saying the words, just talking healing, but not living in that balanced energy?

So, these energies will come forth. You will feel them. You can feel them in your life. They, in a sense, are like a bad driver in a taxicab, taking you to all of the places you didn't want to go. It is time to dismiss that again. You dismiss it by loving it, letting it know it can be released. Hand it its walking papers, literally if you want to create that type of scenario. Hand it its walking papers. You are not bound by your family karma anymore. When Saint Germain says the words, "I am; yes, I am," that means I am free of all of those other things. "I am my own sacred and sovereign identity. I am; yes, I am."

< Clarity 6QA > Now what does tend to happen often when you let go of some of those connections and you find your own new balance, a lot of times you find that they (biological family) do come back to you, but you can't disconnect with them with that expectation. You have to be truly willing to let that go and let it run its own course. In the case of you who are asking the question, there is an old past life karmic type of connection and in a sense there is a resentment that you're following a different path. That you're looking for new type of answers. The family karma, the ancestral karma, is that they have all the answers to begin with.

So you are probing and you are studying. You are looking into new arenas … in a sense it offends them. In a sense, angers them, and more than anything, they know if you change, you also change the whole potential for the lineage of ancestral karma. And there are some who are living and many who are dead who do not want to change the ancestral karma, the ancestral balance, of that family. So in a sense you're lucky to have gotten this far. (Laughter)

< Clarity 9QA > Here is one who has a past life energy that has been brought into this lifetime, and it is not just his. He is also taking on many of the dynamics of an ancestral sexual abuse energy, and he was part of that ancestral lineage. You were also, and other family members, but he is the one acting it out right now. Because of these very strong energies, it has also attracted energies from outside of him. Some of these are nonphysical energies or what you would call the ghosts or earthbound energies. Some of them literally are coming from Earth. He basically has a type of radar and receiver that scans and picks up sexual energies. He can't get enough of them. They're an energy food that he needs to keep feeding on over and over.

< Returning 2 > You have a thing called incest in your human nature. You're not supposed to have children with your siblings or first cousins or something like that, because it causes certain biological imbalances, indeed. But just as much as if you stay in that same ancestral karma pattern, in other words, coming back to the same family over and over again, being born with that same group, which you've tended to do, it will cause some - how to say - less than what you'd consider to be a beautiful human body. There is a certain type of ancestral incest. You want a beautiful body? Pick a different family next time if you're going to come back in! (laughter) I am so serious. We can track this however you want to - chemically, from a DNA level - but you get trapped in these bodies and sometimes you get to this point in the path and it is easier to trade it in.

< (Next) 4 > There are patterns in relationships, and these are some of the gnarliest, stickiest. Ancestral karma - karma going long, long ways - and the fact that you still haven't learned that you're your own best lover, and you're your own best partner. But you want to keep trying to find a partner who is going to unbalance you - not always, but a lot. You're looking for something in a partner that you think that you can't have within yourself, so you end up in these bad relationships. You become patterned into them. You don't know any better.

< (Next) 7 > In Egypt this month with these uprisings, it's not just a few thousand or maybe ten thousand, a hundred thousand or more people that are rising. It is the old energy in Egypt that is being released from the temple walls, from the ground, from the air. Ancestral karma which is deep and strong there, family karma, incarnating back and back and back again into the same family, is all being released. Millions, millions and millions who have been buried in the grounds are coming up now, being released.

< e2012 6 > Problems related to physical health – also, in many cases, the mental health – relate to ancestral karma. A lot of your biological issues are passed down through the bloodline that you incarnate back into. So you pick up on those. And they’re really not yours, and you’re really not your bloodline. Ultimately, everyone will find out that they can get off of this ancestral karma. It’s just releasing yourself from that bloodline. It also has tremendous implications on the probability of another incarnation, because if you’re still very, very connected with your bloodline, you’re probably going to incarnate again in that bloodline.

< e2012 6 > No matter how much planning and no matter how enlightened you think you are, when you get to the other side, you think that you’re not going to incarnate, or if you do, you’re going to choose a healthy, wealthy family, there’s a very good probability that you won’t. Why? Because of a type of almost a magnetic or electromagnetic attraction. A suction that pulls you right back down into that same bloodline, into that same family. Old karma, old relationships, love, in some cases, happiness and satisfaction in some cases, but this ancestral karma has profound impact.

< e2012 6 > But sooner or later the sovereign being releases themselves from that bloodline, and you can do it right now. Matter of fact, You’re going to actually learn to appreciate your relatives, your bloodline a lot more when you release them. You’re going to understand why they did certain things – things that were not necessarily by conscious choice, things that they just adapted coming into that bloodline and being part of it. You’re suddenly going to realize that they were just a byproduct of their grandparents and their grandparent’s grandparents and going all the way back.

You’re also going to realize that somewhere along the line, if you go back on your family tree, you’re right there. One of your previous incarnations, one of your soul’s incarnations – it’s really not you – but there you, are perpetuating all of the energies, all of the issues, all of the things associated with it.

< e2012 10 > They are supporting or facilitating the physical change in the template of humans – the Adam Kadmon body – literally changing the DNA, changing the biological structure, literally separating or pulling apart some of these Atlantean conformity energies that have been so much a part of biology. Particularly, for those who are ready, and there are not many, but for those who are ready, this energy is literally going to go into their biology and start pulling them out of their family hereditary characteristics, pulling them out of their ancestral karma, and they're going to notice it first in their body.

< e2012 10 > Your physical body is simple a byproduct of your damn ancestors. What's happening now as these energies are coming in, for those who are ready, it's pulling apart, getting you out of the whole ancestral thing. This body should be and can be the byproduct of your own passion, your own soul, and your own choosing. What am I saying by that? I'm saying that with these intense energies coming in, literally you can transform your body, if you choose; it no longer belongs to this ancestral line. This is my life; it's not just a byproduct of my past life aspects. "This is my mind. It's not just a byproduct of hypnotic programming. I Am that I Am.” Then, you see, you start literally transforming your body, mind, your identity.

< e2012 10 > Ancestral karma is one of the big glues that binds you to your body. There are some disease characteristics that are woven into all of it. Well, the first thing should be a release of some of these ancestral diseases – heart disease, diabetes, cancer. So many of these things literally are flowing in through the ancestral line, flowing right into your body. Your body is filled with potential diseases right now that were flowed through. And it's not just the disease, it's the root of the very disease that comes through as well. What causes cancer? Hatred. So hatred starts the process and then this energy of cancer flows through, it goes into the ancestral karma, into your blood, into your DNA, and it's there. It's not really yours.