it comes to you

all energies come in to serve your choice;
what you choose is what you get;  within you is divine balance;

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new paradigmdivine guidance systemdivine intelligencenew way of livingdivine balance;
fruit of the rosegnostlaw of attraction;

< QLCeleb 3 > Our challenge is, can you perceive and receive from this field of clear and easy potentials? Part of you is so used to defining things by the resistance, the force that it puts upon you. That is Old Energy vibrational physics. Out here in clear, in New Energy, there is no resistance so there's nothing necessarily to attract you or attract your attention. So you say, "But then how do I know what's out here? It's so clear. It's like outer space. Nothing out here. No gravitational pull, no air, no nothing." That is when you take that deep breath again. You remember the words of Tobias, the Yo-ham, the I Am, and you allow your answer, in this field of potentials now, to come to you. You won't necessarily feel a force or a pressure or words. It just moves in.

< QLCeleb 3 > By the very physics of New Energy, and more so by the very nature of who you are, that answer comes in. The solution comes in. It is there now. It is now within you, in this moment, in this reality. And over a period of minutes, hours, weeks, whatever it takes, your answer will unfold in your life. The perfect answer, the New Energy answer. Not given to you by anybody else, but yours. As you work with this, as you continue to do this in your life without the mental struggle, you will truly be amazed at how easy and how clear this is. And as Tobias says, you're going to find that it is extremely efficient. You're going to realize how much energy you have been expending in the past - struggling through issues, trying to find the answers.

< QuantumLeap 2 > But you are learning that the most important thing is you. There's nothing missing. When you wake up in the morning and you take that first breath, whether it is a rainy day or sunny day, and you acknowledge your presence in your life in this moment, then all things shall come to be. When you acknowledge you, your divinity, then all things shall come to be. Without acknowledging you, as so many other humans do, nothing can come to be - other than what appears to be chaos, destiny, choice by others, fate, bad karma or just really shitty luck (laughter) on that particular day. But when you are fully present, your full being, every part of you - your past, your now, your potentials - all right here, then all things, all things do work out. It is a very simple principle.

< QuantumLeap 2 > But, in this just letting you be, letting you be, you're going to be amazed at how easily things work out and that's what you can expect in the Quantum Leap. In this energy that you're in now, you can expect things to be so much more clear. You can expect things to be easier - but not if you expect us to be doing it for you, or God or another human or anybody else. If you understand and take full responsibility that you are the one doing it, it is your prana going out and making all these things happen. It is your desire, your choices that are allowing a whole new level of creation to take place in your life.

< QuantumLeap 4> When you truly understand the law of soul attraction or consciousness attraction, you'll never again have to expend your energy on the little things, on those little annoying details. They're just going to be there. The Masters understand this, and you, Shaumbra, are beginning to understand it and apply it in your life. Allow this to come into your life so that you too can show others how easily this works. The Law of Attraction is not a mental exercise. It's not visualization or affirmation. Those are mental exercises and they're going to eventually get you very, very frustrated and again believing that you're not a creator. Feel, sense and choose what it is that your soul or your consciousness chooses to attract.

< Returning 3 > You will be able to get through every part of this nearly unscratched if you remember to trust who you are. And I'm not talking about trusting some unknown god. I'm not talking about trusting a guru. I'm not talking about trusting who you think you're going to be five or ten years from now. I'm talking about trusting you right now. You have every tool. You have every resource. You have everything you need right now, because, as a messenger, as one who can go across time and space, you put it there for yourself. Trust that you knew enough to put that tool in the path to be utilized in the Now moment. Trust that you already put it there and it will then be.

< Returning 4 > In this Point of Presence everything comes to you. When you're out there, it doesn't. It's as simple as that. When you're here it comes to you. When you're here and you're making conscious choices it, in a sense, magnetizes you. It causes those things to now start flowing into your reality. You don't have to get specific. You don't have to say, "I need a thousand dollars." But if you're in your Point of Presence and you've chosen abundance, it will be there. In the Point of Presence, health comes back, vitality, energies - everything - in the Point of Presence.

< MNEC2009-SG > You come to realize that everything just comes to you. It's just attracted. It's just there. There's no reason to make it difficult. Spirit never demanded that it was difficult - you did. Spirit never wanted it to be a challenge for you, but you were fascinated with the challenge. You were fascinated with this whole game. But now as I see in each and every one of you, you're done with that. You're ready to move on.

< Master 2 > Whether it's this lifetime or any other that you've ever had, there are potentials that are as real as what you acted out - acted out - in human form. They exist. They're real. They're no less than what you actually chose to experience in physicality. Those energies are available to you right now. Those energies are desiring to meet you in this present moment. There is going to be a variety of energies that come in - feelings and reactions - as we open some of these doors, and it's not for you to try to judge them or to battle them. That's why I asked you in our last gathering to honor everything, including honoring these energies of the doors we're going to open.

< Master 3 > So anyway, Shaumbra, you come to the point here in getting back into trust with yourself. Every part of you - your body, mind, spirit, your aspects, the God within, your divinity, every potential experienced and not, every potential to be - truly wants to serve you. It is you. It is you.

I'm going to be encouraging you to constantly go back to trust. Not control. The captain of a ship controls their ship; but you as the captain of your own destiny, you don't need to control. You're going to turn out to be the dreamer, the creator, the imagination being, and let all the rest of the parts do their thing to support that. It doesn't need a lot of structure. It needs heart. It needs feeling. It doesn't need the brain looking at how to create patterns to get a few extra dollars in your life. This is about living in passion, manifesting in a much simpler way - much, much, much simpler way.

< Master 4 > But no, you stop it right here (points to "manifestation" box), generally, because you're trying to control, you get lazy, you don't trust that manifestation to have its own expression, and you think you own it. You think, "Well, I created it, therefore, I own it." No you don't. Oh, no you don't. You created it and you can take pride and joy in that, but every creation needs to be liberated, needs to be free. And when it's free, it feeds back to you. It gives back to you. When you let your creations go free, every beautiful thing they learn or do, every expansion, every expression comes back to you anyway. It's the gift that keeps giving, over and over.

< (Next) 12 > When you call forth for the evolution of your soul, you get it. You get it. It may not always be what this aspect wants or what your mind expects, and sometimes I know you go into, oh, a sense of confusion, consternation and frustration that it's different than what you thought it was going to be, but it's exactly what you need. It's exactly what you are choosing. This is it, where we gather together like this, where we have some laughs, which is … that's a miracle in itself, that spiritual beings have learned to laugh again.

< freedom 7 > Now, with the opening of these 21 caverns that hold the energy, this isn't just a metaphor. It is very real. These energies I'm talking about aren't for somebody else. They're for you. What happens – and the real shift for you, not necessarily for the rest of the planet, but for you – is something that Tobias talked about a long time ago. And you're going to resist it. You're going to think about it too much. You're going to do everything other than just let it happen, until the point you get tired of some more suffering and struggling. But the concept is very simple. Henceforth, it comes to you.

< freedom 7 > Now you get on the bike and you just sit there. You do not pedal. You do not move. Even the bicycle really doesn't have to do anything, and the landscape moves. You are stationary. The landscape moves. Now, the nice thing about this is that you don't have to do anything other than receive, and you're really bad at receiving. This concept – very, very real concept – it comes to you. You get on that bike and you just sit back. It all comes to you. The exact perfect thing comes to you. Don't blink. Don't doubt, is what I'm saying. Let it happen. Let it come to you.

< freedom 7 > This is the New Energy. This is also the way these crystal caverns work. Simply, they attract, they store, they distribute energy. That's all. That energy is going out right now as we talk, but you're still riding your bike down the road trying to find something. But now it is take a deep breath, you get on that bike and it comes to you. It comes to you. Whatever you need. Huge volumes of energy, energy that will manifest in a variety of different things.

< freedom 7 > So back to the point. There is a tremendous amount of energy. You got that? You understand that? It's in twenty-one caves. Pretty simple stuff. It's crystals. It's really pretty, a lot of colors. You're not going to go take the crystals. They are a mechanism for attracting appropriate energy, storing energy, distributing energy. That's what they're here for. Secondly, it comes to you. When we talked last month about it I basically said Make it for yourself. Nobody else. Whatever you're choosing. Don't be afraid of it, but don't limit it to little things like “I need $1,000 to fix a car, buy a computer,” or anything else. That's so minuscule. Let that energy come in big.

< freedom 7 > What we're doing here is this merabh of letting energies come to you now. You're sitting on the bike, stationary. By the way, this is natural. This is the way things work in the most natural state of being. Having to effort, struggle, work hard, limit yourself – that's unnatural. The natural way is allowing everything to come to you. Feel for a moment into your heart, your essence, your I Am, the I Exist. When you can get down to this core level – “I exist” – how amazing. Then the energies come to you. When you're off scurrying around, when you're off searching for something, the energies really can't come to you. But when you're in such a place of trust, such a place of awareness, the energies can come to you.

< Kharisma 4 > As I've told Cauldre and some of the other Shaumbra, it's the year (2015), it's the time, it's the right now when the popcorn starts popping. It's been heating up. But I say that and I start out our session today by saying it's really quite easy. But then when it comes to you, when it's right there ready to be realized, you start with the excuses and the “buts” and “let's wait” or “I don't knows” or whatever. My dear friends, Santa Claus is real, very real. You could say Santa Claus is within you. You helped to create it with your wonderful childlike, childhood beliefs in Santa Claus. It's right here, and where we are going is realizing it. I don't want to hear any more excuses, any more buts. All the tools are here, and it's just now letting yourself explode into who you are. Yeah. A beautiful explosion into Self.

< Emergence 1 > As long as there are people, other people on the planet and you stay in the physical body, there's challenges. But you have a whole different way of looking at it. It's no longer, “Why me?” It's no longer, “What's going to happen tomorrow? Am I going to die? Is my house going to burn down?” It's a whole different way of looking at it. And suddenly the solutions are there right away. You don't have to spend months or years working through things. Suddenly – (snap!) – it's like that. You just know what to do and you know how to bring whatever that is to wisdom. It happens instantly, in the moment.

< Emergence 1 > What do you want to experience? because you're going to be able to choose.  Because when you can bring your consciousness to that level – what do you want to experience? – I mean, distill it and not for human needs. What would be your passion to experience, and your joy? When you get to that point, when you can define it, when you can bring it to clarity, you don't have to worry about all the mundane human things anymore. It's taken care of, because, why? Because energy serves you, rather than assaulting you.