field of potentials / garden of potentials

field of energies;

< QLCeleb 3 > Our challenge is, can you perceive and receive from this field of clear and easy potentials? Part of you is so used to defining things by the resistance, the force that it puts upon you. That is Old Energy vibrational physics. Out here in clear, in New Energy, there is no resistance so there's nothing necessarily to attract you or attract your attention. So you say, "But then how do I know what's out here? It's so clear. It's like outer space. Nothing out here. No gravitational pull, no air, no nothing." That is when you take that deep breath again. You remember the words of Tobias, the Yo-ham, the I Am, and you allow your answer, in this field of potentials now, to come to you. You won't necessarily feel a force or a pressure or words. It just moves in.

< Master 3 > There's a field of potentials that lies in front of each and every one of you that's quite limited, actually. That field of potentials was caused or created by what has come before. Every time there is an action over here, it creates a potential over there. Everything you experience today is going to create a new bubble of potential out into your future. And that's the way it should be.

< e2012 3 > When you suppress that sensuality, when you block out the senses - the physical and the spiritual senses - it basically shuts down the flow of energy. If you're in a mental mode - you're doing a lot of thinking and processing - you're going to get really tired because you've restricted that natural flow. You're not radiating out to the field of all energies that you want some more. You get very caught up here (head), your body then gets sluggish, your mind tends to then over-think. You've all had the experience - "What's wrong with me?" - analyze, go down and try to figure out "What's wrong?"