shadow potential / alternative reality / potential future

potentials that were never manifested in your human reality,
but manifested or acted out in other dimensions;
potential/probability self;  potetial solution;  divine solutiongnost;

Aspects of you have already worked out all of other potentials.
Be in the Now
and integrate them, and everything you need will come to you;

< Creator 7 > Now we do not want to get too far off track here with concepts of alternative realities or multiple dimensions. We simply want to reinforce the point that these are you from the past, and they cross over occasionally. The important thing is to know, dear friends, that you are coming full circle in your work. You have gone through traumatic times after crossing through this Wall of Fire. Do not give up your power to another, to any being, to what you would call an alien.

< Ascension 1 > If you could see and you understood the entities that come here  Ehow would you say  Eyou would be floored. If you could see the legions that make up the energies of the archangels, you would be so impressed. You would wonder why they would come from all over the dimensions to be here. Dear friends, they remind you that you are the honored and exalted ones. They remind you that they feel humble in your presence for what you are doing. … … Who comes to visit on this day is the energy of self that carries the potential, that carries the alternative realities of who you are. That part of yourself comes to visit today. … … That is why those who come from celestial families that have tremendous energy, archangel energy, are here today. That is why they come here today, to thank you for opening these doors.

< Ascension 1 > One day when it is appropriate, you will have the opportunity to see and to feel what all of the other choices would have been like. But all the possibilities were somewhat mind blowing, to be able to see all of the things that could have been done and what other potentials would have been created as a result of these. The alternative realities come to visit you, the potentials of all who you are come to visit. They come at this important time to say, "You have never made a wrong decision." The fact is that you made decisions and you made choices, and you created a path that has led you from Home to this precise point that we sit in now. If you ever question your journey and question the appropriateness of your actions, know that it has brought you here together with Self, with Spirit, and All That Is.

< Clarity 5 > These are some very essential principles, essential tools, that we're going to talk about. We are going to discuss shadow potentials and probabilities. Santa Claus, in a way, is a shadow, is a potential or probability that exists; it is very, very real. You are a myriad of shadow potentials and probabilities. You're seeing and experiencing just one expression of yourself, one expression because you've gotten locked into it. You've agreed to it. Now, you want to get out. You want to go beyond it.

< Clarity 5 > Let's talk for a moment now about the "shadow biology." You take a look, or you feel your body, and you say, "This is it. It's getting older. It doesn't serve me as well as what I would like it to." And, you accept that. Don't accept it anymore because you are seeing just one expression. At a level that goes even deeper than the DNA, a level that is non-physical, there are a myriad of "shadow biologies" already existing within you. They're not in the outer realms or the ethers. They're right in you right now. They are hidden behind the reality of your current biology, but they're there. The fully healed body is right there - yes, it is - the fully balanced body… the body that is not dying… the body that is filled with energy.

< Clarity 5 > Within you is "shadow biology," the potential for your body to be truly anything. The potential for the body to re-grow a limb… we were asked several years ago, "Is it possible?" And, we said, "It is possible but not probable at this time because of the overlay of consciousness. But, now within Shaumbra even that overlay is going away. The "shadow biologies" are all of the other potentials… yes, indeed the potential to re-grow hair… the potential, Shaumbra, to clear through some of the physical discomforts.

< Clarity 5 > The "shadow biology" also incorporates its own tremendous healing capability that will literally… has the potential to go into old scars, even literally that have been carried over from past lives, and to rejuvenate those as well. You see, within your physical body you also carry much emotional or traumatic energy from the past. Perhaps, you were burned at the stake, killed in a war, had a severe accident, or any one of these things. You tend to carry that over into your physical expression in this lifetime. The "shadow biology" has the potential to re-balance or rejuvenate all of that.

< Clarity 5 > What we are saying is you are not just locked into this body that you have. You're not defined by this singular bodily expression anymore. All of the other potentials are already inside of you. And, it's only a matter of letting them come out, only a matter of, as we say, looking at how your belief systems feed your reality. And, when you want to change the reality, you change your belief systems. And, then all of these potentials can go to work for you. "Shadow biology" can clear cancer out of the body, if you belief it and if you allow it to happen. The "shadow biology" is in you right now.

< Clarity 5 > If you ever want to, what you say, quote/unquote activate the "shadow biology," it is simply a matter of being in a safe space, being in a point of that stillness, that quiet, where it's you and your breath. You're giving yourself permission to be who you are and enjoy life. Well, then it's automatically activated. It automatically starts coming into your new reality base that you have. The "shadow biology" doesn't need to be brought in from other realms. It simply needs to be accepted in your life. You can't push it or force it. It doesn't work that way. It's about accepting it, and it's about looking at how your belief systems are creating your body, creating your physical being.

< Clarity 5 > You say, "But is this just talk? How do I bring it out? Is this - how to say - just the imagination?" Absolutely! Through the imagination, through opening up your own set of belief systems, it (shadow potentials) can come in and be expressed. You will be amazed at what it can do for the body.

< Clarity 5 > You also have many "shadow personalities," aspects of yourself that have been dormant, that have been latent. And, they too are ready to come out. Do you think that perhaps you were born into this lifetime as a female… you have a certain level of education… you've done work in perhaps nursing and some type of health-care field… you have a certain expression of your identity? That is but one expression or one aspect. You're not locked into it. Within you are the latent potentials and probabilities to be an artist, to be a philosopher, to be a writer, a musician, a farmer, a priest or a priestess. You see, you've been expressing just one probability. Within you are all of the "shadows," all of the other potentials and probabilities. Now, they can come into play.

< Clarity 5 > You can call these alternative realities, but generally when you think of alternate realities, you think of them existing in some other dimensions far, far away. But, literally they can co-exist with you in this physical reality because you also… as your "shadow selves" start coming forth, you'll realize you're also not in this third dimension, not the way you thought you were. You're not locked in here. You are many dimensions.

< Clarity 5 > There are "shadow lifetimes" that have never been lived in the course of your lifetimes on Earth. Some of you have had a few, some hundreds, some a few thousand lifetimes. But, there are "shadow lifetimes" that have never been lived… on Earth anyway. They have been lived in other realms. Or, perhaps they've never been brought into imagination. They've lain latent and dormant. And, yes, there are perhaps millions, billions of the potentials of "shadow lifetimes." You've defined yourself in your metaphysical New Age terms and in terms of your lineage of lifetimes, but you haven't considered the "shadow lifetimes" that weren't lived here on Earth.

< Clarity 6 > So, it is very appropriate during this time of a soul eclipse, of dark and light, a soul eclipse, by the way, that instead of them separating back again, they meld together. At this time of soul eclipse we talk about the potentials, the shadows… you see… that are created. Behind the eclipse of the dark and the light within you, coming together… behind the eclipse are then many, many potentials.

< Clarity 6 > While you always had nearly infinite potentials to choose from in your life, the ones that were more within reach or grasp were somewhat limited… you see. The ability to bring in a whole different type of potential was limited. It was there, but it was beyond the conscious understanding or the ability of the biology to truly bring it in. But, with this soul eclipse that's taking place in your life, the number or potential of potentials is now closer. The ability to bring in things that would a year or two ago have seemed impossible, incredulous, now are possible. This is all as a result of the soul eclipse. The number of shadows or potentials that are now within reality's grasp are far, far grander… far grander.

< Clarity 6 > We talked in our last Shoud about shadows and potentials. We said that humans tend to live a very singular life, hardly even dualistic, more singular, a singular expression of themselves, a singular path that they have been on and continue to stay on. Shaumbra is learning that it is more than singular. Shaumbra is learning that through the energy of imagination you can open up to all of these other things. You can bring them in through the portal, the crystalline portal, that leads directly into this Now reality, that comes into your Now moment.

< Clarity 6 > But, what are the blocks? What is holding you back? Why doesn't it seem to work? Well, first of all you're trying too hard. You're trying to force it in, and you're trying to figure it in. You're trying to actually, some of you, con it in and manipulate it in, and it can't be. It is a realization. It is in itself its own belief system. It is an overlay absolutely. It is a belief that there is more to you than you. That is also a truism, but it is a belief. It is about allowing yourself to believe that, allowing yourself to get outside of the box that you've been in, but to do it without struggling and pushing and fighting.

< Clarity 6 > So, what else is holding you back from this whole concept of potentials, new potentials brought forth? Well, there are very heavy overlays coming from outside of you, coming from other people - your co-workers, people you meet on the streets. There are particularly heavy overlays from television and the media because they are feeding everyone else. Oh, the media is the greatest feeding mechanism that we possibly know of because it can feed many at one time. It feeds realities and belief systems. And, it supports the manifestation of beliefs all over the world.

< Clarity 6 > "Now how is it that I open up to new potentials and probabilities? How do I bring the shadows in now, now that I'm having a soul eclipse, bringing the light and dark together? And, there are a myriad of new potentials available for me right now. How do I bring those in?" Come up to the crystalline realms. Start out here in the Shaumbra Service Center. If you need an escort or a guide, that's fine. There are many here who will bring you. Go out to the crystalline realms. And, then be quiet… and experience creation being birthed… experience yourself being re-invented. And, do it without fear.

< Clarity 6 > It is a potential, but there may be other potentials that want to come in first for a variety of reasons. And, this is where the fully loaded dimensional aspect of you - body, mind, feeling and spirit - work together. But, what happens is you bring that shadow forward. You breathe it in. You allow it to come in. You know no limitations. Now, this potential is here. But, in a way, at first it is somewhat etheric, unstable. It is standing side-by-side you, the physical being. It is part of you, but it is also itself. And, now it is needing to be fed. It has a purpose and desire. It wants to create music. And, now it has to be filled in. It is like a blank being, in a sense, wanting now to be filled in.

< Clarity 6QA > Also to remember from today's Shoud was that as these aspects of the Self - what the Self has been constructed of in its reality base on Earth - you have the light and the dark and how they are eclipsing together. They are coming back together providing in a sense a reverse shadow of themselves and a reverse shadow of potentials. Again, it is appropriate because shadows just don't have to be behind where the light source is coming from, or where the reality base is focused on. It can also have a forward type of shadow. I want you to think expanded and to be expanded in every possible way. Take nothing at its face value.

< Clarity 7QA > You're in a fairly flat dimensional reality existence where you believe that truly just one reality can be manifested at a time. When it is manifested in your life, for instance your biology, and you manifest a certain reality - the way you look and your health ratio - that reality literally blocks you from seeing the other potentials behind it. So you're not aware that you have, literally, other types of body shapes you can take on, other types of health ratios, a healed body versus a broken down body. These are all potentials that can be brought in.

But instead of... you call it bringing it into the light, we're just going to call it bringing it into manifest or reality. Instead of just being able to bring in one potential or one shadow, you can literally bring in multiple, you see. Who says, or what belief system has that you only have to... or can create one reality at a time? You can have multiple realities going on simultaneously. And yes, even in physical matter you can. So we want Shaumbra to get out of the notion that this is a one-reality existence. It is multiple reality and you can choose from any of the potentials - and I underline the word "choose" - and bring them in.

< Returning 1 > You've been going off to the New Earth, many of you. Some of you have been intensely working with your own aspects, trying to create that safe space within your reality here as a human, welcoming them back in. Some of you are doing tremendous work right now in the dream states in the release of Gaia. As we've talked about, this entity of Earth is slowly leaving. Oh, not because She's had it, not because She's upset, but it is time. It is the time right now for humans to take the responsibility for Earth, for themselves, for their spirits, and many of you have been working intensely with this whole transitioning of Gaia.

< Returning 8 > You have everything before you, everything at your table, and you have nothing at all. You have everything that comes from yourself coming from what you would call the future, but it's really coming from the best of you. I don't even want to call it future, because I don't want you to relate it to time. It's coming from a part of your consciousness that you haven't experience yet that's already there. That's what at your table.

< Returning 8QA > As you allow yourself to absolutely absorb all of these feelings, understanding they're not yours, you also read into and tap into all of the different potentials, all the different realities that exist, and all of the different facets. This provides a tremendous inspiration to you and a totally different way of looking at life. Rather than on a very linear path based on history and linear future, you now see that it is so much more encompassing and actually a lot more fun.

< Returning 8QA > Let's do this. You're going to have some situations coming up in your life that require problem solving. Consciously stop yourself. Don't go into mental solution. Feel into the problem and feel into the many potential solutions without going to the mind. If you feel any pressure in your mind or if you feel the processing start - you've taught yourself how not to feel the pressure in your mind - so any time that happens, stop, and don't try to figure it out, and let yourself just experience it, and let yourself discover that the solution is already there. You don't have to think your way into it. Now let yourself just go into it, you see.

< Master 1 > What's happened is the potentials of the past have been locked away. They have been hidden, very, very cleverly, so you would think that you are who you are, rather than who you really have been. You've locked them away, you've allowed others to lock them away, and you defined yourself in a very narrow spectrum. But it's not at all who you are. Going into the past and unlocking its potentials and its, what you would call, alternative realities - which are not alternative at all, for they actually existed; you just choose to ignore them - but going into the past is a very dangerous thing. There are dragons and demons guarding the doors of the past. You put it there partly for your safeguarding, partly for your sense of illusion. We're going to go back into the past now and unlock those potentials. It's going to change your past.

< Master 2 > "Well, if I chose one thing for reality, how many potentials are there?" Almost infinite. Almost infinite. There's a circle of the highest probability potentials - the highest probability being the ones that were most complementary to your journey, the ones that would allow for the greatest evolution of your soul and the ones that you were attracted to. So those are in the big circle, (Adamus is "drawing" in the air) and the reality that you selected is a point right in the middle of that.

< Master 2 > Right behind that is another circle a little bit smaller - secondary backup potentials, didn't have quite the amount of energy or dynamics as some of these first level potentials (highest probability potentials), but they're still right there. And you could go off almost into infinity, saying a potential … you had the potential to die when you were a child, but you didn't. You had the potential to be a multiple in that lifetime. You had a potential and potential, so it's a series of circles with different levels of radiance in their potential and it could appear to go off into infinity.

< Master 2 > And you say, "Well where does it end? How many potentials are there for this lifetime? Billions?" In a sense it doesn't matter, because the potentials don't trail off into infinity. What happens is you get to a certain point and in a manner of speaking it comes back full circle. It doesn't trail off into infinity. Actually, nothing does. Not even your physical universe, not time, not space. They don't go into infinity; they end up doing a big loop and coming back around.

< Master 3 > You know, my definition of God, actually … it's not singular. It's not this big angry old white man with a beard up in heaven. That's somebody's God, but hopefully it's not your God. What if God is the accumulated potentials of the past - everything that was and could have been - all the potentials of the past and all the potentials of the future, everything that could be? What if God is everything except this moment? Potentials - every potential, including things you experienced and those that you didn't and everything that you're going to experience and those that you won't - what if that's God? And you as God Also are here in the present moment pulling in these energies (potentials), bringing them into reality in this moment, bringing them into you? Just an idea, something to chew on in a few nights when you're trying to get to sleep.

< Master 3 > So anyway, Shaumbra, you come to the point here in getting back into trust with yourself. Every part of you - your body, mind, spirit, your aspects, the God within, your divinity, every potential experienced and not, every potential to be - truly wants to serve you. It is you. It is you.

< Master 6 > When there is no true meaning in anything anymore, you're in the right place. And in you're in the right place and it's appropriate, and don't panic. Just trust - in yourself, not me, not anybody else - because this New Energy is even probing that. The nothing, the void, the in-between, the total sense of loss - it's trying to understand that. It's trying to understand you. It's you. You could say - this isn't quite right - but it's you from the future coming to you right now. But it's not the future in terms of a time line. It's you of all the potentials that you are, now coming to you right now. Not just coming to visit, but moving in. Moving in. And that's what's happening.

< (Next) 1 > A potential is everything that you could be and everything that you could have been. Potentials are not … please, please do not look at potentials as being just something in the future. That's limiting. When I say potentials, some of you think, "Oh yeah, what's out in the future." No, no, no. What are the potentials in this moment? What are the potentials for the past? You say, "The past was the past." No. No, no, no, no. The past was only one potential that was activated or realized. The past contains potentials that are as dynamic or perhaps even more dynamic than the one you picked or the one that somehow made its way to you.

< (Next) 1 > So the past is also filled with incredible potentials that aren't negated just because they're in the past. The past contains … well, the past isn't the past anymore actually. You have to get through that thinking. Thinking. The past has nothing to do with before. The past is in this room right now and all of its potentials, and you are not - you are absolutely not - who you think you are. You think that you were born into this certain household and had these certain experiences and traumas, and you think that's you. It is NOT! It is one potential of you. But what if you are all of these other potentials?

< (Next) 1 > What is in here are potentials that are very viable. They have been created by you. They have been imagined by you, not in your mind, but in your heart, in your soul. They have been imagined by you and acted out in your dream state - some of them. But there is a pool of potentials right here and right here and in every one of these corresponding areas. (the "loop" areas in the intersecting waveforms) You could say that you created them from out here (outside the waveforms) and then brought them into here (inside the waveform spaces), because here is where you're going to start shaping reality for yourself.

< (Next) 3 > Your soul self wants to be with you, and you've called out for it. And when you did, that brought about a dynamic that's unstoppable, and it's going to happen. And thank god that there's wisdom in your soul that's going to … now, your soul didn't create these accidents, but it was an energy between you and your divine, an energy that was put out there and brings back the manifested experiences to make this all possible, and will continue to bring those experiences in.

Now, what gets in the way? That humanoid aspect. That human aspect that doesn't like change, that doesn't want to move forward. That human aspect that doesn't believe its own self. It really doesn't. It doesn't believe itself, because the human aspect is not real. It's manufactured. It's an act, and it really doesn't believe itself because it knows it's an act, but unfortunately you don't know it's an act - yet.

< (Next) 6 > It's not about being intelligent or smart. It's about being the I Am. The intuitive nature is quantum leaps ahead of the mind. The knowingnesses that come in, the ability to just energetically tap into the Akashic Records, which are just a small part of everything, the ability to tap into mass consciousness and future potentials will never come from the mind. It comes from the Body of Consciousness, which is the physical body, the mind, the spirit, the gnost - every part of you coming together.

< e2012 1> Understanding that everything that you need or want is already there. You already put it on the path well in advance of this human lifetime ever getting to it. It's already there. You know that part of you that walked back from ascension, that's already ascended, already actually kind of created that path for you, if you choose to follow that straight simple easy path. That part, who is really you, already put everything you need right on that path. It's just a matter of are you going to let yourself be aware of it?

< freedom 2 > Is it more responsibility to carry your past? Which really isn't your past, you're going to see, because your past is not what you think it is. Your past is a series of potentials, most of which have never been realized or understood. None of them – or very few of them – actually manifested, but you believe it's your past because of programming. But your past can be changed the moment you say, “That was not my past.” Suddenly, your past really isn't a series of chronological linear events that took place. Suddenly, your past is no longer history or his-story. Suddenly, the past is but one of many potentials or options that could have been played out. And now, literally, the moment you release yourself from your past, you suddenly realize how you can also change it tomorrow.

< Discovery 6 > You don't have to negotiate anymore. All you have to do is take a deep breath and be in the knowingness that it's already worked out.  You are a being of consciousness. When working with others you're going to find a very interesting dynamic. If you maintain the I Am Presence, negotiation is already done. It's already over. You've already gotten what you came there to get. And don't be afraid of getting it, because you're never going to ask for too much and you're never going to ask for it at the expense of another. You'll find them literally and somewhat metaphorically coming to the table and being there in service to you, as long as you're not playing that game of power and mind.