thought / thinking


< Creator 7 > Jack did not like this so much. He did not like feeling the slowdown of his energy, the descending from thought to light to electra. He did not like this one bit. He sought to get out of it, but did not know how. He was becoming more and more solid. As he did this, your universe also became more and more solid. Planets began to take shape and to form and to take on mass.

< Creator 8 > There were many entities who gathered. This is the forming of what you would now call councils or energy families, celestial families. They met, and at the highest levels of these families, there was an agreement to descend, to lower the vibration of certain entities, certain angels, representing both sides of duality. In this lower vibrational form these entities would take on what you now know as biology. They would take on mass. Part of the reason for this was so that creation would not occur so fast as it had before. It would be slowed down. There would be opportunities to live through experience. There would be opportunities to assess and evaluate and to help balance. When you were angels in your newly forming universe, you created almost as quickly as thought. At times this got out of hand. At times, dear friends, you did not know which side you were on! You did not know how to properly assess your own energy and things seemed out of control.

< Creator 10 > But now you were given power, you were given choice like you had never had before. You took that Free Will and began to play with it in the universe, in the void. Your Free Will was like having an incredible, awesome Creator's tool kit. You could do things that you had never done before. You could play in the void, you could make the stars, you could create new energies. You could even battle with other entities! You could not do that in the Kingdom. There were no battles. You could create new places. You could have thoughts and emotions that spanned every different direction.

< Creator 10QA > Divine Will says: "I AM in my Divine Will." Then keep dancing and understand that this will change the entire energy dynamics and pattern of all things. When you look at much of what we speak of here, it is about literally changing energy patterns and dynamics. It is going from the very slow and cumbersome dynamics of the human experience into the very refined, efficient and enlightened new energy structures. To move from the old to the new is simply a matter of BEING in that new energy. Then you will automatically go there.

< Creator 10QA > There was a time when you first came through the Wall of Fire, past the original Creation, when you could travel in the void simply by thought, simply by desire. As you continued your experiences and you came to Earth and took on body, all of these processes slowed down so that you would no longer THINK and BE simultaneously. Now you are coming full circle. You are coming back to a point where you can be in a consciousness simply by allowing yourself and it will be there very rapidly. You do not need complex exercises to move to Divine Will. See your left foot or your right foot doing the dance step that takes you there. And keep it simple.

< DivineHuman 4 > My time on Earth is coming to a close. But, I will always be with you. My work now takes me to in new place where I will come to know you again, but in a different way. My work now takes me to this place that brother Tobias has talked about, this place that Archangel Michael will be talking about much in the months to come. It is the New Earth. The Kryon will go to this place of the New Earth to help you and to help the other angels set up the new magnetic grids. But, it will be different than the grid types that you have an Earth. It will be much different. The grids of the New Earth will allow you to travel without body. These grids will allow you to create again nearly at the speed of thought. The grids that I will set up will allow you to always be in communication and connection with every part of who you are, every part of Spirit, all at the same time. It will be enjoyable work for me and my entourage.

< DivineHuman 7 > We tell you that war is a way for humans to work out conflict. We told you a long time ago that all of your experiences on Earth are, in a sense, reenactments of experiences you had before you ever came into human form. You are reenacting experiences that you had in a far-off place in the universe. You are coming to Earth, and acting it out in a very slowed down energy (in order not to create at the speed of thought), an energy where you have the opportunity to make conscious choices about what to do next.

< NewEnergy 7 > You had played on all of the other dimensions, all of the etheric dimensions. But, you had never played in matter. It was… it still is the grandest experience, grandest experiment of them all. The things you did on the other dimensions are nothing compared to this. There is a difference… you see. In the non-physical dimensions things are very temporary. Things are very fleeting on our side of the veil where we do not have human bodies. As we have said, we can imagine eating a meal, but we also know that it doesn't contain the fullness and the richness of when you eat a meal. We are simply imagining it. It goes away quickly.

< Teacher 5 > Every little thought that you have has its own identity. Every little fear that you have is actually just a little child. Every piece of stuck energy is really wanting to be unstuck. And you, dear ones, you (the creator self) can guide that part of yourself into your own New Energy. Go in and talk to it - that little fear.

< Teacher 5QA > Sometimes there's a confusion between feelings and thoughts. Sometimes the mind jumps in and wants to take over, interpret and analyze what we call raw feelings or raw energy. Therefore, you get into this conflict about what you are really feeling. You get into basically a head game. Feeling is about sensory perception. You get it all the time, all of you do. You get feelings when there's other energies in the room. You can walk into a grocery store and you get a feeling of the people in the environment that you're in.

But the minute that you start to analyze it, then the feeling gets into conflict. It's no longer feeling, now it is thought. The challenge in the New Energy is to allow yourself to experience feeling without analyzing it, without trying to define it. It's difficult at first and very easy later. Difficult because you're used to defining everything, and to let yourself just have raw feeling without trying to say that it's dark or light or without trying to define the quantity or the depth or any of these other Old Energy measurement systems is a bit challenging.

It's about allowing raw, raw feelings. At first it feels uncomfortable because you're not used to it. The mind wants to race off and make it into something, but leave it as it is. Just experience it. Then the thought process or the analytical process will be replaced by the knowingness, which is indeed gnost and is indeed your, what we would call, your divine intelligence. Now you're operating in a realm of knowingness rather than thinking. You can have immense amounts of feelings and knowingness and allow it not to have to go through the mind but allow it to just be that divine knowingness. It is an entirely different principle.

< Teacher 9 > Thought doesn't require words. You think all the time but it doesn't have to be expressed verbally. If every thought had to be expressed verbally, you'd never stop talking! But the one thing about thought that is true and that is limiting is you put words or language to thought. Think of Tesla, for instance. You have just gone through a series of words to define your thoughts. Now, perhaps you were thinking "Tesla - magic, creativity, invention, energy, Edison." But as you were thinking, your brain was attaching a word to it, you see.

< Teacher 9 > You are very trained to attach words to thoughts. That is how you communicate or have communicated with yourself in the past. This is going to be interesting for you to play with, henceforth, watching how you put thoughts into words. You're defining the energies through thought in your mind and into a word. You have to. You've been trained that way. You have to put it into a word even though you're not speaking it. It still is being translated into a word. Thinking goes into words.

< e2012 2 > When your New Think allows the mind to grow naturally, to evolve now to where it's going to go to - you'll still have a brain, a mind, but it's going to evolve - and when New Think shows clear evidence that thoughts, even thoughts, can go beyond the speed of light … because most thoughts right now aren't; some are, most aren't. Most thoughts that go beyond the speed of light don't register within the brain and within this time-space continuum, so they become unknown thoughts. You know that they're there, but you don't know what they are.

< e2012 10 > How many of your thoughts are not yours? Take a guess. Somewhere between 90, 95 percent really aren't yours. Really aren't yours. They come from aspects. They come from mass consciousness. They're coming from the person sitting right next to you. They come from historical recordings or the memory banks of the mind. And when I say the memory banks of the mind really aren't yours. Really aren't yours.

< Discovery 8 > And I'm not speaking so much about the mind here. The mind actually serves a purpose. It allows you to do things in this dimension. It's kind of like your dimensional hard drive, and it doesn't work when you go into the other dimensions. The mind allows you to have a biology and have it all coordinated. It helps you to maneuver within the time and space. It's the thoughts that are the problem. And I would say that thoughts generally do not come from the mind. No. No. The mind does a wonderful job. It allows you to see with your eyes and hear with your ears and understand things. The mind gets polluted with thoughts.

< Discovery 8 > So the mind serves a very good purpose, but along the way the mind, the self, a number of other dynamics had this thing called thoughts – thoughts – and those thoughts are the things that truly have become limiting. The the thoughts were kind of a form of mini consciousness or limited consciousness that came from the combination of your brain and understanding this reality, but also starting the belief in limitation. So you could say that the soul embodied part of itself, a ray of itself, into this physical reality, took on a body, took on a brain and then farted, and those are thoughts. (laughter) And that's actually pretty true. It came up with a thought. The thought was limited. The thought was based on a lot of beliefs and limitations and fears and things like that. So people, humans, have become thought beings.

< Discovery 8 > Now, there's a difference between the mind and what it knows, and a thought. The thought tends to have judgment and limitation and fear and anxiety and after a while with a long succession of thoughts – which really aren't intelligence, they're not high consciousness; they're kind of like little farts along the way, that's the best way I can describe it, little bubbles happening – these little thoughts come out, but in such a succession or progression that pretty soon you start to believe the thoughts and you start to believe that you are the thoughts. And pretty soon the thoughts start to dominate; they start to control; they start to run the show.

< Discovery 8 > I contend that these thoughts actually are about as valuable as a fart, and they're about as insightful as that. It's true, and they come from a very false place. They come from kind of a false interpretation of otherwise very true data. And the true data being, you know, you're here on this planet and put your hand on the stove, you're going to get burned and if you punch somebody in the face, they're probably going to punch you back or sue you.

< Discovery 8 > So you have these whole series of thoughts now and you buy into them, and then you send out another thought to try to control all these other thoughts that you really don't like. But what it does, it just merges with those other thoughts you don't like and becomes even more thoughts that you don't like. And then you think about, “Well, how do I get out of all these thoughts?” and you have another one of those farts come out, and it joins the other smelly thoughts. And then in desperation – “How do I get out? What do I do? I don't know what to think anymore,” and that's when the human goes crazy. It starts doing very bizarre things.

< Discovery 8 > Because I contend that thoughts also take life out of life. They really do. They're the things that you negotiate with yourself with. It's one thought negotiating with another thought. It's like one bad flatulence negotiating with another flatulence, and they both stink. I'm sorry to be … they both stink. So you have thoughts trying to negotiate and trying to control other thoughts, and let's take a feel into it for a moment. Let's take a feel into thoughts. Where do they originate from? Well, scientists will say they come from your brain. No, actually they don't. They do not come from your brain. The brain does not have emotional thoughts at all. It cranks out facts and figures. It pulls up historical data when emotional thought calls on it. Where do these thoughts come from? Yeah. Big mystery. Big mystery.

< Discovery 8 > Well, a lot of people say, “Well, that's just you. That's who you are.” Ah! I contend, and a Master should understand this, that they're not yours. Not at all. They're just little bubbles, you know, being belched out. They're not yours. And if you try to trace them back and find the origins of a thought – it would almost be impossible, because the tracks have been covered up with so many other tracks of other thoughts. And pretty soon you'll start looking at tracks upon tracks upon tracks, and you can never get to the origin of a thought. But yet it's there, yet you act on it, you believe it, you think that it's you – and it's not.

< Discovery 8 > That thought could also be also group thought or mass consciousness thought. It could be a thought coming from other people that you're just – shwssttt! – letting into your thoughts. It wasn't yours to begin with. It was just stink out there that you accepted as yourself. And I pointed out the hypnosis thing before because this is how people have gotten to be. This is how consciousness has gotten to be. It's just a lot of acceptance or lack of real understanding of these thoughts.

< Discovery 8 > One can very easily be implanted with an idea of, “Hey, land that plane in the ocean.” That was the basic suggestion. And it was so much of a hypnotic program. And it wasn't any, you could say, they didn't talk about death. They didn't – when they were doing their programming – they didn't talk about negative things. Now, and I use this for an example because that shows the influence of thoughts and that shows the power – and there's a lot of power behind it – of thoughts. And that shows also basically the total lack of understanding of where thoughts come from, how people act on them and how they influence society.

< Discovery 8 > Now, it's not bad to have thoughts, and you're going to continue to have them even as a Master. But you'll start to discern what are really your thoughts and where do they originate from. Do they originate from the true I Am-ness? Or do they originate from some communal consciousness septic tank?  They're not yours, and that is my biggest challenge in working with you, is helping you to understand that those thoughts – imagine them as little smelly bubbles coming out of you – they're not yours. And when you try to affect them and control them with yet another stinky bubble, it just doesn't work. It just makes it worse until it wears you down, until it breaks you down. And then either you have a spiritual revelation or they put you in the nuthouse.

< Discovery 8 > Thoughts are the greatest deception. And, my dear Master, teacher, friends, if there's anything that I'm going to ask you to teach about with others, it's that thoughts are truly deceptive. They're not yours, and when you teach your students, you make them, help them – not force them – to understand that those are not theirs, unless they want it to be. But that's going to cause all sorts of hell to break out, because they're going to say, “I don't know which ones. I don't know if I want that to be my thought.” And then they're going to have another thought fart to try to understand whether that thought is theirs or not, and you see the dilemma. You see the dilemma.

< Discovery 8 > Because there are those who are still wanting to have thoughts, little fart bubbles, chase after other thoughts and round them up, collect them, control them and now you just have even more of a mess – more thought and more separation. Take a deep breath and you allow. You're allowing yourself. You're allowing a natural process of basically unconnecting, disconnecting all of the thoughts that have linked together, creating kind of a strange bond with each other, but yet creating a huge veil or a huge illusion. They cannot stay connected in their dysfunctional way – your thoughts – the moment you start allowing.

< Discovery 8 > With allowing, it's basically a solvent for the glue that's locked together a lot of thoughts. It starts to disconnect them. The glue was the belief that this was real, and when you start allowing, the glue starts dissolving. You don't have to do anything. Don't get in there with little scrub brushes and little squirt cans and try to … you'll get so lost in your thoughts, literally, that they will absorb you. So what do you do? You sit back. You don't even have to address the thoughts themselves. You don't have to think about your thoughts, because that's not so good. You take a deep breath, and you allow.

< Discovery 8 > Thoughts come from this little place that's not in your physical body, but this little place inside you – this little tiny little box, this little cabinet way, way back off in the recesses of your being – and it's limited consciousness. It's kind of like a consciousness quirk, a funny little thing within the bigger scope of your consciousness that believes in limitations, and it's kind of real quirky. That's where thoughts come from. It's kind of a rough edge of consciousness that's never really been polished off like most of the rest of your consciousness. So it's still that little rough edge that doesn't really quite yet understand I Am that I Am. Let's say 99 percent of the rest of your consciousness understands it and goes “Oh yeah. I Am that I Am. So cool.” But you've got this little rough edge yet that needs some sanding – it's actually just looking for a good time – and it's the one; it's that little corner that's saying that it's limited, and it's churning out these little thoughts.

< Discovery 9 > There's a tendency for the human mind to think about why you came here, but it's not really why you came here. The thought, any thought, about why you came here, the passion, is a limitation. It's limited into itself, because it's a thought. Any thought is limited. Period. No exceptions. Thoughts are nice. They're fine. They're going to come and go. They serve you in some ways, but it's always limited. So in this experience, then you allowed yourself to go beyond some of the thoughts, because there is that thing, that feeling, that passion that's right there that's causing your aggravation and your anger and your frustration and your unease; your unease, and by the way, unease is far better that disease. And that's where it ends up, if you ignore it. If you're not aware of it, it ends up as disease.

< Discovery 9 > There's two things that are really challenging for many of you when it comes to moods and thoughts and this whole thing, and those two things are, number one, dark – your dark side; your negative side. You just don't want to face it, so you run from it. You don't want to embody it. And I'm sorry, but you cannot just embody the light. You cannot just embody the light. There's a term that we use on the other side, it's called, oddly enough, it's called anost. It's like gnost, but kind of “a” like a-gnost, and it means that there's a bias towards the light. You're trying to be the light. It's not going to work. And you're trying to be happy and pleasant and the light and the … it's a spiritual pacifier, and it's just not going to work. And every Master has realized that along the way. It's like, “Oh crap. I am the dark also.”

< Discovery 11 > But most people won't. They won't take a deep breath. They'll think about it. They'll think, and then they'll want to consider, “Well, let's see. My little human self, my Free Sel- …” They'll get into this mental quagmire and they'll never do it. They'll think they did. But, well, you actually never made a choice. You thought about abundance and you maybe dreamt a little bit of abundance. So you never really made a choice. You thought about it, and you kind of thought how nice it would be, but then you walked out the door of the Mystery School, of the class, whatever it was, and went back to your old ways. So freedom. It comes with making that choice.

< Kharisma 1> Mental has little or no Kaikho, fire, passion. It's not authentic. Every time you think a thought, most of it really isn't yours. Ninety-five percent of it, when you think about something, it's not even yours. But yet you pretend it is. You act like it is. You act out like it is. It's not. So we're going to strip all that and get down to what is yours. Your Kharisma doesn't mean you need to go out and be an extrovert. It doesn't mean you need to go walk down the street shaking everybody's hand, telling jokes in the grocery store. No, you'll look like an idiot if you do that. (some chuckles) Kharisma is a natural attractant. It attracts energy naturally. It attracts people.

< Transhuman 5 > I would say that in 2017 it would be the year of not just talking about sensuality, as we have sometimes in the past, but now actually experiencing it, bringing it in. It's almost difficult to define in words. It is a feeling that goes far beyond the mind. It goes far beyond just the physical. And, again, we've talked before about the five physical senses, which creates your perception of reality, but together, working with the mind, it absolutely limits perception of reality. You're getting all of your input from your eyes and your ears and your nose and your mouth all feeding into your brain, creating memories, which aren't real; memories are just emotional thoughts. It's not really what happened in the past or in the future. And the mind then says that you're having feelings, but you know you're just bored. Most humans are just bored. They're so far away from real sensuality.

< Emergence 11 > The human is now the energy and the experience follows. The human – you – become the energy. And you might think, “Well, aren't I thoughts?” No, the thoughts now turn into energy. And you might think, “Aren't I consciousness?” And the answer to that is you never truly were. You never truly were. There is consciousness within the trinity of the Self, but the human itself, no, there's not consciousness. There are thoughts and emotions. There are memories and there are feelings, but there was never true  consciousness in the human. Now we change it around from being experiential that brings in energy, into energy that allows for the experience of your choosing. There's a huge difference, a huge shift in this.