The Field / Unified Enegy Field

universal energy
cosmic lattice;  interwoven web;  fabric;  the zone;  Bontimespace
energy from sourse
;  pulse of All That Is/Homecycle of high and low;
Everything has been part of this grand Field.

Nothing but potential in a neutral state of being, waiting to be activated by consciousness.
The true source of all is in a neutral state of being, all potential, all neutral. It has no agenda.
It has no movement of its own until it is activated by consciousness
When it is activated, it takes on attributes of duality that is energy.

< Embodiment 2 > How things work when you get beyond the material level… how they work in what Ohamah is calling "The Field." The Field is all of the energies that are beyond the material energies, beyond the atoms and the protons and neutrons and electrons and all of those other things. Those are all responses to The Field. Those are energies responding… how energies shift in and out of realities. They do it. They do it all of the time. Elements - the subatomic elements - shift in and out of reality. One moment they can be seen and detected… the next moment they cannot. Where do they go? They go into the other dimensions. Just because the physical eye - and the crude electronic equipment - can't measure them doesn't mean they are not there.

< Embodiment 2 > It begins in the Now. And, don't ever forget this. You can't access The Field… you can't access the corridors of dimensionality if you are not in the Now because it will throw you off. It will throw you into a type of wind tunnel. It will throw you into a state of imbalance. You are here right now. From this source in this anchor of Now you can expand to the other dimensions. How do you do that? Oh, not by force and not by thinking. You can't think your way into the other dimensions. Sometimes you can force your way, but there is an equal and opposing force when you try to do that. It is about allowing and accepting. It is about knowing that you are not just the physical body. You're not limited to this identity in this lifetime. It is about giving yourself permission.

< Embodiment 2 > I, Tobias, give myself permission to be fully present in the Now, and that includes not just the human reality, not just the human illusion, but all of the others. I give myself permission to be here with Shaumbra on Earth as I am on the angelic realms. I give myself permission to be full and expansive, soaring across the realms and through the realms of dimensionality. I, Tobias, give myself permission to be more than Tobias, to be more than an aspect that it was in one lifetime a long, long time ago. I give myself permission to be all that I am and all of the potentials that I can ever be and all of the expressions I choose to express.

< Embodiment 2 > This is where we are going to start picking up on the thing we call The Field. Some call it "the cosmic lattice," "the interwoven web," "the zone." There are many, many names for this. This is a source energy. This is where you come to new realizations and understandings. We will discuss more of those today. This is where you transcend. This is where… oh, you expand in ways that the human mind of yours right now could not possibly imagine.

< Embodiment 2 > The Field… "the zone"… as we understand how energy really works at this point in The Field… oh, this is something Ohama is going to get into in great detail in his school. The field, Shaumbra, is where the New Energy comes through. And, by being able to access this source energy, you also have New Energy… New Energy. It is phenomenal to work with. We have been working with it somewhat on our side here, helping to prepare it for you actually. And, it defies any type of description. It is New Energy for the first time ever.

< Embodiment 2 > From The Field you can come to understand your whole journey here on Earth - the remembrances we have talked about - come to understand how we, Shaumbra, first met in the days of Atlantis in the Temples of Tien, our study into trans-dimensional realities. Do you remember that? Do you remember how we sat together and talked together… tens and thousands of us indeed… talking about trans-dimensional realities… being able to actually take our place, our temples… and put them into other dimensions… hide them, in a sense? Oh, we wouldn't do that today. We would make our temples so present in the Now moment. But, back then there was a need to hide them. There was a need to not be seen. It was like a mist. It was transparent.

< Embodiment 2 > Through The Field you can truly understand. Don't go to the Akashic records. It is limited compared to The Field - two different, entirely different subjects. In The Field you can remember our times together when we first gathered, when we said we are going to go on a journey together, we are going to study and learn and experience all of these things of realities on Earth and other places, we are going to come to this time of fulfillment together.

< Embodiment 2 > In The Field… you sit in it for a moment. There will come back a flood of memories. There are so many of you from the times of Yeshua two thousand years ago. Some of you were right there, right there in the Holy Lands. Some of you were on other parts of the Earth, bringing in the seeds of Christ consciousness, the divine. Through The Field you can recall and feel those memories. But, remember you are present in this Now moment also… interesting how you could be both places. In The Field you can help remember why you chose to come back here in this lifetime on Earth now, this time of change, this time of New Energy. It helps you remember this whole reason why you came in now, why you are on Earth. In The Field you can see how your story is just a story, limited but wonderful. You can surpass that and expand beyond it now.

< Embodiment 2 > It all starts… and it all ends with being firmly, firmly conscious in this Now moment. There is nothing like it, nothing like it at all. In The Field you can become the wonderful observer also to see how energies work, to see how you had planned all these successions of lifetimes in order to come to this point, go to the next step. From The Field energy you can also observe what is going on in your world right now.

< Embodiment 2 > There is so much about staying focused in the Now, and then opening up. Yes, there will be changes all around you in these next few months. Yes, because you are sensitive, you are going to feel some of these things, but also understand how you can be in the Now moment. Take that deep breath. Tie into this thing we call The Field. We will be talking more about the physics of this. Be on Earth right now as a magnificent human angel who has transcended the duality, who is in the New Energy that is there for others.

< Embodiment 3 > We want to share something with you about this resistance to change. It is the spirit that is resisting, Shaumbra… it is the spirit. Now, we have to look at the definition of spirit here, for human terminology does not always accurately depict these things. The spirit is the energy part of you that connects with what we call "The Field," the energy source of All That Is. Right now your spirit, your energy, is connecting with The Field in a way it knows how. You can almost see it, almost like highways, like roadways, or like threads, or whatever you want to call them, connecting to The Field, the source of infinite, infinite energy, the source of All That Is outside of Home. Your spirit is connecting to that. And, it feels very comfortable.

< Embodiment 3 > It is not the mind that truly resists. It is simply trying to protect, trying to hold on to what the spirit is feeling. It is not the body that resists. The body is a beautiful vehicle, a beautiful creation that simply responds, the body responds. The body has all of the capabilities to heal, and to rebalance, and to rejuvenate when it is called on to do that. But, the spirit resists. Why would that be, Shaumbra? Why would the spirit resist? It is because it is used to connecting and corresponding to The Field, to this infinite energy source, in a certain way. It is comfortable in that. It has established a connection with The Field in a very certain way. It is not sure what will happen when it changes that connection.

< Embodiment 3 > But, let us go back here to the spirit. This energy that is within you connecting to a source, pulling energy from The Field, or the source into your reality - like we said - it is a bit inflexible. It has been a bit traumatized. It is not so sure of itself anymore. So, who saves the spirit? What comes in and assures the spirit? Why, you do… you do, because you are the collective of your body… and your mind… and your spirit… and your divinity… and your soul… YOU. You thought you were just a human, sitting here.

< Embodiment 3 > But, now let's talk about you and your spirit and how to assure your spirit that it is okay, that it can find its new balance, and its new safe energy space in The Field. Now, again The Field is the source of energy that is in a neutral place. It is far beneath what you would call the subatomic level. It is at the space between the space, if you know what I mean. It is sitting there dormant. That is why they can't see it. It is, in a sense, invisible. It is waiting to be activated, waiting to be tapped into. Then it goes through a whole process - the energy from The Field - following the line back to you. It comes in as spirit energy, and then turned into a type of what you would call a light energy, and then it is turned into electrical energy, and then it is brought into your reality.

< Embodiment 3 > It is a marvelous process. It is happening in your body right now, this whole process, this whole process of spirit energy from The Field into light energy. The light energy is all over your body. It is in every cell. It is communicating with every other cell. It is communicating with your mind, with your biology, and with your spirit. In any given moment, any fraction of the second, there are millions and millions of individual communications taking place within your being, within your body. Again, it emanates from The Field and comes into this reality. Oh, but your spirit has been a bit reluctant to find a new way to handle all of this. And, that causes the backup in your mind and your body and everything else.

< Embodiment 3 > You keep wondering, "But who am I? What part of me?" It is the part that I am talking to right now - not some grand angel off somewhere else… not just your mind… not just your body - but you. We can do that. Let us do that right now. "Spirit… me… out there… in here… spirit, I choose this. I choose to embody the New Energy. I choose to have these changes graceful. Spirit, I choose to connect with The Field and All That Is… the universe… the grid… the lattice… whatever you want to call it. I choose to connect in a new way, an open way."

< Embodiment 3 > But, perhaps some wise one soon will discover the phenomenal amount of limitless energy that can be tapped into at the other levels and brought back to this reality, brought into a material reality. You see… it is possible. Perhaps, you won't even call it a discovery when it happens because it is already happening. You are doing it as we speak right now… you see. Your spirit is connecting with The Field, bringing back energy into your Now. Your spirit is doing it in a bit of an Old Energy way… yes. We are here correcting that with you today. We are helping to have it connect in a New Energy way.

< Embodiment 3 > So, the scientists who hopefully soon will discover this untapped energy potential at the subatomic inter-dimensional levels… the true discovery or invention will be how to bring it back to material application in your 3-D world. It is there. How do you get it here? Ah… yes, some very interesting physics that I'm highly involved in. And, it has to do with not just the physical apparatus of bringing it into this reality. It has to do with the perception of inter-dimensional separation… you see. We have to get over this whole thing that there is a separation, that this other energy exists out there, and that you are here. So, I'm doing much work now that I'm not in the movies (some laughter). I'm doing much work to help with some of the scientists to understand and to see.

< Embodiment 3 > So, Shaumbra, there is an energy crisis literally, and there is an energy crisis figuratively. That is another thing that you have been going through - your own energy crisis within your being. Have you noticed how your body is so different - the way it tires easier… the way it responds to you different… the changes that it is going through? It is still trying to use Old Energy. And, it knows that it is time to use the New. Your mind even is using Old Energy from the source (The Field), an Old Energy way of bringing it in. And, it knows better.

< Embodiment 4QA > Indeed, the depression is not caused by the chemicals, but the chemicals are a result of a deeper - how to say - spiritual imbalance, or a deeper soul level type of depression. The drugs are simply a means to help alleviate or help to reduce the symptoms that are coming through. The depression has to do so often with many of the burdens carried by the inner being… for the burdens of guilt… the burdens of judgment for things that they have done wrong. Other times this depression is caused by - as we were speaking of today - holding too much energy for others.

In your case, in particular, this is… you have been an energy holder for many others, as you know. You tend to absorb their problems. And, you tend to absorb their pains and feelings. And, you have, in a sense, deprived yourself of this sufficient level of energy into your own being, into your own reality. You have, in a sense, squeezed off the energy that comes from "the field," or the source of all, and used it for others, but have not given yourself enough.

< Embodiment 5QA > There is going to come a point where you feel disconnected and dispassionate from everything that was Old, and the New hasn't moved in yet. So many of you are literally allowing yourselves to be - how to say - reconnected to this thing we call "the field," the source of all energies. In this process of reconnection you are going to feel an experience - this loss of passion, loss of enthusiasm, or excitement - because you are really totally rebooting your entire system.

You are moving into a whole New method of living and operating. Therefore, you are going to experience things like the depression and the anxiety that we spoke of earlier. And, that is a natural result of being reconnected on "the field." And, you're going to feel a loss of passion… passion for your work… passion for your family… and perhaps even passion for yourself.

But, did you not give yourself… actually ask for this whole change process to take place? Did you not ask for this time of being reconnected to "the field" and reconnected even to your own divinity? Embody the process, instead of fighting it. Ask the process that you are going through what it is there for. It is not about a lesson, but it is about an energy dynamic, a changing energy dynamic.

We can say from working closely with Shaumbra that it is just part of the process that occurs for a relatively short period of time. Breathe through it. Embody it. Don't try to run from it. Understand why it is there.

< Embodiment 6QA > There are many factors here. Partly it is because you are still plugged into an Old part of "the field." "The field" is the source of energies that lies in a neutral state that you are all connected to. This is how you bring energies back to you.

You are going through a process right now within yourself to basically reconnect yourself to the grid to bring in a New and higher level of energy. But, this process is still underway. You know that this work is being done because of the very nature of your sleep patterns and your dreams. But, it takes a while to go through this process. It can be very harsh on the physical body.

So, your energies are at a very low state primarily because much of you has been disconnected from "the field." There are very few connectors that are still in place, preparing to reconnect or to re-establish at different levels of "the field." So, what you are going through is natural. It will be changing here. We don't want to give a specific time period, but certainly in the next few months.

And, while you are at a low energy point here the outside world is affecting you more than normal. Certainly this recent Earth change with the tsunamis has affected you, and it's tiring you out even more. But, you have given permission to go through this process, as have all Shaumbra in one form or the other. And, it is just a matter of allowing yourself to go through it.

< Embodiment 7 > Every potential, every potential experience and thought and deed creates energy outside of Home, outside of the Wall of Fire. You could say that the outside of the Wall of Fire, the outer view of the Wall of Fire, is the grid that we speak of, or "the field." It is the source of the energy that you have used once you left Home. It lies in a dormant state. It is neutral. It is, in a sense, a nothing, a potential, waiting to be expressed.

< Embodiment 7 > You are souled. You have the ability to initiate potential into energy form and have it manifest. When you begin to manifest potential, when you begin to create energy back in this thing that we call "the field," you could say that it is expressed in a series of energy attributes. I am going to oversimplify this for the sake of understanding. But, you would express it in either a plus or a minus. Those are the basic elements… or positive/negative… however you want to express this.

< Embodiment 7 > Then, you start to put together all of these elements. There may be a series of pluses and a few minuses. Now, you see energy as taking shape. And, yes, there is a correlation between that and what you would call your new digital society. It is very similar, very parallel. You are going back to the origins and back to the understanding of energy. When you tap into "the field," you use a series of positives and negatives to begin shaping that potential, that energy, into something.

< Embodiment 7 > To take something, to take raw energy and convert it into matter is a very complicated, very complex equation. It is a massive series, massive series of pluses and minuses. The pluses and minuses tend to align themselves in a type of spiral. The spiral generally would have 12 elements to it. In the center of the 12 spiraling elements is a neutral element, or what you can say the connection back to "the field." If this sounds like the DNA model, it is. But, we don't call it DNA. We call it "energy structuring." Off of any of these 12-stranded energy structures, it spins other structures in every direction, every dimensional direction.

< Embodiment 7 > Now, you deal generally with three or sometimes what you would call four dimensions. But, imagine now going back to "the field," tapping into it with a simple plus and minus, and now starting to add more pluses, more minuses, sometimes a lot more pluses, sometimes a lot more minuses. But, this helps you take energy and now turn it into something. All of these little structures turn into these 12-stranded-type-of-energy particles. And, they are eventually brought into your human reality to create the illusion that you have now, a very complex structure, very detailed.

< Embodiment 7QA > It is stuck energy. Any disease in your body is energy that has been trapped and stuck. And, you could say the one thing about energy that it wants to move. It wants to roll. It doesn't have an agenda. It doesn't actually have any particular goal on its own. But, there is an innate sense that it wants to continue moving. Once raw pure energy from "the field" is activated, it wants to continue moving. It can never go back to "the field." It can never go back to "the field." So, it finds in itself that it wants to continue moving.

< Embodiment 11 > So, let us talk a little bit about the physics of energy once again. As we said, energy does not exist. It does not exist in the heavens. There is no such thing called energy. There are no opposing forces of positive and negative. It is all just neutral potential, waiting to be activated. You activate it through your connection with the thing called "the field." Then, you bring it into various states of realities or dimensions. When you bring it to Earth, it is formed and shaped and controlled, then put to work for you. You can choose any set of potentials. You can choose it to have a positive expression or a negative expression, masculine or feminine. You are choosing.

< Embodiment 11QA > There are many - how to say - we don't like using the term "portals" or even "vortexes." But, there are many energy pathways that are opening up right now. These are a type of, in a sense, grids or matrixes that connect the Earth to the New Earth, that connect the Earth as you know it to the Order of the Arc and ultimately to "the field," the source of all energy potential. As the consciousness of humanity is changing, these new pathways are opening up very quickly.

And, that is what you are witnessing, one of these opening up. Through the human eyes you are going to see it in various different ways. Some will see it as a light burst. Some will see it as a large shadowy movement across the sky. But, what it is is an opening that is occurring. It is New Energy pouring into Earth as a potential.

< Embodiment 12 > There is no energy. It doesn't exist. There is nothing but potential. "The field," the grid - whatever you want to call it - is nothing but potential in a neutral state of being, waiting to be activated by consciousness, whether it is group, family, or individual. The true source of all is in a neutral state of being, all potential, all neutral. It has no agenda… it has no desires… it has no movement of its own until it is activated by consciousness. When it is activated, it takes on attributes of energy. It takes on different types of balances of what you would call positive or negative, plus and minus, masculine/feminine… however you want to term it. But, it takes on attributes of duality. And, then it goes to work.

< Clarity 4 > Our spiritual being has to be fed from something. Something has to sustain consciousness. So, even we are always bringing in things. Something is feeding us. Basically, if you want to the look at the physics of it, we are taking energy from "the field," which is neutral; in a sense, it doesn't even exist. We are "dualizing" it. We are then breaking it down into duality elements. We are shaping it into potentials. And, then that energy flows into - whether you are an angel, whether you are human - that energy then flows into your reality. It feeds you and sustains you. You are the one determining the vibration (Old Energy) or the expansional (New Energy) characteristics of that energy coming in that's feeding you. It's coming from the Source of All, coming into you. But, you are shaping it.

< Clarity 7 > As we said, at a point everything was one, then it became many. That's where, what you would call, the angels (souls) were created. It became many. The many have always been connected and interconnected to something that Tobias calls the field. The field is the source of energy. The field is what has connected you and kept you connected to yourself, your spirit and everything else. You hear these discussions that everything is all one. In a sense that is true. It's all interconnected through the field. The field does not exist in a particular point in time or space. It simple is. It has been the energetic power plant for everything that is taking place. Everything has been part of this grand field.

< Clarity 7 > In a sense the Whole will create itself into pieces and ultimately each piece of the Whole, having its own sovereign nature, will totally want to disconnect from the Whole. So if you had total access and remembrance to the crystalline realms, you would still be tied into the Whole, you see, or tied into the Oneness. Much like right now, you are still tied into or feeding off of the field that ties you back into a type of oneness or in a mass consciousness. So at some point you cut yourself off from the crystalline realms so that you could develop your own sovereign nature.

< Clarity 7 > You're given this sovereign potential. God in your own right, but how can you learn how to be a God (severeign being) in your own right if you're continually interconnected with all of these old systems, you see. How can you be a God in your own right if you're still feeding off of the field. How can you be a God in your own right if you're still running back to the crystalline realms that are part of an angelic mass consciousness, you see. So you cut yourself off from the crystalline realms consciously.

< Clarity 7 > Now you're coming up to another major one - major, major. You're going to cut yourself off from the field. That would be akin in a sense if you had lived in the city all of your life and you just accepted the reality of the utility company. They supplied the electricity to your apartment, the gas that heated it. All the infrastructure was there. You simply accepted that it was there, and one day you packed your bags, you went out into the country miles and miles from anyone and lived off, what they call the grid. You became self-sufficient. I want you to understand the analogy here of what's happening in your personal life and what's happening in the world around you right now. The shifts and change in society and consciousness.

< Clarity 7 > I mean this is a large scale deal, Shaumbra. Having to go inside for your own personal energy. Not relying one bit on spiritual energy from the outside - life force energy from the outside. Going into your own. A bit scary perhaps, but it can be done. I have done it. Others have done it. Not many, and never before, a large group. That is where you're going right now. Releasing ... if you can imagine from all of those connections or wires or grids or patterns, whatever you want to call them, that keep you connected to the field. Those things that are feeding you and feeding your reality. The fuel you are using in your reality landscape. Now we're going to cut it off.

< Clarity 7 > The difficult part of disconnecting from the grid and the field is that you've relied on it. It's what you know. It's a belief system and an overlay that you've accepted and you've just fed and fed and fed off of it. You've used it to create your reality. When you disconnect from it, an anxiety starts to come in. A fear starts to come in. I'm talking from my own personal experience. The smell of death literally starts to come in, Shaumbra. What you would call that dark shadow of death.

< Clarity 7 > You feel it. You start sensing it in your dreams - frightening dreams, scary dreams. Dreams that have you running, trying to find friends, you see. Many of you have had that. Trying to find family. Dreams that have you running trying to find some comfort, feeling like you're lost in the middle of nowhere. Because your entire human spiritual mechanism and system feels what's happening. Slowly, a little at a time, disconnecting the next and the next and the next grid or wire or pattern.

< Clarity 7 > Parts of you, the humanness of you in particular, not knowing exactly what's going to happen. Can you survive? Can you find it within yourself? How difficult and how deep does it have to get before your personal new energy system (new feeder of reality) kicks in? What does it take? It is unique in every case. Some of you are going to perhaps feel like your running into a brick wall. Some of you may find that you're hitting the bottom of the bottom. You say you're already doing that, but a little bit more bottom! You don't have to go that far that deep. You don't have to go to that level. Sometimes the old belief systems and the old concepts of reality get in the way and they force you to have to go to new depths, but you don't have to.

< Clarity 7 > That's why we say keep it simple right now. Evaluate every belief system, because some of those old belief systems that you're hanging onto are literally the things that are pushing you to the edge. Get rid of them - the belief system that you have to work hard. That's one of the craziest of all. Shaumbra, you're all working too hard. We're not just talking about at your job, you're just working too hard at your day-to-day life. But you've accepted belief systems that dictate it and cause you to fall into its pattern. You've become the puppet of your own belief systems. Get on the other side. Change the belief systems. You can even get rid of the puppet.

< Clarity 7 > So your entire human spiritual system starts putting up its defense mechanisms right now. Right now. When I say now I'm talking about today. Some of you have been feeling it coming, but today literally marks a Shaumbra milestone, if you so choose, which you already have. But you start disconnecting from the field. You start disconnecting little by little.

< Clarity 7 > Somebody mentioned earlier today, "We create our own spaceship, we create our own planet." You are. You're creating your own personal reality. You're creating your own new dimension. This is the whole part of the process that leads to becoming the sovereign being where creations are fast, where creations aren't dependent on mass consciousness and other people. So much of your life right now is still tied into mass consciousness. Years ago you voiced your approval to start releasing it, and you have been, but you've hit a new level of what you would call release or letting go of even mass consciousness.

< Clarity 7 > You're truly - as a great one said - you're truly going out on a limb. Your own limb by yourself. Just you. Disconnecting from the crystalline realms, from the field, from mass consciousness, from your old belief systems. Yes, sometimes you feel like you're stripped bare, but in that being stripped bare, you have a whole new sense of freedom. A whole new sense of fulfillment. It is the Soul's purpose - that one purpose of a soul, if you choose to believe it - that you become totally sovereign.

< Clarity 7 > The Whole or the Oneness splits into pieces. The pieces then help to recreate the Whole but each piece stays independent, totally free, totally sovereign. It was the plan that we all agreed to when we left home. Tobias talked in our last gathering about the Soul desire versus the human desire. He said the Soul sometimes truly doesn't care about the human desire. It doesn't. The Soul simply wants to discover what it's like, what it's absolutely like, to be sovereign. That means total freedom, total creation, total empowerment. If you look deep within yourself, there is one purpose in the Soul of yours - total discovery that you are God also. It's also, by the way, the total discovery of what love is.

< Clarity 7 > So, you're in this month of love now in your human consciousness. Human love is nothing compared to the love of Spirit and Self. The whole purpose of Soul is to understand that sovereign nature - the gift of love from Spirit, from All That Is. But in order to fulfill that, there must be the total disconnection. Total disconnection.

< Clarity 7 > Once you start making choices in your life, once you start letting yourself be disconnected from the field itself, you're going to see what a true creator you are. You're going to see that you're not tied into anybody else's consciousness or any other group's consciousness. You're going to understand what it's like to be totally free and sovereign.

< Clarity 7 > Now go into your own. There's an energy center within you that doesn't need to be connected to any other energy center, the grid, any of the other energies as well. It's within you. It's time to activate that. It's time to bring that up in your life. Time to breathe some energy into it. Get it moving. You're going to need it moving. You're going to need it working - this energy field within yourself. Your own personal energetic power plant. You're going to need it because you're disconnecting right now from the field.

< Clarity 7QA > When you're connected to the Field, you are indeed connected to mass consciousness, angelic consciousness, to everything. By disconnecting, by getting off that feeding, you learn how to go inside and awaken those things within you that give you total freedom and total independence. It doesn't mean that you will never have loved ones, never share with other people, never have groups that you associate - it means that you're going to be doing it in a different and an independent way. Instead of feeding off of your job... which by the way, that's going to have to go sooner or later. Instead of feeding off of your family and your mates, instead of feeding off of mass consciousness, you become energy independent. Sovereign. Complete unto yourself.

< Clarity 8 > It's going to help you to understand how you create the routines and the ruts. Those are also things that are keeping you attached to the Field. Those are things that are making it very difficult for you right now to disconnect. By consciously doing it different, you're going to see a different energy and you're going to find it very easy to start releasing more and more of those things that hold you connected to the Field.

< Clarity 9 > You are an essence, but you have built this elaborate maze - in the body and the mind and the spirit - you've built this elaborate maze as your way of creating. It was your crayons. It was your magic markers. It was your watercolors. It was called "network building." Now you're letting go of all that. The Field was part of the network. The Field fed your old systems and structures and networks. It fed the old highways and roadways and lines and grids and everything else that has been your way of creating and manifesting.

< Clarity 9QA > The Field is something that ... a tool that you have used forever and ever. And the Field, in terms of what we discussed in this CD, has several different layers or levels. If you are teaching creation and you are teaching others how to use the imagination, you have to be aware that they're still drawing on the Field for their energy. However, you have changed. Times are changing and even how you develop energy is changing. The Field now, when you're ready, is within you. It's not an external dynamic or force. It's not an external energy. The Field is still there but you've integrated it. It's your own. You don't have to go outside.

< Clarity 10QA > As you disconnect from some of the old ways of feeding and even from the field, you are going to find a whole new burst of energy. We are working with Shaumbra right now who are already experiencing this. It is not something that - how to say - that no one has gone through yet. Many are already experiencing a new sense of vitality, a new ease in their life, a new simplicity. But they are taking full responsibility for themselves. They aren't blaming it on others. They aren't blaming it on the other Shaumbra or the - how to say - the organization or any of these other things. They are taking full responsibility and they are learning that life becomes very easy almost to the point of it being effortless, because it is so - it becomes such a natural flow in their lives.

< Clarity 10QA > What you're doing right now - what Shaumbra is doing - is actually letting go of what we call the field energy or external energies and you're going into an internal essence energy that is not measurable by any human devices right now. So you are actually letting go of all of the external ways that you have been connected and bringing energy into your life. You're going into the essence energy and this energy actually isn't powerful at all, because in true essence there is no power. There is no need for power, you see. Power has to do with opposing forces, and when you get into your essence, there are no opposing forces, you see. But it is your inner essence energy (New Energy).

< Teacher 1QA > This feeling of loneliness is very, very common amongst Shaumbra, because you have gone out on your own; you have left old Orders and organizations; you have left your angelic family; you have left everything that you were connected to; you've disconnected from even things like the Field. So you are by yourself. The gift in this is that you're learning to become a sovereign Being. You're learning to find the happiness within. You're learning to find that your own God-self is within. You're learning to bring in all the various aspects of yourself that have been scattered all over, but yet this loneliness is persistent because you can continue to feel energies of family and friends and things that you've disconnected from - again, a very, very common feeling.

< Teacher 8 > Tesla actually was able to create a type of... this was not a machine, but it was a what you would call a field or an energy force... where he could literally play with the what you would call the limitations of time and space. He did literal time warping, space warping, in his experiments. He was able to also use them as a type of an inter-dimensional doorway. Of course, he was so far ahead of his time and he knew the implications of his work, particularly as the world was gearing up for major wars, he basically suppressed much of the information and the material. He allowed himself to go a bit crazy. He allowed himself to be seen as a mad scientist, and therefore not taken so seriously, although he knew within what he had been able to accomplish with some of the work that he did.

< Master 9 > You had consciousness, represented by this (Adamus draws the circumpunct), and you had energy, which was created by your desire to go back Home, that came in to consciousness (Adamus draws) - energy, consciousness - to create reality, to manifest so consciousness could experience itself. They were two separate components - consciousness, energy. This thing we call New Energy is very different, because it's not consciousness and it's not a separate element of energy. New Energy is literally the integration of consciousness and energy together in the same packet.

< Master 9 > So consciousness doesn't need to call in energy to support it. It already has it built in, and that will provide for a lot of discussion later on. It's already there. That's why it's new. It's never been there before, but it also operates in a very new way. Total new operating system. So keep that in mind. Let's go to the next step.

< e2012 2 > But remember when these particles - not just these physical particles but particles of beliefs, particles of aspects, particles of anything - collide together like that, that it creates pure energy. It returns things back to their original form. It also creates New Energy. It's doing that right now as we're talking - creating New Energy. That New Energy doesn't go out into some grand reservoir, the grid, the Field, whatever you want to call it. It'll stay right there. It doesn't serve a collective. It doesn't serve the good of all beings.

< freedom 3 > This is the very best time for any one of you to not rely on your pension but to rely on you. Absolutely. Why? Because nobody else is doing it. They're all busy complaining. So you have this huge reserve of energy, just pure energy, that's just doing nothing. When the money tightens up and slows down, what that means in its counterpart is the energy – a bank of energy without a loan officer – it only needs somebody with a password, and the password is “I Am that I Am.” You've got this huge reserve of energy that's not moving, and it's just waiting for somebody to pick it up. That's it. It's that simple.

Energy is free to anyone that's willing to accept it. There is literally no one watching over, controlling or managing this thing we call the Field of energy. Anybody can walk in the doors of this bank of God energy. Walk in the doors! There are stacks and stacks of energy.

< WalkOn 2 >
Q: So then energy would be nothing more than a perception?
A: Energy is a perception, but very, very real. Energy is a form of bon that is serving you. You could say – and again, here it gets a little tricky – but you could say that bon is what some would call Unified Energy Field. But there are some misunderstandings about it. There is the Field, the reservoir that's right here and everywhere, of energy potential that is an absolutely neutral state. It has no positive or negative charge to it. It is waiting for consciousness to activate it. It is waiting then to turn into activated energy, positive or negative energy. It is waiting to turn into plasma. It is waiting for the activation, ultimately, into atoms and molecules and everything else in your reality that is enabled by gravity. Gravity, once again, being time and space.