force / new force

something that breaks balance/neutral; pushing/pulling; strong/weak; power; duality;
effort; struggling
; try;
The force in the New Energy is "No force";

< Embodiment 2 > In the New Energy, the force is NO force. The force is no force… you see. There is still this mindset in consciousness that things have to be willed and forced and pushed. And, it doesn't. As you have learned over these years, it is about acceptance and honor. And, that is one of the messages that Ohamah brings in. Ohamah will continue with this message in his school, coming to understand how physics really work.

< Embodiment 2 > Oh, physics work when you force on them, but there is always a force then at the other side. Ah… yes… yes. If you do things right now, Shaumbra, in the sensitive, highly energized state that you are in with a force, there will be a backside force. We are not saying that is good or bad. We are just saying to beware of what kicks you in the backside (some laughter). Right now the New Energy is about NO force. Oh, energy, there is. Dynamics, there are. Passion can be fully experienced, creativity fully expressed. But, you don't have to will your way through it.

< Embodiment 2 > You are so used to pushing your way through things. And, it has worked. But, what have you noticed? Just when you push your way through something, something else is there to be pushed. Aren't you tired of that game now?

< Embodiment 2 > The New force is no force. It comes naturally, and it comes easy. And, if you are having to use force and discipline, and all this structure in your life, it is time to release that… unless you want to continue that way. It can come to you SO smoothly and peacefully, but yet highly energized. You may find that to be a conflict in the statements. How can life be exciting and fulfilling and energized when you don't have all this pushing and pulling of forces? It sounds neutral. It sounds anemic. Ah, dear Shaumbra, you will find it to be quite different. There is a physics of the New Energy that changes the paradigm, that shifts everything, that says you can be in a fulfillment you could have never been aware of before without force and push.

< Embodiment 2 > You say, "Well, how can I survive in traffic? How can I survive at the office? The forces are always pushing on me. I have to push back to protect myself." Protect yourself from what? From what? What are you afraid of? Feeling? Are you afraid of feeling again? Let those forces come right at you. Let them attack you, if they feel they must because, when they do, and they open their seething mouths, and reach into sink their teeth into you, and take a bite out of you, there won't be anything there because you are existing in a different realm… you see… a different energy.

< Embodiment 2 > They are into duality. They feed off of weaklings. They feed off of those who are still battling. They want to see who the better warriors are. Let them come at you. You will be like air. You will vaporize and disappear, and they won't be able to feed off of anything. And, they will go on to somebody else, take a bite out of them instead. So, Shaumbra, remember this - that the New force is no force. It is "is-ness."

< Embodiment 2 > Ohamah has a saying that we chuckle about here on this side. He said he learned to stop thinking and start creating. There is a big difference, you know. Humans tend to think their way out of situations with force again. He learned to stop thinking and to start creating. The thinking slowed him down. The thinking was one of the barriers. Trying to think everything in your heads would be like a rat in a maze, not able to get out.

< Embodiment 2 > It begins in the Now. And, don't ever forget this. You can't access The Field… you can't access the corridors of dimensionality if you are not in the Now because it will throw you off. It will throw you into a type of wind tunnel. It will throw you into a state of imbalance. You are here right now. From this source in this anchor of Now you can expand to the other dimensions. How do you do that? Oh, not by force and not by thinking. You can't think your way into the other dimensions. Sometimes you can force your way, but there is an equal and opposing force when you try to do that. It is about allowing and accepting. It is about knowing that you are not just the physical body. You're not limited to this identity in this lifetime. It is about giving yourself permission.

< Embodiment 7 > It (transmutation) is simple, Shaumbra. It is so simple to take a diamond in your hand and clear any of the flaws in it. It is simple. You are trying too hard. That is the problem. I (St.Germain) could take simple stones, put them in my pocket, and pull out gold. It is simple. You are trying too hard. You are trying to apply force to energy, and it doesn't work, does it? There is no sleight of hand here. There are no miracles here. It is simple physics. And, we are going to be going into some of that.

< Embodiment 7 > Some of you… I've seen… you go in and you try to manipulate and push atoms. You think that, if you get down into the lowest level and move around one of the elements, that's going to change things. And, then you're going to be a magician, and you're going to be able to snap your fingers and manifest. It doesn't work like that. There was some limited degree of success that people had in the old era in doing those types of things. You can fool atomic structures for a certain period of time through use of force or exerting of your will. But, sooner or later it will slingshot back the other way. It will actually almost work against you.

< Embodiment 7QA > It's all imagination. You use your imagination. But, the imagination seems so real and so tangible that you define it as these sets of actions that take place. It is just your imagination. You are expressing a potential. That is all energy is. Once you understand that… once you understand that you can't force it… and that it truly at its core doesn't have any dualistic elements… at its core it is generally a nothingness waiting to be expressed… then we can start doing some work. Then, you can do things like transmutation.

< Clarity 1 > If you scan into some of the more Earthbound dimensions, you are going to feel a thickness, a heaviness, a vibration because it is operating at a vibrational reality. In the New Energy, in the energy that you have already moved into - and now you are beginning to experience how you got there - it is a clear energy. It doesn't use vibration. It uses pure expression. It doesn't use force, as we have said recently. It uses expression or expansion. It doesn't have to project itself, or it doesn't have to maintain itself. It simply does.

< Clarity 1 > Let us release the concept that God is power. And, breathe in the pure expression of Spirit. Breathe in the pure expression. As you begin to understand that God is not power… God does not giveth and taketh away. God simply is. God is not an individual being, but rather in all things. Spirit has no agenda, has no desired outcomes. It simply is. You could say God is - Spirit is - your expression, your experience. Let us be the first here to put into consciousness that Spirit is simply expression. And, expression in the New Energy doesn't need a force or power behind it.

< Clarity 1 > But, in your own life and in your own creations there is no need for force. Now, it's going to seem odd at first because you are so ingrained with the concept that if you want to create something, you have to gear up your internal machinery, whether it's your mind, or your creative nature, or even your body. In order to create and be expressive, you have to apply a force to it. It seems very unusual that you apply no force at all. There is no yin and yang. There is no positive and negative. It is an amazing and simple principle. But, perhaps, it will take a bit of time to get used to this whole new way of living and feeling. Oh, you're going to find out that it is so easy and simple. It is almost - how to say - it is amazing how simple it is.

< Clarity 1 > Some of you get to this point, and you think, "What do I need to be doing? How should I organize my thoughts? What do I need to focus on? What do I need to concentrate on? How do I need to put myself in a type of box to be able to accept this? What do I need to do?" Nothing at all… nothing at all. Simply breathe it, accept it in, and understand - if your mind needs to chew on something - understand this is a more natural way of living. It is the natural way of Spirit. It was quite unnatural - very, very early on in the formation of the angels - it was quite unnatural to changes to have to apply force into what would be your creative nature, your creativity. The natural method is no force… no force at all.

< Clarity 1 > Let's talk about clarity. You see, nothing is what it appears to be. The chair you are sitting in is not a chair at all. You've only accepted the belief system and the illusion that it is a chair. You accept the chair that you are sitting on as an icon, as an energy bundle that allows you to put your body, which is also an illusion; it (the body) is an energy bundle. And, then you can put your bundle on the chair (another bundle). It is all an illusion. Now, some of you have tried to power your way through the illusion. I've had a few laughs at watching some of you spend countless hours trying to overcome matter… you see. But, what were you doing? You were using force on matter. You were actually intensifying the illusion… you see.

< Clarity 1 > How do you clear them? Well, not by force because if you do, they're going to remain stuck. When you use force on any energy, all it does is confirm that energy. It validates that energy. And, we're not in the business here - you don't want to be in the business - of validating Old or imbalanced energies. You want to release them. When you release them, it is like taking that old clunker, broken-down car off the center lane of the highway. When you release it, everything can flow again. That's what we are doing here.

< Clarity 1 > Saint Germain has talked to us recently about transmuting stones into gold. And, some of you went off and tried it. This is where he and I had a good laugh because you were trying to force; you were trying to literally push your way into transmutation. That is so Old also. It is about clearing your way. You see, within that stone is the potential of gold. Within that stone are all of the ingredients of gold. They just haven't been potentiated yet… you see.

< Clarity 1QA > And, it is so important right now to bring the concept to Earth that it is not about force anymore. New Energy is a non-force. We don't have to do this by preaching or evangelizing or trying to recruit. We do it simply by being. And, that is what you are doing in your life. Sometimes you and I talk. And, you wonder what you should be doing. And, I keep telling you, dear, over and over. I say to you, "Honey (audience laughter), right now you are doing this. You are helping to bring into consciousness the grand potential of no force."

Imagine a world where there is no force. We are not talking simple, sheer physical. I'm talking about spiritual force. I'm talking about mental force, where things are manifested easily. You see, when we get beyond the concept of God as force, then you'll find all of a sudden the need for physical labor is done only when you enjoy it. When the concept of force goes out the door, it opens another door of consciousness that comes in that can turn technology into useful practical tools. And, we could go and on about this.

< Clarity 5 > If you ever want to, what you say, quote/unquote activate the "shadow biology," it is simply a matter of being in a safe space, being in a point of that stillness, that quiet, where it's you and your breath. You're giving yourself permission to be who you are and enjoy life. Well, then it's automatically activated. It automatically starts coming into your new reality base that you have. The "shadow biology" doesn't need to be brought in from other realms. It simply needs to be accepted in your life. You can't push it or force it. It doesn't work that way. It's about accepting it, and it's about looking at how your belief systems are creating your body, creating your physical being.

< Clarity 6 > But, what are the blocks? What is holding you back? Why doesn't it seem to work? Well, first of all you're trying too hard. You're trying to force it in, and you're trying to figure it in. You're trying to actually, some of you, con it in and manipulate it in, and it can't be. It is a realization. It is in itself its own belief system. It is an overlay absolutely. It is a belief that there is more to you than you. That is also a truism, but it is a belief. It is about allowing yourself to believe that, allowing yourself to get outside of the box that you've been in, but to do it without struggling and pushing and fighting.

< Master 5 > "Well, what then creates reality?" Well, as I mentioned before, the driving forces are desire, passionjoy and simplicity. These things create … they actually are creating your reality, but you're just not aware of it. These are true motivators or the true dynamics behind creation of your reality. So the false motivators, the false dynamics, where a lot of people get very - well, where you get confused. The ones that aren't working right now are force. So you have these false motivators that, again, come from the mind, not from the true heart. And they are force, they are power, and they are efforting. Efforting.