wind / storm

tornado; vortex; swirl;

< New Earth 13QA > There will be Earth adjustments in the upcoming months and years. These will be done in a loving and natural way. For as we have said, Gaia has held much of the energy of your past, much of the energy of who you are. She too is tired and weary, even as your old energy self is tired and weary. She too is beginning to release those energies of vibrations of your past lives. In doing so there will be adjustments. There will be adjustments in the magnetic grids that are in the Earth and surrounding the Earth. In doing so it should be expected that there will be some upheavals. There will be some changes in weather patterns. There will be very high winds that come about across many, many parts of the Earth.

< New Earth 13QA > The winds are appropriate, particularly in this new energy. When the wind comes upon the Earth, there is friction that is created as it blows against the trees and blows against the ground and the mountains. This is one of the best ways that Gaia has to release pent up tensions and old energies. So it is that you should bless the wind when you see it, when you feel it. It is helping in the most nondestructive way to release old energies. We do not anticipate any catastrophic events upon Earth.

< Creator 4QA > Have you noticed in recent rumblings that very few, if any humans were killed? Gaia understands where to release. There is much energy that she is choosing to release now. Simply honor her for that. Dear friends, dear friends, she knows well how to release, better than you do. Honor her for the process. And when the winds come - and they will for that is the most efficient way for Gaia to cleanse, through winds - when they come simply smile and honor instead of running in fear. Instead of telling others that the world is coming to an end, honor those strong winds for they are Gaia’s best way of releasing.

< Creator 12QA > It is difficult in the human condition to deal with the fact that there are karmas that you are paying for from past lifetimes. As we have said in recent discussions, it is not only your past soul lives, but also the lineage of your family, of your ancestry, of your bloodline. We know it is difficult to not know exactly what was done back then, to not know whose head you cut off, to not know what things were done, but yet to have to release them. There is a blessing in this however. If you had specific and vivid recall of what those things were, it would be overwhelming. It would be overwhelming. It is not necessary to know what all of these were.

However, dear friends, as you find some quiet time by yourself, sit for a moment and observe the energies that surround you. Observe the circle that is around you. It is the identities of your past lives. It is the identities even of your ancestral lineage. They are all standing around you, cheering you for the work you do.

As you release things in this lifetime, as you walk through the difficulties and learn to deal with them, you are not just healing yourself in this lifetime. You are healing the past of who you were. You are healing the past of your families, of your bloodline. You are healing the past from before you ever came to Earth. As we have said before, you are the designated "ascendee" for all of who you have been. That is why the work that you are doing is so important. We understand it is difficult going through this, dear friends, but you are literally rewriting the book of the past. You are healing what has been done in the past.

At the same time, while you are going through your challenges and releases and healings, understand that the energy of your past lives has been held in the Earth. When one of you has died in the past, the Earth has held that energy until the appropriate time. Now is the appropriate time. Now is when the Earth is releasing the energies of the past, letting these go. Not only are you releasing, but the Earth is also releasing, through the volcanoes and the earthquakes, through the winds, through the natural movements of Earth. She, this precious spirit, is now releasing you from the past.

And yes, this will also cause your body to ache. This will also cause your body and your mind quite some conflict if you live in those spots on the Earth that are letting go right now. If you live next to these quake lines and the volcanoes and the areas that will attract the high winds, it will affect you. These are difficult and challenging places to live. Do you not think there is a reason why you, Shaumbra, are there?

< Ascension 9 > Ah, and the winds. The winds within. No wonder there are winds within, for dear ones, you are going so fast right now! Have you ever put your head out of a car window going 100 miles an hour? You can feel the blast. That is much of what you are doing right now. You are going so rapidly into the New Energy that it is causing a type of wind within. And, the winds also clear. The winds also release. At times the winds are like a velvet brush going across your entire being, soothing and comforting. At other time the winds are roar like a hurricane or tornado.

< NewEnergy 10 > There is so much to this movie, as well, things that you can relate to - in a sense, the bleakness of life… the black and white of the early part of the movie… the storm coming up… the storm, the tornado that had to shift the energies… yes, indeed the vortex that created the impetus for change… the energies of what would be called darkness that had to come in to help propel all of the other energies forward. If the tornado hadn't come in and shifted energies - it moved them, spun them - it would have been difficult to get to the next level. It would have been difficult to cross over the rainbow.

< NewEnergy 10 > You've seen it in your own life - the difficulties… the storm that rolls in to get you off of dead center… to get you out of a neutral position… the storm that rolls in to drastically alter reality… to sweep things out of your life… jobs, yes… relationships… Old concepts… Old beliefs… Old limitations. That storm came into your life to help you make the shift. That storm, in a sense, is coming into the lives of many others. That storm is - in its own unique way - is even coming upon Earth in these next few years, a storm that will help create change.

< Embodiment 2 > The hurricanes that are moving through the place of the Bahamas and onto your southern parts of the United States one after the other. From The Field take a look at what's really going on here. What's really going on here is a clearing of Old Energies of you from Atlantis, energies of Azura-tamu being cleansed and cleaned by the greatest of winds and rains from the islands. These winds and rains will sweep through two of the former centers of Atlantis, the ones that were around the areas of Cuba and the ones that were around the areas of Atlanta. And, they will cleanse and purify and release Old Energies.

< Clarity 11 > Gaia is here to support the physical processes on Earth. Gaia, by her own right, is strong and can sustain herself. As you have seen, she can cleanse with a storm or a volcano or an earthquake. She can shift energies in many different ways. It is not Gaia's intent to run out humanity from her body. It is Gaia's intent to be here to support the work of Old Earth and also to be a presence on the New Earth as well.