analysis / figuring out / defining

plan;  control;  agenda;

< Ascension spQA > Indeed, it is natural to go back to experiences of the past. But, this is not so bad in itself. It depends on how much you hang on to it. As we said, the past created wisdom. Bring forth the wisdom of the past into the "now." With that said, we find so many humans getting locked into the analytical. In a sense, you are not integrating the other energies, the energies of what you would call the "heart," and the "compassion," and the "knowingness" that are already there. You tend to focus in the mind only, trying to figure things out, rather than "knowing" them out, or "feeling" them out. Simply integrate your entire being in the process with this.

Yes, indeed, many things become locked in the brain tissue as you analyze, and you go over and over again. But, we do not want you to cut out the brain. There is a certain modern concept, a modern philosophy, that says the brain is the root of evil, that the ego is bad. Dear ones, it is all part of the process. The mind IS part of the overall process.

Right now so many of you are finding that the knowingness tends to come in as a feeling. It is eventually processed in the mind so that it can be acted out in your human reality. The mind is valuable. The mind is very valuable in this. With the acknowledgement that you understand that the past is simply experience from which wisdom is derived, you will find your own mind allowing you to release, so that you can move forward. Your mind is trying to perform a function that it has been directed to do. But now, you can redirect it. Let your mind know it is time to bring in wisdom rather than analysis.

< DivineHuman 2 > For those who are healers and teachers, it is the same. It is the same. We know so many of you try to run an analysis, a reading, on your client before they ever walk in the door, trying to figure out what must be done before they get there. You ask us. You ask their Higher Selves, "What is it I should know" about this client, or about this class? And, you will not hear an answer, other than TBD - To Be Determined - at the moment. (audience laughter)

< DivineHuman 10 > Dear friends, the combination of breath and creativity in the Now is potent. It is not what you would have expected. It is not something that you can analyze in the mind. It is so much more glorious than what you could have ever imagined, particularly in your Old Energy ways.

< DivineHuman 10 > Breathe in, dear friends. Notice something. You cannot have an intellectual discussion with yourself when you breathe. Your mind stops cranking away. You stop analyzing when you breathe.Take the deep breath. Try to think and breathe at the same time. It doesn't work. Such is the gift of the breath. It opens all of the feeling centers - the human feeling and the divine feeling centers. Now, take a breath and feel the flow of your creation energies come through you. They are unrestricted, undefined. They simply want to dance in your Now. Take a deep breath and feel your creative energies in the Now. They - you - want to express.

< DivineHuman 10QA > You are seeing the essence of Spirit in this bright light. But, you have converted back to your analytical mind, and then you can no longer sense us. Sometimes you see us as a movement off to the side. You get a feeling of warmth come over you. But, the moment you start analyzing, it goes away. Dear friends, the next time that happens, when we are right there with you in your reality, you know what to do. Breathe in. Allow your own creativity to dance with ours.

< NewEnergy 3 > We ask you not to try to figure all of this out. We brought this up to a group recently. We asked them to stop trying to figure everything out. Imagine getting up in the morning, Shaumbra, and not trying to figure anything out! Imagine going through a whole hour of time and not trying to figure anything out! Then really stretch your imagination - try to get through the morning without trying to figure anything out… ultimately a whole day. You see… you try to figure all this out. You try to put an intellectual understanding on something that's not intellectual at all. That's why you're having difficulty right now. You're trying to figure out everything.

< NewEnergy 3 > If you stop trying to figure it out, that thing inside of you - we've talked about before - the Divine Guidance System can go to work. It can take care of the more mundane human things for you. It can help to balance you. It can help to bring you everything that you should have in your life right now - abundance, and health, and all these things. But, you see… you try to figure it all out, and your Divine Guidance System goes into a shutdown mode because it loves you.

< NewEnergy 3 > Imagine - a whole day of not trying to figure it out! You will be surprised at how much more energy you have. You will be surprised at how more clearly you see things. Your clarity level will increase exponentially. You won't get yourself into those mental binds. You won't get yourself into those places of depression. Stop trying to figure it out. That will be difficult because - you see, we already know - you're going to release some of the figuring it out, but not all of it. You still have to have that element of control. You still don't have that total trust in yourself. So, you do a little less figuring out.

< NewEnergy 3 > We mean TOTAL "stop-trying-to-figure-it-out." The answers are already there, but in a whole New way. The answers will come to you in a whole New way. As we talked about with a group recently, the answer that will come to you is so much grander than the question that you could have asked. But, you're so busy trying to figure out every little thing. You're wearing yourselves down. Mark our words - you will need your energy these next four years. Stop trying to figure it out. It comes to you. You see… you think that if you stop trying to figure it all out somebody can come and take you over. We already told you they can't do that. The physics just aren't there.

< NewEnergy 5 > So, as you end the journey and come into experience, you will have a whole new type of intelligence, not just a human brainy intelligence, but a divine intelligence. Yes, we know so many of you are already experiencing this. As the journey ends for you, you won't have to try to figure people out. You won't have to try to go through a mental process to understand them. You certainly won't have to use Old Energy psychological principles to try to put boxes around them to help you understand. You can be in the presence of others, and so easily feel and read their energy. And, the knowingness of them will come to you. You will have such a new level of understanding and empathy for other humans.

< NewEnergy 11QA > Dear one, who thinks too much from the mind (audience laughter), when you stop analyzing… and you stop trying to dissect… and you stop trying to figure everything out… and you allow yourself once and for all to open your heart - which you think you have, but your heart is so shut down right now - you will understand how you are choosing not from your mind but from your spirit. Your spirit seeks its own resolution and its own balance. And, it cannot stand to see you put yourself in the predicaments that your mind has set you in. And, it will do anything out of the grandest love and compassion to move you out of your mindful ways.

< Embodiment 12 > And, yes, we know so often you say, "Before I choose the potential, I have to know exactly what is contained within it (some laughter). I want to read the script. I want to know what the fine print is. I want to know all the details and ramifications. I want to analyze all of this before I make a choice." You have just lost the potential. It goes back out of your grasp at that point… you see… because now you are trying to pull it in through the head; you're trying to analyze; you're trying to dissect. And, it loses the Now moment, the spontaneity and synchronicity that is contained within it.

< Clarity 3 > The reality of the unseen energies… they have an influence… they have an effect. They come back down from the imagination realms, and they start playing in your reality. Those who are blocked right now from the imagination versus what you would call the practical or the tangible… those are the ones who get frustrated. There are humans all over the world who discount anything that they cannot analyze. My, oh, my… what a limitation to only have the mind! What a limitation not to be able to go into the Divine Intelligence, the grander you! You discover that you don't want to analyze when you get out onto the other realms. You don't want to have to put everything into a little box.

< Clarity 5 > You see, we go back and forth; humans go back and forth all of the time about imagination versus reality. And, there is no difference… absolutely no difference. The dualistic human thinks that you have to be able to touch it, or you have to be able to see it, or at least to be able to analyze it, in order for it to be real. And, that is not so at all. That is an illusion in itself. That is also perhaps one of the biggest lies about living as a human being - that there is only one reality, and you have to be able to touch it, feel it or analyze it for it to be real. That is a great myth.

< Teacher 5QA > Sometimes there's a confusion between feelings and thoughts. Sometimes the mind jumps in and wants to take over, interpret and analyze what we call raw feelings or raw energy. Therefore, you get into this conflict about what you are really feeling. You get into basically a head game. Feeling is about sensory perception. You get it all the time, all of you do. You get feelings when there's other energies in the room. You can walk into a grocery store and you get a feeling of the people in the environment that you're in. But the minute that you start to analyze it, then the feeling gets into conflict. It's no longer feeling, now it is thought.